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Swingers Stories


Year of the Swing - Ch03 Jon & Pam

We experiance are first hard swap.

After chatting with Jon and Pam for a week, we’d decided to finally meet at a restaurant mid-way between our homes. We arrived early, eager as could be, and requested a table for four. Catherine and I ordered our drinks and didn’t have to wait long for ou...

Year Of The Swing - Ch01 Stacy

My wife and I start our swinging adventures.

Hello, my name is Malcolm. Catherine and I have been together in one form or another for a long time, first as classmates in high school, then as best friends while she was at college, and now as spouses. We have always gotten along and could tell each ot...

My Wife’s Best Friend: Part 1

Lust for a red-headed bi-beauty opens up all kinds of possibilities

I have to admit, I had long had the hots for my wife's best friend, Jodi. They met while they were in college—before my wife and I were married—and had become nearly inseparable by the time I came along. Jodi was always at our place: for dinner, for parti...

Caught Lookin Chapter Four-Commiment

After he learning of Jill's night with Kai, Ken tells her about Mik, and they agree to continue pursuing sex with others.

Jill played with my cock as she told me about her sensual hookup with Kai the night before. I was aroused, to say the least. “That’s everything that happened last night at Kris’ beach house Ken. Since your cock is as hard as a rock right now, I guess you...

Hotwife And Girl From The Bar - A True Story

Hotwife brings home a girl from the bar after not finding and suitable guys to fuck.

One night my husband and I went out to dinner, and as always I was wearing a sexy little skirt without panties. After having a nice dinner, accompanied by a few drinks, we decided to go to a little bar that we always seemed to end up at. There were someti...

Mark's Business Trip: Hot Tub & Swinging

Mark and Sam meet another couple in the hot tub on their last night in Boston

Sam On our last night in Boston, Mark and I decided we couldn’t end our trip without checking out the hotel’s outdoor hot tub. It was a perfect, chilly, late spring night, and the only thing keeping me from feeling fully content was the knowledge that our...

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The Perfect Birthday Surprise

A Suburban Couple's Introduction to Unknown Pleasure

Ann and Martin Brown were a dashing couple. Married for twelve years, they had two young daughters and continued to emit a physical heat when together. With broad shoulders, short-cropped brown hair, and blue eyes, quite a few school moms were taken with...

The Best Night of My Life: Part 2

A frustrated wife's journal entries about how reconnecting with a sexy friend throws her into a whole new world of wild hedonism that she had long forgotten she belonged within.

July 3rd I have just begun to be able to piece together and process the pure ecstasy I experienced with Vinda at her club last night. I want so badly to share it with someone, with Ryan especially, but it stays here for now. I don't even know where to beg...

S.L.U.T. Slut's Montage

A sex-filled decade in the life of an evolving slut

Years passed, but time stopped. While external, life-changing things happened, externally, my body, mind, and heart were in a sort of stasis-like holding pattern. Life and my age advanced; the house was now my home, and I was hitting the venerable thirty...

Halloween Evening With Mrs. Winters: A Cuckold Tale

A Young Man Discovers the Pleasures of a Married Mom

“Ashton, I had no idea you were coming home,” said Cheryl Winters. The forty-five-year-old mom of three looked incredibly sexy in her tight, black witch costume. Twenty-year-old Ashton Johnson had returned for a few days from the first semester of his sec...

The Prescription - Taken

What exactly does one do with a prescription? You take it!

-The Wait- “Code Blue 3 North.” The overhead announcement blared to life just before the sun came up and broke the silence like shattering glass. “Code Blue 3 North.” Before the second ‘Code bl…’ was through the intercom I had my stethoscope and the ICU p...