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Straight Male, 69
0 miles · Tampa Bay


Hi, I’m Mark, a retired straight male who’s had a lifelong fascination with spanking. I have had all the stereotypical ‘spanko’ symptoms starting in my pre-teen years, I was intrigued with seeing anything related to spanking, fascination with the female bottom, self-spanking when needed, repeatedly looking up the word in the dictionary, etc. I can’t get enough of it and enjoy reading the related posted stories here.

I’m here mainly to submit stories for everyone to enjoy (and comment on, good or bad) and to read other’s submissions. My stories tend to be long, with a lot of background details and dialog to paint a colorful picture of what’s happening. I like the way one commenter described one of my stories, “Theatre for the mind.” That’s exactly the kind of reaction I’m hoping for! I hope you read some of them and have a similar experience. My stories are sometimes driven by a spark of reality but are 99-100% fantasy.

I’ve submitted quite a few already in the 9+ months since I started, which is because I already had the equivalent of a few novels written before I joined Lush. They are all part of the 'You Need a Spanking' series. I’m reviewing them again before submitting them and have benefited a lot from the suggestions of moderators Kat, Krystal, Cydia, and Genny. Thanks so much to you all! All my other stories have been written since I started submitting them here.

I’ve always been a person with too many things to do and not enough time to do them, and thankfully, that has continued into retirement with photography, woodworking, landscaping, kayaking, reading ... and now writing, among many other interests.

My primary interest, my true passion, is music. Always has been. Though I’m not a religious person in any way, I’ve often described music as my religion, providing joy, inspiration, solace, and community with beautiful sound.

I am a musician, having played guitar since I was 14, not counting lip-sync Beatles concerts in my backyard with cardboard guitars when I was 10. My sanctuary is my music studio, a large room housing a bunch of guitars and amps, as well as basses, keyboards, and all sorts of percussion instruments.

So, hello again to all Lush members, and I hope you try … and like one of my stories!

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Suite & Sexy - Parking Lot Ding

Carelessness in the hotel parking lot gets Kyle far more than his honesty expected!

Part One - Parking Lot Ding Briefcase in hand, Kyle made his way through the misting rain to the hotel entrance and its front desk. “Christy, I’m glad it’s you,” he said, comforted by a familiar female face, “Do you know who owns the black Escalade with c...


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