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The Shoot

It's Becky's first day as a porn star - and already things are getting out of hand...
Becky sat alone in her dressing room. Adjusting her clothes, she leaned towards the mirror, checking her makeup. She touched up her lipstick, then leaned back, lighting a cigarette.

Sighing, she looked at her watch. According to plan, there were a few minutes before the start of the shoot. She felt a bit weird in her costume - basically just some lingerie, a pair of silk stockings and high-heeled shoes.

Was she having second thoughts? Not really. She looked forward to getting it over with. And then perhaps just a little bit curious - what would it be like?

The director entered the room - a short, slim man in his mid-thirties. Becky just looked at him.

"Well," he said, "are you ready?"

Becky nodded. From the studio, she heard the sound of furniture being moved about.

"Just relax," the director said. "We'll take it nice and slow."

He was really nice. Becky gave him a hesitant smile and put out her cigarette.

"Okay," she said.

She followed the director into the studio. All the lights were on. The cameraman, a younger guy in a t-shirt and jeans, was on the set, checking the last details. And on a folding chair Jack sat, drinking his coffee. Jack - her co-star. When he saw Becky, he nodded politely.

He was a well-built guy in his mid-twenties, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. She couldn't help looking at his body and she felt him do the same. Not surprising, considering her sexy outfit. They undressed each other with their eyes, until Becky looked away, embarrassed.

She looked around the set. It looked like an ordinary living room - chairs, bookshelves, a sofa and a soft carpet.

"Are we ready?" the director asked, and the cameraman nodded.

Becky shivered. This was it. Jack got up and came towards her.

"Sit down," the director said, pointing to one of the chairs.

Becky sat down. She felt the soft fabric against her almost naked behind. The director handed her a high-end porno magazine, and she leafed through it absentmindedly. Page after page of page of glossy photos of muscular men having sex with slim, busty women.

"Okay," the director said. "You turn a few pages, and then you begin to masturbate. Ready?"

Becky hesitated. She hadn't realized she was supposed to masturbate. For some reason that seemed to challenge her modesty even more. But she banished the thought and nodded silently. She heard the faint mechanical noise of the camera starting to shoot. It was all starting now.

Slowly she turned the page. Fascinated, Becky was now looking at a photo of a madly excited man ejaculating over a reclining woman. His face was distorted from the ecstasy, a long white jet of sperm shooting from his stretching cock. The woman was squirming on the floor, eyes closed, grabbing her breasts with both hands. It was a picture of lust at its hottest and most intense.

Becky put the magazine down and spread her legs towards the camera. She pushed her panties aside, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. The cameraman came closer, and Becky pushed her hips forward, showing her slit off to the camera. With both hands she separated her pussy lips, letting the camera see the moist pink insides of her pussy.

"Good," the director whispered. "Keep going."

Carefully, she let one finger caress her clitoris. She was surprised to feel how wet she was already. Slowly her finger circled the tender clit, and she let out a short gasp.

Becky licked her fingers and started rubbing her pussy with her wet fingertips. Rhythmically, she stroked her labia up and down, pressing her thumb against her hot clitoris.

Becky felt her fingers getting wet. Fascinated, she watched her pussy as she started rubbing harder, using more force. The cameraman moved slowly around her, filming her pussy and her masturbating fingers from every angle. Becky kept her little, pink clitoris exposed to the camera at all times.

"Put a finger up," the director said.

Becky pushed a finger up into her hot pussy. God, she was wet. Her burning hot love canal fit tightly around her finger, and in a slow rhythm she slid it in and out of her pussy. Unashamed, she inserted another finger, exploring the wet insides of her hot slit.

Wet and slippery the finger slid in and out between Becky's pussy lips. The cameraman knelt down on the floor in front of her, zooming in. Her legs were trembling, and she was gasping for breath.

"Damn," the director whispered. "This is fucking great! Keep going, for chrissakes!"

Faster and faster Becky thrust her fingers up into her pussy. Her love juices flowed quietly down the insides of her thighs, glistening in the lights. Then suddenly, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy. Instead, she spread her legs wide, parting her pussy lips, letting the camera look straight up into her cunt. Hot and dripping wet, she exposed the juicy cave of her lust to the lens.

"Keep it there," the director gasped. "Zoom in."

And Becky froze, breathing heavily. And again she heard the sound of the camera between her thighs.

"Okay," the director said, finally. "That's okay. Cut."

The sound of the camera stopped with a clicking sound, and the cameraman got up from the floor. Becky sat up, dizzy. The director handed her a roll of tissue paper and she used it to wipe her fingers and her pussy.

"So now what?" she asked. Her cheeks were flushed. In fact, the first take had made her a bit hot.

"Now it's Jack's turn," the director answered, and Becky noticed that Jack was standing beside them already.

"What do we do?" she asked curiously.

Jack smiled. "I believe this is where you suck my cock."

Becky nodded. "Okay."

"You just sit there, Becky." The director slowly walked around them. "Jack, you come over and stand in front of her. Ready? Okay."

The camera whirred. Becky sat up in the chair. Slowly Jack walked towards her. She looked up at him. Smiling nastily, he stopped in front of her and silently unbuttoned his jeans.

Becky pulled down his jeans and boxers, exposing his long, well-shaped cock. It hung between his legs, already starting to grow. Smiling, Becky grabbed it with her hand.

She let the wet tip of her tongue graze the tip of his cock. He shivered and she looked up at him lasciviously. Again, a quick flick of her tongue, and Jack's cock swelled further.

Calmly, Becky started stroking the pulsating shaft back and forth. The cock jerked with each motion, making it harder and harder. Now she let go of it, watching it stand rigidly out from his body, pointing towards her face. It throbbed with power and desire.

The cameraman knelt down in front of them, getting close to catch every movement.

Becky grabbed Jack's cock, squeezing it as hard as she could. She felt the blood-filled member bulging even more, as if to force her fingers apart. Becky held the cock tight, and again it grew in her hand. Her fingers felt the thick veins pumping hotly, as the throbbing cock swelled, almost breaking her grip.

Loosening her grasp, she started stroking the now rock hard cock back and forth. Jack was breathing hard, and a droplet of clear, lusty liquid glistened on the tip of his cock. Becky licked up the drop with a swift flick of her tongue.

The cameraman had stood up and was now filming her and Jack's cock from above.

Becky kept massaging the cock, holding her hand behind the helmet, just stroking the hard shaft up and down. But suddenly she had a naughty idea: With a long red nail she gently scratched the sensitive mound at the back of the helmet. She tickled the purple bulge, making Jack grunt and jerk from her treatment.

Becky laughed nastily, but in the next moment Jack went wild: Grabbing the back of her neck, he thrust his cock into her mouth. Amazed, she opened her mouth, letting him enter. His stiff cock felt hot and tasted salty and spicy on her tongue.

The feeling of being enveloped by the wetness of Becky's mouth made Jack's cock swell even further, and in his excitement he started pumping it in and out. With each thrust the head of his cock slid all the way out between her lips, and he tried to force the entire length into her mouth - again - and again.

"Yeah," the director shouted. "Keep going."

Becky swallowed a few times. Then she relaxed, letting Jack pump into her mouth the way he liked it. He moaned with lust, fucking her mouth with his hard tool. The cock was glistening, wet and slippery from Becky's saliva, as it slid rhythmically in and out between her red lips.

Suddenly, he pulled out all the way. Becky watched the wet cock standing vertical and rigid in front of her face. It was trembling with excitement, as the cameraman moved around it, catching it from every angle. Then, grabbing Becky's hair, Jack brutally thrust the entire length of his iron-hard cock into her open mouth.

"That's it," the director said. "And again."

Gasping from the strain, Jack let his love pole, now wet with saliva, slide all the way out of Becky's mouth. And then, with a powerful thrust of his hips, he forced the entire length of the shaft back in.

Becky whimpered, as Jack repeated the motion, over and over. His erection was hard as steel now, his dripping wet cock pointing straight at the ceiling, whenever it was out of her mouth.

He thrust into her wet mouth again and again. The round helmet bulged against the roof of her mouth, until Becky thought he was about to ejaculate. But at the last moment he stopped, slowly sliding the cock out between her red lips and holding onto it hard.

"Whew," he whispered, taking a few steps back.

"Yeah. That's it," the director exclaimed. "Fucking good."

Becky was gasping for breath. She could still taste Jack's cock on her tongue and looked over at him cautiously. Only a few seconds earlier he had been a horny beast, but now he just smiled amiably at her. Sipping a mineral water, he calmly stripped naked.

Becky shook her head in confusion.

"You want anything to drink?" the director asked her.

"Mineral water," she whispered. And the next moment she had an ice-cold bottle in her hand, drinking it down in huge gulps.

"Yeah, it's hot, isn't it?" the cameraman said.

"It's really great," the director said. "You two are dynamite together."

"Thanks," Becky said, looking over at Jack. He was now completely naked, and though his long cock had settled down a bit, it was still hard. Becky undressed too, keeping her silk stockings and high-heeled shoes on. She looked like a cheap whore, but even that somehow turned her on.

"Are you ready to go on?" the director asked.

Becky nodded. "I guess it's time to fuck?" she asked.

"Yeah," the director grinned. "This is it."

Becky felt her pussy. Yes, she was still wet. Very much so. But still she sat masturbating for a while. Massaging her pussy lips and her clit, she slid a couple of fingers in and out of her pussy. She didn't really know why. Maybe to turn Jack and the other men on. She didn't care. She felt so shameless, so randy.

"Okay," the director finally asked.

"Okay," Becky whispered, getting up.

"No, don't get up," the director said. "Jack will show you what to do."

She sat down in the armchair, looking over at Jack, who stood stark naked, stroking his cock.

The camera started whirring, and Jack came towards her. His erect cock bounced stiffly with each step, and now he stopped in front of her.

"Go ahead, Jack," the director shouted.

And suddenly it all happened very quickly. Jack grabbed her upper arms - a hard grip, almost hurting her. And in the next moment he pulled Becky out of the chair, throwing her towards the sofa, and she landed on her hands and knees on the carpet.

With slow, menacing steps he came towards her. He was still stroking his cock, making it harder and harder. The cameraman moved around them.

Jack knelt down behind her, greedily sniffing her pussy. Then his wet tongue started licking up and down her labia. He tasted her pubic hairs with loud, slurping noises. And Becky squirmed with excitement in front of him.

Jack stood up. His cock stood out, pulsating, fit for fight, as he grabbed it at the root with one hand. The cameraman crawled into position, facing Becky's pussy. They were only waiting for the director's command.

Jack positioned the bulging head of his cock at the mouth of Becky's wet labia. And slowly, ever so slowly, the rock hard cock forced its way into her pussy.

"Ohhh," she whispered, and finally the entire length of the long cock was inside her. Jack pulled back slowly, almost all the way out. And finally, when Becky had almost passed out from lust, finally Jack started fucking her.

He thrust his long tool in and out of her burning pussy. Thrust in a tough, demanding rhythm - with long, deep strokes.

Jack's tender helmet was swelling wildly inside her. He felt every inch of the insides of her tight love muscle. He felt his cock rising, felt its overexcited stiffness. Felt it nastily twisting and turning in the velvet softness of Becky's pussy.

Becky was gasping for breath, digging her nails into the soft carpet. She felt Jack's rock hard cock working the wetness of her sex. The stiff tool was teasing her burning insides, and she felt her juices starting to flow from her. Moistening her pussy, they flowed over Jack's stiff cock and down his balls, making his curly hairs sticky with her wetness.

"Shit!" the director yelled. "That's great! That's just so fucking great!"

Between her legs the camera was whirring. It sounded like a crazed vibrator, making it all merge into total lust: Her hot pussy, Jack's cock, pumping like mad, and the director, excitedly yelling things she no longer understood. She was way too close to her orgasm to sense anything else.

"Fuck me," she hissed over and over. "Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me with your lovely cock."

And Jack increased the rhythm. His tireless cock thrust into her like a piston of pure, bulging lust. And Becky's body stiffened up for a moment, as she finally climaxed.

"Ohhh yes," she howled. "Ohhh yes."

The orgasm overpowered her, as she shook, holding onto the couch as hard as she could. The hot juices of her lust flowed from her, as her pussy clenched Jacks pumping cock as in a spasm.

"Shit, she's coming," the director yelled. "Get it on film."

And as Becky was helplessly squirming in ecstasy, the cameraman zoomed in on Becky's face. She heard Jack grunting with heat and felt his cock plunging into her again and again. It felt even longer now, more mercilessly hard. As hard as steel, its rhythmic thrusts felt like a powerful machine, fucking her forever and ever...

"Me too, damnit. Me too."

That was the voice of the director.

Becky heard the clatter of belt buckle, zipper and pants. The director was getting undressed. She looked over at him. His eyes were wild, and his stiff cock stood straight out from his body. Looking lustfully at Becky and Jack fucking, he slowly pulled back his foreskin, exposing his huge, purple helmet.

"Jack," he said hoarsely. "Move over."

Becky felt how Jack calmly – reluctantly - let his long, wet cock slide out of her. Breathing heavily, the director came towards her. Grinning fiendishly, he was stroking his erect cock.

"Okay," he told the cameraman. "You make sure you get - this!"

In one quick move he turned Becky over, placing her on her back on the carpet. The he threw himself between her legs, steering his pulsating cock towards the mouth of her pussy. He applied force, pressing the helmet inside her. The thick fold at the back of the helmet just slid inside her labia.

"Oooh," Becky moaned.

Grunting like an animal, the director let the helmet slip out again. The cameraman focused on her pussy. And again and again the director let the tip of his cock slip in and out, as Becky lustfully threw herself about on the floor beneath him. Jack squatted down beside them, masturbating at the sight.

"Do you want it?" the director hissed. "Do you want this cock?"

Moaning out load, Becky nodded.

"Yes," she cried out. "I want it. Fuck me."

The director forced her knees apart with both hands, spreading her legs wide. His first stroke thrust the entire length of his stiff cock up into Becky's pussy. It felt as if she opened her up completely. His rigid tool felt like an animal attacking her, conquering her with its primitive savagery, taking over her helpless flesh.

"Aaah," he grunted. "You're so hot. You're so fucking hot."

Becky received thrust after thrust from the director's raging cock. She let him fuck her, let him have his way with her. The bone-hard cock hammered into her wet pussy in fast, deep strokes. She gave herself to him, and never had she enjoyed it so intensely. The cameraman walked around the couple on the floor, while Jack stroked his long, stiff cock with a nasty smile.

The director increased the tempo. His erect cock plowed through Becky's wet love canal, as she sobbed with lustful gratitude. He heard the willing, wide-open pussy slurping wet and nasty with every stroke. Looking deep into Becky's eyes, he felt the heat of her pussy clasping his cock tightly. And again and again his stiff tool poked her soft sex flower.

Now the director felt Becky's pussy trembling around his heavily throbbing cock. And she came again, giving in to a wild orgasm, screaming and kicking beneath him.

The cameraman stood on tiptoe to catch everything, while Jack gravely masturbated his long, stiff cock, clear droplets dripping onto the carpet. The director's cock was swelling madly, close to ejaculating.

Then, finally, he pulled out of her.

"Alright, here it comes," he shouted, and the cameraman pointed the camera at the glistening, wet cock.

Jack came over to them, and Becky sat up as the two men masturbated in front of her face.

"Yeah, come on," she whispered huskily. "Squirt all over me."

"Aaah," Jack yelled. The deep throbbing in his cock turned to a boiling sensation in his balls and his semen burst its way out of his cock, exploding with pent-up lust. Long, fat jets of hot sperm shot out of his swelling cock, jerking as it kept ejaculating. Opening her mouth, Becky greedily tasted the hot, salty spurts.

"Ohhh," the director yelled, as he came, too. He felt the semen shooting out through his stiff cock. And like wet, burning hot caresses he let the jets rain over Becky's face, hitting her hair, her cheeks, her breasts. He wished he could have kept going, that he could have covered her in an inextinguishable supply of the nectar of his lust.

The men kept stroking their cocks, after they had stopped squirting. They succeeded in pressing a few, lazy, white drops onto her tongue.

And finally Becky heard the whirring of the camera coming to an end. All was quiet on the set. And the cameraman put the camera away.

Jack and the director wiped themselves with tissue paper and started dressing.

Becky, too, grabbed a handful of Kleenex, wiped the semen of her body and went to the dressing room to change into her everyday clothes.

Just as she was getting ready to go, there was a knock on the door. Outside stood the cameraman.

"I was thinking," he said hesitantly. "It's nearly seven o'clock, so..."

"So?" Becky asked.

"So if you're not doing anything tonight," he went on, "maybe you and I could go out and have dinner."

Becky laughed. "Great idea. Then maybe we can think of something to do later on."

Smiling, the cameraman took her arm and they started walking.

"Well, if we can't think of anything, I have this film we could watch."

Becky laughed out loud, as they left the studio, walking out under the streetlights.

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