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Surprise First Swap

A married couple on a cruise have a first time experience
She thought back to all the sexy teasing and comments made in jest, the exciting naughty thoughts and ideas expressed out loud to entice his imagination. Suggestions made, subtle references, blatant comments, bawdy hints; not expressions of desire, or wishes or fantasies, but teasing erotic thoughts, designed to entice and arouse. He got so excited when she did it, and his excitement aroused her.

These thoughts swept through her as Tyler pulsed the grip on her hand in time with the pulses of his hips against hers, pressing himself against her. She felt his hardness against her belly, the need in his hand, saw the desire in his eyes and the confidence and arousal in his smile. She saw his carelessly mussed hair, dark and wavy, his tanned face with the small curved scar on the left side of his chin and the small crinkles at the corner of his blue, blue eyes. She felt his shoulder, strong and firm and shifting under her hand, felt him sway and press against her as they moved to the music, his tall, strong body pressing against her slight and lithe figure. She smelled his scent, his man smell mixed with cologne, a faint odor of alcohol from his breath.

She looked over Tyler’s shoulder and saw Ty's wife dancing with Kevin.

And she wondered if somehow she had set this in motion somehow, with those comments to Kev, the innuendos and teasings. She wondered if perhaps she had secretly wanted it and subconsciously pursued it or inspired it. Subconscious or not, the idea of it, the possibility of it, made her breath catch and her heart race. Between her legs she felt her pussy throb inside. And she wondered, pressing herself against Kevin’s hardness and squeezing his hand back, if she would stop it if it happened.

No, she convinced herself, it had not been a fantasy. She had not lain awake dreaming of this, had not masturbated alone, thinking of another man, had not imagined another as her husband entered her. The verbal games were arousing but they were games only, played as couples play, teasing each other. They were not things Kevin said to her either, not wishes he expressed but he played along, and they enjoyed it together, safe in the knowledge that they had each other, were for each other, perfect together.

And yet, here on the second-to-last night of their second honeymoon cruise, she swayed to the music in the arms of another man, pressing herself gently, feeling his aroused member pressing into her belly. And he was handsome, warm and friendly, charming and easy to like. Easy to desire. Another time, another man or situation and she would have pulled away, politely excused herself. If someone had pressed against her as obviously and aggressively at Ty was doing now, there might have been harsh words, or even a slap. But she didn’t resist or discourage. She allowed. She returned. She felt comfortable and attracted to him in a way she had never before since marrying Kevin, had never allowed for the possibility. But here she was, feeling like the woman she pretended to be with Kev when she teased him. Dancing close with another man, a handsome, attractive and aroused man who was making his desire known to her.

And nearby Kevin danced with Tyler's wife, a beautiful and desirable woman. She wondered then if her own husband’s cock was hard, and pressing into her, needy and obvious, and if Veronica returned the pulses and press as she herself was doing. What was Kev thinking? Were memories of the teasing comments running through his mind as well? Was Tyler's wife reacting the way she was? And what would her husband think of the way she felt right now, of her reaction to this smooth and friendly handsome stranger? What would he think if she knew how this erotic dance was making her feel, that she was enjoying this opportunity to dance with another man, allowing herself to be aroused, to be stimulated. To be attracted. To want, and to feel desire for him, to enjoy the press into her midsection as they pressed close.

How would he react if he knew that she was wondering how this night would end, that she was starting to allow that it might lead somewhere Kevin and Linda had only been in teasing words and ideas before?

The song changed and they continued to dance, the beat somewhat slower, the dance more sensual, closer and more connected. Bodies brushed each other through light, casual clothes, so little separating them. Her arousal made her aware of each distracting contact. Would they dance all night? They couldn't, she knew, but she didn't want this moment to end; in her mind it concluded only one of two ways. Stop or Go. And she wasn't sure, in her current aroused state, if she wanted it to end, and to never know what might have been. She was attracted to this man, to his face, his personality, his body. But she surely didn't know if she wanted what might happen to actually happen.

Another song was ending. She felt a small panic ripple through her, fearful of the moment the music stopped and a decision might need to be made. Would the band take a break? Would they stop dancing? When they stopped and returned to their seats, what would happen? Would the band continue? Would they dance another song? To a relief, the band began another tune, and the dance continued, delaying a crossroads. To her distraction and delight, she felt his hand slip lower on her hip, resting on the top of her butt. Brushing fingertips explored lightly, and to her further surprise she didn't pull away. She risked a glance at her husband, saw him shuffling in place with Tyler's wife Veronica. Nika, he called her. Not dancing as much as pressed against each other, arms around each other almost like lovers, shuffling back and forth. Whispering. Kevin looked sexy and desirable in her arms, so romantic and alluring. Emboldened, she allowed her own hand to slip from Tyler's and wrapped her arms comfortably around his waist, resting her head on his shoulder.

"That's nice," he said into her ear, his nose nuzzling her neck. "You dance wonderfully."

"I really don't think,” she replied with a teasing lilt, aware of his hard member pressing at her, “that it's my dancing you like." She had not said something so suggestive to a man other than Kevin since, well, Kevin. It stroked her libido.

His hips pressed into her and he delivered a soft moan into her neck, his breath warm, sending tingles from the top of her head to her pussy. "You're so right," he told her. His words sent a chill down her spine. "It's not. I'll take the dance." She glanced over at Kevin. His hand was cupping Veronica's butt cheek through her thin skirt. She felt lips on her neck. "But it's you I want."

She melted. Her hips pulsed against his, pressing against his hard cock. She tightened her arms around him.

And the song ended. She stood stock still a moment, afraid that if she moved the spell would be broken, the moment lost and the chance ended forever. An opportunity forsaken, never to come again. As Tyler’s hand snaked down her arm and his fingers slipped into hers, she saw Kevin and Veronica returning to the table, arms wrapped around each other’s waists, comfortable and relaxed like lovers.

She returned the squeeze to Tyler's hand. She looked up into his eyes as their bodies parted, a glancing contact remaining at hip, arm, thigh. She took a deep breath as they turned to the table, Tyler's arm snaking around her waist.

Kevin was sitting inside the cushioned curved seat behind the table, Veronica sitting back against him, her head resting against his shoulder, holding his arms around herself, pressed across her just beneath her breasts. Kevin's eyes glistened above her hair at his wife as she approached in another man’s arms. Their eyes traded ideas and emotions as Linda arrived at the table with Ty.

"Your wife is a wonderful dancer," Tyler said to him, breaking the silent visual dialogue Kevin was having with his wife. "I love the way she moves." He pulled the chair out and held it for Linda, one hand remaining on her bare arm, not breaking the contact.

"Veronica as well," Kevin said, and he nuzzled the back of her neck. She giggled and pulled his arm tighter against herself.

"Yes, she's incredible," Tyler said, sitting, and resting his hand boldly on Linda’s exposed leg at the bottom edge of her skirt. She warmed and pulsed, and his next words faded under the seductive impact. "In many other ways, as well." Had Tyler just told her husband that he could have sex with his wife? The thought of Kevin fucking this woman hit her with a power she had not expected, a rush of lust and incomprehensible desire to imagine, to watch, to see. And it struck her, then, that Tyler was clearing the way for his seduction of her as well, and she felt her pussy ache and moisten again at the thought.

"Maybe we should take this somewhere else," Veronica offered, "but first, I have to find the ladies room," she added. She slipped herself from Kevins's arms, giving Linda’s husband a gentle squeeze as she extricated herself and shuffled from the seat, sliding out towards Linda. As she emerged, Linda saw the movement had pulled her skirt high; reaching the edge of the cushioned bench, the lower hem was above her legs, and Linda got a glimpse of naked shaved pussy between her thighs. The woman was wearing no underwear! Kevin had been feeling bare ass through her skirt!

"Oopsie!" she laughed with a raised eyebrow to Linda, and dropped her skirt when she stood, and then extended a hand to her. "Come with me, Linda," the younger girl offered, and robotically, still musing at her bold attire, she stood and they walked, her hand resting lightly in Veronica's. She walked behind the other woman as if in a dream, disconnected and careless of the sudden departure from her accepted reality.

The rest room, thankfully, was empty as Veronica turned to her while the door closed. "I just wanted us to talk, first," she said, sounding almost conspiratorial; friends sharing a secret. "To make sure you were okay. You seem a little," she touched Linda's upper arm, holding it tenderly, "flustered." She smiled, a warm and friendly smile, but there was a danger behind her eyes. No, she thought. Not danger. Daring. "Tyler and I, we play, together. You know what I’m talking about?"

Linda thought she knew where this conversation was going because her imagination was already there. But she shook her head, not trusting her feelings to lead her, wanting to hear the words; for real. "We play around. With others," Veronica explained. "We swing with other couples," she added plainly. "We like you guys; we've been hanging out off and on for the last few days, and we like you. A lot. I saw you with Tyler; the attraction is obvious. But we didn't know if you guys were up for it."

"Kevin seems to be," she heard herself say, and Veronica's smile spread across her face.

"Yes, he does. But I get the feeling this is not something you've done before?"

"Oh, gods, no," she blurted, then heard how it sounded. "Oh, I didn't mean, I mean, what you do is, you know, I don't think badly-"

"It's okay, I've heard worse. I just wanted to know if you had done this before, or if you were newbies. And listen, if you decide it’s not for you, hey, that's okay, I understand. But it looked like you and Ty were connecting pretty well, there." She inclined her head. "I wanted to know if we were overstepping, if you were comfortable."

"I, uh…" she stammered.

"Do you want to?"

"Yes," she blurted before she could think, her body speaking for her.

"O-oh," she grinned, eyebrows lifting, "good," Veronica winked. "You're gonna enjoy Ty, I just know it." She leaned in and kissed Linda on the cheek. "I gotta pee," she snickered. Linda went into a stall as well, relieving the pressure of her bladder, wondering if it really would go as far as the other woman had said. Wondering if she wanted it to. Wondering if she would stop it. Wondering what it will be like. Lost in thought, she almost missed the question from the other stall.

"You're okay with Kevin fucking me?"

She found herself unable to answer. It was in the open now; real, not imaginary. Not possible. Probable. Likely, even.

"Because I'm really hot for him," Veronica prattled on from the next stall, undaunted by her lack of answer. "I can't wait to see his cock; it's been pressing against me all night. I'm gonna suck him till he cries, I swear," she blurted, then flushed.

Still sitting, Linda realized she was done, and pushed the image of Veronica of her knees in front of Kevin out of her mind and finished her business. She came out to see her at the sink, waiting for her.

"So? You okay with that?"

The image returned in a rush when she saw the lust on the other woman’s face, a reflection of what she was feeling. Kevin with his head back, cock hard and jutting from his trim torso, shaft in Veronica's mouth.

"Y-yes, yes," she stammered, then gushed, "can I watch?"

"Fuck yeah, you bet!" she answered enthusiastically, and hugged her tightly. "O-oh, for a first-timer, you want the whole deal! You're a dirty one, aren't you?"

She looked at herself in the mirror, trying to reconcile the comment with her self-impression. No, she thought, I've never been the dirty one. But the expression that looked back at her from the mirror told a different story, a naughty, daring and exciting tale of debauched desire and willing flesh and wildness unexplored.

"Maybe," she confessed. "Maybe I am. I just-" she turned to her, biting her bottom lip. "I just never felt like this before, never imagined..."

Veronica hunched her shoulders and wrinkled her nose. "If you're lucky, sweetie," she intoned, "you won't have to imagine!"

She followed the woman who wanted her husband back to the table through the sparse crowd, trancelike, floating on feet that carried her to the evening's destiny without prompting from her brain. She watched as Veronica squealed, seeing the men rise from the table like gentlemen, and flung her arms out prancing towards them, and throwing herself at Kevin. She wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders and planted a big, friendly kiss right on his lips. Then Tyler was at her side, silently slipping his arm around her back, lightly touching her, his fingers caressing, reigniting the promise of what could be as he escorted her to a seat next to him.

Veronica plopped herself into Kevin's lap, laying her head into his shoulder. She saw his hand emerge from behind her, holding her tightly to him. Veronica put her face into his ear, and she watched her husband’s mouth and eyes drop open.

"You know what Nika’s telling him, don't you?" she heard, feeling Tyler's hot breath on her neck, his words touching her as though they were solid; smooth and firm. A verbal erection. She shivered, unable to respond. "She's saying something he likes. Look at his face. Can you guess what she said?" She thought of the conversation in the ladies room, and her pussy clenched and spilled moisture into her panties.

"I- I think she said," she whispered, still facing Kevin and Veronica nuzzling each other. "I think she told him what she's going to do to him." Kevin's eyes met hers then, across the table, staring at his wife with eyes wide and ignited as Nika pressed her face into his neck. They look like lovers, she thought, and her breath caught as a tremor ran up her spine. Seeing him so excited, feeling as excited as he looked, oh, God, she wanted to do this!

"What is she going to do; do you know? Did she tell you?"

Her head turned slowly, away from her husband, to this man, this attractive, sexual man, radiating his heat into her. She watched his thin, defined and gorgeous lips curl slightly at the edges, saw the crinkles at the corner of his eyes. Unbidden, her hand was at his face, touching the curve of his jaw, up his cheekbone, to slide into his luxurious unruly hair. This man who wanted her. This man she wanted, so much it hurt.

"She's going to suck his cock," she hissed, "and she's going to fuck him, and she's going to let me watch them." The words felt foreign on her tongue even as she recognized her voice, felt the sounds coming from her as if with a will of their own. She stroked his hair. "And we..." she began, "...will you..." She swallowed and found her mouth dry. She reached for a glass from the table and took a long swallow, not caring that it was his. She put the glass down and turned back to him, took a deep breath. "Tyler, will you fuck me?"

"With vigor and enthusiasm, Linda," he told her confidently. He moved to her ear, his fingertips at the back of her neck, his lips, his luscious lips, his kissable lips, brushing her earlobe. "I will lick your pussy until you scream and cum in front of your man, and you will suck my cock as he watches you pleasure me," he hissed, and her nipples went so hard they ached. Her eyes closed and she shuddered. "And then I will slip my hard cock into your wet cunt and fuck the daylights out of you!"

She practically came, sitting there in the cruise ship nightclub, listening to this man, allowing him, wanting him to seduce her with his dirty talk, his vulgar terms. She felt embarrassed, feeling everyone knew she was being drawn to a man not her husband, that they would think her a slut, a wanton woman, and she straightened her spine, took hold of her desire and embraced her lust. Who cares what they think, she thought. I will have him. Jealous, she thought, they are jealous of me for having this chance, this opportunity, this risky and unforeseen pleasure. I am wanton, and horny, and desirable, and oh, I want this man inside me, in my, my...she struggled, and broke through her last barrier.

I want his cock in my cunt, she admitted. I want it all. Her brain whirled with the admission and surrender.

Tyler signed the bar tab, and she barely realized they had left, escorted by Tyler, his hands on her, touching her. She watched Kevin and Veronica in front of them, giggling, foundling each other`. Nika was bold and daring and confident. She rubbed Kevin's crotch, looking over her shoulder at her. She felt Tyler's hand on her ass cheek, and liked it. Loved it. She wanted his fingers to touch her, penetrate her. She wanted him. She stopped him on the outside deck, in the midst of scattered groups and couples, and pushed him against the railing, taking his face in her hands, pulling it down to hers as she stood on her toes. She kissed him, falling into his body, pressing herself against him, feeling the swelling against her belly calling to the butterflies inside her. His lips were firm and tender, his tongue sweet and insistent, and her mouth answered the call, loving his kiss, loving how it made her feel, loving the breakdown of resistance inside her, the surrender, loving the loving, the embrace of her passion. She loved knowing that Kevin was watching, seeing her kiss another man even as he embraced and caressed Nika just feet away.

Brazen courage swept her. Emboldened by kissing another man in front of these passengers, these strangers, she pulled back from Tyler and reached over to her husband, taking his hand from where it rested on Veronica’s stomach. She pulled him, and he slipped halfway from behind the other woman; she leaned to him and kissed him more ferociously than she had in years, swept up in the passion, the knowledge that others were seeing her kiss two men, knowing they would wonder at the display. She wore her wedding band, and so did Kevin. They would all know she was married if they saw.
Nika let out a soft sigh as Linda kissed her husband, and the sound made her look at the other woman, who gazed hotly at her. "A brazen hussy, you are," Nika said hotly. "Kissing my man," leaving the detail vague and unspoken, but Linda knew. Kevin was hers tonight; she was Tyler's. She broke the kiss and turned to her husband.

"I want this," she said to him.

"Me, too," he told her softly, "I want-" but she put her hand to his mouth, silencing him.

"I love only you." She took her hand away.

"I know," he told her confidently, "me, too."

She linked her arm through Tyler's and they resumed the walk. They went to Tyler and Nika's stateroom; it had been agreed at the club. I was larger. Room for two couples.

Tyler kissed her in the hallway again as Veronica opened the door. The butterflies had become a swarm inside her, spreading to her chest, making her breath come short, near panic with desire. She felt his hand on her ass as they kissed, pressing her into him; he was hard again, firm against her belly, and she wantonly spread herself, grinding her mound against him, up on her toes, aching. And then they were inside and the kisses continued, hands explored and clothes dropped away in a furious tumble. She was on the bed, on her back, Tyler's lovely urgent lips latched firmly to an erect nipple on her bared chest. Her head went back and her eyes closed, her fingers in his hair, inhaling the scent of him as he tortured her flesh. She felt teeth, and tongue, and then he was at the other, and his hand was between her legs. Her head lolled to the side and she saw Kevin, pants down, sitting on the loveseat, Veronica between his legs.

She was sucking his cock. She was bobbing her head up and down his length, her hand on his balls, and she looked up at Kev to see him looking at his wife with her dress bunched at her waist, Tyler's hand between her thighs stroking her wetness, fingers slipping her panties aside. She gasped, staring at her husband as another man’s fingers slipped into her pussy. Veronica looked up at Kevin, saw the direction of his eyes, and turned to look at her as well. She stroked his wet shaft, holding the swollen cockhead against her face, smiling coyly.

"She's hot, your Linda," she cooed up at him. Kevin nodded, mouth open. "He's going to fuck her so good," she added. And she held her head sideways. Linda watched her mouth open and stretch around Kevin's cock, loving it as Tyler fingered her pussy.

More clothing removed, fumbling and hurried, and then she was naked, and so was Tyler. Slim and fit, a slight covering of dark hair on his chest and stomach, a thin trail leading down to his shaved cock and balls. She saw her hands on his erection, stroking him, feeling the smooth hairless skin on his balls, delighting at the sensation. He moved. He knelt at her head. She looked up at him, saw her desire mirrored in his eyes. She glanced at Kevin, caught his eye before opening her mouth, and pulling the shaft down.

She watched her husband as she sucked another man’s cock. The illicit act made her head spin, and she lifted her head, knowing her husband watched, and crammed her mouth as far down the shaft as she could. She felt the heat, the stiffness under thin, delicate skin, the bulbous swollen head, and she salivated and drooled. Tyler groaned his pleasure, and she heard Kevin echo his delight. She answered, pumping her mouth up and down his shaft slowly, savoring the feel of his cock slipping in and out of her mouth.

And then he was moving, laying over her, facing the other way with his cock dangling in her face, and she felt fingers and something wet between her legs. She licked up at the head of his cock, sweeping a fat drop of precum from the weeping eye and swallowing, enjoying the clean texture. Then they were moving again, shifting and turning, and she was on top, her legs spread and poised over his face, his cock in her hand again, and she sucked him as she felt his tongue at her slit, swiping up, spreading her wet pussy and tasting her, delivering several long fat swipes, coating her and spreading her juices. She stroked his cock, holding the head in her mouth, sucking and swirling the delicious head with her urgent tongue.

She pulled off and cried out as his tongue found her clit, making her gasp. Electricity shot through her, and she felt a climax begin its unsubtle climb. She turned her head, saw Veronica facing her in Kevin's lap, her legs spread lewdly outside his, leaning against his back, and her breath caught. His cock was inside her, she could see it, see her shaved cunt opening, sliding up and down his shaft. His hands grappled her breasts, pulling and pinching the nipples. And then her eyes closed as Tyler's tongue danced light circles around her clit, and she felt them watch as she sucked his hard cock while he licked her.

Her climax built then, surging to the surface as his tongue tortured her button. She felt a finger at her ass, touching, playing lightly; she and Kevin had never done anything there, but this man, this man who would have her cunt, this man touched it confidently, and the instant his fingertip pressed inside she came, crying out, squeezing his shaft in her hands, anchoring her to his body.

"Yeah, cum on his face, Linda," she heard Nika urge, "soak his face, oh, fuck, that's hot, fuck, oh, fuck, I'm cumming on your man’s cock!" Struggling for breath she turned her head to see Veronica's body shaking, her head forward, tendons straining in her neck, crying out, shouting, and then screaming as a stream of clear fluid burst from her as her body shook and vibrated wildly. Kevin cried out his alarm, struggling to hold himself inside her. A second squirt, then a third, and Linda watched in fascination, her climax suddenly returning, inspired by the lurid sight of Nika squirting as Tyler licked her cunt. She shivered, and shook, and the waves broke through her, sweeping from her toes to the top of her head and she collapsed, prone over Tyler's body, her face resting in his balls, his cock pressing to her chest. She heaved long, heavy breaths as the ecstasy receded, leaving her spent and weak, but wanting more.


And she felt Tyler slip from beneath her, pull her hips up, her face and shoulders resting at the foot of the bed; she turned to see Veronica slipping off Kevin's cock, and turn around to take it back into her mouth, sucking him deep and licking her juices from his glistening shaft. But her attention was distracted by a firm, wet caress at her back door. A wet finger? No, different, smoother, but firm, she thought, and her eyes opened wide, realizing his hands were holding her cheeks apart. Kevin's eyes were wide on her and she inhaled sharply as Tyler’s tongue poked into her asshole.

Never before! But this, this man, this hot sensual man who had made her surrender, this man licked her rosebud with abandon; circling, poking, teasing her, elating her. "Oh, Kevin," she called softly, needing to share the moment, "Kevin, he's licking my ass!"

"I see, baby, I see. You like it?"

"Oh, it's glorious!" She bit her bottom lip, feeling the wet muscle circle again, then press, she felt her tight ring relax and open, welcoming the caress, and his tongue entered her, swirling inside her ass, sending electric thrills though her that she'd never before experienced.

Veronica stopped sucking Kevin's cock, and stroked him firmly, turning her head to Linda. "I told you," she said. "Tyler will rock your world. I guess you're new to ass play, huh?" she asked playfully. She released the cock and stood, walking the few steps to a bag on the nightstand. She fumbled in it but before returning she leaned to Linda's ear, and tongued it before whispering. "He's going to fuck you, now. Enjoy. And watch what I do to Kevin while you enjoy Tyler's cock!" She kissed the corner of her lips and stood.

Tyler had pulled his tongue from her ass, his hands sliding lightly over her raised ass cheeks. She felt so wild, so wanton, on her knees with her pussy open in front of this wonderful sexy man who she wanted inside her, who wanted her, desired her. And she wanted him now. She needed him now. She needed him to fuck her, fuck his cock into her wet, aching cunt.

And as the thought of what she was feeling struck her she felt it, felt the bulbous spongy head pressing at her opening, felt his hands holding her open, felt her cunt pulse, and spread, and then she groaned as the head entered her, stretching her opening. She heard herself making sounds, animal sounds, her field of vision narrowing, her existence shrinking to the feel of his cock inside her, deeper now, then pulling back, then deeper still, until his legs pressed against hers, and she felt the head bumping her cervix, deep inside her, pushing her and stretching her almost to pain. Her head swirled with the delight and her eyelids fluttered, panting hard as he began thrusting into her, his shaved balls bumping her swollen clit. She took deep breaths, riding the thrill of illicit sex with another man, and focused, and opened her eyes to see Kevin staring at her. Veronica was stroking his cock with something, a liquid. But Kevin's attention was on his wife, on her hands and knees, getting fucked from behind.

"Fuck him, Linda," he urged. "Take his cock! Fuck him good!" She raised herself up on her arms and began thrusting back onto the wonderful penetration, feeling the urgent pounding and the eager hands gripping her hips. Her breasts swung under her chest as she fucked him back, feeling her climax begin again, a deep, warm feeling inside her amplified by the fact that her husband was watching her approach climax as she fucked another man.

And then Veronica lifted a leg and squirted the liquid into her own hand. She slipped the hand behind herself, and turned her back to Linda. And she slipped a wet finger into her own ass. It was lube. She had lubed Kevin's cock, and was lubing her own ass, and showing Linda. She was going to take him in her ass.

And she came, the realization amplifying her excitement, releasing her climax suddenly, and she screamed as it took her, crying out uncontrollably, riding the wave to his insistent thrusts into her cunt.

Oh god oh god oh god ohgodohgodohgodohgod FUCK!

It was her voice but she couldn't feel the words, her brain in overload, and as her orgasm crested and flowed over her she watched Veronica slip a leg over Kevin's lap, reach down for his erection, and align it. Kevin's face. His expression. His cock, pushing into her, into her ass, the look on Veronica’s face as she lifted her head, grinning wildly at Linda, and lowered herself onto his cock. Her ass was eating Kevin’s cock, her husband’s cock. She shook as another, smaller orgasm trembled through her.

And then Linda was all the way down, and she leaned back against him, put her feet on top of his thighs and took his hands, placing them under her thighs, holding herself wide open, displaying her lewd penetration to her husband and Linda. Tyler had slowed at the spectacle, and she angled her head back to see him watching his lusty wife exposing her shaved open pussy, and below, her ass stretched wide around Kevin's cock.

"Damn, that's so hot," Tyler said to Linda. She nodded. Linda had never considered anal, and as much as this was a night of firsts, she didn't think she'd go for that. Still, his tongue had felt so good, so different. She looked at him, and he turned to see her. They'd spoken little since starting.

"Fuck me more, Tyler," she urged. "Fuck my cunt and fill it with cum." The words felt right to her, fitting her heightened state of arousal. He grinned and began his thrusting again. She turned to her husband and Veronica, watched Kevin’s slicked shaft moving in and out of her backdoor, Nika’s fingers touching her own spread pussy, rubbing her clit. Veronica caught her eye, saw her looking.

“You like Tyler's cock, don't you?" she asked. "Kevin feels so good in my ass; look at him, filling my back door." She nodded in response and licked her lip. Tyler was thrusting harder now, urgent and close, she could feel it, hear it in his grunts. "He's going to cum in you," Nika hissed hotly, and rubbed her clit faster. "Fuck, he's going to fill you with cum, fill your hot pussy."

Her words brought on another small but intense climax. She looked to her husband; his teeth clenched, face tight. She knew the look, so familiar from seeing him hovering over her. His climax was coming. The heat and pulses rushed through her as she watched Kevin, knowing he was cumming inside Veronica's ass, and her climax returned, stronger. She was panting, and her arms collapsed, dropping her face to the bed. She felt Tyler thrust and squeeze her cheeks, and suddenly felt a finger at her ass, wet and slick from her juices, pushing, slipping inside, and then he came. She felt the rush of heat, the liquid lava soaking her insides as his hips pulsed, felt the warm familiar feel of her pussy drenched in semen, heard his groan as he spilled himself inside her.

She groaned with him, feeling full and complete and utterly satisfied. She closed her eyes and her body relaxed, and he settled himself on top of her. She felt his comfortable weight in her, felt and heard his murmuring kisses on her neck, his cock still full inside her wet hole, slick and moving slightly as he gave her gentle pulses. Then he was pulling out, and she was momentarily alone. She looked up to see Kevin joining her on the bed, Tyler sitting on the loveseat with Nika. Her husband took her in his arms and held her, turning her onto her side, kissing her face.

"You are so hot, so sexy," he told her. "Did you have fun?"

"You know I did; you saw me. Oh, Kevin, I love you." She kissed him deeply, lost in his mouth and lips and tongue, holding him to her. Kissing him as she had kissed Tyler just a short time ago. "You had fun, too." She blushed, and added. "You fucked her in the ass, you sexy animal!" He grinned with victorious pride.

"That was incredible," he told her. "We have to try that at home." She nodded, silent, remembering Tyler's tongue, his finger. They stared at each other, eyes saying what words could not, that they had enjoyed others, watched each other and were thrilled, the silence confirming their excitement, acknowledging the line they had crossed together; neither sorry, both in love and in lust, closer for having shared the event.

Then suddenly Veronica's face was there with them. "Thanks, both of you," she said, and kissed Kevin, and then kissed Linda. "That was great. Thanks for sharing with us. You guys are hot," she added. "We're going to jump in the shower. Stay, and we'll hang out, if you want." She stroked their faces with soft fingertips, and excused herself. And they were alone again, just the two of them, in another couple’s room.

She touched his face. "You won't leave me for someone else, now, will you? Now that you've had another woman?" she teased, but inside there was a twinge of real jealousy, and need for reassurance.

"Depends," he kidded, "as long as you're not going to start fucking every hard cock you see."

"Never," she told him, and kissed him, held him to her, all hers after sharing him and sharing herself. "But we should do this again sometime. Soon."

"I was hoping you'd say that," he grinned.
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