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BDSM intrigues many, while others are put off by its perceived extreme nature, but really in essence, it boils down to consent and control. If both are given freely, a sexual relationship can take on an exhilarating turn as boundaries are tested.

BDSM can broadly be broken down into three areas.

Bondage and Discipline, which can include restraints (physical or imagined) and punishment for breaking rules.

Domination and Submission, where a power imbalance between individuals can lead to new sexual discoveries.

Sadism and Masochism, which can involve giving or receiving pain, such as spanking, caning or even inflicting humiliation on a willing participant for sexual gratification.

We’re looking for hot sexy stories incorporating one or more of the above elements, and these can range from mild to the more extreme end of the spectrum.

Perhaps one partner agrees only to orgasm when allowed by the other, and spends the day being edged by a remote toy in a public setting.

Maybe a curious person tries a BDSM club for the first time, casting inhibitions aside in pursuit of pleasure.

Or maybe someone discovers that pain turns them on just as much as pleasure does, and wants to explore this more with a willing partner.

In all these stories, trust is paramount between partners, especially where consent is given with an element of the unknown still to come.

Stories should be no longer than 5,000 words in length. As always, we recommend checking out the long list of story genres for additional ideas to incorporate into your tale.

Start Date
27th Feb
End Date
15th Apr
Announcement Date
29th Apr
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