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Missy's Naughty Night Out Part 2

Which hole do I get tonight sexy girl?
Ethan walks over to me and I roll my hips again while looking ahead to the pillows. I notice a stray hair of mine on the pillow and smile. That must be from our rougher antics the other night, which I would quite like a repeat of that later on. A slap on my buttock jolts me back to the present as my cheek stings from his strike. My pussy instantly clenches and I give a light moan as Ethan clasps my hips in his large, strong hands. His fingers hook onto my hipbones and he presses his denim clad bulge against my exposed behind. Ethan loves my bum and is always eager to get his hands on and in between my peaches. Ethan squeezes my buttocks hard, denim brushing my thighs while he runs a finger down my crack.

“Which hole do I get tonight sexy girl?”

I bump back against his crotch and smile over my shoulder as I lower down to the bed. Spreading my cheeks, I show my tight backdoor and hot pink snatch. I run my fingertip between my labia and feel the glistening wetness, which Ethan must be salivating over.

“It’s your choice tonight.”

I can feel his grin as he unzips his jeans, the denim is chucked onto the chair and I feel his cockhead bounce off my thighs. I wiggle my hips and rock my body back to him before he glides his tip down my labia, my juice coats his cock as he frigs my clit. I whimper with pleasure, the anticipation has built so that my pussy is throbbing with hunger for his meat to enter me. Ethan puts a finger inside my tight wetness and I moan as he teases my g spot. My pussy is creamy with arousal as he fingers me deeper. One finger quickly becomes two before he pushes in a third.

My pussy is hugging his fingers but he drills them into me, as he knows how much I love it. I spread my legs wider and rise up onto my hands in doggy rather than face down, ass up and groan.

“Finger fuck me Buffy!”

Ethan complies instantly. One hand grips my hip while he fills my pussy with his three fingers again and begins to hammer them into me. I love his rougher handling as his arm pumps his hand against my mound. His palm slaps my thigh while his fingers plunge into my squelching cunt. Fuck, I’m going to cum in a minute. I cry out with pleasure and call his name as he brings me to an intense orgasm. I squirt and feel the juice drip down my legs and onto the sheets beneath me. Thankfully, I pulled back the duvet this morning to air the bed otherwise; the pretty duvet would be drenched!

Ethan chuckles behind me and without giving me a chance to catch my breath, drives his cock into me. I cry out as his thickness stretches me, despite the amount of sex we’ve had he still stretches me each time we couple. I have a tight teen pussy and my youthful enthusiasm is part of what first aroused Ethan when we met at the gym. Then again, he wasn’t going to complain at giving an introduction when I arrived in a crop sports top and curve hugging leggings. Two years later, he is still addicted to the charms of a dirty talking posh voiced Missy and is happy with the toned curves since then!

Ethan glides his length in and out of me, his breathing is deepened with desire as his hands continue to grip my hips. I rise up to press my back against his muscled chest and smile at him when he presses a soft kiss to my cheek. His arms wrap around my torso with one hand cupping my breast while he reaches down to rub my clit while he grinds his meat into me. Our bodies meet the rhythm our sex has created and he tenses his thickness within me. I whimper and he begins to kiss my neck, biting my delicate skin to tease my weakness. I love his kisses on my neck, his lips are full and sumptuous, a total pout when he has the playful mood for humouring my photography requests or orders.

Gently, Ethan guides me down and turns me onto my back effortlessly. His fitness and my small build enable our athleticism in exploring the karma sutra of sex. He kisses my ankles and up my calves, playfully tickling under my knees so that I squirm under his hands. He kisses up my inner thighs and teases me with his breath on my hidden space before he spreads my legs. I blush as he looks at my body hungrily. Ethan arouses me with a smile. His naked body makes me into a hungry lover needing him inside me.

Ethan takes my ankles in his hands and raises them up to his hips with my knees pulled back towards my chest. Putting my small feet on his hipbones, I catch the glint in his eyes- his secret kink is feet. Specifically my size four feet with pedicured red nails and a delicate silver ankle bracelet he bought me back from his travels in Thailand. Ethan rubs his cockhead on my clit before entering me again with just his head inside me. He wets his fingers and slides one into my rosebud with a gentle touch.

I gasp and moan as I watch more of his manhood slide into me until he fills me to the brim. He fingers me while moving within me, bringing me to another blinding orgasm in minutes as he pleasures my g spot. He squeezes in another to push me into a feeling of extreme fullness while continuing to relax my pucker.

“Are you ready for me?”

I nod and relax my muscles. I slow my breathing as he presses his tip to my pucker. The pressure steadily increases as I open up to him and he pushes into me gently. I gasp as my sphincter stretches around him and feel my pulse race at the sharpness of his entrance coupled with the pleasure of his penetration. Ethan strokes my calves and looks to me with a trace of concern.

“You’re so tight Missy.”

He slowly withdraws from me and fetches lube from the bedside draw, giving a generous amount to his cockhead and my pucker. He presses himself back against me and this time slides into me with ease. I moan with pleasure at the fullness as he holds me ankles up to his chest to grind into me as he fills me as far as he can. His balls swing against my buttocks as he works into me, he picks up speed to glide within me as pleasure breaks across his face. I know he will come soon as he twitches within me and I ready myself for his seed.

Ethan leans down and kisses me gently on the lips, my knees pressed against my chest as he takes advantage of my flexibility. He groans against my mouth and leans back, pushing himself deeper into me as he spurts ropes of seed into my tight canal. I moan as he rubs my clit while he comes, triggering another gush of cream onto his cock as our bodies tremble together. He lowers my legs slowly and lies his weight onto me, wrapping his arms beneath my torso in a tight hug. I can feel his heart beat as our chests press together and lie back in post orgasmic contentment.

After a while, he kisses down my neck and chest before pulling back. His softened cock withdraws from my satisfied pussy coated in my juices and his cum. I blush and get up before his seed drips onto the sheets. Ethan hugs me close and kisses my cheek.

“How about we take a shower together and get into bed Missy?”

I smile and kiss him on the lips, cupping his face in my palm. His tenderness after sex always gives a wonderful conclusion to the numerous orgasms.

“That sounds like a plan Buffy.”

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