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Andee Heats Up Houston - Day 2

Wife continues to explore her sexual adventure with a well-hung friend on a business trip
Andee woke to the sound of the shower running. Looking at the digital clock beside the bed she saw that it was just after 6:00 a.m. As she sat up in the bed, she was trying to shake out the cobwebs and jetlag in her head when the realization of what had gone on the night before became obvious. She was naked but couldn’t exactly remember at what point during the night her lingerie had come off.

She rolled out of the bed, made her way to the closet and pulled on a t-shirt from her suitcase. She grabbed her computer bag, plopped down on the chair at the desk and flipped open her laptop. She had not even sent her husband a note letting him know she had arrived in Houston, let alone fill him in on any of the details of her encounter with Don.

She waited anxiously for the system to load and traced back in her mind what had taken place. Her black teddy was slung over the night stand and the thigh highs in a twisted heap on the floor beside the bed. Her pussy was still moist with Don’s cum … and a bit tender from the fierce fucking she had received.

As the message program opened up, Andee stared blankly at the message screen for a moment. She wasn’t sure exactly what to say to her husband, who must have been anxiously waiting for any word from her the night before.

“Got here OK,” she typed into the blank message window. “Interesting changes … Will fill you in later ... nothing to be worried about.”

She didn’t really know exactly what she could say just yet. She was lost in thought about the things Don had told her after dinner, and how it could become complicated, when she was drawn back to the here and now by her friend’s voice.

“Good morning,” Don said, emerging from the bathroom naked. “Sorry to wake you up, but I need to get to my apartment before we head into work this morning.”

“You want me to come along?” Andee asked, still trying to wake up. “I can shower quickly.”

“No, you go ahead and get ready for the day. I’ll pop back over about 8:00. We can stop for some breakfast before going into the office.”

She watched as the handsome Texan dressed in the clothes he’d worn the night before. Andee kept pretty quiet, listening to Don chatter on about what she could expect at the office, and his reassurance that the day would be a professional visit.

Andee gave him a polite hug before he slipped out the door. She felt a little awkward. While the sex had been mind-blowing, the fact that he stayed the whole night made her feel a bit uncomfortable about the whole situation. She never really invited him to stay, and the fact that he no longer had any relationship obligations didn’t sit well in her mind. She wasn’t sure if what she felt was guilt, or if she was just a bit too overwhelmed by the fact she had let a man stay in her hotel room the entire night. It had been many years since she shared a bed with anyone other than her husband. Things were moving really fast and she still didn’t know a great deal about her Texan lover.

The second thoughts stuck with Andee through her shower. As she stood under the flow of hot water, she stroked her still-sensitive clit with a finger. Her pussy was warming up to her touch and her mind was beginning to settle down.

It’s just for fun, she kept reminding herself as her finger delicately traced the swollen lips of her pussy; swollen now from friction as opposed to excitement. She slipped a finger into the moist canal and could feel Don’s cum flow down across her knuckle and dribble out. The outer edges of her cunt may have been a little worn, but her g-spot was still alive with lust as she rubbed her fingertip across it.

She consciously had to stop herself from going too far, knowing that her friend would soon be returning to pick her up for the day. She quickly finished off her shower, dried her hair and headed back out into her hotel room to get dressed.

She pulled out her clothes for the day, suddenly wondering if the skirt suit she had brought was appropriate. When she packed for the trip, her sense of bravery and flirtatiousness was much higher.

Still undecided about her outfit, she sat down at the computer on the desk, wearing just her bra and panties as she tried mentally convince herself that she was in control of her situation with Don.

“Hey sexy! Glad to hear you got there OK. What’s going on?” the text on her screen read as her messaging program opened up. She stared at the words for a few minutes, trying to think of how to explain that she may have been brought to Houston under false pretences.

“Not sure,” she finally typed. “He had different ideas … I think it’s hard for people to understand you and I … this adventure you’ve got me on … our marriage.”

Andee went on to explain to her husband how she and Don and spent a great deal of the evening talking and she learned his wife had left him. She told him about what Don said about hoping for more, and how she felt the situation was getting too far away from what she intended with her sexual adventure.

“What happened when you got back to your room?” her husband asked.

It was the question she was dreading, but she didn’t know why. The sex was expected, and it had been incredible. But mostly, she felt the more physical she became with Don, the more emotionally complicated it became. This wasn’t meant to be an ‘affair with permission.’ It was only supposed to be one small part in a much larger adventure.

She waited a moment, and then got up and walked over to where she had left the suit she had picked out for the day. She slipped on the skirt and the blouse that went with it before sitting back down to answer.

“Too much … I think. I’ll tell you more tonight. I need to go,” she typed quickly and then closed the laptop. She knew that wouldn’t sit well with her husband, but she was at a loss to describe her thoughts. She figured she would make it up to him later.

Andee finished getting ready quickly and headed down to the lobby to wait for her friend. She thought the less ‘comfortable’ he felt about popping up to her room, the more in control she could be for the next couple days – or at least until she could find the courage to discuss her lingering doubts with him.

Breakfast was pretty quiet. Don kept talking about work and the things he wanted to make sure she saw when they got to the office. Finally, it must have dawned on him that he was doing all the talking.

“Is everything OK?” he asked.

“I feel a little … uncertain … about where this is going,” she said after some thought. “I’m really starting to get an uneasy sense that you might not see this … situation … the same way I do.”

“We talked about that last night,” Don replied, reaching across the table to touch her hand. “There is no situation, Andee. You made it clear, and I totally understand. You can’t sit there and tell me you blame me for trying? You’re a beautiful woman … we’ve really hit it off and we’ve had a couple of amazing nights together.”

He paused for a moment, looking into her eyes as if he was waiting for his explanation to register with her.

“This is for fun … no strings,” he said with a little more conciliatory tone. “When you go home tomorrow, you go back to all the great things you’ve told me about … your life, your kids, your husband … who lets you come on trips to Texas knowing you’re probably going to get fucked. All that great stuff.”

“Don! Shhh,” Andee hushed at him, looking around the restaurant to see if anyone was looking. She smiled at him and let the silence settle in for a few moments. She took a few deep breaths, trying to calm her mind.

“There’s something you need to know,” she said, finally mustering the courage to tell him. “That night in Chicago … I left my webcam on. My husband saw us … all of us ... everything. He knows everything.”

Don laughed as she fumbled through her admission. Andee was a little perplexed by his reaction, thinking he would have been angry at the revelation.

“Sweetheart,” he finally said in his southern drawl. “I knew all along something must have been going on. You kept looking over at your computer at the strangest times. Not many people do that in the heat of the moment unless something is going on.”

“And you let me carry on!” She feigned indignation as best she could before bursting in a giggling fit. “I’m so embarrassed.”

Don leaned across the table and took both her hands in his. “Quite honestly, it turned me on even more knowing someone was watching. And made me even more curious about this crazy arrangement you seem to have in your marriage.”

Andee sat quietly, feeling the warmth of his hands on hers. With that admission now off her mind, she started feel a little more at ease.

“Now, let’s put aside all of that and try to get through today without acting like a couple of horny teenagers.”


The day at Don’s office went off without as much as a single misplaced innuendo. It was a perfectly professional experience, as she learned about the many interesting developments his company had been making in their drug research. She spent lunch with his entire team, mixing work chatter with the occasion personal banter and business travel horror stories. To the rest of them, it would have never been obvious there was something more between their boss and his lovely Canadian visitor.

“That was a great day,” she said as they drove back towards Andee’s hotel. “I learned so much that I can take back to work with me. Thanks so much for arranging all of that.”

“My pleasure,” he said, flashing her one of his incredible smiles.

They chatted innocently as they made their way along the highway. When they arrived, Don pulled up to the front door, rather than parking in the guest lot. Andee took that as an indication he knew he needed to back off just a bit on the sexual assumptions.

“It’s your last night here, so please say you’re going to let me take you out for a proper night on the town. Let me play the perfect host, just one more time. How does dinner at one of Houston’s best restaurants, followed by a cocktail at a great club I know? I think they might even have dancing tonight.”

“Do I have to dress up?” she asked, wondering if he would pick up on the hidden suggestiveness.

“I hope so,” he replied, his eyes fixed on the exposed flesh of her thighs as she slid out of the passenger seat. “How does 7:00 sound?”

“I’ll meet you down here,” Andee replied with a smile. She knew if she let Don up to her room the chances of them actually going out would be pretty slim.

Whether he understood her hint, or merely accepted her direction, he didn’t argue. He gave her a quick, unassuming hug and agreed he would see her in a couple hours. Andee watched as he pulled away from the curb and back out onto the street before she turned and walked into the hotel.

Once she had gotten back into her room, Andee logged in on her laptop and read the note her husband had sent as a reply to her earlier message. He had expressed his curiosity about the events of the evening. As she was in the middle of reading it, another message popped up on her screen.

“Hey sexy, how did today go? You left me hanging on that last question.”

Andee considered her reply for a moment, before answering. “I felt better after he and I talked … and sorry. I still don’t know what to say about last night. But I’m sure you can figure it out.”

After fumbling through a few attempts at typing an explanation and deleting one after another, she finally managed to get one out. She explained the conversation she and Don had after dinner the night before, and how they ended up back at her room. She told her husband about the guilt she felt in the morning, but still couldn’t bring herself to admit to him that her friend had spent the whole night.

They chatted for almost an hour, as she explained her confusion and that she really just wanted to get back home. The adventure, she said, was becoming more overwhelming and complicated than she expected. At first, it was just a curiosity over getting in touch with her sexuality as she got older. Her husband offered many rebuttals of support and encouragement, trying to put her mind at ease that as long as her heart was still at home, then she should make the most of her opportunity while she was there.

“We’re going out for dinner and a couple drinks tonight. Then I’m coming home tomorrow,” she typed.

“Just make sure you enjoy the moment, honey. Take it for what it is and don’t have any regrets or ‘what ifs’ afterwards. Are you getting ready now? Can I see?”

“Give me five minutes … need to shower before I get ready,” she typed and headed off to the bathroom.

Returning to her laptop a few minutes later, Andee turned on the webcam so her husband could see her. She had a bath towel wrapped around her body and was in the middle of applying some make-up.

“Sexy outfit, baby. You look great just like that.” He wrote on the message screen. “I’m just not sure a lot of restaurants have a towel code.”

“I love you,” Andee wrote back and smiled into the camera lens before blowing a kiss. “I have to find something appropriate to wear … already tempted too much of fate last night in that little surprise you left in my suitcase.”

She didn’t mention her own seductive efforts in the conversation, figuring she had already shared more than enough information with her husband for one night. Besides, she thought, it might be more fun to slip it on again at home and tell him the whole story. She was slowly becoming turned on as her imagination settled back into a more adventurous spirit.

She turned the computer so the camera would face into the room and got up from her seat at the desk. She walked over to her suitcase, seductively letting the towel drop from her body onto the floor as she did.

Andee played it up for her husband on the other side of the webcam, posing and fawning over different items as she playfully plucked them from her suitcase. First, she held up a pair of her lace panties, then tossed them over her shoulder and shook her head in mock disapproval. Then she held up a black lace garter belt and flashed a naughty look in the direction of the camera and then nodded as if she was giving approval. Next she pulled out the black stockings that went with it. She rolled them on slowly, one leg at a time, so her husband would get a sexy show as he watched.

She then held up a pair of sky-high stiletto heels and flashed another seductive smile at the camera before sitting on the edge of the bed to put them on. Once she had done up the straps on both, she playfully struck a few poses on the bed to tease and torment her online voyeur. After a couple minutes of this, Andee sat on the bed facing the camera and spread her legs apart. She gently began to play with herself.

Her fingers traced her pussy, before she used them to spread her cunt wide open. She winked at the camera, and then took her other hand and wiggled it in front of the lens before placing it between her legs. She slipped her middle finger deep into the wet opening.

It didn’t take her long to find the right spot, just slightly inside of her, where all the nerves were most sensitive. Andee was lucky that she was one of those women who believed strongly in the power of the g-spot; and combined with the delicate massaging of the fingers on her other hand, she was soon headed towards sexual ecstasy.

As she rubbed her swelling clit in small rapid circles, Andee slammed her other hand into her wet cunt faster and faster. She could sense her orgasm building, and with each inward thrust, she would stroke her fingertip along the smooth ridge on the top of her vagina.

She started to moan louder as the feeling built up. She was close. With a few more strokes of her finger, Andee could feel her muscles clench and her blood rush straight to her pussy. She let out a loud grunt as everything came to a massive release of sexual energy.

Andee quivered as her orgasm flowed from her cunt and through her body. She slowly eased her pace and gently stroked the outer edge of her throbbing clit, and then slid her finger down the swollen outer lips of her pussy. She pushed her long middle finger back into the moist opening. Andee continued to slip her now wet finger in and out from between her glistening pussy lips until her orgasm had subsided.

Now satisfied her husband was completely mesmerized by watching her little sex show, she placed it close to her face and slipped out her tongue to lick it. She leaned closer to the camera so he could see her use her mouth to clean her juices off of her finger.

Finally, she stood up and blew a kiss at the webcam and strutted back over to the closet. She pulled out a dress she had brought for the occasion and slipped it on over her head, wiggling it down over her naked breasts and hips. The dress was snug, short and clung to her body like a second skin. Tonight was going to be another commando night.

Andee went back to the computer and sat at the desk chair. She looked at her husband on the monitor, who was now stroking his erection.

“You might want to save that for later,” Andee typed. “I’ll see you after my date … if you can wait up, and keep it up, that long.”

And with that, she closed down the webcam, grabbed her small purse and room key. It was time for one last night of fun in Houston.

When the elevator door opened on her floor, there were a couple of young men already inside. Andee smiled at the pair as she stepped in and turned to face the door. She could in the reflection that they were giving her a thorough once over from behind and elbowing each other.

She turned around and looked at both of them. “How would you two handsome boys like to do me a big favour?”

Don looked at Andee as she walked across the hotel lobby, arm in arm with two strapping young men. The guys both had those ‘shit-eating’ grins like a couple of kids allowed to run wild in a candy store.

“Made some new friends, I see,” he said with a chuckle.

“These are my bodyguards, Roger and Cliff. I told them there was a man waiting to accost me in the lobby,” she replied flirtatiously. “But you seem kind of harmless. Thank you, guys.”

Andee gave each of the young men a hug and a kiss before they scampered away laughing. Don took note of how one of them managed to cop a little feel of her ass in the process.

“Cute,” Don said. “How did you manage to arrange that?”

“They were in the elevator. I figured it would be fun. Besides, most men are easily led astray with the right amount of … um … motivation.”

Don laughed again and lowered his head in a symbolic gesture of surrender. “I’m speechless. I’ve run out of ways to tell you how incredibly stunning you look. I’m almost certain you try to outdo yourself each and every time just to challenge me.”

“Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment,” she replied.

The handsome Texan grabbed Andee’s arm and pulled her into him so they were face to face. His eyes held her for a moment before he spoke. “There are no compliments that can do justice to how amazing you look.”

He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. Andee was ready for his kiss this time and responded by meeting it with equal enthusiasm.

“Whew! That’s a perfect way,” she whispered as they broke their embrace. She slipped her arm into the crook of his elbow and walked with him out to where his car was parked.

On the way to dinner, she told Don that she had contacted her husband and told him about the previous night. She spent most of the car ride trying to explain exactly what she was trying to accomplish in her path to sexual enlightenment and discovery, adding how she was starting to see the complications in what started out as a good idea.

Throughout the meal, they continued to share some of their most intimate thoughts and fears … along with a few fantasies.

“Do you feel like going for a drink at a club, or would you rather I just take you back to your hotel?” Don asked as he folded the receipt for dinner and stuffed it into his wallet.

Andee cocked her head at the question. After the past couple days it seemed a little out of character, but was probably his reaction to the things she had said about her conflicted feelings for her sexual adventure.

“I suppose if you take me back now, I could try to see what Cliff and Roger are up to,” she replied with a coy smile, making a joking reference to the two guys from the hotel. “But there’s nothing wrong with stopping for a quick cocktail along the way.”

Don buzzed along the streets of downtown, turning here and there, before they arrived at a fairly trendy neighbourhood.

The club was an upscale place, the kind of club where people still dressed up. The live music was a quiet blend of pop and jazz, suitable for dancing but without that crazy heavy beat younger people seemed to enjoy.

They settled into a table and ordered a drink from the waitress before Don asked if Andee wanted to dance. She enjoyed the feeling of being close to her friend in this kind of setting, almost like something you might see in a movie. It was definitely a new experience for her, as there weren’t many opportunities back home to ‘hit the town.’

“Don’t take this wrong way … because I know how you feel, Andee. And I really respect that,” Don said as they moved around the dance floor. “But I’m going to miss you. This wasn’t intended to be complicated, and I’m sorry if you have felt … um …”

Andee could see he was struggling to explain himself. She wasn’t sure if it was a touch of the alcohol, or just that she had really come to terms with her own feelings over the situation between them, but she knew she needed to lighten the mood up. It was her last night before returning home and her pussy was still tingling from the orgasm she brought out from herself before the date.

“I’m not wearing any panties,” she whispered into Don’s ear. “So let that be a sign of how I feel … tonight.”

Andee guided Don’s hand from her waist down across her hip and to her butt. She smiled as she felt him trace the strap of her garter belt.

“One more dance, then we’ll finish our drinks and head out,” she said as she rested her head on his shoulder during the song.

His hand continued to gently trace the outline of her lingerie under the dress.


“I want you to come up to my room,” she said pointedly as they pulled into the hotel driveway.

She waited for Don to reach the passenger side door and open it. Carefully she slipped out of the seat, ensuring he got an eyeful of the tops of her stockings as she did.

As she and Don entered the hotel and walked through the lobby, Andee spotted her two friends from the elevator earlier that night, now on stools just inside the hotel lounge. She slipped away from Don for a moment and sauntered over to them. Don could see she was telling them something interesting – based on the huge smiles they flashed back at her. Andee gave them each a hug once again and strutted back over to Don, now waiting by the elevator. She just smiled as she approached her friend … knowing full well the two young studs were watching her hips sway in the tight dress.

“I just had to let my bodyguards know I was back safe and sound,” she giggled as the elevator door closed.

Don pressed Andee against the side wall, just like he had done in Chicago, and planted a kiss on her neck just under her ear. He asked her what was going on with the two young guys as he nibbled on her earlobe. The sensation gave Andee goosebumps and caused her to let out a tiny moan of approval.

“Jealous?” she asked.

“Curious,” he replied.

“I told them my pussy was still wet from when I let them touch me earlier,” she whispered. “Like I said … most men are easily led astray when they have the right motivation.”

Don looked into her eyes without making a comment as he slipped a hand under the hem of her dress. Andee parted her legs just a little to allow him easier access to her naked pussy.

“Told you so,” she said in a breathy voice as his fingers touched the moist area between her thighs.

Don’s index finger traced across her still-sensitive clit, causing Andee to moan louder as he did.

“Would you be willing to get … um … a little kinky tonight?” Andee asked seductively.

Don could tell she was feeling a bit tipsy from the drinks.

“I left my husband in a rather unfortunate state of excitement before you picked me up, and I promised I would log back in tonight and help him finish.”

Don stopped his teasing for just a moment, looking into her eyes as he did. “Sounds like fun.”

When they arrived at Andee’s hotel room, she opened to door and dragged Don in by the wrist. Once inside, she pressed him up against the wall and began to unbutton his shirt, pushing it off of his shoulders quickly. She unbuckled his belt and undid his pants with equal fury, until he was stood in front of her naked.

With him still leaning against the wall, Andee crouched in front of him and took his cock in her hand, stroking him gently as it began to swell. Once he was hard, she inched closer and licked the pre-cum from the tip.

“Yum,” she whispered just before parting her lips and sliding her mouth onto his cock.

Andee took as much of the large dick into her mouth as she could. She was beginning to enjoy testing her oral skills on a man with such girth. She slip her lips back up the shaft, dragging the tip of her tongue along the bottom, and teasing the spot just below the head where men are the most sensitive. Don let out a deep breath of approval as she continued to torment his erection with her mouth and tongue.

“Hold on to that thought for just a moment,” she said, pulling herself away from his dick.

Andee stood up and pulled her dress up over her head, leaving her in nothing but her stockings, garter belt and heels. She quickly skirted over to the computer on the desk and turned it on.

It seemed to take forever to start up, so she turned and looked at her naked friend. His cock was standing straight out as he leaned against the wall. She gave him a little hand sign asking him to come over to where she was sitting. When he got beside her, she resumed sucking on his cock while she waited for the software to open.

As it did, she saw her husband had his system open. She turned on the webcam and sent him an invite to join her.

“I have a friend here,” Andee typed in as her husband appeared in the camera window on the screen. She reached just outside of the camera’s view and stroked Don’s growing erection before she pulled him into the camera’s view. “But I’m going to be too busy to type … again.”

With that, she turned in her chair so she was facing the now hard cock that was pointing straight at her. Andee placed her hands on Don’s hips and then wrapped her lips around the head of his large cock. She closed her eyes and set back to work on using her tongue and mouth to sexually pleasure her friend – all while the camera focused on her and allowed her husband to have a front row seat to his wife’s amazing blowjob skills put to use on another man.

Every now and then, Andee would glance back at the camera and give a little wink. Her husband had often said oral sex was one of her greatest sexual talents – and said it was something he fantasized about being able to watch. Now that the moment was here, she made sure he was getting a thorough show.

Don’s cock was rock hard, and the more she sucked and licked on him, flicking and sliding her tongue over the nerve endings, the more he started to move his hips. Her hands were firmly placed on either side, pulling him gently into her mouth and pushing him just slightly out. He felt hot in between her lips and she was getting incredibly turned on the longer she had him in her mouth.

Andee could tell Don was enjoying her efforts by how much he would grab at her hair and help guide her mouth deeper onto his rigid shaft. Every now and then, he would pull and hold her in a particular spot, as she would slither her tongue around him.

She could tell her Texan friend was getting closer and closer to cumming. The more she worked over him with her tongue and mouth, the faster he started moving his hips in unison. Andee reached over with her one hand and gently cupped his balls, stroking the flesh just underneath. The feeling, her husband said, would send a man over the edge, especially when he would look down at her beautiful brown eyes and then watch those sexy soft lips wrapped around his hard-on.

She glanced up at Don and flashed a sexy wink up at him. Andee could sense he was above to cum. His cock grew to that steel hard point that happens to a man just before his orgasm. She took her mouth off the large rod and wrapped her other hand around it, pumping back and forth, matching her strokes with a gently massage on his perineum.

Don’s cock exploded with bursts of cum onto her face. First it hit her cheek; then Andee opened her mouth wide to give him another target. His cum seemed to pour out of him as a large pool of the white sticky fluid collected on her tongue; some dribbling off her bottom lip and onto her chin. Andee waited until most of the spurts had subsided and then took Don’s cock back into her mouth. She held him between her lips while he continued to throb and pulse with his orgasm. For a moment, he clutched her hair between his fingers before releasing his grip and slowly turned to a more affectionate stroke.

They stayed that way for a few minutes, with Andee swallowing the last of his cum before she let her friend’s now soft cock slip from between her lips.

She turned to the computer, and seductively rubbed a finger along her bottom lip and chin before slipping it into her mouth. She closed her eyes and made a face as if to show it was the most delicious flavour she had ever tasted. After a moment, she pulled it back out and smiled into the camera.

“Have a good night, baby,” she typed and then closed the top on the laptop, putting an end to the show.

Andee got up from her seat at the desk, and placed a hand in the middle of Don’s sweaty chest. She smiled at him and then pushed him flat on his back onto the bed. Still in her stockings and heels, she straddled him and playfully rubbed his chest and shoulders.

“So, just how long is it going to be before that incredible cock is going to be ready for me to ride?” she asked in a naughty tone.

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