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Bare handed spanking Stories

bare handed spanking


I get spanked for being naughty.

Dressed in a crop top and cheeky shorts that don't cover much, I'm about to leave the bedroom when Sir enters. He pulls me onto his lap on the bed, playfully spanking me as our dog rushes in, whining for us to start our walk. I burst into laughter at the...

Lori Learns To Be A Shared Wife

Once she started she could not quit.

Lori, my wife of ten years, is a nose-in-the-book librarian. She doesn't know how gorgeous and sexy she is. She works at the county library in a small southern town. She dresses conservatively, some would say mousey. She is very petite with small A-cup br...

Casting Couch - part 2

I attend a casting couch audition because I desperately need the money.

As I sit naked on the couch, his request for a blowjob lingers in the air between us like an oppressive fog, smothering me with its weight and making me feel trapped. My gaze escapes away from his to the stained carpet beneath us, where the harsh lighting...

Wedding Blush

A beautiful wife loves dancing for a handsome stranger, while her husband watches...

Thomas liked watching his wife Julia dancing, she really was ‘poetry in motion,’ as they say, he just wasn't so keen on Weddings. He found them rather boring. So there he was, sitting all alone, drinking a fairly bland whiskey, amazed at his gorgeous wife...

The Couple That Spanks Together - Part 2: Peeping Tom

Bertie's turn - In which much is considered and little actually transpires.

There was no doubt about it, they were an odd couple and had been right from the beginning of their courtship. Bertie had a degree, worked as a restaurant manager, and spoke with the tone and elocution of a university lecturer. Rachel worked part-time as...

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Dear God, it was good to be home! Rachel looped her purse around the doorknob as it swung closed, and stepped gaily into the kitchen of her single-bedroom apartment. This night’s gig had been a slog – a nearly empty bar, and those that had stayed through...

Following Leap Day Tradition

An erotic, submissive twist on an old tradition.

Leap Day comes around only once every four years. One tradition associated with this rare day is that women are allowed to propose to men. Naturally, the tradition began long before women's empowerment, but as a submissive wife, I thought I'd follow this...

Mrs. Wintergreen looked very much like the contemporary businesswoman with her black leather briefcase, smartly tailored navy blue jacket and skirt, and black stockings. At first glance, the tall and slim brunette had an almost severe look about her. But...

Chloe & Simone - Chloe (YNAS) Pt. 7

Spanking is only a sidebar to Chloe's first lesbian experience.

Back on campus days later, Chloe was still feeling the afterglow of the exciting camping trip and found herself touching her bottom frequently, remembering all the spankings. She particularly loved that in one week, she’d been spanked three times by three...

Jamie Finally Gets It - Chloe (YNAS) Pt. 6

Jamie figures it out and gives Chloe another form of pleasure she wants so badly

Jamie didn’t sleep well but thought he had his thoughts sorted out and had even decided how he would present them to Chloe, but it meant holding back for a while longer, which might be difficult. He got up before Chloe, pretty much at first light, and res...

A Very Effective Treatment - Part 3

The two doctors assist a widow with her memories and grief.

Dr James Kirkham smiled as the young widow was escorted from his Harley Street consulting rooms. He accepted her thanks humbly. A lot of his clients were widows. He himself had been trained in many of his most successful techniques by his young, widowed l...