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What happens on the bus lasts forever

Kevin never knew what was going to happen on the band bus
Some may think when the marching band travels that we areall a bunch of well behaved people who just sit there....HA! I am glad that is not true. My name is, Kevin I was a 17 year old junior at the time. This is the story of how I got to be with some amazing then 16 year old sophomores, and met my love.


It was the first road game of the year, and it was a 35 minute bus ride. The truck is all 77 of us get into 4 buses. I was absent the day buses were assigned so I got placed in the least crowded bus. There were a few people whom I have classes with, but mainly sophomores, a few seniors who just want to be left alone at the front of the bus. I put my bag with uniform on a seat that had a pile of others, and I take my seat in the seat across the aisle.

“Hi Kevin.” I hear one of the girl behind me, I look back and it is Becca.

“Oh, hi Becca” I say smiling at her.

Becca, is a 5’9 red head, she is a bit crazy in a good way. Anyway, she is sitting next to Cassandra, a 5’9b black haired, who likes to flirt a lot. The bus finally, departs for Oxford, I sit back and just relax and also listen in on the conversation in front of me, between Jessica, and Melissa.

We get to Oxford and the night went on, we won the football game 18-10. We get back on the band buses ready to go home. As we are on our way back home the bus is slightly quiet, except I hear some soft moans coming behind me. I turn to look back but Melissa in front of me calls for me.

“Hey Kevin, can you put my hair up in a ponytail for me please?” She asks in her sweet little voice when she wants something.

Melissa, is a 5’10 brunette, who treats me like a friend, but not so close friend most of the time. Next to her, is her best friend, Jessica. Jessica, is a 5’7 blond, who loves to use her good looks to get what she rarely works. I put Melissa’s hair up and listen in on her and Jessica talk...still.

We get back to the high school, and the moaning has stopped and that bummed me out. I never got to find out who was doing that. Maybe next, road trip I will be able to find out.

“Alright, how long of a ride is this?” Melissa asks me, the next Saturday as we all load up our instruments onto the truck.

“It is about an hour and a half ride, why got a hot date?” I ask nudging her playfully.

She just rolls her eyes at me as we get onto our bus. I put my bag down in the seat with all the others. I go to sit across from that seat, but Becca grabs my wrist.

“Sit across from us.” She smiles.

I shrug and I sit down in the seat across the aisle from Becca and Cassandra. We get going, and like before, the ride is boring. Except during a part of it, I looked over and I see Becca, who is asleep, and Cassandra who has her hand down her shorts rubbing her pussy. I watch amazed at how well she is keeping her moans down, even though she is picking up her speed. I watch adjusting myself to prevent my erect cock from being exposed from under my shorts. She then pulls her hand out of her shorts when Becca starts to slowly wake up. I quickly cross my leg a bit and look out the other window.

The music festival goes on without anything exciting happening, outside of awesome performances of course. We get all loaded up and back on the buses. I sit back in the same seat as I did before but the seat with all the uniforms has switched to where I would of sat. Instead in front of me, is Melissa and Jessica.

A short time after departing for home, Melissa slides next to me.

“Yes may I help you?” I ask playfully.

“Jessica is asleep so I am giving her the seat, hope you don’t mind.” She says with her cute smile with her braces.

I just smile, and sit there. I look over at Becca and Cassandra and my eyes go wide open to what I see. I see the two, naked, with Becca sitting on Cassandra’s lap. Cassandra is rubbing Becca’s pussy as Becca grinds her ass against Becca’s pussy. The two are making out to prevent from moaning loudly.

“Oh my,” I whisper softly.

“Oh my, look at them go.” I hear Melissa say.

I look down and there she is leaned over slightly. Her face is about 3 inches from my rock hard cock too. She looks up at me and winks. I slowly rest my hand on her tight firm ass and start to rub it. Melissa pulls her shorts down and allows me to rub her bare ass.

“Mmmm you have a soft touch, and these two girls are hot going at it” she giggles.

She then places her hand on my cock that was covered by my shorts. She looks up at me, and pulls my shorts down, my 6 inch long cock coming out to greet her. She slowly slides it into her mouth and starts to suck me.

“Ohhh Melissa.” I moan softly.

She stops and turns around and starts to lower her asshole onto my cock, I groan a bit as her tight ass slides along my cock. I wrap my arms around her slender body and she starts to ride me. During this time, Jessica has woken up and moved over to our seat. She is now naked. I look over at her big 30D breasts and she smiles.

“Having a little fun on the bus huh?” she asks smirking.

I smile back. She then leans forward, lifting Melissa’s shirt revealing her 25C breasts. Jessica then wraps her mouth around one of Melissa’s nipples, and slides two fingers into her pussy. Melissa then reaches over and inserts a few fingers into Jessica’s pussy.

“Oh fuck, yea” I moan softly.

I lean my head forward a bit bitting and sucking on Melissa’s shoulder as I start to cum in her ass. She is sent over the top with this and cums on Jessica’s fingers who cums on Melissa’s fingers. Us three sit there panting. We look over at Becca and Cassandra and they are panting as well.

“What fun on a bus huh” Cassandra says giggling.

“Oh yea, so much fun.” I say laughing a bit.

We all get dressed and Melissa and I cuddle the rest of the way home. Jessica sat with Becca and Cassandra and made out the rest of the way home with them. Now, Melissa and I have been together since, and get together with the other three for some more fun. 

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