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Kitty and Mr Connors

Kitty's new Science Teacher turns her on
Part 1

The last year of school had been a drag for Kit, science in particular. Mr Mathers, a grumpy old coot with little patience and a quick temper had been making life hell for her. Most of her school life Kit had enjoyed science right up until she got Mr Mathers. Now she groaned in despair whenever she thought about attending that class. Sometimes she wished the old goat would just keel over, have a fit, fall down a flight of stairs and break a leg, anything really just so long as she didn’t have to be taught by him.

Then half way through the school year something did happen that would have caused Kit to go prancing down the hallways singing at the top of her lungs if it weren’t so serious. Mr Mathers had a heart attack three days before mid year break and would be retiring effective immediately. All students were informed when the next term started they would have a new teacher. Mr Connors. The students of Kit’s science class were a twitter with wondering questions and speculation, ‘I wonder what he’s gonna be like?’ ‘I bet he’s an old fart just like Mathers.’ ‘God I hope not, I think I’d rather suffocate than get another Mathers.’ Endlessly for three days that’s all Kit heard in science class.

When Rachael… a leggy blonde girl, you know the type, overdeveloped, popular and full of herself like the whole world was there to worship her, well at least most of the school anyway … turned and asked Kit what she thought in a sneering way, Kit just shrugged. ‘I don’t know. Don’t really care either, because anything’s got to be better than Mathers.’ To which most of the class laughed and agreed.

School holidays came and went, flying past as they do and all too soon Kit was walking back through the gates of St Alymores Community College. This time though it was with a lighter heart because she knew that no matter what, Mathers wouldn’t be there.

Kit was an independent girl, short for her eighteen years at 5’3 with a slender, curved in all the right places, well proportioned body. She had long chocolate brown hair that hung down to her waist when she wore it loose and warm honey brown eyes, a petite nose and full lips which she tended to purse when she was thinking about something. She wore glasses; she needed them for reading, though because her parent’s were both executive-types, her frames were always stylish and in-mode. Currently she had those square-type glasses with the slightly thick frames that most of the office girls liked wearing.

She wasn’t the most popular girl in the school but neither was she unpopular, she had plenty of friends, but she’d never had a boyfriend to date. Oh she’d been asked make no mistake, but the boys in school just didn’t interest her. And she was confident enough in herself to know that it didn’t matter what others thought either, she didn’t need a boyfriend to make her feel better, or be a cheerleader or be top of the class, she was quite happy to sit back and relax and work her way through her studies.

Science class rolled around and there was an air of anticipation buzzing around the students. They made their way into the classroom expecting to find the new teacher there waiting for them. Such was not the case. The room was empty. So the students wondered in and sat in their usual seats. About two minutes later the door was flung open and in walked … a god! All the girls in the class caught their collective breathes, Kit would have laughed if she wasn’t guilty of doing the same. They all sat up just that little bit straighter.

He was easily 6’3, tall and lean, broad shouldered and well laid out. He had sun bleached blonde hair, kinda scruffy and long, that he wore tied back. His features were rugged and he had the most amazing green eyes Kit had ever seen, his nose was slightly large but it went well with his features and he had a ready smile on very sensuous lips. He wore long shorts that came down to his knees and work boots on his feet and a short sleeved polo shirt that showed off his well defined muscular arms. If anything he looked like he belonged on a construction site, not in a science classroom. Kit felt her heart skip a beat and a nervous flutter settled itself in her stomach. Silently she thanked god for sending Adonis to teach science.

‘Right then,’ he said, ‘I’m Mr Connors. You can call me Mr Connors or Sir, whichever suits you. And today, joy of joys I’m giving you all a pop quiz to assess your level of learning.’ Most of the students groaned and he laughed. ‘Don’t worry its nothing too hard, just something that’s going to show me where all of you are so I can adjust my curriculum accordingly.’

Rachael’s hand was in the air the moment he stopped speaking and Kit silently groaned because she knew what was coming. When Mr Connors gave her a nod, in her most innocently flirtatious voice, she said, ‘Mr Connors, as this year’s class president of the student body, I’d like to welcome you to St Alymores and hope that you enjoy your time at our school.’ Rachael even went so far as to bat her eyelashes at him. Mr Connors smiled graciously, though Kit noticed that the smile didn’t quite make it into his eyes. ‘Ah, thank you…?’

‘Rachael, sir,’ she replied. ‘Rachael Meyers.’

‘Thank you Rachael, I’m sure I will.’ He told her in his rich, low voice.

Kit rolled her eyes and shook her head a little, thinking to herself, ‘What a suck-up.’ She quirked an eye brow and looked sideways at Rachael. Sitting in the back row of the classroom no one would have noticed it. And indeed not one of her classmates did, though someone standing at the front of the classroom noticed. Kit looked to the blackboard and found Mr Connors’ eyes on her, a funny quirk twisted his lips slightly, and Kit noticed this time his eyes were laughing. She had the proclivity to look embarrassed and flushed slightly, the fluttering in her stomach growing considerably and a strange tingling sensation centred itself between her legs. The glance had lasted only a couple of seconds and largely went unnoticed by all, except Rachael who still sat with a doughy eyed look on her face staring at the new teacher.

As Mr Connors began speaking again to the class, Rachael swung around on her stool and gave Kit a calculating stare. Kit returned it with an arched brow and a shrug, then proceeded to scrounge around in her bag for her glasses.

The test was simple and straight forward and the rest of the lesson moved along at an easy pace. Although the tingling between Kit’s legs seemed to grow with every passing second, indeed it would get stronger every time she glanced at Mr Connors. When the bell rang to signal end of period, all the students hurriedly packed up their gear and headed for the door. All except Rachael who headed instead for Mr Connors long, enclosed, work bench at the front of the classroom. Kit dawdled along at the back of the line of students vacating the room and as she drew closer to the door Mr Connors eye caught hers. He had a look of long suffering patience on his face and Kit couldn’t help but smile at his state. She boldly gave him an understanding smile and on a whim of pure spontaneity she winked at him and walked out of the room. She saw his eyes widen fractionally just before she turned and chuckled to herself. ‘That poor man,’ she thought.

All day she couldn’t get the image of Mr Connors eyes out of her mind. Or the understanding they shared in those few quick glances. Maybe it was just her imagination or wishful thinking, but it proved to be a distraction to her. For the rest of the day the tingling had only gotten worse. She was hot and bothered and she could feel the dampness beginning to seep through her white cotton panties. She wasn’t naïve by any means, she knew what her body was telling her, but it threw her because she’d never had a reaction to anyone like this before. By the end of school she couldn’t wait to get home.

She rushed home knowing full well that she would have the house to herself. Her parent’s worked long hours. They were gone before she went to school and neither of them got home until after seven in the evening. Kit made it home in record time, opening the front door ten minutes after leaving the school grounds. Usually it took her a good half hour, but today she had power walked with a passion. Sweat beaded on her brow and trickled irritably between her shoulder blades. She slammed the door closed and raced up the stairs to her bedroom. Flinging her school things on the floor, she sat down on the edge of her bed with her legs clamped tightly together, the ache was almost unbearable. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She stood up and closed her door, feeling slightly embarrassed even though she was alone. Then she threw herself on her bed, staring at the ceiling for a while, her hands laid beside her body. Kit sighed and closed her eyes.

Instantly Mr Connors image floated in her minds eye. She imagined him telling her off for some transgression, making her bend over his desk so he could spank her for being naughty. Her hand moved under her skirt and into her panties, her fingers beginning to work on her swollen clit. She imagined him stroking her bottom after he spanked her, kissing it lightly to make it feel better. Then letting his tongue delve deeper until it was lapping at her soaking pussy. Kit’s fingers stroked lower, sliding into her hot wet opening, small whimpers were escaping her as the imagery of her whole sordid fantasy took shape. Before long she was crying out as she came all over her fingers. She opened her eyes and caught her breath, rolling onto her side before finally sitting up. She felt flushed but at least the aching was beginning to subside.

Kit rose and headed for the bathroom. The thought of Mr Connors doing those things to her made her pulse race. Because of her reaction she just knew she had to make her fantasy a reality; otherwise she would go crazy. By the end of her long hot shower she had devised a plan. Coming back to her room she walked over to her computer and switched it on. Of course there were a few things she had to find out about Mr Connors first, but that didn’t have to stop her from laying the ground work now. She smiled to herself as she opened up a writing program and began to type. Mr Connors didn’t strike Kit as the average kind of guy, easily swayed by a pretty face and big boobs. He seemed to be more restrained, perhaps more academically minded than not, a real man of the mind. Well Kit was a woman of the mind and damned if she didn’t have some idea about how to get Mr Connors to notice her as more than a mere student.

Over the next few days Kit surreptitiously found out all she needed to know about Mr Connors. He was single, he lived alone, he was the sporty type and was really quite strict when he wanted to be. She even found out where he lived, though that was purely by accident as she walked home one day. She saw him drive past her and pull into a small cul-de-sac street further up the road. She quickened her pace and as she drew level with the street she saw him hoping out of his car. He lived three streets down from her, things just kept getting better. ‘Tomorrow,’ she thought. ‘Tomorrow I start.’

Her plan was really quite simple … love letters! Well more precisely ‘love notes’. Nothing so mundane as were generally written and passed around in the fifth grade, no. These were much simpler, much more explicit. She would start with an easy one and eventually work towards the rather graphic ones she had stashed in her backpack. The first read, ‘I want you.’ That was all, signed with a small purple heart in the bottom right hand corner. Her own personal signature; which nobody knew about, not even her parents. Kit touched the nape of her neck just under the collar of her school blouse and smiled.

Kit had been collecting papers and work assignments all week, bringing them to the front desk for Mr Connors. Rachael had daggers in her eyes every time Kit was asked to do it. Kit didn’t care. She would walk around taking her classmates work from them and while she did this she would slip the little note in the pile randomly so as not to make it too obvious of who was giving him the notes. The first day she did it she was so nervous she nearly dropped all the papers. Luckily though she didn’t and she watched him out of the corner of her eye as he found the note. His eyes widened markedly before he crumpled the piece of paper in his hand and shoved it in his pocket, scanning the room searching for any sign of duplicity from one of his students. His eyes fell on Rachael firstly, but she was too enthralled, flirting with Raymond; captain of the Lacrosse team, who sat beside her. He dismissed her as a possibility and Kit smiled inwardly. She knew she’d piqued his curiosity.

Day after day week after week, those little notes would find there way onto his desk. Each one far more graphic and explicit than the last. What started out as ‘I want you’ became ‘I want you to fuck me’ ‘I want to feel your lips pressed against my nipples’ ‘I want to suck your incredibly hard cock until you cum’ ‘I want you to bend me over your desk and spank me’ ‘I want to feel you buried deep inside my pussy’. Day after day, week after week, Kit left notes for Mr Connors and smiled to herself. They were perfect. Gramma and punctuation where they ought to be, spelling exemplary. And all the while Kit never ever let on or gave the tiniest hint that she knew this was all going on.

Toward the end of the term Mr Connors looked a little wild around the eyes. He stood less and less when addressing the class after the papers were handed in. Kit hoped she knew the reason why. His eyes always searching the class in hopes of finding out who was leaving him these notes. He still didn’t have any idea. And each day Kit would go home and masturbate until she came, sometimes twice in the same afternoon.

The day finally came… end of term. Today was the day she would play her hand and hope she had played it right. It was a free dress day. No student was required to wear their staid uniforms. Though Kit did like the thought of wearing her uniform today it would make her fantasy just that little bit realer for her. But she knew that if she did everyone would think she was a prig. So instead she opted for something close enough that would do just as well. She put on a black and white tartan patterned skirt that was about three inches shorter than her proper school skirt. And instead of a white school blouse, she put on a long bodied T-shirt with three quarter length arms. She wore her hair down, being sure it covered the nape of her neck because the neckline of the shirt didn’t. She looked herself over in the mirror, turning full circle and noting how her skirt fell only two inches below her tight butt cheeks. She smiled well pleased.

Science was the last class of the day, karma was conspiring to make her dreams come true Kit thought. Before heading to class though Kit visited the bathroom and quickly removed her fresh white cotton panties. Stuffing them deep into a pocket of her bag. She stroked her freshly waxed pussy gently for a little while, exciting herself and making her pussy just a little wet. Having taken long enough she hurried to class. When she got there Mr Connors was already addressing the class and organising assignments for over the school break. He stopped speaking when she entered. His eyes looked her over appraisingly and she blushed a little to see his admiring look.

‘Sorry I’m late sir, just had to go to the bathroom,’ she mumbled.

‘That’s fine Kit, take your seat,’ he answered her and resumed his lesson.

Kit sat down on her stool, it was cold against her butt and her pussy lips pressed onto it slickly. There really was going to be a wet patch on her stool before the class was over. Just like her note said.

Mr Connors asked the students to get their last assignments out and then looked at Kit smiling, ‘Would you collect those and bring them up for me please?’

‘Yes sir,' Kit replied. And then silently she added to herself, ‘it would be my pleasure.’

This time Kit tucked the note just inside the first page of her assignment. And this time she put hers on top of everyone else’s, usually hers was at the bottom. She made her way to the head of the class, making sure she walked sedately, she didn’t want her skirt flying up just yet. She’d tied her hair up loosely making sure it was pulled back from the base of her neck. And on her assignment she’d drawn a little purple heart in the bottom right hand corner.

Kit laid the papers on his desk and he looked at her. ‘Thank you,’ he said. He gave the assignments a precursory glance and then did a double take between the top sheet and Kit. She saw his eyes narrow as understanding finally dawned.

Kit smiled at him, ‘You’re welcome, Sir,’ she said and then turned to go back to her seat. Kit was sure to casually flick her hair, making certain that Mr Connors had no choice but to look. Had no choice but to notice the small purple coloured heart that was tattooed on the soft skin of her neck. She heard his sharp intake of breath.

Kit sat down and read through her assignment sheet. She peeked over the rims of her glasses and watched as Mr Connors lifted the first page of her paper. She saw him crumple the small bit of paper in his hand and his eyes stared straight at her wonderingly. She smiled inwardly, her note had read, ‘I’m not wearing any panties and there’s probably going to be a wet patch on my stool by the end of class.’

Kit dropped her eyes demurely, pretending to read the paper in her hands. Her heart beat erratically in her chest. Her stomach was a bundle of nerves, now she would see if she’d been right about him, whether she could sway him with a few choice, or rather explicit, words. A few minutes passed in agonising slowness and then … SUCCESS!

Clearing his throat, she heard his voice, ‘Kit, would you come up to my desk please I’d like to discuss this latest assignment with you for a bit.’

Kit nodded not trusting her voice. She made sure to push her stool under her own desk so the wet patch wouldn’t be easily noticed and made her way to Mr Connors desk. She walked up behind it and stood beside him, probably closer than was really necessary. ‘This is a really good paper, though there are one or two points that could probably use a bit of clarification,’ he said quietly to her. She looked at her paper and saw his fingers stroking the small purple heart drawn at the bottom and she shivered. Without warning she felt his hand brush against the inside of her thigh and she had to clench her jaw tightly to stop herself from whimpering. His voice droned on casually about a few other little things in her work as his hand stroked higher getting ever closer to her aching wet pussy. Kit couldn’t believe it, here in front of the entire class, hidden only by a desk, he was touching her. She got wetter by the second. When she felt his fingers brush against her swollen lips she nearly moaned out loud, instead she bit the inside of her cheek to keep quiet. ‘Do you understand what it is I’m trying to say?’ he asked her as he drove a finger deep into her moist cleft. Kit could only nod. ‘Good,’ he said withdrawing his finger, Kit could have cried. ‘Go take your seat, we’ll finish discussing this later.’

Kit returned to her seat and squirmed. The waiting was going to kill her. She looked up at him and he was staring at her again, he looked away. Slowly, deliberately he put his finger in his mouth, the same finger he’d just had inside of her. Kit bit her lower lip and clenched her knees together. He was going to torture her now, just like she had tortured him all term. ‘Dear God,’ Kit thought ‘Karma’s a bitch.’

Twenty minutes later Mr Connors looked at his watch and then stood up. ‘All right, you’ve all done well this term and been good hard working students. So as a reward I’m letting the class out a half hour early. Pack up your stuff and I’ll see you all next term. Kit sat frozen for a little while. Maybe he wasn’t going to make her wait after all.

Everyone began to pack up their school work. Purposefully, pretending to rush to pack away her things, Kit knocked her pencil case off the desk scattering pens everywhere. A few people laughed, most ignored it and left the room without a backward glance, all smiles and questions about what people were doing for their holidays. Mya who sat in the row in front of her offered to help pick them up but Kit told her it was cool, ‘It’s only a couple of pens and won’t take long. No use you staying too when you could go early.’ Mya smiled and left her too it. Kit was down on her hands and knees scooting under tables and chairs to retrieve her fallen property. Mr Connors stood at the end of his desk at the front of the class and watched her.

Kit grabbed the last one and tossed it into her case, then stood and turned around. She saw that Mr Connors was watching her and flushed with embarrassment. She knew what kind of sight he would have seen. Her young firm ass in the air, her waxed pussy on display, it made Kit’s clit ache to think about it.

Once Kit had thrown her pencil case in her bag she zipped it up and turned around. Mr Connors was standing in the same spot, his arms crossed, his eyes staring at her as though she should melt under his glare.

‘Miss Walters,’ he said, ‘My office now, if you please.’

His voice sounded angry and his eyes had a hard look in them. Kit gulped not knowing what to say and just nodded. Only the slight bulge in his shorts testified that his body was reacting to Kit’s wiles. Mr Connors retrieved his manila folder with today's assignments inside and tucked them under his arm. He led the way out of the classroom and along the hall. His office was about six doors down and within seconds he was pushing open the door. He stepped in ahead of Kit switching on the light and held the door for her to enter. When Kit was thru he pushed the door resoundingly shut, and she heard the lock click behind her.

‘Put your bag down and stand over by my desk,’ Mr Connors ordered.

Kit did as she was told. She turned to face him, her hands clasped in front of her to stop the nervous trembling, her eyes downcast in false modesty and a little embarrassment. Mr Connors dropped the manila folder on top of a filing cabinet with a loud thump, which made Kit jump just a little. She raised her head to look at him. He ignored her. Pulling open one of the drawers, he retrieved a small box with a lid. He removed the lid and dug in his pocket, recovering the small crumpled note and dropped it into the box before replacing the lid. He brought the box over to his desk and placed it on the corner. He tapped it once with his fingers.

Kit swallowed, ‘He’d kept all her notes,’ she thought to herself and she felt her nipples harden. She knew Mr Connors noticed her nipples because she saw his jaw clench.

‘Stand over here.’ Mr Connors pointed to a spot on the carpet. Kit quickly obeyed. ‘Now, turn around and put your hands on my desk.’

Like and automaton Kit’s body turned and she leaned over to put her hands on his desk. There was no thought involved just action. She realised how far away from the desk she was and she knew that doing this would make her skirt ride up high, exposing most of her naked wet pussy, but not much of her ass. She noted his sparsely covered and very orderly desk. There was a blotting pad, the phone, a couple of pens in a holder a wooden ruler and an appointments diary. And of course there was the little cardboard box as well.

Mr Connors came to stand beside her, facing his desk. He reached past her arms and took hold of the ruler that was lying beside the blotter pad. His knuckles turned white as he gripped it in his hand. Kit caught her breath in a small involuntary gasp. He stood for a moment as though contemplating his next actions, after a long pause, he gave a nod arriving at his own personal conclusion. Kit watched him out the corner of her eye, his empty hand rose and this time his fingertips stroked the top of his little cardboard box. Kit’s breath was already getting heavy, the anticipation was nearly too much. Her body trembled, she could already feel the beginning of a dull ache at the base of her spine from being in this uncomfortable position. But she didn’t move, didn’t dare ask if she could move from fear of changing whatever decision Mr Connors had arrived at. Finally, when Mr Connors spoke, it came as a shock and Kit flinched a little at the tone in his voice.

‘You…’ he said turning to face her side on, his voice harsh, severe, ‘are … a… very… bad… girl!’ His words were drawn out, precise. He moved slowly, stepping around to stand behind her. Kit knew he had a clear view of her wet pussy and she whimpered softly, biting on her lower lip, her brow furrowed as she strove to stare straight ahead at the closed blinds behind his desk. ‘And bad girls,’ he continued as Kit felt his hand gliding over the smooth skin on the back of her thigh, his fingertips teasing lightly over her heated pussy on their way past, along the crevasse of her tight ass, being sure to press faintly on her puckered opening there, while he pushed her skirt up higher, exposing her lower half in all its naked glory, ‘deserve to be punished.’

He took a step and was beside her again. He began to sensuously stroke the ruler over the flushed skin of her bottom, up one side and down the other. ‘I’m going to punish you now,’ he told her softly in his wonderfully low voice, brushing the top of his free hand against the back of her outstretched arm, his fingertips finding the underside of her bra and travelling along it. He traced the under-wire all the way around into the valley of her bosom and then back again, every now and again allowing his thumb to brush against the sensitive skin of her breast but never going anywhere near her nipple. ‘Just like you asked me too; in one of your little notes.’

Kit’s nipples were rock hard and aching, she wanted to beg him to touch them, squeeze them, to give her some release from this torment of arousal, but she didn’t. She kept her mouth tightly closed, staring always straight ahead, he was in control and she wasn’t going to argue. His fingers began to make small circular motions on the bottom of her breast, each circle shifting just a tiny bit closer to her nipple. The ruler kept up its lazy pattern across her tight buttocks. The agony of waiting was becoming almost intolerable, the anticipation of what was to come pure torture. The throb in her clit was so fierce she thought she might wet herself from all the waiting.

‘Do you want me to punish you?’ Mr Connors asked her in a hoarse whisper.

Kit bit her lower lip and nodded, her eyes never leaving the closed blinds. They were her sanctuary, her base of control. She feared if she looked around at Mr Connors, she'd loose all control and just ravage him. And she knew that that would be the quickest way to end the whole encounter, knew that it would turn Mr Connors off of her. In the short time she'd been in his office she had worked out that he needed obedience, he wanted submission. And she fully intended to give that too him.

‘Mmm,’ Kit heard him breathe, ‘I thought so. However Kit-ty,’ he purred her name. ‘There are a couple of rules.’ His fingers were brushing half circles just around the outside of her areola now. ‘You, are not allowed to make a single sound. If you do you earn yourself another stroke, understood.’ Kit nodded. ‘Tears are allowed but you cannot sob, understood?’ His voice was becoming firmer. Kit nodded once more. ‘And most importantly, Kitty. You are not allowed to move. If you move I will stop, and you won’t want me to stop will you Kitty?’ Kit shook her head. ‘Good, we understand each other then don’t we?’ Kit closed her eyes and took a deep breath, when she felt she could open then and remain calm, she did and nodded for the last time. ‘Mmm.’ She heard Mr Connors breathe again.

The first strike came unexpectedly, the wooden ruler falling surely across her rump. Hard and fast it came, just as Mr Connors hand shifted and his fingers gripped her aching erect nipple. It made Kit gasp out loud! She could almost hear the smile spreading across Mr Connors face. ‘You just earned another,’ he informed her un-necessarily. The second strike came just as unexpectedly and just as hard, goddamn but it hurt! Kit had the presence of mind to keep her jaw clenched tightly shut. Mr Connors congratulated her, ‘Well done. Only four left to go.’ Kit just about groaned but caught herself in time. Mr Connors fingers worked her hard nipple all the while as strike after hard strike fell across her bare bottom. She could feel the sting of her burning skin like it was on fire. Tears welled in her eyes at the humiliation of it all, but her body reacted as she knew it would. Her pussy was so wet it was nearly dripping, her nipples so tight and hard she thought she would die from the ache. Mr Connors fingers only proved to worsen her plight as shooting sensations travelled from her nipples into her throbbing, swollen clit. As the last stroke fell Mr Connors pinched down so hard on her nipple that Kit was hard pressed not to gasp as the dual shock of pain and pleasure shot through her body.

‘Good girl.’ Mr Connors said, putting the ruler down on his desk again. Kit heard him shift and felt his breath wafting gently over her inflamed skin. Goose flesh rose along her spine and down the back of her legs. She shivered, her nipples hardening even further. Kit’s eyes rolled up into her head as she felt his fingertips brushing tentatively over the raised welts on her backside.

‘What was it you wanted me to do now?’ Mr Connors asked her almost lovingly. A whimper finally escaped her lips as she felt his fingers glide down the side of her bottom and around the curve of her deliciously tight cheek. He laid both palms flat against her butt, kneading them gently, spreading them ever so slightly so that her outer lips opened and closed fractionally. His thumbs began to stroke back and forth along the crevasse of her buttocks, teasing the skin between her anus and pussy. She felt his breath against her bottom again. ‘Well?’ He enquired knowingly. ‘Are you going to tell me? Or did you want me to stop?’

‘No!’ The word was out of her lips before she had time to draw a second breath. ‘Please Sir, don’t stop,’ she begged. She heard his chuckle and closed her eyes.

‘Well then, tell me, what was it you wanted me to do now?’

Her voice was a breathless whisper when she answered, embarrassment and longing evident in her tone. ‘I… I wanted you to kiss and lick my tortured ass until it felt better, Sir.’

‘Mmm, yes that was it,’ he teased her, his hands never stopped moving. ‘And how badly do you want it, Kitty?’

She groaned hard when she felt one of his thumbs brush over her aching wet lips, ‘I want it so much, sir, it hurts!’ Kit confessed.

He smiled behind her, ‘Good!’ he said. She felt his hands harden their grip on her throbbing bottom, spreading her lips and cheeks wide. Her head flew up, her eyes and mouth wide open in unimaginable ecstasy, as she felt his tongue slide from her clit all the way to the top of her butt crack in one fluid lick. He placed a tiny kiss on each of her cheeks and stood. Kit whimpered in confusion as she felt him pulling the fabric of her skirt back down to cover her ass.

He came to sit down beside her hands on his desk, casually crossing his legs and folding his arms across his chest. ‘You can stand up now Kitty.’ He told her with a smile.

Her brow furrowed in confusion, ‘But…?’

He clasped her wrist and pulled her straight. His grip was hard, but not cruel. ‘I told you I was going to punish you Kitty, and I am. It’s time for you to go home.’ His eyes were laughing.


‘Don’t whine Kitty, it’s unbecoming,’ he told her.

Kit could have died. She was being denied. He was sending her on her way without a second thought, her whole body was aching for him and he didn’t even want the pleasure of an eighteen year old virgin. ‘This was all happening wrong.’ She thought. ‘He’s supposed to want me.’ …

‘Do you have your panties in your bag?’ he asked, interrupting her swirling thoughts. She nodded. ‘Good, get them and put them on.’ Kit did as she was told. He watched her like a hawk as she slid them up her thighs and over her bare bottom. ‘Now come here,' he ordered. Kit obeyed.

She stood in front of him and he took her wrist in his grip again. ‘You are to go straight home, do you hear me?’ Kit nodded. ‘You are not allowed to touch yourself, to masturbate, to do anything that will alleviate the ache you’re feeling in that delicious little pussy of yours right now. Do you understand?’

Again Kit nodded.

‘Wonderful,’ he said taking a piece of paper out of his pocket and held it up. ‘This is my phone number, you will call me tomorrow at lunch time and tell me what a good girl you have been by doing as I have asked you. And don’t think about lying to me Kitty, because I will know, I’ll hear it in your voice. If you go home tonight and touch yourself, wank yourself off until you cum screaming,’ he said to her still holding onto her wrist, ‘you will never know what it feels like to have this buried deep inside your pussy.’

He pressed her hand firmly into his groin. His cock was rock hard, engorged with blood and so big Kit swallowed hard. She let him stroke her hand up and down its length, her fingers curling under his scrotum as he pushed it lower between his legs. Her clit began to ache twice as much. His eyes half closed as he brought her hand back up and made her squeeze the head of his dick. She was beginning to pant, he opened his eyes and drew her hand away from him. He brought her hand to his mouth and popped one of her fingers into it, letting his lips and tongue suck and lick at its length. He let her hand go as he removed her finger from his mouth and lent over to whisper in her ear.

‘This,’ Mr Connors whispered as his hand stroked the small purple tattoo at the nape of her neck, ‘is your punishment for teasing me all term long. Tomorrow we shall see if you will be rewarded for being a good girl, understood?’

‘Yes sir,’ she whispered her answer.

‘Good, now go,’ he told her as he sat back and crossed his arms again.

And she did.

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