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Making my son happy - Chapter 2

Kelly joins the fun.

The following Friday, we had planned on going back to the hotel but a scheduling conflict with my work came up. We were obviously disappointed to cancel the trip, but I had something in mind for the following week that was sure to make up for it.

I had found Kelly on a social media site and stalked her like a teenage boy. Her body looked irresistible and the thought of having a threesome with her made my pussy so hot. My son was going to show her a good time, unlike the idiot bully who probably didn’t know where to find a woman’s clit.

“Honey, we should invite Kelly on our trip,” I told my 16-year old step-son.

“Really!? I don’t need her, mom,” he said.

“It’s ok, it will be fun,” I said.

I loved that he was happy with me, but his smile couldn’t hide that he still wanted to fuck his high school crush. My step-son and I were excited about it, but we still had to set things up with Kelly. We knew that she wanted to fuck but it was more about her finding a way to get away for a whole day.

My son took care of talking to Kelly throughout the week, so we had everything set by Thursday night. I would again call off from work on Friday morning but this time it was for different reasons. I had talked to Kelly on social media and we had some things to do before my son got out of school.

On Friday morning, I dropped my son off at school and then picked up Kelly at a nearby parking lot. She was a 16-year old beauty and her mere sight started a fire in my panties.

“I’m glad you decided to join us,” I said to her.

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” she said.

We made some small talk on our way to the mall and it was clear to me that she was nervous. I wanted to make her feel comfortable but there was only so much I could do or say. I was thinking about the glorious sex that awaited us while she was overwhelmed by the whole deal.

We entered the mall and to my relief, we had the lingerie store to ourselves and plenty of time to browse carefully. She had told me on the social media site that she had never worn sexy underwear because her parents would get angry at her, but I had offered to buy her whatever she liked and even hide it for her at my place for whenever she wanted to wear it.

“These are so sexy,” she said, holding up a blue cheeky panty with a cutout at the back.

“You have good taste,” I said.

I looked through the panties and found a green mesh cheeky that I loved.

“That is perfect for you,” she said.

She picked out another panty, this one being a black lace thong with a little bow in the front.

We looked at the panties for several minutes before moving on to the bras. I noticed she was now more relaxed, probably due to her getting horny while picking out her sexy underwear.

“These two?” she asked me, holding up a blue bra with mesh detail and the cheeky panty.

“Perfect,” I said.

I picked out a green push-up bra and got the black lace thong she had left behind.

“Too sexy to leave behind,” I told her.

I paid for the two bras and three panties and then we exited the store.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

“Too nervous to even eat,” she said.

We left the mall and walked across the parking lot to my car. I intentionally walked slower to check out her bubble butt and imagine what she would look like in her new underwear.

“Don’t be nervous, Kelly,” I told her once we got in the car. “You’ve had sex before.”

“Yes, but this is different,” she said.

“You don’t feel comfortable?” I asked.

“With Brandon I would be okay but you kinda intimidate me,” she confessed.

I was surprised by her comment and asked her, “What do you mean?”

“It’s just that…,” she paused, “You are so beautiful.”

I smiled and said, “You are too, Kelly.”

She blushed and stayed quiet, but I could feel there was more to what she had said.

“You are into girls then?” I asked.

She took a second to think and replied, “I’m curious.”

“Have you experimented?” I asked.

“No, but I…,“ she looked down at her feet then continued, “Would like to do so with you.”

“Alone or tonight with Brandon?” I asked.

“Alone, just me and you,” she said.

I looked at my watch and said, “We have time right now.”

I had experimented back in my younger days with my college roommate and it had been an experienced that I still cherished. I wanted to give Kelly a taste of what it was like to be with another woman.

Her face was flushed and her pussy was surely dripping wet and ready to be eaten as we drove into the nearest motel.

“This will be our little secret, Kelly,” I said, opening the door to the room.

It was a cheap motel but we weren’t there for the free breakfast, slow internet, and cold water. We wanted discretion and a bed to each our pussies.

She sat on the front of the bed and looked at me expectantly. I bent over slightly to kiss her on the lips before taking off my shoes. Her eyes followed my every move as I took my blouse off and pulled down my jeans. She devoured my body with her eager eyes as she too began undressing.

“I’m all yours to explore,” I said, standing in front of her in my black strapless bra and red seamless thong.

She took off her top and then stood up to remove her yoga pants. She stood there looking so innocent in her plain underwear. I brought her closer to me and placed her hands on my hips. She began by running her soft hands up and down my sides. She then brought her small hands over my breasts and lightly squeezed them.

I kissed her lips and ran my hands down her back until I reached her round ass. I squeezed her soft ass cheeks and welcomed her tongue into my mouth. I could feel she was nervous but there was no denying that she was also full of sexual desire.

Her hands went around my back and quickly unclasped my bra. She broke our kiss and took a second to take in the sight of my bare breasts. Like my step-son had done, she caressed my breasts and took my nipple into her mouth.

“You like them?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“They are perfect,” she said.

She laid down on the bed, giving me a full view of her tight body. I kissed around her right ankle and worked my way up to her knee. I then switched to her left leg and kissed up to her left thigh. I licked her inner thigh, stopping my tongue near the wet spot on her panties. I kissed her clit through her panties and then skipped to her belly button. I continued planting kisses until I reached her breasts.

She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra in a hurry. She threw it aside to give me a view of her small breasts and pink nipples. I happily returned the favor of kissing and caressing her breasts. My tongue flicked her left nipple while my right hand lightly pinched her other nipple.

I played with her beautiful breasts for as long as I could before she pulled me up to kiss me. Her small hands reached around and grabbed as much of my ass as they could. Getting my ass caressed and played with was my weakness and it was like she knew it. I separated our tongues and moved down to kiss her neck, which made her squirm. It was erotic to be pleasuring her, but I knew it was time for my tongue to explore another part of her body.

I kissed down her body and she squirmed again when my lips reached just above her cotton panties. I hooked my fingers on the waistband and pulled her panties down her legs. I threw her soaked panties aside and took a moment to admire her shaved pink pussy.

I went down between her legs and kissed her inner thighs for a few seconds before making contact with her lips. I licked up the length of her slit and back down to the other side.

“Ever had this done?” I asked, seeing her chest heaving.

“No, never,” she said.

I gently spread her lips and ran my tongue over her opening and up to her clit. I placed my hands around her legs and caressed her thighs while my tongue explored every inch of her delightful pussy. I gave her multiple long licks that ended slowly over her clit.

I inserted the tip of my right index finger into her and felt how her tight pussy hugged my finger as I pushed it completely inside. My tongue was working sideways on her clit, making her moan, while my finger worked in and out of her.

I didn’t want to overwhelm her with the stimulation, so I kept it simple and focused on her pleasure points. Every lick on her clit brought her closer to an orgasm, but I also wanted her to experience what it was like to eat pussy. I kissed her clit then stood up to pull down my drenched panties.

I walked over to her side and lifted my left leg over her to place my hot pussy on her face. She grabbed my thighs and brought my pussy closer to her mouth. I resumed eating her pussy as I felt her tongue making contact with my lips.

She dug her thumbs close to my asshole and then spread my ass to get a better look at what she was eating. Her long lick gave her a good taste of my pussy, but she didn’t stop until she reached my asshole. She licked a circle on my tight hole then pressed her tongue on it.

She surprisingly continued licking my asshole, and I let her know how much I liked it with my moans. The pleasure we were giving each other was exactly what we each fantasized about. She went back to my pussy a couple of minutes later and stuck the tip of her tongue inside of me.

I flicked my tongue on her clit, making her moan out of control. She licked my clit with the same intensity as me but stopped when her climax hit.

“Ohh! Ohh! Unngghh!” she cried.

I knew her clit was very sensitive, so I stopped licking her and instead kissed her pussy and thighs. She had orgasmed so strongly and it made me feel great to be the one to give her such an experience.

When she recovered from the body-shaking orgasm, she returned to flicking her tongue on my clit. The rhythm of her tongue felt so good that it made my juices run. The little squirt must have surprised her because she stopped licking for a moment. She tasted my juices and returned to my clit with more lust.

I was close to my orgasm but she seemed to have other ideas. Her tongue once again licked up my slit and settled on my asshole. She licked it any way imaginable and even spread my ass to press her tongue on it. It was all delicious but feeling her kiss my asshole was what sent me over the edge.

“Ohhh! Ahhh!” I squirted on her mouth and face.

“Oh my gawd!” she said after the stream of juice stopped.

I got off her and turned around to lay next to her.

“So good, Kelly,” I said.

“I wish I could cum like that,” she said.

“I’ll show you how when we have more time,” I said.

We kissed and enjoyed each other’s body for a couple of minutes before it was time to go pick up Brandon. It had been great sex but it wasn’t even the main event of the day. We still had a gorgeous cock to suck and fuck.

We picked up Brandon and he was of course surprised that Kelly was with me already.

“Y’all went shopping?” he asked, looking at the bag next to Kelly.

“Yeah, we wanted to surprise you,” I said.

A few hours later, we arrived at the hotel and it was obvious that the three of us carried an enormous amount of sexual energy. We didn’t raise any suspicions as it looked like they were just my kids instead of my sex partners for the night.

“You two are gorgeous,” Brandon said.

“Wait till you see what we got for you,” I said.

Kelly and I went to the bathroom to change while he waited in bed.

“You look so hot,” Kelly said, admiring me in my green bra and panties.

I kissed her and returned the compliment, “So do you.”

We came out of the bathroom and my step-son’s jaw nearly hit the floor. We turned around to give him a view of our asses, Kelly with the sexy cutout on the back of her panty and me with the mesh panty leaving little to the imagination. Kelly got on his left side and I got on his right side. He placed his arms around us and we began placing kisses all over his torso. Our hands met at his cock and quickly pulled his boxers down from both sides.

Our eyes looked down at his cock and then we made eye contact before dropping to our knees. We placed our tongues on the side of his cock and slowly licked our way up his length. I took him into my mouth and noticed how Kelly was attentively looking at how I did it.

I let him out and told Kelly, “Your turn.”

She licked his head and took him into her mouth just like I had done.

“Keep going,” I said, moving her hair out of her face.

She sucked halfway down his length and I took the opportunity to play with my son’s balls.

“Suck his head and stroke him like this,” I said.

She let him out of her wet mouth and watched how I stroked his shaft and gave him head. I placed my left hand on Kelly’s ass and caressed it as I took my son deeper into my mouth. I slowly came up to his head and reached for Kelly’s right hand to place it around his shaft, that way she could stroke him while my tongue pleasured his head.

I stood up and watched Kelly repeat what I had done to my step-son’s cock. She did everything good but she was still not ready to deepthroat like me. I gently pushed Brandon down on the bed and got on top of him in the 69 position. He moved my panties aside and let his tongue explore just like Kelly’s had done in the afternoon.

Kelly and I took turns sucking his cock while he got a good taste of my pussy. It was so hot to be sucking Brandon’s cock with Kelly, but her lips looked so inviting around his shaft and I wanted to kiss them. He was busy running his tongue over my slit, which gave Kelly and I some time to kiss each other.

“Right there, honey,” I told Brandon as he licked my clit.

We went back to sucking him but it wasn’t long for another idea to pop into my head. I grabbed Kelly’s hands and helped her up.

“Ride him,” I said, remembering her email.

I moved back to sit on my son’s face as I watched her move her panties aside and guide my son’s cock into her pussy. Her pussy had tightly hugged my finger in the afternoon and I could just imagine how tight it would be around my son’s cock.

She slowly dropped her weight down on him and we were now face to face. We kissed each other while she ground her hips and I got eaten by my step-son. It was like something out of a porn movie and it was extremely hot and pleasurable to make it a reality. I placed my hands on Kelly’s shoulders to keep my balance as my pussy juices flowed into my son’s mouth.

We broke the kiss to play with each other’s breasts but that didn’t last long as Kelly said, “Fuck, Brandon, I’m gonna cum!”

She got off my son and got in the doggy style position on the other side of the bed. I got off my step-son and watched him go get behind her. I think at that moment it really hit him that he was fucking his crush or maybe he just liked how her panties looked on her beautiful ass. He penetrated her and I stayed watching their young bodies fuck for a few seconds before positioning myself in front of her. She licked my pussy and bounced her ass on my son’s cock.

“I’m gonna cum!” she said again.

My son began pounding her and she grabbed my thighs to help her keep her tongue on my clit.

“Ohh! Fuck! Fuck! Mmmmgg!” she moaned as her orgasm took over her body.

My step-son’s face was full of pleasure but he somehow managed not to cum into her tight pussy. He pulled his hard cock out of her and she moved up my body to kiss my lips.

“Your turn,” he told me.

I got in the same position Kelly had been in and it was now my turn to bounce on his cock and eat some delicious pussy. She had just orgasmed, so I began with gentle kisses and licks around her pussy. My son wasn’t so gentle, he pushed his entire cock into me in one thrust and began pounding. He wanted to cum in me, that’s why he had fought his urge to cum when he was fucking Kelly.

“Fuck me! Fuck yes!” I encouraged him, feeling his hands squeezing my ass tightly and his cock ramming into me.

I finally got my tongue on Kelly’s clit and this time I wanted to make her squirt. I inserted two fingers into her tight pussy and sealed my lips around her clit. I sucked on her clit gently and did the come-hither motion on her g-spot.

They were both moaning as their orgasms approached but there was still one more thing I wanted to do. I reached back and gently placed my hand on my son’s thigh to stop his thrusting. He pulled his cock out of me and then I rubbed my asshole to give him a hint of what I wanted.

The double stimulation was too much for Kelly and her moans were even louder than they had been at the motel in the afternoon.

“I’m gonna cum!” she said.

I picked up the pace of my tongue and fingers to get her to that heavenly climax.

“Ohhh! Mmmmgg! Ahhhh!” she cried as her pussy squirted for the first time.

I swallowed her delicious sex juice and then felt my son’s tongue on my asshole. He lubricated back there with his saliva and started off by inserting a finger into me.

Kelly got up and came to see what my son was doing to me. She positioned herself next to my right hip, where she could see my son fingering my asshole. She slowly pulled Brandon’s finger out of me and got close enough to my asshole to drop her saliva on it. She then spread my ass to help Brandon push his cock into my virgin asshole.

He pressed his head into me and slowly stretched me out. It was a bit painful but it was my biggest fantasy. Kelly’s hand went between my legs to rub my pussy while my asshole accommodated for my son’s cock. She dropped more saliva on my asshole and on his shaft to make it easier for him to push his entire length into me.

He pushed harder, causing me some pain, but he managed to get all the way in. He fucked me slowly, giving me the perfect combination of pain and pleasure. Meanwhile, Kelly rubbed my clit and kissed my ass cheeks.

He pulled his cock out and my asshole closed tightly in pain. I felt more of Kelly’s weight on me but I couldn’t tell what was going on until I made out the sound of Kelly’s mouth on my step-son’s dick. She was sucking him after he had been in my ass! The naughtiness of that and Kelly rubbing my clit made my pussy squirt.

She let him out of her mouth and licked my asshole before he pushed his way back in. He fucked me deep and long, which felt like nothing I had ever experienced. My asshole was getting used to it, and he began fucking me a bit faster and harder.

“Fuck, this feels so good,” I told them.

They continued pleasuring me and I could feel a deep orgasm coming. It was a different feeling than regular sex and it was completely amazing. I gripped the bedsheets as the feeling intensified and they seemed to know it because they picked up the pace.

My son groaned at the feeling of his cock thrusting harder into my asshole. Kelly was moving her fingers faster as well, rubbing my clit in a circular motion.

“Ohh! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I squirted with such force and Kelly’s hand directed my juices all over the place. “Mmmuunnnggghh!” I cried as the strongest orgasm of my life shook my body with pleasure.

“Uugghh!” my step-son shot rope after rope of his hot cum into my asshole.

I collapsed on the bed, nearly blacking out from the strength of the orgasm. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every second of the heavenly experience.

The next thing I felt was Kelly spreading my ass with her soft hands and her lips sealing around my gaped asshole. She sucked hard and stuck her tongue inside to get my son’s cum out of me. She grabbed my thighs to press my asshole closer to her and get more of her tongue inside of me.

“Let me help you,” I told her.

She got on the floor and positioned herself with her back to the side of the bed and her head resting on the bed. I got on top of her, placing my asshole right over her mouth and spreading my ass cheeks to let the cum drip into her mouth.

“You two are fucking amazing,” I said, watching Kelly swallow.

“So are you,” Brandon said.

“Delicious,” Kelly said.

We cleaned up and were so exhausted from the threesome that it wasn’t long before we fell asleep. We had all realized our biggest fantasies in one day, but we would have to get back to reality when we got home. We still weren’t in the clear from the video Brandon and I had made, so we had to continue with caution and lots of discreet sex.

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