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The Seduction of Brian

Kara knows that she wants Brian, no matter what the town people say
Kara looked at the house next door to hers. In her 21 years of walking this earth she knew that something drew her to this house. The house was old with a slight bit of royality to it and made her feel overcome with pure lust. She had seen the owner of it only once and right there she knew she needed to feel him inside of her. She looked down at her own body. She was 5'2 with long brown hair and a thin waist. Her 42 DD's stood erect as she thought of this handsome stranger. He has dark brown skin with green eyes and buzzed brown hair.

His body was thick with muscle and he wore only a wife-beater and shorts when she had seen him. He stared at her as she stared at him and she felt a slight tingle in her panties. She had had sex before but nothing made her feel has horny as she felt now. She smiled. "Kara where are you?" She heard a voice in the back of her and frown.

"Right here Daddy." A tall man walked out the back door. He was handsome with brown eyes.

"What you doing out here Kara."


"Why are you looking at that house again. What do I keep telling you. He is bad news."

"But Daddy how do you know?"

"I just do, thats what the town people say."

"So what what the town people say." She turned around to see her father in nothing but swimming trunks.

"Damn Daddy. You look so fucking good." She smiled "Who you looking good for." She grinned. There went that feeling again. She felt it getting hot. She needed dick now and with whom, she really didn't care. 

"Where are you going" she asked to get her mind away from the shit was feeling

"Probably to sleep."

"Kk" He left her standing there. She knew she was going to die if she didn't get a fix right away. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the house. She was going to fuck that man in that house even if he killed her.

She was walked over to the house with much determation.

She walked to the door and knocked on it. It open and closed by it self. She walked inside felt the cold of the atmosphere. She opened a door and saw a bed. It was perfectly made up and was alone in the room. 

"I'm glad you can join me."

She turned around and saw the young man. He wore a shirt with a pair of pants. He walked inside of the room and close the door. 

"Um I'm sorry Mr-" 

"You can call me Jay."


She couldn't help but become sexually aroused. She wanted him. She needed him with her. She looked at him. 

"You know ever since I seen you that night I wanted to fuck the shit out of you."


"Really. But the town's people say that you are no good for me. That you are very bad. All you do is stay in your house, that you probably was a rapist or something." 

He walked to her and started kissing her neck. He reached under her skirt and felt her panties that was extremely wet. he pushed them aside and started fingering her pussy. She moaned as he held her up. He laid her on the bed and popped open her shirt. He felt her soft breast in his mouth and began to suck her nipple. She began to open his pants. He wore no underwear. His 7 inch dick stood up as she moved her hand up and down. He tore off her skirt and she was totally nude.

"They were right to tell you I'm bad. I'm bad because I'm old and you couldnt be less then 25. 

"I'm 21" Her eyes looked at her and narrowed to his huge dick. She began to bend down and take it into her mouth. His eyes turned a yellow green as the pure lust began to him him. His hips moved with her mouth and his face began to change. Fangs started to come from his teeth and he was in full lust. 

"Oh my God" she said as she was in amazement. She began to get turned on. "Your a vampire."

"Yes, and a virgin. I need to have you now!" He pulled her up and went between her legs. He began to pump his huge dick in her. Her eyes rolled back as she felt a hand play with her pussy. She knew Jay hands were on her ass so who was this stranger in her pussy.

She opened her eyes and saw her father with his dick out rubbing her already wet pussy.

"Daddy," she said surprised.

"Oh honey, every since I saw you I wanted you. I heard you call out my name when you was in the bedroom sticking you fingers in your pussy."

"Come here."

She started sucking her father dick. He continued to rub her pussy.

"Daddy, Jay I want you both inside me at the same time." Her father looked at Jay and smiled.

"I told you my daughter was a freak."

"I see."

Jay turned her around and smacked her ass. He laid on the bed as she climbed on top. She started to rock back and forth running her fingers between his teeth. Her father got behind her and smiled. She had a lovely ass, just like her mother. He shoved his dick in her ass and she nearly came right there. He began to pump back and forward and soon fangs came out of his mouth. The two men were fucking the shit out of Kara and she was loving it. She then felt a bit in her neck. She reached up and felt blood. Her father was one too. Her eyes rolled back as she felt fangs push threw her gums. All she knew was the summer eve she saw when she walked in the house was gonna be the last one she ever saw....

Then she heard a knock...
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