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Getting to know the neighbors: Part 2

Will help to read part 1 first. I am finally invited to watch my wife fuck our neighbor.
After the rough treatment my wife received that morning we both had to get to work. We were only able to discuss the situation that evening. A few texts during that confirmed that she was okay, but I was still distracted from my work.

Back at home again, Debbie reassured me that she could handle anything Jeremy gave. She expected me to find it exciting. I had to admit there was nothing dull about what they did. Not knowing she got up to with Jeremy was the hard part and it would only be worse after witnessing the events that morning.

My wife brought up my ongoing desire for her to behave like a slut. She said, "What better way could there be than to fuck a neighbor who may not even like me? Don't you think that's hot?" Yes, it was hot, but that wasn't the only thing I cared about. She tried to ease my mind by telling me that Jeremy likes to shock people and that there is another side to him that is attentive to a woman's needs. Hearing that the man who abused my wife had impressed her sexually as well was not as comforting as she intended.

As a joke I said, "I feel a bit strange... not sure what it is... oh, maybe if I fuck your face I will feel better."

She laughed at me, then looked a bit closer and sensed my frustration. She walked over, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. "Why don't you keep being the nice guy and I will show you what my tongue can do for the man I love?"

Debbie pushed me backwards a few steps. "Here will do." It was the same spot she was in that morning, only now it was my butt against the kitchen counter. Just like before she unbuckled my belt and pulled everything down. My cock was in her mouth right away. She pushed forward, pushing her chin against my balls and my whole length in her mouth. I was still limp in her mouth as her tongue danced around my dick. It grew quickly and she soon backed off as I became fully erect.

Gripping my shaft with just one finger and her thumb, she pulled the skin back tight and let her grip slide to the base. The rest of her hand pushed my balls back between my legs. The taut sheath of my cock looked shiny. It let her lips glide effortlessly and she took her time sweeping side to side with her tongue.

Relaxing as much as I could standing up, I enjoyed the attention my wife gave me. Then I felt pressure right on the end of my dick. I looked down to see her looking back at me. She squinted and the pressure increased before she backed off coughing. I had never choked anyone with my dick before. It seemed too rude. This was all her doing, so I just let it happen. She gagged herself on me half a dozen times, not roughly like Jeremy had done, but she was trying to impress me and it worked. She used her hand while getting over a coughing fit, I told her she did not need to do that again.

She resumed a more typical blowjob and got me over the edge in a few minutes. I gave her my usual warning so I did not cum in her mouth. She stopped and used her hand like usual, because I prefer her to do it than me. My dick was still right in front of her. My cum went into her open mouth and she swallowed it all. It was rare for me to cum in her mouth and a first to see it like that.

My wife certainly eased my tension. Still, at the back of my mind, I wondered if Jeremy would appear before Monday when Debbie had arranged to go again. Would I get five days of peace before Jeremy gets a piece?

We did have peace and quiet. I escorted Debbie to our neighbors' house two more times before I was invited to stay and watch. The ceremonious delivery of my wife to our neighbors' house no longer involved driving but I still walked with her across the lawns. That familiar greeting was offered by Shelley as we arrived. "Evening, Mick, Bitch." It intrigued me that they spoke politely to me and so rudely to my wife in a single breath. Instead of sending me away this time, I was pleased to be invited in as well.

If there had been no history it would have felt like visiting any other friends. Even thinking that causes me to pause and consider what makes someone a friend and do the Brooks qualify? Still, a beer was offered and the safe bet said I would need it. I guzzled half of it before taking a seat on the couch.

The girls had gone to another room, leaving me alone with Jeremy. There were things he wanted to ask me privately. "Why are you here?" I thought I was invited, his point eluded me. He sat in front of me on a large footstool. "Do you want to suck my dick, Mick?"

"Oh," now I understood. An intimidating pose, he sat with his legs apart, his cock making an obvious bulge down his left leg. My mind flashed back to how he behaved when his dick was in my wife's mouth. I had no desire for his dick to drill a hole out the back of my head. "No, Jeremy. I am just here to see what you do with my wife."

"Okay," For a split second I thought he was going to try to force me like he did with my wife, instead he threw himself next to me on the couch. "So, tell me the reason for that. Is it because she wants you to watch her, or because you want her to do it."

I saw no reason to lie. "I love watching her."

He pondered a moment before asking, "Even when I was rough with her?"

How should I answer? My dick needed adjusting, which I did without thinking.

"I understand completely." Jeremy took my phallic adjustment as condoning his treatment of my wife. About to object, I reconsidered as it might just make things worse. My wife had chosen to let it happen the first time. By my logic, fault would lie with her more than me if it happened again, even if I did just imply that I liked it. Maybe I did like it since it was more than a week ago but it is the most vivid scene in my mind and it always gets me hard. Somehow I could justify liking that sort of thing in porn, but it was wrong that it happened to my wife. I tried to convince myself that women in videos were probably paid for it, but they were still a wife, girlfriend or at least a daughter to someone else. Maybe I was beginning to lose my sense of reality or right and wrong.

As the girls entered the room Jeremy leaned over like we were best friends and spoke softly. "She is pretty hot." He told Debbie to undress slowly for us. Shelley sat in a recliner to my left. Was that a deliberate flanking maneuver with Jeremy already on my right?

Standing in front of all three of us, Debbie stripped off completely. She paraded around the room for our ogling delight. After Jeremy pushed the footstool away from the couch he had my wife crawl around it on the floor. He had her climb over the footstool away from us to give a clear view of her from behind and then back towards us. With her hands on the floor in front of us and her knees still up on the footstool, she was instructed to hold still. Jeremy and I had an enthusiastic discussion about the beauty of the crevice of a woman's butt when it is up in the air like that. I do love my wife's shape and it was the first time I had seen her from that angle. I could not fault the view. She would never have posed like that for me. There were definitely advantages to her being someone's bitch.

Then things began in earnest. Jeremy took off his jeans and sat back down. He whistled and called Debbie to him like a dog, holding his dick out for her to suck.

"Wait," Shelley interrupted. "Before you start I think you need to demonstrate your devotion." She picked something up from the table beside her. "Take this, Bitch." Whether it was expected or just easier, I do not know, but Debbie remained on her hands and knees crawling to Shelley and back. She accepted a small chain and knew precisely what she was supposed to do. Back in front of Jeremy, who was now standing, my wife removed her wedding ring and put it on the chain. The weight of the three diamonds we inherited from my grandmother pulled them to the bottom. She attached the chain around the base of Jeremy's penis, letting it rest against his scrotum. I could hardly believe my eyes as she proceeded to kiss each ball once, another on the ring itself, and then licked him from base to head before going down on him.

"Just hold it there," half his length made a generous mouthful. He turned to me. "The bitch and I have an arrangement. When her ring is on my cock, I am her highest priority. The fact that this body belongs to your wife is irrelevant. This is also the body of my bitch, to use as I desire."

Excitement overwhelmed Shelley who interrupted her husband. Jeremy smiled and let his wife continue. "Your marriage is at our disposal. For now, consider it annulled. When he fucks her, he fucks your marriage. And since you have allowed your wife to be used in this way, you have also allowed my husband to fuck your marriage and in essence to fuck you."

The situation was intimidating, although I was not sure if I should be wary of Shelley or concerned for her mental state. Debbie had not appeared distressed in any way when she put her ring on Jeremy. With his dick in her mouth I could tell her tongue was happily servicing him. The sight of my wife with a hard cock in her mouth was one of my favorite things. She looked beautiful, sexy and more than a bit slutty. I loved how the seal of her lips did not break as Jeremy sat back down next to me. She was very skilled with her mouth. Putting her arm on the couch for support, Debbie brushed against my leg as well as his.

Self-appointed cheerleader, Shelley encouraged them both. "Go, bitch, suck him good! My husband loves a cheap whore!" And then she started on me. "Metaphorically, you are sucking his dick too." How on earth did she come to that conclusion? Did any of this amateur drama actually mean anything? "Tell me, how does my husband feel in your mouth? Do you like the taste?" Once again, I was shocked to silence. There seemed nothing to do or say. I suspect Shelley needs medication.

Jeremy winked at his wife. He put a hand on Debbie's head and stroked her gently. "Go ahead now. Suck my dick, Mick." I did a double-take. Yes, he said my name, but it was my wife who had a dick in her mouth. He told her to make sloppy sucking noises and said things like, "You are a hungry cocksucker, Mick." At every chance he used my name and even watched me as he did it. When I made eye contact with him, he said, "Oh my, Mick, you love cock as much as your wife." At that point he pulled her down hard with both hands.

I cringed, unable to tear myself away. My heart was pounding and with all the bizarre talk it almost felt like it was me being held between his legs. He let her up quickly, just long enough to cough and slammed her down again. Five or six times he shouted my name while gagging my wife on his dick.

"Take a breather, bitch." He pushed Debbie away and got up. She rolled back against the footstool, catching her breath. There was a lot of saliva on her chin, some dripped onto her tits. Was it wrong of me that saliva on my wife's face and tits turned me on after what she just endured? Was that the reason I stayed on the couch next to Jeremy and let him do it? Did I want him to abuse my wife?

Beer in hand, Jeremy stood watching Shelley. "Did you get it?" Looking up from her phone, the smirk on her face said yes. "Let's hear it," he said.

Shelley held her phone out and played an audio recording of what just happened. It started with "Go ahead now. Suck my dick, Mick." The difference as I listened was that from the recording alone there was nothing to suggest that it was not actually me sucking his dick. At the part where he slammed Debbie's face down I coughed, once more feeling like I was choking on something. I hoped this would not mess my mind up permanently.

No one spoke until the entire recording had played. After it finished, Jeremy said, "I'm sure Mick said he didn't want to suck my dick. Guess he must have changed his mind. Sure did feel good though."

The footstool was pulled away without warning. Debbie caught herself as her armrest vanished. Lifted under her arms she was brought to me and placed in my lap. My jeans were still on, unfortunately. Jeremy pulled her legs to bring her right to the edge where her hips settled between my knees. Jeremy raised her legs and asked me to hold her ankles for him. Reaching over her head to grip Debbie's ankles, I felt her muscles resist. Her knees rested beside her tits and her feet were wider than my shoulders. Her head rested low against my chest and a bit to the left.

I had never seen my neighbor on his knees before, but that was how he approached my wife. The kissing started in the middle of her thigh. Between each kiss, he moved only a few millimetres, taking his time approaching her pussy. The trail weaved down her right leg and skipped over her pussy to continue up her left leg. That alone took a couple minutes. More paths were drawn on her body by his outstretched tongue, which was later joined by fingers lightly tracing over her skin, tickling her belly and teasing close to her clitoris without getting to it. Holding my wife so close, I felt every little spasm and change in her breathing. She was getting very aroused and Jeremy had not touched her pussy yet.

Transfixed on his movements, I watched first one, then two fingers slip gently into her flesh. Like filleting a fish, he folded back her labia, first one side and then the other. Two fingers on each side pinned her open like a butterfly on display. A pointed tongue traced around the sensitive flesh and lightly dipped into the darker red hole of her sex. The chameleon tongue became impressively wide as he lapped at her. One leg slipped from my grip. Debbie caught it herself, apologized to Jeremy and pushed it back up for me. Not a word to me, just to Jeremy who said nothing at all. Clearly, our neighbor knew how to please my wife. How many times had he done this before? It must be times like this that convinced her to put up with the rest of his behavior.

Jeremy suggested I put my arms under her knees and "grab the bitch's tits". It was a joy to grab my wife like that, and since the suggestion came from Jeremy she would not object. Her nipples were hard, which I had not noticed until I felt them. His lips surrounded her clitoris and soon had Debbie's body convulsing and moaning with pleasure. I struggled to keep her in position. Jeremy continued to work her body into a frenzy until she held her breath, releasing it again in an outburst as an orgasm ripped through her.

"Oh, stop," she said. Often my wife liked a short rest immediately after an orgasm (Yes, I can give her those myself). It was comforting to hear her familiar sigh of satisfaction as Jeremy got up. Bundled in my lap, I felt her body relax. However, stopping was not what Jeremy had in mind. He lined himself up and put his dick in my wife. "Oh!" she exclaimed. It sounded like a question, but there was no doubt about what happened. After getting worked over by his tongue, her pussy welcomed it with no resistance.

My chest felt the rhythm of his work. He moved my hands back to her ankles, "Wider," he told me. I held my arms out straight, spreading my wife as far as I could for my neighbor to fuck. His weight shifted onto her as he leaned over her body. His hands went directly on her tits, squashing them down more than she cares for and digging her shoulder into my chest. Every thrust that hit her pussy forced air from my lungs. Jeremy must have noticed as he pushed down on her even more. "Can you feel how I am fucking you?" His face was inches from mine and he was looking in my eyes as he rammed his dick into Debbie. I felt his breath on my cheek with each thrust. His reference reminded me of the ring. From my position, I could only see the small chain around the base of his cock, but I knew his balls were slapping her wedding ring against her pussy every time. Again he asked, "Can you feel it, huh?"

I nodded. I did feel every thrust he made. Did it matter that I felt it most in my chest? He might not have been literally fucking me, but he and his wife were definitely fucking with me. He rose, pulled out and helped Debbie up with a smug look of victory on his face.

Our neighbors were still getting started. Everything had to be just right. There was no chance it was spur of the moment. I was asked, or maybe told, to strip and then sit again. Debbie was placed very carefully before me. Her knees were on the floor, arms on my thighs and she looked up at me with a nervous smile.

Jeremy sidled in behind my wife. Debbie looked to the side, anticipating his entry. At the start, it was fairly normal but both of the Brooks resumed their antagonizing remarks. Shelley got on the couch beside me, "I want to see exactly what he sees." She was encouraging her husband, telling him to fuck harder and faster. Jeremy slapped her ass a couple times, the first time surprising her so much she yelped.

With her face at my ear, Shelley whispered so only I could hear. "What sort of man are you? You are naked and your wife is in your lap, but it is my husband she fucks while your dick is ignored. How does that make you feel?" I did my best to ignore her. "Oh, but she loves you. Forgot about that bit. Do you think she would still love you if you told her to stop fucking men like my husband? Or does she love you because she can fuck whoever she wants?"

I knew she was trying to get me worked up. She would not succeed, but it was probably best to go along with it. She continued to goad me, daring me to tell my wife to stop fucking Jeremy. It was obvious that she wanted me to tell her to stop so he could appear dominant when Debbie did not stop. I did it anyway. "Debbie, stop fucking him, I've had enough."

"Really?" she sounded surprised. "Can we stop, Jeremy." It was more a request than a question.

"No," said Shelley, "you can't stop." She grabbed my jeans and pulled the belt off them. She snapped the end of my belt across Debbie's butt, causing another higher pitched yelp. "Fuck, you nasty little whore! You belong to my husband. Tell him you want to please him." She did, but it was not good enough until she said it using his name. Then she made Debbie look into my eyes while saying she would do anything Jeremy wanted.

It finally seemed to placate Shelley enough to give me some space. Taking the opposite view, Shelley put her arms around around her husband's neck, watching over his shoulder. All three of them were looking at me. It felt like I was the show now. The main attraction was Debbie, things had shifted a bit.

"Wanna play horsey?" The question came from Shelley. "Answer, bitch," a slap on Debbie's ass preceded a repeat of the question. Her answer was affirmative as was expected from the bitch. I could not help wondering what she actually thought of it or even if she knew what it meant. "Oh, goodie." My belt was still in her hands. seconds later it dropped over Debbie's head. One end in each hand, Shelley pulled it back against my wife's neck. "Giddy-up!" and the belt was pulled tight. Telling my wife to lift her arms while she pulled back just managed to lift her off my lap. Jeremy had to push her butt away to keep fucking her.

Debbie was struggling and I could not help myself. I grabbed the belt and yanked it out of Shelley's grip. "Oooh, he's a bit feisty, dear. What should we do now?" I told them there was no need to hurt Debbie. She looked relieved not to have the belt around her neck.

Jeremy stopped fucking and got up. "Debbie, you have to decide." Use of her name sounded significant because of its rarity. "Are you going to continue to be my bitch, or are you resigning to go back to your husband?" Then he added. "If you are my bitch, we will continue. If not, you can both go home and you will no longer be my bitch."

This was an oral exam, but not a vocal one. I had to get up so my wife could choose. Standing beside my neighbor, our dicks were only a couple inches apart. Debbie knelt before us. "Choose by the dick you take into your mouth." My wife looked up at me and then at Jeremy. Her mouth opened wide. My wife chose our neighbor over me and her lips closed around his cock. It was not a huge surprise since she acted the part completely, but I would have been proud if she had chosen me.

During the oral interlude Jeremy informed my wife that she would have to do something extra to appease him for my disruption. What could possibly qualify as extra after what they have already done? I tried not to think about it.

For my part, I was given two options as well. First, I was free to leave but my wife, having made her decision, was definitely staying. Second, I could be handcuffed so I could not interfere again. Debbie wanted me to opt for handcuffs, so I did. It was not the most comforting idea given the present company.

Conveniently, the large footstool had a solid two inch board connecting the legs. Two sets of cuffs locked my hands to that footstool rather than together. This meant I had to sit on the floor.

Once they had me arranged to suit them, I thought I was going to fuck Debbie myself. She was straddling my legs on her hands and knees with her ass nearly in my face. Jeremy sat on her back, facing me. A bottle of lube appeared in his hand. Squirting a little on my wife he began to rub it in her crack paying particular attention to her anus. Concern welled up immediately. Caution kept me quiet.

"I know what is bothering you, but I want you to say it out loud."

There was nothing I could think of that would make it worse if I told him. "Debbie doesn't do anal."

"I can see how you might think that, but let me make a small correction." He caressed her hips and let his hands settle on her butt cheeks, all the while admiring her curves. "A more accurate statement would be that Debbie has not done anal, or even that your wife doesn't do anal. What I have here is not your wife. No, this is my bitch. You might recall a few moments ago that my bitch said she would do anything for me."

Irritating as it was, he was partly right. She had said she would do anything. Surely, no one would take that literally. The way he touched my wife, lubricating her, exploring that wonderful gap between her cheeks we both admired earlier, he clearly relished his plans. Had the entire night been about getting me to 'disrupt' them so we could get to this point and blame it on me? One finger slipped into her hole. She gasped. "Unless you want to take her place?"

It sounded like a genuine offer for me to take my wife's place. "No thanks."

Shelley left the room and returned carrying something large. "We could not decide which way to turn the bitch for this part, so this is a little treat just for you." The mirror would cover most of a door. Placing it on its side against one of the recliners Shelley checked the angle from where I sat and made adjustments until I could see a reflection of my wife clearly from the front.

For a few more minutes, I watched lubricated fingers poke into her and then two at once. Eventually, Jeremy turned and stood over my wife. Heavy balls dangled less than a foot from my nose. More importantly, the rigid cock was pointing down at her ass. The bulbous head looked too big for any virgin ass. With all the lube on her butt, her cheeks gave no objection to letting the big head locate her sphincter.

The shape of the head changed, compressing as Jeremy put weight onto his dick. My wife had her eyes shut tight, her entire face looked tense. Jeremy told her to relax. Concentration replaced the tension as Debbie attempted to relax everything. Several attempts but no success. More lube was deemed necessary and Jeremy used two fingers to try to loosen her up.

Jeremy told me not to be worried. "We will get there. My entire dick will be buried in her ass. The unknown aspect is whether she can learn to relax or if I will have to tear her open to get there." Both of us flinched at that idea and Debbie became more determined to control her body. Part of me wished she would get up and walk away, but I felt a perverted sense of pride that without any restraints she remained steady on all fours, awaiting her fate.

Was there a reason that, after years of not wanting anal sex, my wife was willing to give it up to a neighbor we barely knew? She adjusted the position of her hands. Jeremy was poised above her. Placing himself right on his target, he pushed down. Gradually increasing his pressure, he started to make progress. Debbie let out a strained grunt. The head was still not through. A squeal pierced the air. My wife looked like she had seen a ghost. Then I looked at her ass. The head of his cock was no longer visible, just a strong thick shaft protruding from her anus. Debbie was breathing louder with her mouth open wider than when it was full of Jeremy.

Now that he broke through he steadily and patiently eased the shaft of his penis deeper. Working it in, he would lift a bit and then drop a little lower than the previous time. By the time half his length was in her ass, my own dick was throbbing. My wife was being taken anally and I had been distracted by how hot it looked. The reflection in the mirror showed her gritting her teeth, struggling to adjust to the stretching of her ass. There was a slight quiver in her jaw.

"Come on, dear," I almost forgot about Shelley. "Enough of this gentle giant. Show them who is in charge. Show me some pillage and plunder. Conquer the enemy and make whores of their women." Perhaps Shelley simply wanted to direct a porn film. Jeremy certainly had the size for it. He takes direction too, from his wife at least. Now that I think of it, Shelley had a great body too, yet I have not even seen much cleavage.

The last few inches went down in one go. Debbie screamed. I flinched myself only to my arms jolted as the cuffs hold me back. The penis in front of me pulled half way out and then plunged back into her all the way. Predictably, both speed and force increased. This up close view of a meaty cock spearing a hot ass was captivating. I tried to imagine it was a porn film and had nothing to do with my wife. The impact of his pelvis on her hips produced a dry pounding slap, very distinctive from her pussy. His balls actually bounced off her body and I saw a glint of light.

Spotting a glint of the ring brought me out of my trance and back to reality. This was still my wife no matter what I pretend it to be. I looked in the mirror. It was a brave face, troubled and enduring what she must. There was a streak down one cheek where a tear had run.

Technically, I think Jeremy kept the same pace and strength as he fucked my wife. But after seeing her face it seemed more brutal, as if he was trying to conquer someone as his wife had directed. It went on and on. After thirty seconds I felt it was enough, but this went of for ten minutes or more.

Finally, he pulled out. Things were a bit frantic as he ordered Debbie around, saying he was about to cum. Her head was in my lap, lying on the floor to my left. Jeremy knelt beside her facing me and straddling my legs. He took her ring off his cock, getting my wife to hold it between her lips. Shelley was on my right, eager to see things unfold.

The tight O of Debbie's lips followed the shape of her ring, with the diamonds to one side. Jeremy worked his dick in his hand until he started cumming. Shelley said, "This is what your marriage is worth." The first streak sprayed off the ring, coating the diamonds. The next two shots flew cleanly through the center of her ring and into Debbie's mouth. Another overshot, leaving streaks not just on her cheek, but across my dick as well. The rest came more slowly and Jeremy squeezed the last drops out, carefully lowering the stretching ropes of cum through the ring.

Using his cock Jeremy pushed his dick down, knocking the ring into Debbie's mouth. She licked the head while he spoke.

"It was kind of you to join us this time, Mick." Are we back to being polite now? "Fucking your wife is always great. There is a real freedom when there are no demands on me and I can treat a woman however I want. On the other hand, it's always nice to go back to the special woman you respect and admire. If you take your wife home early tonight, I can make sweet love to Shelley."

Jeremy went on to explain why I have never seen his wife naked. He treats her like a queen and sex with her is always loving and gentle. She is never shared with anyone. The use of bitches was Shelley's idea to appease the carnal animal in Jeremy. Once the beast is satisfied, she gets to have the gentle man for herself.

"I guess what I want to say is thanks. Thanks for letting me treat your wife like a blow-up doll."

Finally, he took his dick out of Debbie's mouth. We all watched her take the ring from her mouth and put it back on her finger. Shelley handed my wife the keys to my cuffs so she could release me and we both got dressed. As we were about to leave Jeremy had one more thing to say. "Before you go, bitch. Remember, Debbie doesn't do anal. Your ass belongs to me and Mick is not allowed entry. He couldn't convince you after years of marriage, so he doesn't get to benefit from my spoils." He opened the door for us. "Have a good night, Mick, bitch."

In my gut I knew she would follow his orders. She had become too attached to the idea of being his bitch. Plus, she often referred to me as the nice guy, the gentle man, even the man she could trust. They just felt like words at this point. Hearing Jeremy tell her I was not allowed in her ass left me unable to think of anything else as we walked back home.

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