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Yoga Stories


Yoga on Wednesday

Follow this story’s protagonist during a particularly pleasurable yoga class.

The clock at the front of the room read 11:48. Fuck, this felt too risky. What had I been thinking?? I hadn’t really, at least not with my brain. It seemed like such a good idea last week. A true inspiration. I had been looking forward to this moment sinc...

Watching - The Yoga Teacher

A true life story. How I watched my wife cum all over her masseurs long hard cock.

My wife had been having yoga lessons at home since June with a very handsome hippy type guy. The lessons always followed the same routine. One hour, the instructor sat in one corner of our living room almost like a statue, chanting out instructions of wha...

Clara’s Yoga Spy

Clara’s roommate Emily secretly watches her Yoga routine.

Clara moved through her yoga poses gracefully, her body glistening with sweat as she breathed deeply. She had no idea that her roommate Emily was watching her from behind the slightly ajar door, hidden in the shadows. Emily's breaths were shallow and fast...

Adventures In Open Marriage - Part 12, Forbidden Desires Ignite New Fires

Husband and hotwife bend the rules of their game, leading to new adventures

As mentioned in our previous chapter, during the late summer, seven years ago, our hotwifing temporarily came to an end. However, our sex life certainly didn't trail off because we were temporarily without a regular hotwife partner. We had mostly returned...

Yoga Daydreams Chapter 2

Yoga student Martina offers Nick some private lessons

I followed Martina into the living room of her small basement flat. "Take a seat," she said. "Be with you in mo."  She flung her gym bag in the corner and disappeared though a bead curtain into the next room, apparently the bedroom. I caught a glimpse of...


Unexpected sex with an even more unexpected stranger

I slipped into the room a little earlier, wanting to acclimatise a little on my mat before the class started. Sitting in a lotus position, I discreetly watched the other people come into the space and find a spot. A tanned man came in. Greying, wearing on...

Tantric Joining

Her moves seduce me …

Her downward dog was perfection, day after day of watching her move her lithe, tight, slight body Her kapalbhati was seduction, day after day watching her chest expanding and contracting to breathing, her breasts heaving Her cat pose was an alluring watch...

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Artemis Club- Day 1- Lunch

Time for lunch and a spot of yoga, but is everything what it appears to be

Elaine lay on the bed, her body tingled from the delicious welcome she'd had from Petra. Her head floated away in the afterglow, and she felt amazing. She heard a tap-tap sound; someone had tapped on her door. "Come in please," Elaine spoke in a dreamy to...

“Are you sure you can do this?” “Watch me!" She chuckled, “Okay, but on your head be it.” I snorted, then lifted into my headstand. “Now!” I said. She kneeled in front of me, knees spread, and took my cock into her velvety mouth. Then she sucked me, caref...

The Quantum Slut, A Love Story – Part 2: Hidden Identities

What do you do if you believe you're being fucked by a stalker? Fall in love?

Overnight Expression: Sir I was exhausted and exhilarated after fucking Marta to the point where we both reached shattering orgasms, but I was also aware that I was crushing her. Her knees were up by her ears, and even though she was still holding me firm...

Mom, Her MILF Friends, Sis and Me

I take yoga classes with Mom and her friends, and I end up fucking all of them and my sister.

Conventional wisdom would say that hedonistic entertainment is hard to come by living in a small town like where I reside in Georgia, but I have been blessed with unusual opportunities to enjoy a full and rich sexual life here. And since I live in a small...

Sultry MILF's Exhibitionism Leads to Gangbang

My neighbor and his friends watch my wife and that leads to her fucking all of them.

My wife, Monica (not her real name), and I were born and raised in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, and after graduating from college in upstate New York, my career brought us Pittsburgh, where we currently reside. We’re in our early forties...