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The Workout

Charlotte gets a memorable workout from her Jujitsu instructor.
The Workout

Charlotte loved the Sunday workouts at her martial arts school. It was an informal class, where the students were not lined up in rows. Instead the two instructors, a good looking young Korean guy and a good looking British guy about her age, would break the class up into small groups who would do bag work, light sparring or grappling practice.

Charlotte was one of the older students, a woman in her 40s. In fact, she was probably the oldest on this particular Sunday, so she was glad when the instructors gave her as much attention as the teenagers and college students, some of whom were on the school's sparring team. She would never be on the team, but she would sure be able to defend herself. She was working up a good sweat on the heavy bag, with a cute teenage girl holding it for her. The British instructor came over and critiqued her form.

“You're too short to be anything but an inside fighter, so you will have to get really close to use a hook body shot. Like this,” he said, stepping close to her so that she was staring inches from his lean but muscled chest.

He put one hand on her upper arm, the other behind her back to push her slightly closer and show how her arm would come from the side to catch him in the ribs.

“That's pretty close,” she breathed.

“Yes let's see it,” he replied, releasing her with a grin.

She pounded the bag hard with improved form as he gazed at her, watching the sweat drip between her small breasts where her uniform gaped a bit and offered a glimpse of her slim torso.

The next part of the class worked on grappling techniques. The class broke up into pairs. Charlotte worked with the teenage girl, who was the only one small enough to partner with her. The instructors walked around and critiqued the moves, often taking one partner aside to demo a hold or release with them. The instructors would do this with both the men and women, so Charlotte was not surprised when the British guy came by again to correct them.

“OK Charlotte. Let's see if you remember this escape,” he said.

It was a basic move which started with the person underneath hugging both legs around the person who knelt over them pinning their arms. The escapee would then bend one knee down so that the lower part of their leg, knee to ankle, pressed against the pinner's abdomen and the foot hooked around their side. Then the escapee would push the top combatant to the side with their bent leg while scissoring with the lower leg and pushing the upper body sideways with their arms. If successful, the escapee would push the upper combatant to the side, and perhaps be able to reverse the positions.

Charlotte felt unusually intimate hugging her leg's around the body of the British instructor. Maybe it was due to the unfair disparity in their sizes. Maybe it was due to the way he was grinning at her, staring right into her eyes. Maybe it was the way his hands felt on her upper arms and his torso leaned over close to her as he demonstrated restraint on her upper body. At any rate, she got her leg up at the right angle, but didn't have much luck reversing the positions.

“Now let me show you the right way to do it,” he said to the teenage girl. “Charlotte, you get on top now.”

She obligingly got on top, and he wrapped his long legs tightly around her.

“You're not restraining my upper body, Charlotte,” he said, so she leaned down closer to his face and pressed her chest closer to his, slightly across him to prevent him from having space to punch her.

“Much better,” he said, his lips right at her ear, not loud enough for the other girl to hear.

This contact , the heat of his body and the warmth of his breath right at her ear, was making Charlotte very nervous, or was it excited. She had started breathing harder as soon as he wrapped his legs around her, and felt a flush of additional heat flare across her body as she leaned toward him. He then executed the escape so fast she didn't really register the movement, just that she ended up underneath him again with his firm body again pressed very tightly against her torso. The teenage girl giggled at the efficiency of his movement. He didn't seem to get up as quickly as he could, and she could swear that he was also breathing hard, though his exertion had been minimal.

Charlotte took her time in the shower after class. It was the last class of the day, and it seemed like everyone else was in a hurry. She felt like she would never cool off. That demo had gotten her aroused, she realized. Her nipples were hard and achy, and she was very wet, even after drying off. She slipped on a t-shirt and yoga pants, not bothering with her underwear, as she was clean and going home anyway. Her face was still flushed and her nipples still hard even when she stepped out of the dressing room, so she thought, damm it, she'd just have to be horny all the way home.

She almost walked into the British instructor as her bare feet stepped out of the dressing room into the dojo. He had changed into sweats and a t-shirt.

“Is there anyone else in there?” he said.

“No, I'm the last one,” she replied.

“Good,” he said. “We're all locked up.”.

She noticed that the rooms were darkened and empty.

“Oh, I'm sorry to keep you late,” she said.

“I'm not sorry,” he said. “I wanted to show you one more escape.”

He took her gym bag from her, put it aside, and steered her into the dimly lit dojo. The late afternoon sun was the only light on, streaming in and marking the floor on one side.

“Uh, that's o.k sir,” said Charlotte, but before she got to the “o.k.” she was on the mat with his body covering hers, his mouth right at her ear.

“Now wrap your legs around me,” he said.

“Wait, this isn't necessary,” she said.

“Just give it a try,” he said.

She obligingly wrapped her legs around him. “O.K. This time you raise your pelvis, grab my t-shirt with your hands and rock your lower body to one side, while pushing my upper body to the opposite side.”

“That doesn't work at all,” she said, breathlessly, after attempting this for quite some time.

He suddenly put his hands right under her ass and pulled her crotch right into a straining erection under his sweats.

“It's not supposed to,” he said, grinning and looking right into her surprised green eyes before he kissed her with firm but yielding, warm lips.

“Um, sir, isn't this sexual harassment or something?” said Charlotte, as he lifted his lips and pushed a piece of hair out of her eyes.

“Do you feel harassed?” he said. “Call me Jack, by the way.”

“No.” said Charlotte, her heart hammering. “Kiss me again.”

Jack pressed his lips to hers again, slipping his hands under t-shirt against her back at the same time and rocking back to sit them both up with her on his lap, legs still circling him tightly. His erection rubbed against her now-aching center though the thin, tight yoga pants. He deepened the kiss and slipped his tongue between her lips as she relaxed hers against him. He couldn't believe how soft her mouth was. He'd been fixated on how she would bite the lower bow of her lip to concentrate all afternoon. He loved small, slim women, and he'd been trying to get a glimpse of her pert breasts under her uniform top as she pounded the bag with impressive power for her size. When he saw the pulse beating in her throat and the acceleration of her breath as he bent over her during the exercises, he knew he had a chance if he could catch her leaving the dojo. The skin on her back was silky smooth and warm under his palms as he rubbed his lips slightly back and forth against hers to feel the even softer texture there again. He felt like he wanted to swallow her whole, every part of her.

Charlotte was starting to forget where she was. All she could feel was his lips rubbing soft and warm against hers and his tongue, now pushing deeper, invasively, into her mouth. It made her think of other parts sinking into her body and she could feel herself pulse between her legs. His palms were sliding pleasantly over the bare skin of her back and she slipped her hands under his t-shirt as well. His back was smooth and warm. She could feel the muscles work under his skin as he tilted his head to move his lips across her mouth slightly and suck on her lower lip.

Jack had grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and was edging the back of it up. He released her mouth and pulled it forward and over her head to expose her small bare breasts with their hard pinkish-brown nipples. He tilted them both back onto the mat with a grunt and moved bent his head over her breasts to attack her nipples with his hands and mouth.

He could tell this was making her crazy with lust. The left nipple he was sucking on was standing up tall and stiff in his mouth. The right one in his hand was pebbled hard as he cupped the whole small breast in his hand and ran his thumb over it. She was moaning softly, lying on the mat on her back, wiggling slightly. Her right hand had unconsciously moved to her crotch where she rubbed it against the v of her legs. The sight of her squirming with pleasure was making him very hard. Still sucking a nipple, he moved his hands down to slowly edge her yoga pants over her hips.

Charlotte had been getting lost in her sensations, but at the back of her consciousness, a glimmer of worry started to light as she felt the gym mat start to rub against her bare buttocks. How did her shirt get off anyway? Was she really letting her instructor suck on her bare breasts in the dojo? What did he think he was doing with her pants? Wasn't she going to be pretty late for dinner? What if somebody walked in? It was one thing to do a little making out, but she preferred to have sex in a more secure environment.

“Jack. Um . Jack.”

He lifted his head.


“That feels really good, but I, um, don't think we should do this right here. Maybe we can go someplace else.”

“Ok. What if we do this instead?”

He quickly moved his body down, wedged her legs apart with his hands, and thrust his tongue right into her pussy.

“Ah, ah.. you um know I um could squeeze my legs, ooh, around your neck aah! if we were really grappling, ah, ah, aaaah,” said Charlotte.

All thoughts of dinner and janitors were fading under the assault of his tongue sliding against her sensitive, inflamed flesh.

Jack did not reply. He was busy eating out her very wet, pink pussy, spreading her apart with his fingers and alternating strokes up and down the inside of her pussy lips with tongue thrusts into her entrance. Every time she seemed close to cumming, he would slow down a bit, which caused her to squirm in an attempt to stimulate herself more thoroughly. He lifted his head slightly and pushed her legs wider apart. Charlotte felt his thumb slide into her entrance, pressing and sliding against her insides as he put his warm tongue directly on her hard clit That was too much!

“Aaaaah!” she groaned, as a peak of sensation hit her, and her pussy contracted hard against his thumbs.

The world had faded away for Charlotte. A noise downstairs brought her back to the present. She was lying naked on her back on the mat one knee up, her pussy dripping and still throbbing slightly. Jack had gotten completely naked and was slipping a condom on a very impressive erection. She got up on her elbows.

“Jack, I thought I heard something. Can we go somewhe-”

“I know where I want to go,” interrupted Jack.

Immediately Charlotte was spread-eagled face down on the mat, with Jack's hands pinning hers and his cock sliding between her thighs. Jack was ecstatic at the sight of her smooth little ass under him. He had been coveting that ass for weeks as he eyed it under her tight yoga pants coming and going from class. He had so much wanted it mashed against his balls. He slid into her tight warmth and made his fantasy real. Charlotte gasped and squirmed as he pulled out and back into her, pressing her against the gym mat, and squeezing her legs together to apply more friction on the way in and out.

“Jack, ah, I, I think I hear someone coming,” said Charlotte.

“I don't,” said Jack, stroking her insides with each word. “But I will.”

He slid one arm under her across her breasts and the other hand palm up between her legs, preventing her body from sliding across the floor as he pushed his iron-hard cock in and out of her warm wetness enthusiastically. He put his third finger directly on her clit, letting it slide back and forth over it with their movements as he continued to pound her faster and harder against the mat.

The warm full pressure sliding in and out of her, along with the intense stimulation at the top and front of her pussy was putting Charlotte in another dimension. Jack was getting lost in his own world as well. He was using her as his own private toy right now. The combination of her warm wetness sliding around his dick, her firm ass against his abdomen and balls, and her soft breast under his fingers was overwhelming. She was giving it right back to him, pressing up slightly with her ass to meet him, though she could barely move under his tight embrace. When she felt him stiffen even more inside her and cum with a heartfelt groan it put her over the edge, moaning and bucking underneath him. He kept moving in and out of her a bit even after he came, insuring she continued to throb all around him to the last.

They were still sprawled on the mat when Charlotte heard the step on the stair again. She lifted her head slightly to see the feet of the Korean instructor.

“Hi Jack. Hi Charlotte,” he said. “Sorry to bother you. Just came back to get my extra uniform.”

“Hi Bill,” said Jack. “Get the hell out of here.”

Bill ignored him. “Charlotte, I can teach you how to get out from under that pin,” he said. "Just let me know and I'll show you anytime.”

He grinned and walked into the locker room.

“You bastard,” said Charlotte to Jack, wiggling out from under him. “I know you heard him downstairs. How am I going to look him in the face next week?”

“I'm not going to let him near you,” said Jack, letting her up. “From now on I'm teaching you everything you need to know.”

He pulled her into his lap and kissed her thoroughly.

She kissed him back.

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