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The Witch and the Mermaid

The Witch and the Mermaid

A witch stumbles upon a beautiful mermaid
This is the story about when I found out I was a witch. This happened on my eighteenth birthday. Lots of interesting things happened all around me. I'll go into all the events that happened.

My name is Agatha and I just turned eighteen years old. I recently found out that I’m a witch. Both my parents were witches, and I came into my powers on my birthday. My parents are deceased, and I'd been living with my Grandmother. My grandmother was also a witch. Thankfully, my parents had left a lot of money for me. I really love the beach and bought myself a beach house.

A few days before my birthday, my Grandmother showed me how to perform my witchcraft. She showed me all kinds of spells. She told me some of the magic words and chants that I needed to say to perform the spells. She also gave me a few books with spells and other information, that I could refer to when I needed help.

I could perform all sorts of spells. I could give people anything they wanted. I could change people into anything or anyone they wanted to be. I could give them money, power or anything that they wanted.

Unfortunately being a witch does cause me to be a bit lonely. I’m not a human anymore. I have to be careful and not let anybody know that I'm a witch. I mostly go looking for people that are unhappy and try to make their lives better. I am definitely a good witch. I would never cause harm to anybody.

Grandma always said I must be careful, and not get into too much trouble when trying to help people. My parents would often travel back into time. Unfortunately, my mother had gotten into trouble and was burned at the stake. My father told her not to go back to Salem, Massachusetts. He went to save her, and he also was given the same treatment. He was put to death also. They tried to do good things with their magic, but in that particular scenario it did not have a happy ending for them.

On my birthday, I received my powers and then my Grandmother died. When a new witch gets her powers, the older witch then dies. I’m here all alone with no family to help me with my witchcraft. I recently bought a house at the beach. I love to spend time there.

I was feeling a little sad about the passing of my Grandmother and coming into this life of witchcraft. I figured I would take a walk along the beach. I love to walk along the edge of the water and collect shells and sea glass. I have a really interesting sea glass collection.

As I was walking around, I heard this lovely music. It was a very high pitched, but beautiful sound. I tried to walk closer to where it was. All of a sudden, I saw a beautiful mermaid. She was sitting on a rock. Now, I thought to myself, this could not really be happening, but who am I to say anything; I just found out I was a witch.

As I got a little closer, I could see the mermaid was singing a little and then crying a lot. I walked towards her. Her beautiful fin was flapping along the rock. She had beautiful red, long, curly, hair and her voice was just so beautiful. The song didn’t have words, but just music. She was definitely singing it. It might have been in mermaid language, I really don’t know.

“Hey do you need any help? I see you're crying. Are you all right?”

All of a sudden, she hopped off the rock and went back into the water. She did not go under the water. I could still see her. I walked closer to the water and yelled over to her.

“Don’t go away. My name is Agatha and I’m a witch. It’s okay that you’re a mermaid. Please don’t go.”

“You’re a witch? My name is Lorielle. I recently was a human, but my prince did not want me anymore. He left me to be with another woman. My father Neptune cast a spell on me to become a human. But, if I was not to be with my prince I would turn back into a mermaid."

"If you want to become a human again, I could change you back. I recently, became a witch and I’m sure I could cast the spell to make the change.”

"Would you be able to change me? I would love for you to show me how to enjoy love with a woman. I never want to be with a man ever again."

“Of course. I’d love to be with you."

“Do it Agatha! Turn me back into a human. Then we can go back to your house and you could show me what it is like to be with a woman. I promise you, I’ll be no trouble. I'll just love you and we could live happily ever after."

I looked at Lorielle and said a little chant and I performed the spell. Lorielle was now a human. She had long, red, curly hair. She had the most beautiful green eyes. She was 5’8 and about 110 pounds. She had long legs and she was beautiful. She also had no clothes on and had the most beautiful breasts I’d ever seen. She did not have any hair on her pussy. She was completely bald.

“Let me put some clothes on you."

I again said some magic words and then Lorielle was in a dress and flats. She looked beautiful.

“Okay, we just have to take a short walk. I literally live on the beach."

I was just blown away on how beautiful Lorielle looked. I knew that this arrangement would work out well. 

We walked back to my house and went inside. I gave Lorielle a tour of my house.

“Wow, you have such a nice place. Thank you for changing me back into a human. I really want to show you just how much I appreciate it.”

I took Lorielle into my bedroom. We shared a deep and passionate kiss. Our tongues were dancing in one another’s mouth. We helped each other undress. Lorielle had the most beautiful porcelain skin. Her hair was just so gorgeous.

I'm different looking than her. I'm 5’5 and I weigh 120 pounds. I have black long hair and blue eyes. I too have a very pale complexion. But, with my black hair and her red hair we make a very unique couple.

We were kissing, and I massaged and cupped her breasts and turned and twisted her nipples to make them nice and hard. I leaned down to suck on each of them.

“Oh Agatha that feels so good."

Her hands were playing with my long black hair. We were kissing deep and passionately.

“Lorielle, I’m going to eat your pussy. Spread your legs.”

She opened her legs, and I got to work. Her pussy was just gorgeous. She was bald like myself. I ran my tongue up and down her beautiful pussy lips. I lightly chewed on her lips. She was moaning and groaning and holding tight onto the head board, while she was grinding onto my face.

“Oh God, that feels so good. You’re so amazing. My prince would only do this for a few minutes, but your tongue feels so much better than his.”

I parted her pussy lips and moved my tongue in and out of her beautiful pussy. Her juices were flowing, and I worked fast to pleasure her. I slid a finger in her cunt, while I licked and played with her clitoris and her pussy lips. She was very creamy and slick, while I finger fucked her.

“Agatha, that feels so good. Please don’t stop. Oh God.”

I curled my finger and was able to rub her G-Spot. She was moaning and groaning, and then she started to come. Her pussy juices were flowing down her legs, and I licked them all up.

“You taste so good. Come and kiss me so I can share your juices with you.”

Lorielle then came to me and started to kiss me. We shared a kiss and all of her juices.

“I want to return the favor. Lie down and I will eat your pussy now.”

I got comfortable on the bed and spread my legs. Lorielle moved her tongue all over my pussy. She brushed her tongue in circles over my clitoris. She licked up and down all over my pussy lips. She inserted a few fingers into my pussy and started to finger fuck me.

“Oh God that feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

She was licking and slurping on my pussy. She really seemed to be enjoying it and was licking me like a little kitten that hadn’t had food or water in days. It felt so good. She was rubbing and playing with my breasts. Her tongue slid deeper and deeper into my pussy.

“Oh God that feels so good."

I couldn’t stand it and was squirming on my bed. Lorielle would not stop. She was licking me so deep and hard and my juices were flowing out. She finger fucked me hard and fast, and I couldn’t fight it, and my juices gushed out of pussy in a huge squirt.

“Agatha you taste like a ripe peach. Your juices are so sweet and tangy.”

“Get over here and cuddle and kiss me Lorielle!”

Lorielle came to me and we were hugging and kissing. Our tongues again were dancing in each other’s mouth. Our hands were rubbing each other’s breasts.

Agatha stood up and said some magic words and blinked herself a strap on cock.

“Get on your back Lorielle! I want to make passionate love to you.”

She went on the bed and opened her legs. I climbed up and slid my cock into her. I made slow passionate love to her. We kissed deep and passionately. My hands were rubbing her beautiful breasts. My cock was deep inside her. Lorielle was moving with me as I fucked into her.

“Oh that feels so good. I love you so much Agatha. I never want to be away from you.”

I moved the cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Lorielle screamed and had an explosive orgasm.

“Let me wear that strap on cock, so I can make love to you now.”

I took it off and helped put it on Lorielle. I got comfortable on the bed and she got on top of me. We were kissing deep and passionately, and then she slid the cock into my aching pussy. She moved her cock in and out, and I moved with her. Her hands were playing with my breasts as she thrust and pushed her cock into me. We made slow passionate love to each other.

“Oh God! I’m going to come Lorielle. Oh fuck!”

With that, I had an explosive orgasm. Lorielle pulled out and we just kissed and held each other.

“I really love you Agatha. You’re just the most incredible person I’ve ever met. I owe you my life.”

“I really love you too. I’m so glad I found you.”

We just held each other for a very long time. I mentioned to Lorielle that I would change us into vampires tomorrow and we would explore the world like that tomorrow. We both giggled and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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