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Grinding Stories


The Butler And His Mistress

Awakening your cravings

My life isn't one that I would call adventurous or exciting. I live a very boring life, which merely consists of going to business class, attending tennis lessons, taking etiquette lessons, and other boring hobbies. Most of it was chosen by my parents, in...

Two In The Bush

A little turned on after witnessing their friends hot tub exhibitionism

"Fuck me," Nicola said it so breathlessly and with such urgency that it was barely audible. Fuck me, Sam thought. She had, after all, never made such a demand of him before. In fact, while they had enjoyed more than a few passionate encounters, Sam had al...

One More Time

My partner grinds one out as we rehearse the big finale!

We must have been doing it for over an hour. Both of us were hot and tired. Our hair was sweaty and our muscles ached from the unrelenting, repetitive motions. Natalie and I looked at each other as we gathered our strength for once more. We both finished...

A Boat Trip With A Difference - Round Two

This is the second part of a story involving a young man who found himself unexpectedly involved with a photographer on a ferry crossing.

So, there I was, eighteen and suddenly a little less sexually inexperienced: completely naked, in a cabin on a ferry, having come in a complete stranger’s mouth – anyone’s mouth, in fact – for the first time. The guy, Mark, got to his feet, having swallow...

Between Her Cheeks

Big booty blonde has her ass cheeks fucked by her boyfriend's buddy.

It was the hottest day of summer so far and the beach was packed. A large group of friends in their early twenties had set up camp in the middle of the beach, with towels and umbrellas sprawled across the sand. The group was an even mixture of boys and gi...

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The Quake

Two Lovers, Grinding in the Night

Two bodies, pressed together in a violent stillness. Skin to skin, force meeting force. They are wrapped in a passionate embrace. Without movement, but not without force. A motionless dance, building energy and desire. They both yearn for release, but nei...

More Than Just My Step Mum 2 of 4

"Getting close, are we, Molls?" I smirked devilishly as I let go of the hands, causing her to grip the bed covers.

I'd not stuck around last night after my dad had joined us, mainly because I was so bloody horny, especially after my fingers had abruptly slipped up inside Molly's silky wet vagina. That happened because we'd been startled by my dad, but thank god for th...

Having A Sibling Is A Grind (Part Two)

Sister Gets Off On Brother...Literally

The next morning over breakfast was a bit weird in that it felt like a normal morning. Janelle decided that she was going to play it off that way and not even address it. Jeff was trying to read his sister’s vibe and he was not at all successful. He decid...

Beyond her wildest dreams

Tammy was a good Catholic girl, but it took a nasty nun to realize her wildest dream.

Tammy turned and pulled into the college parking lot in front of her dorm.  She had chosen Blessed Sainthood College for Women.  She was so excited and ready for adventures, football games, and picking a sorority.  Little did she know that the sorority wa...