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The Hottest Haircut!

Help the hairdresser get herself off while cutting my hair...
This is a true* story about a visit to the barbers.

I nipped into the barbers on my late lunch, managing to squeeze in just before they closed the door and dropped the blinds for their own lunches. After reading a magazine for a while I finally got my turn in the chair. I sat there, covered in the black cape, just about the tell the barber how I wanted it cutting, when he asked me to wait for a moment and he nipped out the back.

"Hope you don't mind," he said when he came back "I have to nip off to the bank for an appointment so my colleague will be down in a moment to cut your hair" and he ran out the front door, folder in hand and locked it behind him.

I sat for a minute or two listening to the radio before hearing footsteps behind me and the view in the mirror made me having to listen to Justin Bieber more than worth it.

About to cut my hair was 5'4" of blond curvy sex bomb, straight out of a rock magazine. She was wearing skin tight black leather jeans, a mans cut white shirt which curved up at the sides where a man would tuck in into his trousers. The top few buttons were undone, and the sleeves were rolled up too, revealing her nicely tanned forearms. She had a load of bangles on each arm which jangled when she moved and rings on most fingers. She can't be more than 20 and also has piercing blue eyes which light up as she smiles at me in the mirror. I manage to notice she is wearing patent black heels too.

I was so glad I was sat under the cape otherwise my now rock hard cock would have given away exactly what I was thinking I would like to do to her.

After telling her what I wanted her to do (to my hair!) she got the clippers and got cutting. We made small talk as you do when someone cuts your hair, music, TV shows, holidays etc. I was always a little distracted, watching her curves as she moved around the chair.

Now, a barbers chair is always pretty comfy and have nice big sides to rest on. So my hands where resting on the arms of the chair which meant she was brushing my arm as she moved around. Why is it any contact with a woman you've only just met gets me horny? As she leaned in to cut the from of my hair I took in a long breath of her perfume which was sweet and fresh, almost good enough to eat, just like the rest of her.

She kept leaning in to do a good job, just a little more and I'd be getting a great view down her shirt, lean more, lean more, I thought over and over, willing it to happen.

Holy Shit whats that touching my hand? Thats her pussy! She was having to lean up on tiptoes to reach the top of my head (I'm 6'2" so quite tall) and that meant she had to have the arm of the chair between her legs. With my fingers on top. With me trying not to move them, not wanting her to know that all thats separating her pussy from my fingers is her leather pants and a flimsy barbers cape.

I can feel the pre cum dribbling out of my already hard cock.

Shit, she's grinding on my hand! I look up and see she is concentrating on the trimmer, rubbing it repeatedly over the same patch on my head, moving it in time with her grinding. She keeps it up, grinding and cutting, occasionally moving to a new bit on my head.
Now she is grinding faster. I look at her face and she is biting her lip! She looks so sexy, trying not to show she is getting herself off while cutting my hair.

I can't let this pass up, I move my middle finger, pointing the knuckle up, right on her pussy . She freezes, looks straight at me with a look of horror on her face, turning the clippers off. But my finger is still in contact with her pussy, she hasn't moved away. I move my finger up and down, the knuckle rubbing her through the pants.

Shit, is she going to have me done for harassing her?

She drops the clippers on the floor, bites her lip, closes her eyes and starts grinding in time to my rubbing. I keep rubbing, making the strokes longer but just as fast. Then she moves, she puts one knee on the seat in between mine and rests the other on the arm of the chair so her legs are spread right in front of me. I battle my hands out of the cape and start stroking her pussy with the tips of my fingers. She leans forwards, putting a hand either side of my head, bangles jangling, giving me the view down her top that I wished for earlier. I use my spare had to undo a couple more buttons on her shirt and slide my hand inside her bra, giving her breast a good squeeze.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM" She moans as I keep squeezing and rubbing her. I use both hands to undo the button fly on the leather jeans so I can finger her properly. She's going commando! She stands up for a moment and takes of her shirt and bra, revealing the most fantastic pair of pert tanned tits you can imagine. I nearly shoot my load as I see the piercing through the nipple of the breast I wasn't squeezing. Giving me a massive smile, lighting up her eyes, she so sexily, but desperately, shakes her hips from side to side as she lowers her jeans. She leaves them round her ankles (well have you ever tried to take leather jeans of either A) in a hurry or B) sexily?) and hops back onto the chair.

I take her pierced nipple in my mouth and gently tug on the bar with her teeth as I slide 2 fingers inside her sopping wet pussy. I feel like my fingers are on fire she is that hot. I slide them in and out as fast and as deep as possible, whilst my thumb rubs her clit. I move my mouth up her breasts and up to her neck, which I gently kiss and lick and suck as I finger her.

As I start to nibble on her ear lobe, her whole body starts to shake and her pussy clamps onto my fingers as my thumb keeps rubbing her clit.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" She screams as the orgasm rushes through her whole body. I feel her pussy juice running into the palm of my hand as her hips grind into me uncontrollably.

She stays like that for a minute, her hips bucking every now and again, moaning softly as I take in her scent, softly rub her breasts and slowly kiss her neck.

I go to talk, but she leans back and puts her finger on my lips, making me stop. She pulls on my wrist, letting my fingers slide out of her, before pulling them up and sucking them, sucking her cum off my fingers, staring at me with her big blue eyes. I nearly shoot my load again.

"Your turn" she says gently as she climbs down and manages to wriggle out of the jeans, as I rip off the cape that has been wrapped around me all the time. She slips her shoes back on and gives me a little twirl. There is no better sight than a naked girl in heels giving you a twirl. Except a naked girl in heels, giving you a twirl with a mirror behind her. She then knelt on the next chair over, hands gripping the back of the chair, legs spread, looking at me in the mirror with a wicked smile. I tear my shirt of (literally, buttons flying), and undid my fly letting my engorged cock loose from it's trapping. I quickly go to the back of the chair and give her a long French kiss, all the while looking at her legs, ass and dripping pussy in the mirror. She reaches out for my cock and I feel the metal from all her rings as she strokes me firmly. I quickly give the chair three fast presses on the peddle to jack it up to the perfect height and then spin it round.

She leans back and my thick, veiny, and dribbling 8 inches slides deep into her red hot pussy in one smooth movement. My eyes roll back in my head and she lets out another long moan. I set into a rythmn, thrusting deep into her as she bounces back onto me, perfectly in time. Our eyes are locked on each other in the mirror as we fuck faster and faster. I can feel her squeezing me with her pussy, sometime really hard, sometimes relaxing completely, building the sensations in my throbbing manhood. I quickly feel my balls tighten and I try to hold off the inevitable. Too late.

"OOOOOOOOOOOHYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" I moan as I pump stream after stream of cum into her, her hips bucking and rocking, milking every last drop out of my cock. I pull out and spin the chair back around, and we French kiss again. I use the peddle again to lower the chair and she takes me in her mouth and sucks me clean, whilst looking up into my eyes. The view makes me squirt a little cum into her mouth, and she swallows it with a smile.

Then all of a sudden she jumps up and throws my shirt at me and started pulling her own shirt jeans back on. I sit back down in the chair, she throws the cape over me and picks up the clippers from where she dropped them. Just as she turns them back on I hear a key in the shop door and the bloke who sat me down walks back in.

"So", he says " Did my daughter Sarah look after you? I know she's not the fastest with the clippers but she's not long out of college"

I catch Sarah's eye in the mirror, smiling at me as I sit in the chair with my jeans half pulled up, my moist cock hanging loose with just the barbers cape covering up what has been going on and reply "She's looked after my every need"

*true story, only if you want it to be!
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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