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The Massage

Warm massage oil all over my lover in all the right places...
I wanted to surprise my lover with a full body massage. I got to his home an hour before he was to arrive. I went up to his bedroom and lit a few candles. One of the candles had a vanilla scent, which made the room smell good and inviting.

I brought out the massage oil that I picked up from one of those stores exclusively for body lotions and sprays. This oil’s scent was more masculine, and I knew that he would like that.

I went back downstairs and started to place the cards at strategic places, so that it was sort of a treasure hunt. The first card was taped to the front door. The card told him to come in, for there was a surprise for him. He walked into the living room, and there was a lollipop on the coffee table with another card. That card asked him to go into the kitchen, and open a bottle of wine that was on the table next to two wine glasses. There was another card alongside of wine that asked him to take the filled glasses of wine upstairs to his bedroom for his surprise.

I could hear him coming up the stairs; these old farmhouses creaked all over. The doorknob began to turn, and he entered the room with a big smile on his face. I also smiled back and said, “Welcome home babe, I figured you had a long day and would be in need of a full body massage.”

He moved closer to me, bent over and kissed my lips and said, “Babe, you’re so sweet to do this for me, and I would really enjoy that massage.”

He sat down beside me and handed me one of the full glasses of wine. We both sipped the wine, smiling and gazing into each other’s eyes. I could tell this was a pleasant surprise for him. I removed the glass from his hand and placed both glasses on the night stand. I reached out my hands towards him and he placed his hands in mine. I pulled him up, got close to him and kissed his lips very tenderly. I loved the feel of his soft lips. I gave him a hug and whispered in his ear that this was his night to relax and enjoy all that I have planned for him. He whispered back into my ear that I could do whatever I liked to him.

I pulled back and began to slowly unbutton his shirt. Once all buttons were undone, I slowly pulled off the shirt from his body. As I was removing the shirt, I gave him gentle kisses on his neck, then his chest, and stopped at his nipple to give it a quick suckle. He rolled his eyes back. I could see that that small gesture was something that he liked, so I did the same to the other nipple, but this time suckled a bit longer. I circled around to his back and touched his shoulders with my fingertips.

I saw how he arched his back. He gave out a little sigh, and said, “Babe, I love your fingernails on my body, they feel amazing.”

I slowly began to kiss his back from the top of his shoulders, and made my way to his waist.

He moaned some more and said, “Baby, don’t stop, your lips feel so good.”

I made my way back to the front of his body and began to unbuckle his belt. I did it ever so slowly while he looked into my eyes. He had the most beautiful green eyes that looked deep into mine, almost mesmerizing. I removed the belt, then unbuttoned his jeans, and next was the zipper. I decided to slowly get down to my knees so that my face was right in front of his cock. By this point, he had a raging hard on. So I got close and pressed my lips to his cock, and blew my hot breath on it until I could feel him quiver.

I stopped, and slowly started to remove his jeans. Next, it was time for the boxer briefs to come off. Before pulling them off, I pressed my lips to his hard cock on the outside of the briefs. I began to suck right through them so he could feel the wetness of my mouth. I started to moan, and then his hands started to reach for my head. I pushed back a bit, and then pulled off the briefs very slowly.

I was still on my knees, and looked up at him as he was looking down on me. I slowly moved up just a little, enough so that I could easily lick the pre-cum on the head of his cock. Oh, it tasted so good. I licked my lips as I was looking up at him. He reached down to me and pulled me up with my hands. He pulled me into him, and then he began to kiss me very passionately. Then he pulled away, and said his cum tasted good on my lips and tongue, where it belonged.

I smiled, and started to walk towards him, pushing back onto the bed.

I straddled him for a minute, whispered into his ear and said, “Babe, I want you to relax, enjoy the massage, enjoy me, and think of nothing else.”

I asked him to lie down on his belly, and I would start with his back. He said, “Let’s forget the massage for now, and play.”

I said, “That would be great, but I really wanted to give you a massage and feel your body with my hands.” He smiled and agreed, lay on his belly, and waited for his massage.

I poured the oil into my hands, and then slowly massaged it into his back. I worked on his shoulders, slowly and deep into the tissue. He was moaning, he was pleased with how I was massaging him. I decided to straddle him, sitting on his waist.

His head popped up and he said, “Love, no panties?” I said, “I like feeling free, you don’t mind do you?”

He just shook his head no, and lay back down. I continued to massage him at his lower back, while I kept moving down his body. I got to his ass, and I kissed each cheek first, then I gave him a love bite on each cheek. He jumped a little, but I could tell he was enjoying himself. I put more oil in my hands, and then began to massage his ass. He had a nice firm ass. I poured a little extra in between this crack. He was not expecting that, and jumped again. I told him not to worry, that everything would be fine. I slowly massaged the crack of his ass. I could feel he was getting more relaxed, and didn’t mind it so much. I moved down to his legs, and began to massage them more intensely and he started to moan and enjoy all the attention. Then I focused on his feet. He loved that too, and I think he must have dozed off a bit.

I asked him to lay down on his back now, because it was time to massage his front. Like a good boy, he did. I straddled him, only this time, I sat on top of his cock, which, by the way was still very hard. He smiled as I rested my now wet pussy on top of him. I told him that it was not an invitation, but a resting place for me while I continued with the massage.

I leaned on top of him and poured more oil on my hand, then on his chest, and began to massage. He could see my breasts through the snug t-shirt, and then he saw my hard nipples push their way through.

He looked at me, smiled, and said, “I guess I’m not the only one aroused, huh, babe?”

I smiled and leaned into him, kissing his lips. As I was pulling back, he grabbed my face with both hands, and pulled me back down to kiss me very passionately. I loved his kisses, they always had me seeing stars. I pulled back to get more oil, and I could feel him move closer to me. His mouth was now on my breast, suckling my nipple through the t-shirt. Wow, that felt great.

He looked at me, and said, “Can’t let the other one get jealous, can we now?”

He suckled my other nipple. My t-shirt had 2 wet spots, and I didn’t mind one bit. I leaned back down on top of him, and whispered in his ear that I was going to rock his world. He smiled, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I was getting ready to push off of him to get down lower, to continue the massage, but he grabbed a hold of my hips. He pulled me back on top of him, and said, “Not so fast, I love feeling your wet pussy all over my cock.”

He started to move a bit back and forth beneath me, it felt great. So I continued to rock my pussy back and forth on his hard cock. I loved the way it felt, looked, and tasted, just the perfect thickness and length for me. I never liked those monstrous cocks, too big and painful. My lover’s cock was perfect, and just right for me.

He tried to lift me up so that his cock would enter my pussy, but I told him I wanted to savor the moment, and drench his cock with myself. He smiled, put his hands under his head and looked at me and smiled.

When I was ready, I lifted up a bit, and then moved so that I was well positioned for his cock to slip inside my pussy. He glided into my pussy, and he felt hot, hard, and thick. He felt so good, so I rode him for a while. He latched on to my breast, suckled the one, and massaged the other. I was reaching my point of climax, and he knew it. He could see my face, flushed and focused. I leaned down and grabbed onto the headboard, riding him very intensely. I made these grunting sounds, and he knew it was not long, and he was right. I came, it was intense and amazing, then another orgasm, and a minute later another. I just passed out on top of him. He did not cum, but he was so horny, and wanted me.

He asked me to roll on my belly. I could hear him breathe much more heavily. I also felt his cock against my ass, and it was hard and ready for some fucking. So I asked him if he would rub his cock up and down the crack of my ass, after he put some of the massage oil. He did with pleasure, and then he got on top of me. He started rubbing his cock up and down, it felt great. I liked the feel of his cock on my ass, but I didn’t want any anal sex. He enjoyed anal sex with a previous lover, but I wanted no part of it, and he did not pressure me. He asked me to get on all fours, so I got on all fours, spread my legs, and he slowly entered my pussy, moving back and forth. It felt so good. He told me that doggie style was his favorite position, and I looked great from where he was. I was getting fucked doggie style, hard, deep and by a sexy man. How lovely.

He started to go wild, and asked me to let him know when I got close. I said that it may take a while in this position, but I wanted to pleasure him now. So I told him to take me. He started pumping me harder, then deeper. I was so turned on that I told him that I was close to cumming, and to shoot his load into me. Just as I got the last word out, I started cumming; grunting and moaning, how divine. As I was finishing, he grabbed my hips, pulled me into him and continued to fuck me.

He let out a moan, and said, “Yeah, baby, I’m going to cum, and fill you up with my hot cum."

I said, "I’m all yours, do with me as you please."

And he did.

He said, “Oh, baby, take my cum, it’s all for you.” He grunted as he was thrusting his cock deep into my pussy.

I could feel the intensity of his thrusts and the hardness of his cock. He picked up more speed, and was out of control as he grunted more.

He let out a big intense grunt, and said, “Fuck, yes, oh yes. That felt great, babe, I love fucking you doggie style. You look and feel amazing.”

He pulled out slowly and fell on top of me. We lay down on the bed and cuddled, and finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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