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Queen of the jungle

Queen of the jungle

Leah searches for her missing roommate, and encounters a wild and mysterious orgy.

Leah stepped out of the elevator. Someone trained in reading subtle psychological tells would have immediately noted her repeated pursing of her lips, and the repetitive manner in which she clutched her handbag, while absently twirling fingers through her long, jet black hair. Of course that someone would have to be immune to her enormous sex appeal in order to observe the subtleties. 

The concierge looked up and smiled. It didn’t take much imagination or psychoanalytic knowhow to read the barely hidden lust that came over him as his eyes took her in. She gave him a token smile, while walking at a rapid pace in order to avoid needless conversation. He always flirted and spent too much time mentioning pointless inanities, but she didn’t have the time for that right now. 

She stepped out of the apartment building, sidestepping the valet, and hurrying with her head held down, leaving no room for interpretation of that gesture.

Get the hell out of my way! I need to be somewhere!

The vision was clear. Natalie, her roommate, was in a throne room, but she wasn’t on the throne. She was seated at the foot of the throne, on the floor, dressed in an animal hide that covered her ample bosom. She wore absolutely nothing below the waist, and a neatly trimmed pubic bush winked at the viewers of the scene. 

The room was filled with ominous figures, who seemed neither men nor women, who were in different poses of sexual congress, but appeared frozen, as though caught in a sudden ice floe. Every one of them seemed to be partially dressed in animal skins. 

Leah remembered different arrangements of animal bones strewn across the floor of the foggy vision. Similar arrangements were put on walls, being pinned into the walls using thin, sharp bones as makeshift nails. 

The occupant of the throne was the most compelling part of the vision. It was a woman, wearing an lion’s head to mask her face, and a voluptuous body that was stark naked, except for multiple bone necklaces around her shoulders and presumably her neck, which was hidden under the lion’s head. 

Leah shook her head. It was insane that she was simply following a feeling. She knew that Natalie had been missing since the earlier night, and she also knew that there was a certainty about this vision that compelled action. She couldn’t really mention this vision to anyone without being laughed out of the room. 

What was that you said - your roommate is missing? What? You had a vision about it? And you didn’t call the cops? Get the fuck outta here! 

No, no - that wouldn’t do. That wouldn’t do at all. She hastened her pace, and felt it in her calves and her feet as she did so. The vision was compelling. She had to go there. 

She walked into the large public library at the Yonge and Bloor street intersection. It was packed, as it should be on any weekday afternoon. She didn’t understand this vision. She was currently smackdab in the heart of downtown Toronto, but the vision in her mind had taken hold of her movements and directed her here. 

She looked around. She passed water fountains that were built near the entrance, and barely took in large posters inviting patrons to come and visit a Japanese art exhibit. Her feet led her to the multiple swinging turnstiles that let you enter the main hall that lead into the library. Instinct made her shift rapidly to the right, avoiding a collision with a guy who was giving off a smell of vodka and ogling her. She made a beeline for the elevator bank that was on her right. 

Please be gone, please be gone, please be gone.

She looked back. Vodka guy was staring in her direction, from the turnstiles, trying to decide whether he should badger her or not. Predatory types almost always look for hunched, submissive looking people. They usually avoid confident women. 

Square your shoulders, stand up straight and look like you would sock a bison if it got in your way. 

Leah stood up straight, and stared right back at Vodka man, while she awaited the elevators with a throng of people that showed off Canadian diversity. Vodka man exited the turnstile and left the library. 

Thank you Jesus, Buddha and Psych 101!

All elevators were going up, except for one. She knew she had to take the one going down. She didn’t see anyone there who entered the down elevator, and wondered who had pressed the button. Perhaps she had and had forgotten. 

The elevator doors closed, and it started descending. Technically there were only a couple of levels below, but she heard and felt the rhythmic metallic noise of the elevator crossing a floor more than twenty times. She gulped. This seemed dangerous. It reminded her of the atavistic descent portrayed in Jacob’s Ladder. It was nothing alike, and yet there was a quality to it. 

The elevator doors opened with deliberate slowness, and she stepped out into what appeared to be a dark corridor with very faint phosphorescent lighting. She didn’t know what to do, when the lighting went off, and she was bathed in pitch blackness, not knowing where her feet were. Horror hit her in the pit of her belly, and almost as a reassurance from a force beyond her reckoning, a bright yellow light flooded the entire place. 

She wasn’t in a corridor anymore. She was in a large cave of some sort that was filled with animal hdes, skulls, bones and artefacts. This cave was empty, but she could hear frantic breathing and groans from ahead of her from a ten foot high hole that was carved into the rock that formed the cave’s walls.

There was no mistaking those sounds. The groans of human beings engaged in sexual debauchery. Her vision came back into her mind, as though she needed to be prepared before she happened upon the scene. 

A buffalo hide curtain hung in the opening, and she felt its coarse texture against her cheek as she walked through a rent in the hide. The first view of the scene from her vision was other worldly. 

Phosphorescent lighting that was both yellow and red lit up the chamber, which was a hall that was roughly as large as a large auditorium in a university. Leah saw multiple couples engaged in erotic roleplaying. There was a light skinned man on her right, wearing a buffalo head, and stark naked, and dripping with sweat and oil. His penis was inserted into the anus of an ebony woman with gigantic breasts, who wore a spotted yellow leopard head. Her coal black eyes peered through the leopard head, fixing Leah with a lustful stare. 

Leah, unnerved by the directness of that stare, looked away, and saw an Asian woman, who wore only what looked like a squirrel skin to cover the lower half of her face. A large animal penis had been grafted onto the squirrel skin, and was nearly a foot long. The woman was moving her chin rapidly, so that the business end of the animal penis was plunging into another woman who wore what looked like a black latex mask over her entire face, except for the ecstatic blue eyes that peered out from the eye holes. She had wavy blonde hair that shone eerily in the phosphorescent light. 

Leah noted at least two dozen scenes of sexual congress, with women sucking off men, men orally pleasuring women, transsexual pre-op women anally or orally penetrating men and women,  orgiastic threesomes and foursomes of all genders and a variety of races, but the common thread was the animal skins or animal heads that masked the identity of most of the participants. There was a throaty scream of a couple wearing deer heads orgasming like animals in heat to her right, and the frantic to and fro of a woman with a zebra head mask being double penetrated by two men wearing puma head masks on her left. There was the sadistic throat gagging that a transsexual woman with a metallic golden mask was giving a woman in another corner, who wore a giraffe head mask, and the rhythmic handjob that a man with a buffalo head mask was giving another transsexual woman wearing a cerval head mask. 

Leah felt an infusion of heat through her whole system, particularly her loins. It was perhaps something she should have expected, considering what was going on around her. She kept walking into the hall.

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. 

The mantra kept running through her mind. She felt that she had entered an Hieronymous Bosch painting, seeing how lifelike and seamless the masks were. 

In the distance she saw Natalie, sitting as she had been in her vision. She was resting on her buttocks, and her legs were stretched out. A mocha colored man wearing a horse head mask had his balls in her mouth, which she was sucking with languid strokes. She walked towards them, speeding up her pace in an effort to distract herself from her rapidly building lust.

Natalie took the horse head wearer’s ebony penis in her mouth, and took it in all the way in to the base, showing visible strain on her face from the feat. His mocha hands held her dirty blonde hair, guiding her head ever forward, as she gagged. 

Leah gulped, feeling a wet heat envelop her loins. She looked up at the throne, and her eyes were transfixed by the woman sitting there. She was the queen. There was no doubt about it. She ruled in this alternate dimension of animal head masks and subterranean debauchery. She was gigantic in stature, and Leah supposed she would have been a good seven feet tall if she stood. Her eyes were steel gray in color, and they held an unmistakable reserve of power. They were all that was visible of her face, through the eye slits of the gigantic lion head that sat on her shoulders. 

She had light bronze skin and coal black hair which emerged as a thick plait from within the lion head, and fell down her left shoulder. She had huge breasts that reminded Leah of depictions of Venus and of mother goddess figurines. They were huge, but in the most seductive and shapely of ways. She had large pointed nipples that were a dark pink in color, and had golden rings running through them. 

Her eyes tore into Leah, penetrating every pore of her being. She felt that this woman could make her do anything, and she felt filling and eager to please. Feeling almost scared to continue looking, Leah lowered her gaze. 

The queen now directed her attention to the man with the horse head who was being orally pleasured by Natalie. She just looked at him, and as though some electric energy passed through the air to him, he screamed in ecstasy. His large member slid out of Natalie’s mouth, spurting out its thick, salty contents onto her lips and chin. His groan went on for a minute, as he painted her face with semen. Then he backed away, as Leah directed her attention back to the queen and Natalie. 

The queen beckoned Leah with her index finger. Leah moved up to the foot of the throne, so that Natalie, covered in semen, was at her feet. The queen placed her foot on Natalie’s shoulder, and Natalie turned and kissed it. She placed the other foot on Leah’s shoulder, and compelled her forward and down, so that Leah landed on her messy roommate. 

Natalie was like a bitch in heat. Other than Leah, she was the only person in the room without an animal mask of some kind, and she kissed Leah on the lips, coating her face with cum. Leah thought she would have been repulsed by this, but she wasn’t. She felt that wet heat that she had experienced being enhanced further, and she felt itches she couldn’t scratch in her most erotic regions. She returned the kiss with a frenzied passion that surprised even her. 

The queen’s feet rested on the kissing duo, as Natalie tore off Leah’s shirt, and then her black lace bra, and gently sucked her nipples one at a time. Then she continued and tore off Leah’s dark green skirt, but she allowed her soaked black panties to stay as they were. The queen continued to rest her feet on the two of them, allowing them to travel along with their motions, and moving them gently this way and that, allowing touch based communication. 

Natalie continued to explore Leah’s body, one inch at a time, lavishing broad strokes of her tongue and lips on it. The queen moved her legs off them, and encircled them with her legs, and pulled them together abruptly, so that Leah found Natalie’s cum covered face buried against her soaked panties. Natalie moved the panties aside and blew a stream of air into Leah’s warm and dripping cunt, coating her dark pubic thatch with semen and sweat off her brow and chin.

Her tongue darted in and out of Leah’s cunt, pleasuring the pink folds of her sex. Leah moaned, having forgotten all about the orgiastic surroundings, or the multiple carnal acts that were reaching loud conclusions around them. The queen pressed her heel against Leah’s buttock, and as if on command, she felt a insane itch inside her thighs and within her vagina. She leaped up from her prone position and dove for the queen. 

It was an act of defiance, and the queen countered it. She moved her legs back, encircling Leah, and pulling in Natalie as well. Leah had leaped up in order to place her vagina against the queen’s, but she wasn’t fast or powerful enough to do so. Instead, she was held in a crushing grip with her mouth buried in the ample cleavage of the queen, and the queen holding her buttocks in one hand, and pushing hard. 

Leah gasped, and then felt herself being slid downward, so that her face was positioned against the queen’s vast and untamed sex. She had a wild jungle of pubic curls that filled Leah’s face for a second. Then Leah found her nose buried in the queen’s vast labia, soaking up her nether juices. She gasped again, and drank up the juices, having no choice but to do so. She felt a molten heat inside her own cunt, but was compelled to stay where she was. 

She felt something hard and fleshy tearing up her own cunt, as her head was propelled deeper into the queen’s throbbing pussy. She was coated by the vaginal juices, and felt that same itch inside her sex being met with a persistent motion. She screamed out in ecstasy as waves of pleasure made her entire body shudder, and her toes and fingers curled up inward from the sheer depth and intensity of the orgasm, even as she felt the pussy lips her face was buried in shuddering and quaking. A stream of warm juice bathed her face, as she heard an animal cry from up above her. 

When her orgasm subsided, she felt the queen allowing her more freedom. She pulled her own dripping face out of the queen’s vagina, and looked up at the steel gray eyes, studying her from behind the lion’s head mask. She felt a warm glow inside her, and she felt the steel gray eyes soften as she looked into them. 

The queen bent down and kissed Leah on the lips. The giantess’s lips were much larger than her own, and much more forceful. She had lost track of Natalie and the rest of the room thus far, and this only furthered that distance. She continued to be probed by the queen’s lips and tongue for an indeterminate amount of time, and then she felt a heavy sleep overtaking her. She gave in to the sensations that compelled her, and was lost to the world.

When Leah awoke, she was back in her apartment. She arose and examined herself, and noticed that she was exactly as she had been the previous night in her apartment. There were no traces of the debauchery that she had so clearly experienced earlier. She felt mystified, and tiptoed to Natalie’s room, and pressed her ear to the door. 

She could hear a gentle breathing from inside. She quietly opened the door, and looked inside. She saw Natalie, fast asleep, dressed in her usual pajamas. 

Leah wondered if she had dreamt the whole thing, and closed the door, and tiptoed back to her room. She looked around her room, and then saw something that gave her goosebumps. A large lion’s head mask was sitting on the dressing table stool, taunting her with an evil grin. Leah felt that same itch she couldn’t scratch return to her loins. There

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