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The First Taste is Always the Sweetest

A girl discovers her lesbian side with her best friend

It was a warm, late summer afternoon and Emily gazed at the dreamy lecturer as he went through the latest events in relation the United Kingdom leaving the EU.  She loved his cute little beard and his kind, deep blue eyes.  European politics was her best area and she was enjoying her first semester in Political Philosophy. As she listened, she glanced through the window of the lecture theatre.  She was aware that Mr Forrester had made eye contact with her a few times and each time, she had been pathetically doe-eyed.  She surveyed the carpet of daisies, which were strewn across the grassy area behind her college and they conjured images of the lazy days of her childhood. The voice of the lecturer piped in and out of her subconscious, and eventually caught her attention again.

Her friend Abby was equally taken by the lecturer’s silky voice but was taking notes as she listened. Emily was always a little jealous of her more outgoing friend, when it came to Mr Forrester. He seemed to pay her more attention, and it was she more often than not who asked the most pertinent questions.

Emily picked up her pen to write, as the lecturer summed up.

“So the principles that lay behind Brexit were sewn well before the twenty seventeen referendum. The discord among the Conservatives and the hegemony of the right of the party and UKIP can be traced to the twenty ten coalition. What I would like you to think about for next time is, just what would a Hard Brexit look like?  You know where to find me, if you have any questions.”

“Coffee?” said Abby, turning to her blonde friend.


“Put your tongue in, Emily.  I said do you want to go for a coffee?”

“Oh… yeah definitely. Is it my shout?”

“Is it?  Well I’ll have a slab of chocolate cake, in that case,” added Abby.


In the coffee shop, Emily plonked her bag and books on the table, which were minded by Abby as she got the drinks in.

“So, would you?” asked Emily.

“Would I what?”

“Do Mr Forrester of course.”

“Nah. Not my type.”

“Really?  You always seem to be the one with all the clever questions.”

“Honestly, Emily! I happen to like politics.”

“Me too, but…”

Like Abby, being just three weeks into her degree, everything was new for Emily. But like her friend, she had a passion for politics and felt happy to have found someone with a similar sense of humour, who didn’t take things too seriously. While the fresher’s ball had broken the ice for other nervous newbies, it was in her first lecture that she and Abby had clicked. Emily liked that she was unapologetically academic. She was funny and honest. Emily didn’t have time for silliness and time wasting.

Emily had started her degree as the key negotiations in Europe had reached a major sticking point and the details over trade and the Irish border were threatening to unravel the whole deal. She thought it was an area that should have been more interesting than it was. So much of the small print was so technical it struck her that the whole thing was more about semantics than anything.

“So, what will you focus your essay on?” asked Abby, between sips of her coffee.

“I’ve been thinking about that. Maybe go down the meaning of non-regulatory alignment and how that impacts on a hard Brexit.”

“And what exactly is regulatory alignment?” asked Abby, with a wry smile.

“Ask me in a week’s time.”

“Sounds like you’re winging it!”

“Everyone is winging it, Abby.”

“That’s very cynical.”

“But it’s true. Look at Boris Johnson. He’s the Prime Minister and yet show me someone who has winged shit more than him.”

“I guess if you put it like that.”

“Well show me someone who actually knows what they’re doing?”



“No, what about Brian Cox?”


“That astronomical guy with the rictus grin.”

“Oh hands off, he’s fit!”

“On Emily, you’re a nympho!”

“Ha ha!  I’m not.”

Two other students acquainted with Emily and Abby entered the coffee shop, momentarily interrupting their conversation.

“So you have the hots for Forrester?” asked Abby.

“Too right. He’s cute.”

“Would you suck his cock?”

“Abby! I’m just saying he’s nice. I don’t suppose I would ever be in the situation where…”

Abby checked her phone briefly after it beeped with a message.

“My minutes have been refreshed,” she said, acknowledging the interruption.

“That’s good.”

“How about girls?” enquired Abby.

“Girls what?” returned Emily with a laugh.

“Have you been with another girl?”

“No. Funny question.”

“Why is it a funny question? It’s a perfectly reasonable one.”

“Sorry, it was just a bit random.”

“Okay, so is that no, because you just never did or no because you wouldn’t?”

“I’m not sure. I’m not into girls in that way.”

“But would you, if it was the right person?”

Emily went to take a slurp of coffee but found that it was empty.

“This is very intense, Abby.”

“Didn’t mean to be. I’ll change the subject. Anyway, I need to catch up with my notes for the next lecture.”

“Me too.”

The girls fished around in their bags for the appropriate books and produced identical course materials.

“Much planned for the weekend?” asked Emily.

“No. Oh Charlotte was talking about that fashion museum. Come along if you want.”

“I might, thanks. If I’m not hung over.”

“Hung over?”

“It’s my nineteenth birthday on Friday.”

“Your birthday!  Emily, why didn’t you say?”

“I didn’t want to look like I was fishing for a card or anything.”


“Well, I don’t know that many people yet, and I haven’t advertised it.”

“Nineteen eh. Mine’s not 'till January.”

“I would have dropped it out, probably. It’s only Wednesday.”

“Yeah like your birthday is in two days’ time!”

“Ha yes. I would go home but it’s such a fucking long way for the weekend.”

“Yeah, you’re from Newcastle, aren’t you?”

“Berwick. It’s almost Scotland. It’s like eight hours or something, each way.”

“Shit. You would be travelling for a third of the weekend.”

“Tell me about it.”

The girls gathered up their bags and books and headed for their next lecture on Gender and Politics.

Emily found the lecturer, a rather Bohemian lady of a certain age less engaging than some of the other lecturers, although she found the subject matter interesting enough. She couldn’t help thinking about what Abby had asked her in the coffee shop regarding girls. Talking about guys and sex was just the usual banter. She didn’t know if Abby was just being random or if she was seriously asking about her sexuality.

Emily glanced at Abby, who was sitting attentively with her head to one side, listening. Emily couldn’t ignore the fact that she was very pretty. She had almost waist length red hair, even longer than her own. Her sparkling green eyes were beautiful and even Emily had to admit that she looked hot in tight jeans.

Emily didn’t have a lot of friends. She never had. She was the kind of girl who liked to have a few really close friends rather than lots of people who were friends only in name. She and Abby had just clicked, in their first week and being on the same course they could bounce ideas off each other and discuss questions and tricky topics. Also, like herself, Abby was seriously into politics and not just going through uni as something to do.

She turned her attention back to the lecture before Abby could catch her off guard. There was a lot of data in the lecture and Emily jotted down a few notes on voting demographics and how the female vote differed between voting trends in England and Scotland. In some respects, Emily found it hard making a lot out of facts and figures, rather than pure philosophy. She figured it would eventually all click together.


The following morning, Emily was up earlier than normal for a run. She wanted to get back for Bargain Hunt and then go to her first lecture, which wasn’t until 2 o’clock.

The news headlines focused on the latest impasse in the Brexit negotiations. The Dutch and French governments had vetoed the latest proposal from Boris Johnson, which risked putting the whole round of talks back to square one. Like the Irish border, this stumbling block surrounded details on free-movement. Emily turned up the radio to listen.

Mr Runker said that Boris Johnson’s intransigence risked derailing the talks at a crucial stage.  The spat has sparked a harsh response from opponents of the government. Leader of the opposition, Emily Thornberry accused Mr Johnson of leading the country into the abyss and to bring any further proposals to parliament for a full and proper debate. Lord Ashdown for the Liberal Democrats urged the government to apply for an extension to the Article 50 deadline. “With less than six months before the UK leaves the EU,” he said. “There is a risk of the nightmare scenario of no deal becoming a reality.”  More from our political correspondent, Peter…’

Fascinating as it was for Emily, she turned off her radio and set off for her run. She had been too young to vote in the 2017 election, so felt a little disenfranchised by the current political milieu. She had missed the cut off by six months, which she found extremely frustrating. She had always loved politics and had begged her parents to let her stay up to watch the results in 2010, when she was just ten years old. Not that she wanted to go into politics as an MP, but she was determined to get involved in some way, she just didn’t know how.

She arrived for her lecture just as it was about to start and found the bench that Abby had saved for her.

“Hey! You’re flushed,” observed Abby.

“Hardly had time to dry my hair.”

“Been for a run?”

“That’s right. You been in the gym?”

“First thing. You should join me.”

“I don’t know. It’s so boring.”

“Thank you!” said Abby, indignantly.

“No not you, Abby. I like to run round the campus and be outside.”

“It’s okay. If you change your mind. I’m in there half seven, every day.”

“Seven thirty! Is that even a time!”

Abby flicked through her course materials, finding the relevant page for today’s lecture.

“Your life lasts longer if you sleep for less,” observed Abby.

“What?! How do you figure that?”

“Not literally, obviously.  I mean your perception of time makes it feel like you’re living longer, doesn’t it?”

“Abby, you sure you’re not in the wrong degree? This is politics not quantum physics.”

“Oh shut up.  Look here’s Mr Beautiful,” said Abby, sarcastically.

“Stop it, not funny now,” said Emily, quietly.

“Sorry, just teasing.”

“I know, it’s okay.”

The girls’ conversation was curtailed as the lecturer was about to speak.

European politics from a British perspective had almost been over-taken by Brexit and it was inevitable that the lecturer had tailored a lot of his course work to encompass the almost daily developments that were dominating the political agenda. Abby and Emily were enthralled by it all. When it came to a part of the lecture where Forrester displayed reading materials on PowerPoint, Abby looked at her blonde friend. Emily looked up from her writing, and glanced back and the two girls exchanged a smile. Abby ran her biro along the edge of her teeth and then shot a longer smile towards Emily.

‘What?’ mouthed Emily.

Abby just shook her head innocently.

Outside, the first signs of autumn were evident in the bronzing of the trees, but summer was reluctant to give way to the fall.  Abby and Emily walked and talked, as they headed for the campus bookshop.

“Sheez, it’s so hot! Global warming or what!” said Abby.

“Phew! I know. Good lecture.”

“Very. Interesting as usual,” agreed Abby.

“As Mr Forrester said, we are living in interesting times.”

“True. But aren’t all times interesting, when you think about it?”

“You’re very philosophicallizing today, Abby.”

“Well, the degree is Political Philosophy.”

“I had noticed that. Anyway, what was up with you in there?”

“In what way?” said Abby, defensively.

“I don’t know. You were being a bit… giddy?”

“Giddy? What the fuck’s that?”

“It’s a phrase my Nan uses. I suppose mischievous and entertaining.”


“Oh it doesn’t matter.”

“Crazy girl!”

As they were strolling up the hill, a brunette student with a very sexy figure and skin tight leggings wiggled by and both Abby and Emily checked her out.

“Nice ass!” exclaimed Abby.

Emily laughed nervously.

“Would you?” asked Abby.

“Would I what?”

“Don’t be obtuse, Ems.”

“I told you, I’m not into girls in that way.”

“Course you’re not.”

Abby walked on, leaving Emily to contemplate Abby’s latest statement.

“Hang on Abby!”


“This is the second time you’ve got all weird on me.”

“Is that what it is?”


“If you weren’t so cute…I might be insulted.”


“Yes, cute.”

Emily giggled. “Am I cute?”

“Come off it, Emily. With your gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes.”

Emily was genuinely taken aback by Abby’s observation. In the three weeks that she had known her they had been open and frank, but there hadn’t been any kind of emotional stuff. Emily didn’t really know anything about her, other than the obvious.

“Right. Thank you. That’s a nice thing to say.”

“It’s okay to be bicurious you know.”

“I know. But I wouldn’t say I was bicurious.”

“Well, you were checking that girl out for longer than me. Just saying.”

“She was hot. Natural that I should look, isn’t it?”

“And you’re not bicurious?”

“Just because I’m acknowledging that a girl has made the effort and has a fit body, doesn’t mean I’m interested in her sexually.”

“But I bet you were wondering what it would be like.”

“Abby, you’re being ridiculous. You’ve got me all wrong!”

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

Emily didn’t speak but looked at Abby, feeling her cheeks blushing a little.

Abby stood a little closer to her and ran her index finger upwards into Emily’s hair, and with the other hand brushed it away from her face. Emily blinked and felt a shiver down her spine as Abby stroked her face gently. Abby looked into her eyes searchingly and with a longing that Emily understood but wasn’t sure how to reciprocate. She felt her heart bump and a rash of goose bumps on her arms as Abby moved closer, until she could feel the warmth of the redhead’s breath on her face. It might have only been a few seconds but it was as if time had stood still.

Emily closed her eyes as Abby’s lips met hers. The tenderness of the moment and the softness of Abby’s lips took Emily by surprise. They kissed gently rather than passionately, but it was a sensual embrace all the same, as their tongues met for more than a second or two.

The girls looked into each other’s eyes and Emily wondered if there was something appropriate to say, but she looked away. Abby touched her face.

“You okay, Emily?”

“Yes. Ummm… shall we buy that book?”

“Don’t you want to talk about this?”

“Yes, but not here, it’s too public.”


Abby chased after her friend, who had walked on a pace.

“Ems, you can’t ignore what just happened.”

Emily stopped, clearly a bit flustered.

“I haven’t. I just… I’m not good at dealing with personal stuff in the open.”

“I understand. Sorry, I won’t push you. I’m just concerned our friendship is on the line. I couldn’t handle that.”

Abby had tears in her eyes. Emily sighed, looking at Abby earnestly.

“How can I put this?” said Emily.

She pulled Abby towards her, giving her a long warm hug.

“Oh,” said Abby.


“Yes. I think.”

Emily giggled and entered the book shop.


The girls took their purchases and being a warm day, they got a couple of bottles from the campus super market and drank them lying face to face on the grassy slope behind the accommodation block.

“It’s funny how so much can happen in one day,” said Emily, leaning on an elbow and tilting the bottle to take a long sip of beer.

“As in back there?” said Abby.

“Well yes, mainly. About that. How old were you when you first kissed a girl?”

“Sixteen. It was at a party, when I was at college. I had had a boyfriend briefly, which was all a bit of a disaster and I was single and ready to mingle. She was a year older than me.”

“And that was that it. You kissed?”

“No, there was more. We went upstairs to a room and we undressed a bit. And touched each other and stuff.”

“Did you lick her pussy?”

“We did all the things that girls do.”

Emily held her bottle carefully and moved a little closer to Abby.

“When we kissed just then. It was a surprise. Can we do it again, but for longer?”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to push you into anything?” said Abby.

“I know. It’s fine. Just kiss me.”

Abby smiled and inched closer until their noses were nearly touching. Emily ran her hand through Abby’s hair and pressed her lips against hers. Emily closed her eyes and allowed her tongue to go in and out and around Abby’s mouth. She loved the softness of her friend’s lips and the moist sexiness of her tongue.

“Wow Emily! You can kiss.”

“Thanks. I don’t know why. I love kissing you.”

“That’s good to know. And you don’t think it’s weird?”

“No. I know I’ve only known you a few weeks, but I love our friendship and I thought this would feel wrong, but it doesn’t. I thought I was… but I guess I’m…”

“It’s okay to say ‘bicurious’ Emily.”

“I know, but what I don’t get, is that you seemed to know I was, before I did.”

“Yes, but when I brought it up, you snapped at me.”

“I’m sorry. But what was it?”

“Little things. How you check me out.”

“I’ve never checked you out!”

“You so have, Emily. Like if I crossed my legs in that short skirt.”

“Really?! I sound like a perv!”

The girls fell about on the grass in a fit of giggles.

“You can always perv on me, Emily baby!”

The two girls clinked bottles, still laughing.

Abby brought things back to Earth.

“About your birthday, Emily?”


“Do you want to do something special?”

“Ummm…. Yes. Like what?”

“It depends if you like being naked with your best friend.”

“Abby! What are you suggesting?” she said with mock sarcasm and pushed Abby back on to the grass, pinning her down and kissing her full on the lips.

Emily wasn’t quite sure how she had got here. Kissing Abby felt far more natural than she had expected. The connection they had, and Abby’s unaffected personality, Emily found seductive. She felt that to resist her urges would have been wronger and she was willing to go on whatever journey Abby was going to take her.


Meanwhile, in the world of politics, a journey of a different kind was taking an unexpected turn as the reservations of the Democratic Unionists over border control agreements between London and Brussels was threatening the Conservative’s flimsy majority. Following the recent by-election defeat in Essex, the arithmetic in parliament was becoming decidedly dodgy. Reassurances from the previous Prime Minister earlier in the year, that there would be no hard border weren’t being upheld by the recent negotiations. Risking the ire of the province with implications that could threaten the fragile power sharing agreement, elicited a statement from Arlene Foster, at a late afternoon press conference.

Emily returned to her room with her spirits high and her heart still a flutter and turned on her TV.

A bank of photographers and assembled press were crowded into the room where Mrs Foster was about to speak.

Thank you. Ummm… it’s with regret that after consulting my colleagues, we no longer feel able to support the Conservative government in the confidence and supply agreement, negotiated in 2017. We entered that, always with the caveat that we reserved the right to withdraw if we felt the interests of the people of Northern Ireland were not being served aright. I have spoken to the Prime Minister and made clear that we have come to this conclusion after considering all options.”

There was a burst of flash photography as she was bombarded by questions. Emily listened with fascination, knowing that the country now faced uncertainty and probably another general election. At least she would be old enough to enter the ballot box for this one.


The day of her birthday, Emily got up a little earlier than usual. She went for her run and came back via the post boxes, where she picked up some white envelopes and a little brown parcel.

Back in her room, she was going through her mail and her phone rang.

“Hey Abby!”

“Happy Birthday, you!”

“Thank you!”

“Have you heard the news?” said Abby, excitedly.

“No, what?”

“The DUP have pulled out of the coalition. They think Boris is going to call an election.”

“I saw the press conference from Ireland, last night, so I’m not surprised.”

“Maybe Brexit will be at risk?”

“It’s a bit late, isn’t it?”

 “I guess. Anyway, you ready to party later?”

“Yes. Try and stop me. Do you think drinks and then back to mine?”

“Definitely. What you wearing, Ems?”

“Ha ha, I don’t know. A kilt probably!  No, seriously I don’t know.”

“No, that’s a great idea. Let’s go tartan. You’re almost Scottish anyway.”

“He hee okay!” said Emily, unable to control her giggling.

“There’s a shop up by that road with the takeaway and hairdressers that sells retro stuff, they’re bound to have a couple of little plaid skirts.”

“Hmmm…it’s an idea.”

“I can just see you in a little tartan skirt, Em. You know what I mean?”

“Alright, let’s go up there in a bit. Are you going to the lecture on Karl Marx?” asked Emily, with an undisguised lack of enthusiasm.

“I don’t know, I’m not bothered to be honest.”

“Me neither, I’ll just download the notes, later.”

“Okay, see you later.”



It was another sunny day, the warmth lasting into the evening, and people were calling it an Indian summer. Emily walked with a bounce in her step, all kitted up in her white blouse tied at the waist and a skimpy, red tartan skirt. She had already made sure that she was just so in her bedroom mirror, but glanced again at her reflection on the way to meet Abby.

Her sexy auburn-haired friend was mingling with some other people at the entrance to the student bar. She was showered with hugs and kisses from the girls and a few admiring glances and ‘happy birthdays’ from a couple of guys from her block.

“You look hot,” said Abby quietly, simultaneously whispering and blowing warm air into Emily’s ear.

Emily giggled, shooting a self-conscious glance at her friend.

She was provided with a drink as Abby was doing a bad job at talking to another friend while not being totally distracted by Emily’s slim, pale legs and bare midriff. Emily was suddenly aware, more than she had ever even sensed before that Abby was seriously into her. At every opportunity it seemed, Abby was making eye contact and checking out Emily’s body. Standing in a group of three amid the hum of conversation and laughter, it was Abby’s gaze, directed at her boobs or her legs that occupied Emily’s thoughts. She had barely allowed herself to engage her eyes with Abby’s body. She had wanted to, but resisted, nervous of her own feelings.

The warmth of the wine, combined with the heat of the evening and an occasional breeze across the campus was gradually drawing out Emily’s faint inhibitions. She found herself looking at the outline of Abby’s ass under her similarly short, red plaid skirt. Emily’s curiosity had flourished after their kiss and was now focused on the sexy curves of Abby’s body.

The girls had been separated for a while during the attention that they were receiving in the hubbub of the bar and it was Abby who eventually sought out her friend, rescuing her from a crowd of other students. They walked a little way around the corner by a clump of sweetly-scented shrubs.

“I’m neglecting you, baby cakes,” said Abby, softly.

“No one’s called me that for years!” said Emily.

“It seemed appropriate somehow.”

“You think?”

Abby pulled Emily towards her, kissing her softly on the lips. Emily looked into Abby’s eyes before returning the kiss, this time lingering with her tongue in Abby’s mouth. She felt herself becoming aroused, more so than the previous day. This time it was more private as dusk fell and the music and voices of the other students was a distant hum. As Emily’s French kisses were being passionately returned, she was aware of Abby’s hand drifting under her skirt. She did a little shiver as the other girl’s fingers traced a line inside her thigh and along the little mound in her panties.

Emily made a series of short gasping breaths as the sensitivity of Abby’s touch made her shiver.  Abby began to nibble Emily’s neck, her tongue circling under her ear and then leaving tiny pink marks, which faded slowly.

The fading light took any heat with it and there was a chill in the air, carried on the breeze that moved the leaves around the campus. The girls hugged for warmth, but their bodies touched with a wanton shamelessness, grinding against each other in their skimpy outfits. Emily became woozy, not from the alcohol but intoxicated by Abby’s kisses and the lustful way that she was caressing her body. Now they wanted to be somewhere warm and totally private and it was Emily who led Abby by the hand to her halls of residence.

They walked quickly, and then ran up the stairs to the first floor of Emily’s block, where she fumbled for her key, and they stepped into her room clumsily.  Abby pushed Emily against the door. As they kissed Emily submitted to Abby’s exploring fingers, which were inside her skirt, stroking the cleft in her panties. They moved closer to the bed, but Abby repositioned herself, so she could concentrate on pleasuring her friend from behind. Moving Emily’s hair to one side, she planted kisses on her neck, simultaneously fondling Emily’s breasts and stroking her pussy lips through her panties.

Emily guided Abby’s hand, driving her fingers into her swollen pussy, which was still covered with her increasingly damp panties.


Abby put a finger to Emily’s lips and then dropped to her knees and looked up at the innocent and delectable features of her blonde friend. She unclipped Emily’s skirt, which slipped to the floor silently. Abby pressed her lips and nose against the front of Emily’s panties and nuzzled the sexy groove with her nose and sent shockwaves of excitement through Emily’s body. She began to feel weightless as Abby rolled her tongue against the moist furrow in the cotton.

Emily bit on her hand, squeezing her own breasts through her blouse as the wonderful sensations down below were turning her on so much. Then Emily caught her breath involuntarily as Abby moved the panty gusset to one side. The sounds that Abby made confirmed to Emily that she was just as wet as she thought she was and she felt a whoosh of delight envelop her. Her first experience of another girl’s tongue was so sensational she began to feel dizzy. Stepping back, she stumbled against the bed and landed with her shirt open and her breasts bared. Abby crawled after her, kissing up Emily’s legs inch by inch.

Abby smiled sexily as she rolled down Emily’s panties. Emily felt delightfully exposed, and so brazen. She had become beautifully dishevelled and now she felt so sexy – her nipples erect and her pussy wet. Abby, the girl who she had called her friend was becoming so much more. Abby took things slowly, stroking along Emily’s inner thighs with the back of her hands, kissing the soft flesh every now and then. At last Abby had nowhere to go except for Emily’s girly petals.

Emily lay back as Abby kissed the cute little opening, following in a smooth stroke with her tongue.  Emily was sent on a journey of pleasure with every swirl of her friend’s tongue. Emily tried to breathe steadily but the yummy aching in her vagina was so powerful, and she was at the whim of Abby’s sensational cunnilingus.  As she felt every lash and stroke of the red-head’s tongue, Emily felt her body going to the edge. She gasped, pushing her head back into the duvet as she felt her climax approaching.

“Ab… Abby…ooh…oh fuck!”

Emily felt as if her orgasm was going to pull her right off the bed, as tremors of ecstasy hit her. Her back arched and she gripped the duvet as Abby ate her pussy.

“Oooow!  Abby… you’re making me come… Oh fuck!  Yes!  Aaaaah…aaah…aaah.”

Emily trembled as Abby teased her, taking her to new peaks of pleasure. Emily’s plaintive little moans were accompanied by the moans of appreciation from Abby who was aroused herself. Emily shuddered with orgasm, as the waves of climax hit her.

Abby joined Emily on the bed and shared a deep kiss, her tongue snaking around her friend’s mouth as Emily was still recovering from her moment of elation. Emily had tasted herself before when she had masturbated but now, having her own scent on Abby’s mouth was sexy and appealing.

The girls rolled around on the bed for a time, their legs intertwined and now only Abby’s panties between them and nakedness. Abby looked into Emily’s eyes as the blonde hovered above her, her hair a golden waterfall, tickling Abby’s breasts.

Emily kissed down Abby’s front, moving in zig zags and back, deliberately teasing, her tongue almost but not quite touching Abby’s puffy nipples. Emily at last relented and closed her lips around Abby’s candied rosebuds sucking on them and making the little goose bumps bigger. Moving in stepping stones down Abby’s stomach, she came closer and closer to the waistband of her panties. Turning through 45 degrees, she positioned herself between Abby’s legs and focused at the prominent outline of Abby’s vulva. She squeezed the lips together, massaging them in her fingers through the white fabric.

Emily looked up at Abby as she tentatively pulled at the panty top. Abby raised her bum as they were drawn down over her hips and Emily rolled them off revealing Abby’s smooth pink labia. Abby bent her knees and parted her legs and running one hand down her belly, she dipped her fingers in her own pussy and worked them in and out glazing them with her juice. She sat up and put her fingers on Emily’s mouth. Emily kissed and sniffed them gently and proceeded to lick them, tasting their sweetness. Abby smiled as she worked her fingers in and out of Emily’s mouth and then Emily moved her lips down Abby’s arm and all the way down her body, kissing every spot in a line down to Abby’s pussy.

The sexy aroma was more of a turn on than Emily had realised and now there was no hesitation as her tongue unzipped Abby’s moist opening. The smooth syrupy texture of Abby’s pudenda Emily found instantly moreish and her first exploratory lick became a deeper delve of her tongue. Abby murmured with appreciation as Emily went deeper, Abby’s pussy becoming even wetter the more she was licked.

Abby’s sighs of pleasure encouraged Emily, her tongue finding the little hood and then the sexy nub of Abby’s clit. Emily teased the skin on Abby’s pubic mound, revealing more of the shiny flesh. Abby gave cries of pleasure as Emily first licked and then sucked on her exposed love button. Emily loved the responses she was getting from Abby, including the warm trickle of honey on her tongue as she lapped at her friend’s delicious cunny. She found that she instinctively knew when to use her fingers, twisting them inside Abby’s vagina as she flicked her tongue, teasingly. She lingered on Abby’s inner velvet and pushed her tongue as deep as she could go, until she was rubbing her nose into Abby’s slippery wet pussy.

Abby reached down, twirling Emily’s blonde locks around her fingers as her body trembled from the ripples of pleasure that washing over her. Emily could feel the way Abby’s body was moving, the vibrations that she could feel in Abby’s legs and knew she was close to her orgasm. Something made Emily want to share the moment with Abby. Leaving two fingers inside her pussy, she lay against Abby and kissed her with passionate abandon.  Abby thrust her groin upwards and pulled Emily’s fingers away and began to rub her pussy against Emily’s.

Abby pressed her mouth into Emily’s neck, her shrill moans half stifled; their pussies grinding together, merging in their passion. Emily was getting worked up again, the heat of Abby’s body and the way their sopping wet love triangles were kissing brought her close again. Emily bit on Abby’s lip and Abby held on to Emily as she came, her body shaking in her final throes of orgasm.

This was the best sex that Emily had ever had.


Emily blinked as she opened her eyes, the sun sending a dazzling ray through the gap in her curtains.

She turned over and her hand touched something curved and smooth. She turned and kissed Abby softly on the face.

“What day is it?” said Abby, through a yawn.

“It’s Saturday. The day after my birthday.”

“No lectures then?”

Emily giggled.

“No lectures.”

“Sleep well?” asked Emily.

“Hmmm…I had this wonderful dream.”

“Oh really. Do you remember anything about it?  Mine are always a fog.”

“I made love to this wonderful sexy blonde.”

“Ooh that sounds amazing!”

Both girls giggled and kissed.

“Coffee?” suggested Emily. "I had one of those cafetiere things from my Mum.”

“I’d love one.”

Emily got out of bed, still naked and flicked on her radio as she rinsed out the glass coffee maker.

“Turn that up!” said Abby.

“Eh? Oh.”

…after returning from the palace, the Prime Minister said it was regrettable that the opposition had forced the vote of no confidence, citing Labour as holding the country to ransom for narrow political gain. The election, he said will be held on November the ninthWhere this leaves the Brexit negotiations is not clear and it is expected that Mr Johnson may seek an extension to the March deadline. We hope to bring you more analysis in our next bulletin.’

“Frick! It’s all happening!” Abby exclaimed.

“I know. Toast?”

“Yes. I don’t suppose you have any Nutella?”

“Sorry. I have peanut butter,” said Emily, hopefully.

“I’ve not had any peanut butter for years. I used to have it with bananas when I was at college.”

“Is that a yes, then?”

“Please, Ems.”

Emily put their breakfast on a tray and sat next to her girl friend, snuggling next to her.

“You’ll be finding toasty crumbs for weeks now, you know,” observed Abby.

“That’s okay. Maybe I can come to yours some time and I can return the favour.”

“I’d like that,” said Abby, giggling and exchanging a buttery kiss with her friend.





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