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Love Thy Neighbour Chapter Five

Cathy has some new friends

After Tom had kissed her goodnight and returned to his house next door, Cathy lay in her bed reliving the events that had taken her from an anal virgin to looking forward to her first foray into the world of swinger parties.

Tom had told her he would be away for the next three days and would phone her every night. He had already introduced her to the excitement of phone sex and would make sure his balls would be full for her to empty every night.

Soon she drifted into sleep. Her mind full of sexual thoughts; soon she would be sucking cock and cunt, being fucked, in all holes, and cumming more times than she thought possible.

Tom’s first call the following morning was to see the couple that would be hosting Cathy's first swinger party. As he pulled up their drive he thought back to the last time he was here. That had been a year ago before his wife Sandra had passed away. They had both enjoyed the swinging lifestyle. However, the rules of the group were quite specific; no singles, only couples. Now he had Cathy as a willing sex partner, he could join again.

“Hi Tom, it’s great to see you,” the man who opened the door was a little over six feet tall, and like Tom in his sixties. “Come in, Jane is in the lounge and dying to see you again.”

“Thanks, Bill, good to be here, seems ages since I have had the pleasure of running my hands over the fair Jane,” Tom said with a laugh.

“Wasn't just your hands if I remember right. I seem to remember a fair slice of cock meat going into me,” the attractive woman said.

“As do I Jane, I swear you get more beautiful every year,” Tom said kissing her cheek.

“Fuck mate is that the best you can do. Get your tongue down her throat,” her husband said, as he got behind his wife and reached around to squeeze her tits through her jumper.

“Stop it you two, I want to hear about Tom’s new sex partner, and when I get to play with her,” Jane said. However, she could not resist running a hand over the bulge in Tom’s slacks.

Tom went on to tell his two friends about his leading Cathy into the joys of both anal, and phone sex. How she was keen to have two cocks up her and eat cunt.

“I was thinking,” he said, “maybe we three could have some fun, and phone sex with her at the same time. What do you think?”

“Yes, like that idea,” said Bill, “but first, how about you and I give Jane a really good fucking? It has been a while since she has had your cock, and I am sure she won't say no. Will you babe?”

In answer, Jane spun on her heel and taking both men by the hand said. “Bedroom now, you two fuckers, and get those cocks stuck up me. I have holes to fill!”

Two minutes later found the three friends naked, both men stroking their hard cocks, and Jane lying on the bed fingering herself.

“Go on, Tom, give my wife a cunt full of cock, been a year since you slid one up her. You know I like to watch, and love my sloppy seconds,” Bill said as he leaned forward and tweaked her nipples.

Tom looked at Jane’s hairy cunt, one he had fucked many times in the past. One he had watched his own wife eat his spunk from. Then, with one steady thrust, he pushed his cock ball deep into her.

“Oh fuck, I've missed your cock up me,” Jane gasped as she felt his width fill her.

Bill moved to the top of the bed and offered his cock to his wife's mouth. “Suck me off, babe, swallow my spunk, and make us both cum.”

As Tom pounded Jane's cunt he watched her tits bounce in time with his thrusts, and her cheeks hollow as she sucked her husband's cock.

Jane was beside herself in her lust. How she had missed Toms cock in her. She loved to service two cocks at once, and knew she would cum the second both men shot their loads into her body. Knowing her husband as she did, she pushes a finger deep into his arsehole.

As Tom saw what Jane was doing, he knew Bill’s cock would explode any second, and that was enough for the jets of spunk to shoot from his cock, flooding Jane's cunt, and bringing her to her climax a second later.

“Fuck, I enjoyed that,” Jane said, wiping up the drops of her husband’s spunk that was dribbling down her chin. “You are staying all day I hope Tom.”

“Too fucking right he is, and all night girl, we are going to fuck you rigid, and then some,” Bill said as he stroked his cock, looking at Tom, who still had his cock buried in Jane’s cunt.

“Most certainly am, and we are all going to have phone sex with Cathy later, so she can get to know you two before the weekend. Now my friends if you would be so kind as to clean my cock, we can get ready for another round.”

The husband and wife team looked at the glistening cock that had just slid from Jane’s cunt and moved to lay either side of Tom. Jane then took the spunky covered cock in her hands and gently squeezed the shaft, causing another drop to ooze from the tip.

“Go on Bill, do your Bi bit and suck it, I want to see you work the head while I wank it. We need Tom hard again, I need two cocks in my holes, and your cocks are the only ones available.

Tom preferred his cock sucked by a female, but Bill had a way of doing it that was also giving him a great feeling, and Jane’s way of wanking one was second to none. So he lay back, closed his eyes, and gave himself over to the husband and wife team.

“Don't suck him off, babe, I want him up my arse, and we will see if we can get him excited enough for you to have his,” Jane said to her husband.

With the idea of fucking Tom’s arse in mind, Bill pushed first one finger, then two, deep into Tom’s arse. With the combination of sucking and wanking, Toms cock was returned to full hardness in just a few minutes.

“Piggyback time boys, let's do it,” said Jane, as she let go of Toms cock and got herself on all fours, and wiggled her arse. “Come on Tom, ram that fuck meat in my arse hole, give me a good reaming out.”

Tom grinned, rubbed lube over his cock head and shaft and pushed it against Jane’s little-puckered hole. “Take this babe, swallow it up and suck it in,” he said as he pulled back on her hips and pushed forward.

“Oh fuck, that is so good,” Jane groaned, as the hard cock slid deep into her arse.

“Gets better babe,” said Tom, who had, unbeknown to her, picked up a large vibrator, which he now slid into her empty cunt, and switched on. He gasped as he felt the vibration through the thin membrane between the pulsing toy and his thrusting cock.

“Oh yes! Fuck yes, more, ram my fucking arse, make me cum. Bill get up his arse, make him fuck me harder,” Jane screamed.

Bill smiled and lubed his cock, “Take this buddy, enjoy my wife as I enjoy your arse,” and with one steady push sank ball deep into the other man's arse hole.

The feeling of Jane’s warm, gripping rectum, the pulsing vibrator, and Bill's cock, was too much for Tom, and with a loud shout emptied his balls into her bowels. Before he had time to think, he felt his own arse fill with hot spunk, as Bill shot his load.

Even the randiest of swingers need their recuperation time, and the next couple of hours were taken up by eating, drinking, and resting. Bedtime and phone sex time were drawing closer.

Tom had texted Cathy earlier in the day, it read: phone at nine, three of us talking to you, be naked in bed, two vibrators handy, fun for all, enjoy babe, Tom.

Cathy reread the text several times during the day and by mid-afternoon was so aroused that relief was needed. “A little practice won't go amiss,” she said to herself as she removed her clothes, picking up her two vibrators, lay back on her bed.

Her mind travelled back over the short time she had known Tom as a lover and sexual coach. She was now no longer an anal virgin, had climaxed more in the last few days than in the few months preceding. Later that day she would, for the first time, be introduced to group sex, even if it was by phone.

As her horniness increased, her need to feel her holes filled became greater. First, she slid one vibrator into her cunt and turned it on. For a few minutes, she revealed in the feeling. Then, almost without thinking, she pressed the second one to her arse hole and pushed hard. She was surprised how easily it slipped up inside her. With the two both vibrating deep in her body, it took only a few rubs of her exposed clit to release one of the biggest climaxes she had ever had.

At precisely nine o’clock, her phone rang. Cathy was lying naked on her bed, her heart thumping, as she waited for her first foray into the swinger scene.

“Hi Cathy, you are on speaker,” Tom’s voice sounded down the line. “I have a couple of randy friends here anxious to make your acquaintance.”

Cathy switched her phone to speaker, and set it on the bedside table next to her head. “Here Tom... bit nervous, but excited as well.”

“Just lay back babe, we will soon have you horny and up for it," Tom said.

As Cathy did as she was told, a female voice came on the phone.

“Hello, girl, looking forward to seeing you in the flesh, and flesh will be the right word. You and I will get our men hard and fucking us. But first I want to taste that pussy of yours, a new fresh cunt is always exciting. You are going to love the feel of a woman's tongue on your clit,” Jane’s voice purred in her ear.

Bill was the next to speak, “Now my lady, think of my cock sliding deep into your sweet, wet cunt. Think of me now, and slide a vibrator in and slowly fuck it. In and out sweet girl, but no cumming yet. There is more to come before we get there.”

As Cathy felt the vibrations build, she gave herself over completely to the control of her distant lovers.

“Now, my babe, time for that sweet arse hole to be fucked, “Tom’s familiar voice crooned in her ear. “Other vibrator girl, touch that little hole... now push; deep and hard.”

While Cathy slowly fucked herself, twenty miles away Jane felt first one, then two cocks slide into her cunt and arse. “Oh fuck yes, Tom, my pussy needs that cock, ram it into the fucker. Bill, my arsehole, hubby dear, use it. Make sure you spunk me up good boys.”

The sound of the fucking and dirty talk was too much for Cathy, and she knew she was seconds away from her orgasm.

“Oh fuck, yes, fill her holes, spunk up her. God, how I want to join in, suck your spunk from her holes. Fuck her, make her cum,” Cathy gasped as she felt the powerful waves of climax start. “Oh fuck, cumming, fucking cumming nowww!”

For the next two minutes, the phone line was filled with the sound of multiple orgasms, as the four swingers fucked their way to the hardest cum they had experienced for many a day. Tom eventually broke the silence that followed. “Saturday Cathy, Saturday, the four of us here together. Are you up for that?”

After what seemed like an age to the three naked, sweating, listening people on the bed that had seen so much action that day, a voice came from the phone.

"Oh yes, too fucking right I am,” chuckled Cathy. “Now I need to get some sleep. You three can fuck the night away. Goodnight.”



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