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Cheating husband Stories

cheating husband

Vengeance Ch. 1: Rendezvous

Everyone has their limits.

Twenty-one out of twenty, and I grin, sipping my cognac. I write down eighteen. Lisette needs guidance, not hubris. Her wilfulness works against her intelligence. Is this how I should spend Saturday evening? Through the tall windows, dusk deepens into nig...

Earning Her Grade

A student ask her older, married professor for extra credit

Laney fumbled her backpack, using it as a distraction to subtly lock the door behind her. She had arrived on time, punctual just like her professor preached. The semester was coming to an end with only a couple of weeks left and since there was a strict p...

Boyfriend's Dad

Finally got to my boyfriend's dad

I had my eye on my boyfriend's dad for a while now. He's not the most attractive guy but isn't bad-looking either. Fairly average all around. Average height, nice hair, nice face, and kind. I was attracted to him and often fantasized while masturbating ab...

Second Weekend With My Dad

Spending a second weekend with my Dad after he found out about my Mom's affair

Almost all my thoughts the following week were about my dad, more specifically what we did. We talked throughout the following week, telling each other we missed each other, that we wanted to see each other again, and that we were excited to be together a...

Naughty Brother-In-Law Texts

Ever wonder what happens when you mix late-night texts, PJs, and a naughty brother-in-law? 😏 Discover the risqué adventures of a seemingly ordinary night turned steamy.

It was an ordinary night when I received a text from my brother-in-law, Martin. He lives down the street, and we're close enough to interact more like friends than family members. We often share messages throughout the day about things happening in our li...

Husband Of My Homophobic Sister: Chapter 6 - After The Afterglow

We lay there for a while, my cock was still in him, and we were both breathing raggedly. Nate slowly blinked, and his eyes looked at me, dazed but gradually regaining clarity.

We lay there for a while, my cock was still in him, and we were both breathing raggedly. Nate slowly blinked, and his eyes looked at me, dazed but gradually regaining clarity. Without a doubt, I could feel his body getting tenser. He raised himself, his a...

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Female instinct

Jordan raises his hand and points. Long fingers with manicured nails. Liv holds the hand and smells it. With eyes closed, she smells it, a sweet odor on her husband's black fingers. A characteristic, soft aroma. Known smell. There is shock on the man's fa...

Brenda's Game - Chapter 11

Jim is struggling to concentrate at work. A co-worker has a problem, and a distraction for Jim.

Jim stared blankly at the spreadsheet on his computer screen, his hands hovering above the keyboard. The office smelled of stale coffee and printer ink, the distinctive scent of a long day spent indoors. Jim wrinkled his nose at the odor, trying to clear...

Risk and Reward

A married man has a risky night out with a much younger woman.

As dusk fell, the shadows deepened in my car. Morgan sat in the passenger seat, and when I glanced over at her, I found she was watching me, a smile playing upon her glossed lips. She seemed perfectly at ease in the silence between us, whereas I was gripp...

Season's Gropings

It's the most decadent time of the year.

Rick Lovett had no inkling, on arriving at Eastleigh Manor, of how comprehensively his marriage vows would be tested that night. How could he? His wife had accompanied him to the Christmas festivity, and even had she not been by his side, the moments he’d...

Mary's Christmas

A husband's affair leads his wife to a younger man, and a new start.

The weather was decent for this time of year, with only a smattering of snow on the ground and the temperatures mild. Mary gazed out the window, sipping coffee while watching the little birds flit about the feeder and bounce around in the branches of the...

Weekend With My Dad

A story about spending a weekend with my dad comforting him after he learned about my mom's affair.

My dad was in rough shape after he discovered the texts and pictures on my mom's phone that revealed an affair to him. It was with his co-worker, about ten years younger, very good looking, and charming. I took notice of him when I went to my dad's compan...