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No Sympathy for Lilly Black

All characters in this story are 16 years of age or older.
Saturday the 23rd, September 2012

~I seek revenge on the sons of Adam.

As reported to us by the sole survivor of last night's massacre. These were the chilling, deranged words allegedly spoken by the Equinox Killer, the blogosphere has simply dubbed as, Lilly Black.

This is Red Alert News at Eleven with Dennis Thomson.

Good evening ladies and Gentlemen I'm Dennis Thomson. 'Lilly Black' left a wake of gore yesterday in the sleepy town of... ~

Friday the 20th, September 2013

Jude grabbed a tray and passed on the last slice of sad, mediocre, high school cafeteria pizza wilting under a heat lamp. He slid his tray down the line adding a bottle of water and a red apple to his tray. He paid his two bucks and made his way to a table full of seniors, mostly varsity athletes.

"What do you want, junkie?" Matt, the school's star quarterback said then looked around waiting for everyone to laugh, which they did.

"Yeah...junkie, good one Matt!" Jude faked a laugh, plopped his tray down and took a seat.

"You lost or something, Judith? The burnout table is over there," Marquis reminded.

"No, no, I meant to sit at the circle jerk table. What was your name again? Marquiff? I suck at remembering names. Thank you though."

"Marquis, bitch."

"Oh that's it, my bad... Listen, so we are having this huge party the day after tomorrow," Jude began to explain.

"On Sunday... You dumbasses are having a party on Sunday?" Andre asked.

"Yeah, I know it's a bit unorthodox but it's for the equinox. You know, when the murders keep happening."

"Murders? The fuck?" Matt laughed.

"You know, the Equinox Murders... When it's exactly twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night." Jude waited for a response. "Anyone? I take it you guys don't watch much news... You're more of an ESPN crowd."

"I've heard of that shit, Jude. Every year a bunch of dudes get slaughtered by some fucking psycho or something, then they write 'no mercy' on the wall," Trevor said.

"'No sympathy', actually. They write, 'No Sympathy'," Jude said, his eyes getting wide with excitement.

"So?" Marquis scoffed.

"So... It means that a huge party is in order, but not the usual lame ass party. My sister Alison came up on a shit-ton of beer and alcohol. Like, more than we could ever drink. I'm inviting everyone... She's inviting some of her college girlfriends too."

"College chicks? No shit? Where's this party going to be at?" Matt asked as his girlfriend elbowed him in the ribs. "Chill babe, all work and no play...uh, um...a guy's gotta play babe!"

"'A guy's gotta play', good one Matt!" Jude sarcastically said. "It's going to be at that abandoned house, you know, where that crazy kegger was this summer. If you guys aren't busy showering together on Sunday, you're welcomed to attend. No need to bring anything. Like I said, there will be flowing alcohol and...other stuff." Jude winked.

"So you are throwing a party the night that a bunch of guys at a party have been getting killed the past few years. Don't you think that's kinda fucked up, dude?" Andre chimed in.

"That's the fun of it, Andre. It's like playing fucked up, morbid Russian roulette. You're not scared are you?" Jude laughed and continued. "Relax, that kind of shit only happens in the movies," He said and took a bite of his apple.


Jude sauntered down the hallway, stopping at his locker to grab his books for his next couple of classes. He closed his locker door revealing Christine, who was leaning against the locker to the right of Jude's.

"Shit! You scared me. How long have you been standing there?" Jude asked as he looked at Christine's exposed abs above her low-rise jeans before looking into her eyes.

"Long enough to see you pull that huge bag of weed out of your backpack and stash it in your locker."

"Look at you, you have quite an observant eye." Jude noticed she was checking out his bulge. She was always checking him out actually. Ever since he moved to this town, about eleven months ago, he noticed Christine eating him up with her eyes whenever she was around.

"I haven't seen your weird little girlfriend lately," Christine said as she pushed her long blonde hair behind her ear.

"Don't call her weird."

"Well, she is."

"Her parents put her in Catholic school... I guess this school, me, were a bad influence."

"So you broke up?"

"No, we didn't break up. I just need to see her on the down-low now."

"Must be rough, I know a guy has his needs," Christine said as she got closer to Jude and gently placed her finger on his exposed chest over the neck of his wife-beater tank top.

"She takes care of my needs just fine," Jude said, looking down at Christine, squinting his eyes.

Christine leaned in closer, tilted her head up, and whispered into his ear. "Come over to my place while my parents are gone with some of that weed and you'll forget all about her."

"Is that so?" Jude couldn't hide the devilish grin creeping onto his face. "And how exactly you gonna do that?"

"You ever fucked a girl in the ass before?"

Jude paused for a moment. "Nooo..." He lied.

"You want to?"

"I'm having a party on Sunday. I'll pick you up. I'll make sure to have some really kind bud waiting for you."

"Why you gotta make me wait?" Christine pouted.

"Because." Jude brushed her finger off his chest. "Tell your friend Maria and any other hot friends you have too."


"Horror movie marathons already huh? It's not even October yet fellas," Jude said from the doorway of the classroom where several of his classmates were huddled around a TV/DVD cart.

"What's up Jude? You wanna watch? This one's almost over, we're putting Scream in next," Marlo said and offered Jude a sip of whisky from his flask.

"I'm good, thanks... I wanted to invite you guys to a party on Sunday."

"Are you kidding me? You're having a No Sympathy party? Are you out of your mind? I ain't trying to get killed by some crazy devil bitch," Marlo said as he stood up and hit eject on the DVD player.

"C'mon, it will be fun. Plus, that stuff only happens in the movies."

"That's exactly what people say right before the killer shows up and makes teenage sushi out of them. 'That stuff only happens in the movies' then SLICE DICE SPLAT!"

Jude slowly looked behind him then back at Marlo. "I guess our killer is breaking the horror movie cliché mold. You guys are all virgins anyway, don't the virgins always live? I'm the one that should worry."

"We're drinking though... We'd get it first. You'd have to live past your sex scene at least." Marlo took a swig off the flask and passed it to Jesse, one of his horror nerd friends.

"I heard this Lilly Black is nothing nice. I heard she'll rip your fucking dick clean off and just let you bleed to death," Jesse said.

"Lilly Black?" Jude laughed. "You guys really believe the murders were all done by one chick named Lilly Black? In twelve different cities, on the equinox, every time? That shit is such a ridiculous urban legend."

"It's true, Jude. They talk about the equinox murders on the news every year," Marlo said.

"There are murders on the equinox, yes, but there are murders every day... The media likes to blow it out of proportion because you nerds eat that shit up. Lilly Black, even the name is corny. Sounds so made up, Lilly Black... Give me a break. I bet half of them are psychopathic, copycat geeks with a grudge, who watch too many movies and blame it on 'Lilly Black'. The other half are probably just random murders where the first cop to arrive at the scene writes 'no sympathy' on the wall himself to get his picture in the paper."

"I don't know Jude... It really is kinda freaky."

"Look, you guys are coming. Not that you guys will get lucky, but there will be girls there, lots of girls."

"Slutty ones?" Marlo asked before hitting play on the remote.

"Way slutty... and drunk. Be there. Unplug for one night, there's nothing to worry about. I'm sure Lilly Black will be busy hanging out with her girlfriend, Bloody Mary." Jude laughed.

Sunday the 22nd, September 2013

"Wow, this party man, this party kick ass! I'm fucking buzzed!" Christine sloppily said as her and Jude entered one of the empty upstairs bedrooms.

"I can't believe everyone came. Even the nerds showed up. When's the last time you've seen jocks, nerds, hipsters, goths and stoners all at one party?" Jude asked. he produced a blunt from the inside pocket of his jacket and put it in Christine's mouth. He flicked his lighter on and touched the flame to the tip of the blunt. "Suck."

Christine inhaled the smoke and leaned in close to Jude. She placed her lips on his and slowly exhaled as Jude inhaled.

"Waste not, want not," she said, giggled and took another hit.

Jude again placed his lips on hers and grabbed her hair on the back of her head and said. "I think you should start smoking something else."

Christine took off her sweatshirt, folded it and placed it on the ground to kneel on. Jude took the blunt from her and took a big rip as he felt her unbuttoning his jeans, unzipping his fly and lowering them to his knees, along with his boxers. She tied her hair into a ponytail and took a deep breath. Jude exhaled the warm smoke right as Christine wrapped her soft lips around the head of his hard cock and began to suck.

Downstairs, Marlo filled his red plastic cup from the keg once more and started looking around the room for a girl hanging out by herself. So far he had a total of six seconds of conversation with all Alison's older college friends put together. It's like he had a huge flashing 'virgin' sign on his forehead. It didn't help that they were all smoking hot too and made Marlo's tongue forget how to articulate and his legs feel like pudding.

"Any luck tonight Marlo?" Alison said after tapping on his shoulder.

Marlo jumped and said. "Alison, you surprised me!"

"Why so tense? I'm not that scary. Look, my friend over there. The redhead, she's hammered. I bet I could dare her to fuck you and she'll do it. I'll lie and tell her you're a virgin. She'll be all about adding a virgin notch to her bedpost. Trust me."

"Yeah, I'll pretend to be a virgin..." Marlo nervously chuckled. "That sounds like it will work."

Alison placed her hands on the spots between his neck and his shoulders, rubbed them tightly and said. "That's the spirit champ!" She began to walk over to the redhead and quickly turned around to add. "Uh... You should probably wear a condom, dude."

Jude snuffed out the half-smoked blunt on the window sill and leaned his back against the wall as Christine hungrily slobbered all over his cock. Rabidly sucking it, putting it deep in her mouth until she needed to take a breath. Massaging his balls with her tongue before gobbling his shaft back up. She was starved for it, she had been waiting for it. She was attacking his dick the same way presents are attacked on Christmas morning by a bunch of spoiled brats.

"Your dick is so fucking good, Jude." She quickly took her bra and shirt off, tossed them aside and continued to take the length of his hard shaft in her mouth until needing another breath. "I bet your girlie doesn't suck your dick this good."

Jude gripped her ponytail, pulled her head slightly back and rubbed his shaft all over her face. Shut the fuck up with that... He thought.

Marlo lost Alison in the crowd of people. He saw the redhead steadying herself with another drunk girl's shoulder and laughing maniacally. Did Alison tell her already, what's so funny? Marlo thought. He scanned the crowd for Alison and caught eyes with a woman he hadn't noticed before.

Her hair was jet black, cut short. Her skin ghostly pale. She had unearthly bright blue eyes framed by purple eye shadow, their gaze burning a hole in Marlo's soul. Her lips were adorned with a crimson red color, perfect full lips. Everything about her stood out. Her strapless red leather dress hugged her body like a glove. She wore black knee boots and a fuzzy blue short-backed jacket. Her hands were in her jacket pockets and she stood there almost motionless. Everything but her was moving in slow motion. She seemed to almost be floating in air. Her gaze so intense that the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. The loud sounds of the party muted to the point of total silence. He focused on her lips as they slowly began to part.

"Maaaaarlooo..." He heard a disconnected voice whisper close to his ear. He flinched and turned to see no one around him. Everyone at the party was staring at him now.

"I think I remember you promising me that sweet ass Christine. Take your panties off now," Jude instructed. "It's getting a little hot in here, don't ya think?" Jude opened the window, took a deep breath of fresh air and bent Christine over the sill. He pushed down on the middle of her back so her top half was sticking out the window; the cool breeze hardening her nipples further.

"Jude... Jude there's people out there! I don't know abou-- uuuh!" Christine half moaned and half grunted as she felt Jude's slick fingers enter her asshole, loosening her up.

"You better try to be quiet then so they don't look up," Jude said at the same time he replaced his fingers with the head of his cock and began to slowly push into the forbidden opening between her cheeks. Christine's asshole invitingly opening up to let him in then clenching around his shaft once he entered.

"Oh fuck, go slooow," she pleaded.


"Fuh-uk!" Christine loudly moaned as she felt Jude's throbbing shaft glide up her tight clenching ass.

"Oh shit guys! Look at this bitch!" The guy closest to the window looked up and nudged his friend.

"Fuck yeah!"

"This party is so fucking epic!"

"I'm tweeting this shit!"

"Look at that slut go!"

"Nice tits!" The crowd cheered Christine on as Jude pumped in and out of her asshole mercilessly.

"How you doing girl? Your ass feels so fucking good," Jude said, tightening his grip on her slender waist.

"It, it hurts."

Jude slid almost all the way out, paused and asked. "You want me to stop?"

"No... don't stop... fuuuuuck." Christine barely got out her words as she felt Jude's thick cock push it's way back up her tightest of entries until she felt his balls tap her dripping wet pussy.

What the fuck is going on? Why is everyone staring at me? Marlo thought, snapping out of his trance as he looked around the room. He turned his head to look back at the pale woman with the crimson red lips but she had vanished.

"MARLO, LOOK OUT!" He heard a woman scream from atop the stairs. he looked up and saw a body was suddenly falling toward him. He fell to the ground and raised his arms to protect himself just as the body snapped back by a noose around it's neck and swung wildly from side to side. As it started to swing slower, he saw the words - No Sympathy - written in blood across its chest.

Oh fuck no! It's happening! Marlo thought then screamed in horror as the entire party erupted in laughter. The laughter so loud and intense it muffled his scream. What the fuck... He thought and looked up to see a cackling Alison standing by the rail she had tied the dummy to.

"FUCK YOU! Fuck you all in the face! Motherfuckers!" Marlo picked himself up, grabbed his cup and made his way back to the keg as the party continued to laugh their asses off.

Jude sunk his hard-on as deep as it would go in Christine's snug butt-hole and began fucking her with short quick thrusts until he couldn't hold off any longer and pumped her ass full with blast after blast of his sticky white seed. He laid his forehead on the middle of her back as his cock softened inside of her and his cum started to leak out of her ravished gaping entry.

"Woo fuck, I need a beer. Here's the lighter girl, spark that blunt up. I'll be right back," Jude said and put on his clothes. He walked over to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He gazed long and hard into his own eyes before turning on the water to splash his face.

Marlo filled up his cup again and looked up to try and spot the redhead. She had vanished, Alison was nowhere to be seen either. All the girls were gone... What the hell, this shit just turned into a sausage-fest... Marlo downed his beer and made his way toward the front door. What the fuck, it's locked? He tried to unlock it but it wouldn't budge. What the fuck? He went to the backdoor but it was sealed shut as well by what seemed like an invisible force.

Marlo began to panic, he turned to warn the rest of the guys but before he could utter a word, he was stopped in his tracks by the woman with the crimson lip's cold, powerful hand around his throat.

"What, what do you want?" Marlo feebly asked.

She leaned in closer and caressed his cheek with her other hand, her touch cold. 

"Who are you?" He whimpered.

"Lilly Black."

Lilly Black removed her hand from Marlo's face and raised it in the air. She held her open hand there for a few seconds before swiftly closing her fingers into a fist making the bodies behind her simultaneously explode in a fountain of thick red blood, limbs and guts.

Monday the 23rd, September 2013

~The equinox killer known as Lilly Black struck again for the thirteenth year in a row in the small town of Meadow Cove last evening. leaving only a sole survivor, a teenage girl, seventeen years of age. We join Brenda Casablancas at the scene, Brenda?

"He had no sympathy for me. I was his first creation after he created Earth. There was Him, the Angels, the Devil and Me. Eden was my domain, Then he made Adam. I was first, before Eve, but weak little Adam could not handle an equal. I was to be the mother of all woman, we were to rule paradise. He chose to cast me down into the blackness and made Eve. Smaller, weaker, not even able to resist a piece of fruit. All because I was too hard for Adam to control. Out of the blackness, I, Lilith return to seek revenge on the sons of Adam." This was the deranged message the sole survivor was instructed to deliver by the Equinox Killer, Lilly Black.

When will it end? Still no straight answers from officials. An anonymous source at the city's morgue confirming to Red Alert News at Eleven that the words "No Sympathy" were carved into the only body left intact at the gruesome crime scene. We advise you to escort your children to another room during the following report.~

Sunday the 22nd, September 2013

"You got all that little girl? Or should I repeat it?" Lilly Black said into Christine's ear and licked her cheek.


"What?" Lilly Black Growled.

"No, no I got it, I will remember... Please don't hurt me." Christine begged.

Lilly released Christine and watched her run out of the house. She stood straight up and called out. "Judas! You come out now, you slime."

Jude slowly left the bathroom and reentered the upstairs bedroom. "Is it finished?" he quietly asked.

"Here's your silver. I made it into a pretty chain for you. You're lucky I need you to do this. God's little backstabber would be the first son of Adam I'd want to erase out of existence."

"Thank you, Lilith."

"You stink of apples, have you been eating them? You know I hate apples."

"No, I swear it."

"As if your swear had any meaning... Go find a new town and begin preparing once again."

The End

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