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A Match Made In Taboo

(Pt.1) He's a married man who cheats and she's a teacher who gives private lessons to her students.
“Ohhh yes. Oh, Mr. Matthews, that feels so good. Please don't stop.”

Bent over on my desk, Beth moans as I pound her pussy from behind. As I fuck her hard, the papers stacked on my desk start to fall onto the floor. But that doesn't matter right now. What matters is the feeling of my hard, throbbing cock swiftly going in and out of my secretary’s very wet and very tight pussy.

I grunt as she starts to push her ass back, meeting my every thrust. Her moans become louder as I fuck her faster, remembering that I have a meeting to go to in thirty minutes. Soon, she screams as I feel her pussy clench my cock pleasurably. On the brink of my own orgasm, I pump hard and fast into her a few more times, and then I pull out, shooting ropes of cum all over her perfect, tanned ass.

I start putting on my clothes as I smirk to myself, proud of seeing her sprawled on my desk, spent from another session of amazing sex.

“You can stand now, Beth. And put your clothes back on.” She hurriedly complies, pulling up her underwear over her cum soaked behind. I moan quietly, loving the fact that she'll have to spend the whole day at work with my cum on her the entire time. As she finishes putting on her wrinkled pencil skirt and her red lace bra, she grabs her torn white button up and gives me a questioning look.

“Sir, you ripped this off of me…”

I raise an eyebrow at her. Is she stupid? Of course I knew that. I did it to help her. That shirt was so tight against her chest that it would have ripped without my help.

“Well, sir, I have nothing else to wear.”

I sigh as I take my blazer off and throw it to her. You’d think that after months of fucking, she’d know by now to bring an extra set of clothes. Tight pussy, loose marbles.

As she was leaving my office, she reminds me that it’s my twentieth anniversary with my wife, and that if I don’t leave now, I’ll be late for my meeting.



“Yes, Jacob, that's it. Oh, Jacob, go slower.”

The eighteen-year-old senior in front of me slows down the two fingers he has in my pussy.

“Yes, that feels so good. Now, while you insert your fingers slowly into me, I want you to use your thumb to lightly rub my clitoris an- OHHH!” My hips buck as my eager student starts to rub my engorged clit furiously.

One of my hands stop caressing my chest through my blouse as I steady his hand to stop him from making me cum too early.

“You need to slow down,” I say with as much authority in my voice as I guided his movements at a gentler pace.

“Professor, does the speed of my rubbing increase the pleasure you feel?” he asks as he continues to rub me, his long fingers sending me to heaven.

I moan appreciatively as I continue to rub my sensitive nipples with my hands. I’ve only started giving him lessons on fingering yesterday and he’s already quite skilled. “Yes, dear, but going slow and dragging out the pleasure makes girls even more wet which will make it easier for you to penetrate them with your cock.” I pinch my protruding nipples through my blouse as I explain it to him.

“Don’t you want to cum faster?”

I buck my hips again as I felt his fingers hit my g spot over and over. “Cumming is only half the fun. You see cumming is-”

“But I want to taste your cum now, Professor,” he whines. Just when I was about to answer, I feel him speed up his fingers in me, his thumb, pressing harder against my swollen clit.

My mind was telling me to stop him, that if he continues his pleasurable assault, I will scream my head off and a member of the faculty or a student might come knocking on my door. But the thought of getting caught with me sitting on one of the student’s chairs completely bottomless with my legs open wide, and the president of the chess team fingering my pussy turns me on even more.

I lean my head back as I moan his name loudly, never wanting him to stop.

“Cum for me, Professor! You like it when your teenage student fucks your wet pussy, don’t you? You like this?” he says the last word with emphasis as he pushes his fingers deeper into my pussy, making my hips thrash from the pleasure.

“Jacob, don’t stop… I’m so close. Oh, fuck my pussy faster with your fingers. Faster, faster, faster!”

He quickly replaces his thumb with his mouth.

Having him licking and sucking my clit while his hands pump my pussy over and over again make me start tweaking and pinching my nipples harder. I start to moan loudly as I felt my orgasm start to come. As he relentlessly fucks my pussy, I throw my head back and scream as I squirt into my student’s face.

“Mmm, Jacob. Your fingers are magical,” I moan as I look at his face covered with my cum. I bite my lips, continuing to massage my breasts through my shirt as I watch him lick my juices off his lips.

“You taste so good, Professor. Can you teach me how to properly eat a girl’s pussy now?”

I smile, loving how eager he is to learn new things. Just as I am about to answer, I hear someone cough.

There, standing by the open door is the father of one of my students with a sly grin on his face.

“I’m sure she’ll teach you that soon, Jacob. But in the meantime, I believe I have a meeting with your professor.”


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