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First erotica story based on my dream.
I wake up and moonlight is faintly pouring in through the bedroom window. I see the night's glow cover her. It illuminates along her smooth skin, silky black hair, the curves of her body shaped along the blanket. There seems to be a cavernous silence throughout the house. It's winter outside and the nights have been cold and still, darker than normal, shadows upon shadows. In the distance I hear steady chilled winds, swaying through tree branches and scattering fallen dead leaves through the street. The sky is simply a dark purple canvas, the silver needlepoints of stars dotting the vastness above, encircling the hazy moon.

She suddenly exhales beside me and shifts her body from the side where we fell asleep, spooned together. She slowly turns until she's lying on her stomach, the blanket falling off her a little at the same time as her dark hair falls across half of her face. Eyes closed, mouth just barely open, it’s as if she fell asleep right as she was about to whisper something to me.

We complicate things, all of us, with words too much at times, and moments like this remind me of that important fact. Moments where something as simple and natural as seeing her shift position in bed and hearing her relaxed breathing are glimpses of sudden beauty I can’t begin to describe. Moments like this always remind me that there's nowhere else in the world I want to be but next to her.

When she lies like that, I often lie partially on my stomach and side, close, so we're still basically spooning. Doing just that, I slip under the covers, already missing her warmth, my mind fuzzy and ready to slip back into sleep. I don't recall why I even woke up and don’t quite care to know. I just want to sleep by my beautiful Margot, hoping that wherever her sleeping mind is, her body will feel mine next to hers and keep her peaceful, rested.

Lying down, I drape my arm over her, palm resting on her shoulder. She exhales a little louder again. Sometimes she does this at night, half awake, if one of us moves in our sleep out of the other's reach or if I suddenly wake up to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water. She'll reach for me and softly ask where I am, her voice sleepy and sweet, her instinct to be near me so strong that it disturbs her even in a deep sleep. Some don't understand that need, or find it clingy. I understand because I feel the exact same need for her.

I gently pet her shoulder to let her know I'm there, fingertips grazing the curve of her neck where her shoulder begins. Her body relaxes. She exhales once more and it's louder than last time. In my half-awake state, the sound seems a combination of an exhale and a moan. Petting her the exact same way, I hear the sound again. Whether it's a sigh, moan, or both, I want to hear her do it again.

Brushing the hair away from her face and neck, I crane my head to see her face, more visible by the second as my eyes adjust to the dark. This time my fingertips trail along the side of her neck, right below the ear, coming up and tracing down to her collarbone. Her head tilts a little, as if inviting my hand, her sigh more of a moan. Her lips part further and the sight makes me tingle, a nudge below waking a part of me up. I can tell she's still sleeping and I want her to feel good, feel nothing but the sensation and how much I want her all the time.

I alternate between lightly stroking her neck and back with my fingertips and massaging her gently, feeling so many of the tense muscles in her lower back and shoulder loosening and relaxing from my attentive touch. I always study her reactions when we touch, note what she likes best. I sew it to my memory and practice to make her feel good, so pleasing her becomes an instinctual part of me that turns on and acts without having to think twice.

She softly moans now and again, but doesn't move yet, which is fine with me. I want her to relax. I shift so I’m kneeling a little by her side meaning both of my hands are free. I rub her for a while and notice her soft moans intensify whenever I touch her lower back. I focus there now, kneading the muscles right between the hip and spine, going lower until my hands cover the wonderful warm curve of her ass. The moment I rub, one hand for each cheek, I notice her cheeks part and I inhale a faint familiar scent, sweet musk that instantly starts to harden me and send warm pleasant waves through my arms and legs. Now my muscles are relaxing, my skin warming and my body telling me what my mind has already guessed.

She's been getting wet this whole time, each touch slowly coating, lubricating her inside, to the point where it's trickling out. I lean in, part her cheeks, and inhale. It's definitely happening and every time I massage her ass, it's slightly moving her below, just enough to make her lips rub against one another and get wetter. I want her to keep getting wet. I rub more, from her neck to her calves for a while, gently kissing her once on the shoulder. The sound is really a moan now, her breath like a warm summer breeze teasing my skin before I make my next move.

I work my way down, kissing her all over and tracing my nails on her skin the lower I go. When I get to her ass, her back suddenly arches, putting her pussy so close that my face feels the lovely rush of heat it's giving off. It’s so close that my bottom lip grazes its folds, teasing me with the flavor I crave. I can't take it any more and am already so hard, my balls heating, the base of my dick already feeling like it's pulsing, even though it has yet to be touched.
Taking a leg in each hand, she's moving with me already, turning over onto her back as I spread her legs apart. Even in the near dark, her pussy is shiny and glistening for me.

“Fuck, I've been dying for that,” she moans, when I lower my head, flicking my tongue and swirling it right on the pink fleshy nub of her swelling clit.

I slip a finger in and work it slowly in and out as I lick, my tongue swirling, lapping up and down her pussy lips before licking her clit again. I savor every bit of the sweet, salty flavor, while I watch her rubbing her tits and teasing her hard nipples, her hips moving up and down a little. I take my finger out and plunge my tongue in, her pussy tightening around my tongue as I rub her clit with my thumb.

Her body tenses up as she cums, moaning and flooding my tongue and lips with a wet rush and I keep going, the moans rising as I push my tongue in more. Moments later, she grabs my head and pulls it up until I follow her lead, rising to my knees. She turns over, sideways to me now. Gripping my dick, her mouth takes me in all the way as she moans. The feel of her warm wet mouth, the vibration from her throat... it's all so good that I almost fall back, my legs turning to happy, weak rubber, but I keep my balance.

I'm the one moaning now and saying her name as she sucks me. My hands rub her gorgeous tits, thumbs and fingers playing with and squeezing her nipples as she jacks me and licks my shaft, tongue circling around the head, licking the salty pre-cum that's seeping out.

“Not yet,” she says, with a smile, putting a hand on my chest. I take my cue and I lie down, her other hand still jerking my hard cock back and forth.

She straddles me and guides me into her, sinking down as my hands grab her ass. It's so fucking good, I want to blow my load right then and there, but I use all of my self-control to try and last. Her pussy is fiery hot to me, so tight and wet, it's like some exotic heated velvet, slicked with oils that get hotter with each move. She begins to ride me and I move with her rhythms, her pussy so wet that I can feel the juices coating my balls like they've been lightly splashed with warm baby oil. Her hands reach forward and hold mine out all the way back, almost a funny sight because I look like I'm surrendering. To her, yes. Always.

She keeps holding my hands and squeezes them as she grinds faster, slowing down a little at times. Every movement from her hips makes my heart hammer harder. It’s like even more blood is rushing to my dick to make it as hard as humanly possible for the tight pussy that owns every single inch of it. My head rises up a little, just enough to lick and suck her nipples for a few moments before moving my head to kiss and lick her neck. I bite her just enough to make her suddenly call out my name, ride faster, and cum all over again, her body slightly shaking.

Our eyes lock and there's this look in her eyes that's equal parts sweet and hungry; hungry to just fuck the life out of me. Our mouths meet and I lie down again. She slows down from there as our lips kiss and tongues dance and circle in each other's mouth. She knows I'm getting so close, her rhythm speeds up bit by bit and every thrust of her hips is pure heaven to me. She keeps kissing and moaning and squeezing my hands, and mine squeeze back harder every few seconds because I am getting close, getting to the point where controlling it is not really an option.

“I'm about to cum,” I say, between our almost breathless kisses. “Any second now, baby.”

“Shoot it in me,” she whispers. “Every fucking drop, love, fill me up with it.”

Her tongue darts in my mouth and she's riding so fast that the bed is shaking, our hands squeezing so hard that mine almost go numb. I almost have no sense of time when I'm in her like that. I only know no other woman feels the way she does, that perfect combination that makes me want to take care of her, be her best friend, and fuck her every chance I get.

I finally erupt, the build-up of cum almost boiling the veins in my cock, exploding inside her. Every shot of it pumps into her drenched pussy, pushing me even farther in. The walls of her pussy are vacuuming me, and every bit of cum I have, into her. Still she is riding, slow now, each thrust a sweet burning grind.

She lies like that on me for a minute once we’re finished. I’m still inside her, slowly retracting, exhausted but already wanting to be fully back inside her. We kiss softly and she smiles again, so sweet, a smile that's like a secret we both share forever. She's like that to me; a secret place in the world only I can find and I have to know everything there, explore every beautiful depth.

We lay back down and spoon under the covers again. Below the waist we are still hot and slick with our orgasms. My arms wrap around her and our hearts aren't thundering roars anymore, but peaceful and beyond satisfied. We're both almost asleep when I hear her ask if I'm still awake. I tell her I am, but drifting off.

“Good, baby. When we go to sleep, this time you'll wake up with my mouth on your dick and my pussy in your face,” she says.

I tell her there's no better to wake up. I can't wait for the next round.

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