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Earning Her Grade

"A student ask her older, married professor for extra credit"

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Laney fumbled her backpack, using it as a distraction to subtly lock the door behind her. She had arrived on time, punctual just like her professor preached. The semester was coming to an end with only a couple of weeks left and since there was a strict policy against making up lost or failed coursework, her only option had been to arrange a meeting with her professor to ask him for extra credit work.

Professor Gerrard fixed his glasses, focusing his eyes on the computer screen in front of him. "Good morning, Miss Laney," he said.

"Morning, professor," she said, walking up to one of the two chairs placed in front of his large, wooden desk.

"Here for the, er, extra credit, correct?" he asked, taking a moment to glance over at her while she placed her backpack on the floor.

This morning her outfit was in line with what she had worn all semester long, a solid-colored blue T-shirt that barely covered her belly button, a white, pleated skirt that challenged the student dress code with its short length, and matching blue flats. She was the type of girl that turned heads, mostly generating lust from the boys and jealously from the girls, and she knew how to wield such power.

Before she could sit down, he said, "Come here, take a look at what you've gotten yourself into."

She walked around his desk, commanding his attention, and purposefully leaning forward on his desk to get a closer look at the screen showing her grades while nonchalantly allowing him to see the bottom of her well-proportioned ass cheeks.

"Well, I mean, that's what I'm here for," she said, adding a slight sway to her hips.

Mesmerized by her seemingly inadvertent offering, he struggled for words even as a Regents Professor. "It's hard, yes, very hard," he said.

I bet you are, she thought, knowing that it was a Freudian slip that revealed her upper hand.

She stayed motionless for a moment, testing his resolve as a married man, while surreptitiously sliding off her right shoe but keeping the left one on as she needed every bit of help to add height to her petite frame.

He was not only highly regarded as a professor, but as a man in the community, and this was far from the first time he had been tempted by a student in his career. He carried himself with class and respect, forming strong connections with those around him and leading by example in all of his endeavors. However, in the depths of his mind where his darkest fantasies dwelled, he had promised himself not to pass up the following opportunity as it could be his last.

The duality of man clashed in his mind, fiercely pitting opposing moralities against one another, but the fight to resist his carnal urges was ultimately not decided by him, but by her as she lifted her right leg and placed her knee on the edge of the desk. Suddenly, the only thing standing between him and uninhibited pleasure was the tiny strip of cloth of her blue G-string, which served to double down on her intentions as it matched her outfit and allowed for easy access.

He had simulated the scenario many times, tasking his analytical mind with finding the optimal path, but nothing could have prepared him for this. Her ripe, wanton flesh rendered him a reactionary beast, one that salivated at the thought of satiating its voracious appetite. He stood up, loosened his tie, and reached down to pull the string between her ass cheeks out of the way to reveal her glistening and swollen, pink labia.

"You got a perfect behind, young lady," he said, in the same tone he used to compliment the good work of his students.

In his younger days, female students had come on to him, but he had managed to stay faithful to his wife and moral compass, knowing that the timing wasn't right for his career. However, what nobody knew was that he was an avid porn consumer, and that he had long-craved a sculpted ass like the ones his favorite porn stars showed off in the videos.

It wasn't until recent years that he began seeing such physiques roaming the campus, mostly thanks to the surge of the fitness community on social media, but even then there wasn't a single one that held a candle to Laney's Division 1 athletic figure. She was the perfect choice for this impromptu real-life porn scene.

She held on to the front edge of the desk in anticipation. Hearing him freeing his erection, followed by his eager touch to spread out her right ass cheek and rub his engorged tip along the length of her slit until it was positioned at her entrance.

I'm old enough to be your father, he thought, attentively watching his inches slot into her welcoming warmth as it adjusted to his dimensions. But you fucking love being a tease.

Almost as if reading his mind, she urged him, "Fuck me, daddy."

Her words encouraged him, but it wasn't like he needed any extra motivation to seize the moment he had envisioned for years. His wife took care of his needs mostly with fellatio, saving penetration for special occasions, but the combination of warmth and wetness emanating from Laney was unlike anything he had ever felt from his wife or previous partners. He knew he had found his new addiction, an obsession that would require frequent indulgence.

He savored bottoming out into her depths before entirely pulling out from her reluctant grip then pushing it back inside. He placed one hand on her waist to hold her skirt in place, and the other on top of her propped ass cheek, relishing her softness contrasting against his fingertips. He repeated the same penetrating motion to feel her walls stretching to accommodate his girth.

He got into a steady rhythm with his hips, one that allowed him to ignite her erogenous zones that further increased her lubrication to the point it dripped down her inner thighs. Consumed by the eroticism, he disregarded the sound of her ass clapping against his thighs that added to their risk of getting caught.

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Looking down between her cheeks, he was entranced by the sight of his member disappearing and reappearing, each time with seemingly more of her natural cream spread on his shaft. He clenched his teeth to stave off his urge to climax that grew harder to contain with every ripple on her ass that showcased her ability to take a pounding.

She was more experienced sexually than most of her peers, often hooking up with other athletes, including a couple of the same sex, but she was yet to be with a guy who didn't lose his orgasm control when fucking her from the back. It was something she didn't mind, opting instead to see it as a sexual compliment that she took pride in.

He knew that people were walking dangerously close to the door outside, that maybe another student was waiting for him, but he ignored such anxiety in favor of pulling his hand back and releasing a forceful spank that immediately reddened her skin with his mark.

Her pussy involuntarily reacted to his moment of dominance, forcing a light stream of juices to trickle out of her that asked him for another spank. She turned to look back at him, biting her lower lip to muffle her moans as he granted her a rougher treatment than she was used to.

"I've never been fucked this good," she said, realizing it came out a bit louder than she wanted.

Hearing such an admission of pleasure nearly sent him over the edge, but he regained his footing and continued punishing her wetness. He wasn't the youthful stallion he used to be, which meant he had to rely on his experience to ensure his partner finished before him.

He had figured out she liked a dominant approach, so he took it upon himself to reach as far up as he could to grab a handful of her honey-brown hair and pull on it while maintaining the same thrusting intensity. That once again forced her sopping pussy to squeeze him and enhance the sensations for the two of them.

"You like how I treat you, don't you?" he asked, with her gripping warmth giving him a preliminary answer.

Confirming her kinkiness, she replied, "Ohhmm, fuck yes, Daddy."

Invigorated by her soft moans, he pressed his thumb on her puckering rear entrance, applying pressure on it until it welcomed the tip of his probing thumb. He traced a circle on her sphincter, adding stimulation that braced her orgasmic structure and made her juices run liberally down her leg to signal her impending climax.

The differences between them were plenty, but they were united by a shared carnality. Amidst their passion, their differences were blurred. United by the fulfillment of lust, the naughtiness heightened their arousal and urged them towards the edge of pleasure.

She brought her right hand over her mouth as her planted leg buckled under the pleasure. It had finally happened, someone with the sexual prowess to make her orgasm from behind and it was none other than her professor. Her pussy collapsed around his cock, tempting it for a mutual release with a strong squeeze.

"Mmnngg, fuck," she said, barely audible through her hand.

He buried his length between her spasming walls, rubbing his tip against the entrance to her womb, then swiftly moved his hands to hold her up and dig his fingertips into her flesh. Aided by her tightness, he felt every pulse of his cock as it unleashed repeated spurts of its orgasmic reward until her warmth was flooded with his own.

They remained still for a moment, allowing the post-orgasmic bliss to settle throughout their bodies, before he pulled his cock out and saw his seed starting to leak from between her now reddened labia.

In the immediate aftermath, she glowed with her carefree persona. "That was intense," she said.

For him, it was all the contrary as he could feel the giant wave of reality about to crash down on him, but he was keen on not showing even the slightest bit of fragility to her.

"You certainly earned your grade," he said, watching attentively as she fixed her G-string and made it disappear between her cheeks.

"Oh, and I won't tell anyone," she assured him. "So don't worry about that."

"Of course, call it professor-student confidentiality, just make sure to sign up for my class next semester, young lady," he said, masking his anxiety while masterfully using his wit to shrewdly plant seeds of lust in her mind.

"Absolutely, I know I can learn so much from you, professor," she flirted, flashing her jovial smile.

With that, their eventful meeting concluded, and he was left to his thoughts for the remaining of his office hours, He leaned back on his chair, staring blankly into the ceiling while replaying the scenes of his adultery. He tried to make sense of how to move forward. One side of him carried the guilt of infidelity to his wife of more than two decades, but the other side felt somewhat at peace knowing that he had crossed the line with the best possible candidate in Laney.

This better not ruin me, he thought, searching for something to pacify himself. But even if it does, I can't say it wasn't worth it.

He had lived an exemplary life, but now it was time for him to live in exile of the moral boundaries, which he had always felt to be too constraining for his liking anyways. It was a subject he knew well in his expertise and one that he wanted to gain first-hand experience on. Being the enthusiastic scholar that he was, he began outlining his new personal project, with the primary objective set on exploring his fantasies and Laney's submissiveness.

Written by Issabela
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