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Finally Doin’ It With Di

After years of fantasizing about my sister-in-law, the stars align and it finally happens.

One spring afternoon, I dropped by my sister-in-law Dianne’s house to drop off several items while out and about. She was home alone doing various things around the house. As is often the case, we sat down in the living room and chatted a bit about what was going on with our families and diverse other topics.

My wife was gone on a business trip, Di's husband was out on a construction project for several days, and the kids were off at school and wouldn’t be home for several hours. We both were going through seasons where things were stressful in our respective families and relations with our spouses were a bit strained. So we commiserated a bit on our respective challenges without going too deep into personal details.

I remembered I’d taken some pictures recently of a family event and asked if she’d like to see them. She was happy to, so came and sat next to me on the sofa. She scooted up next to me, put her arm behind me on the sofa back, and leaned in to see the photos. As I scrolled through and described the various photos, she rested her chin on my shoulder. I felt her chest pressing against my side and I could smell the fragrance of her soft perfume.

It was then that it happened. When I looked over to see her reaction to a certain photo, our eyes caught glimpse of one another, words stopped, and we gave searching looks into one another’s eyes. Within a short moment, we embraced in a passionate open mouth kiss with our tongues swirling about one another.

After a minute, we paused, and I asked her, “Are we ok?”

Looking at me she said, “Yes, and you?”

I paused for a moment longer and said, “I’m ok if you are.”

I set the phone to silent, put it on the coffee table, looked back, and we embraced in a prolonged kiss this time.

After a few minutes, Dianne paused, and said, “Things have been lonely lately, and that felt good, like you want this.”

I said, “I understand. Things are difficult in my scenario too. Can I share something with you?”

She said, “Sure,” then curled her legs up on the sofa, leaned on my shoulder, put a hand on my thigh, and gave a listening ear.

So I said, “I don’t know if you’ve been aware of this, but I’ve been drawn to you for some time now. Those blouses and form-fitting shorts you wear. I’ve tried to be discrete and not say anything, but I think you’ve got a nice ass. And seeing your breast cleavage, it gets me aroused.”

“Thanks Steph, I’ve seen you glance down my blouse numerous times, so I kind of sensed that, but kept it to myself.”

“Yeah? Well I like that quiet little laugh of yours, and given your playful ways, I’ve often thought you’re probably fun in bed, and enjoy sex.”

“You like my laugh, hmm?”

“Yeah, kind of makes me fantasize about you laughing and having fun while you’re getting screwed really good!”

“It does huh?  So you think about screwing me?”

“So another confession, ok?”

“Well, since we’ve broached the subject now, we might as well keep talking and exploring where this is going.”

“Ok then. Yeah Di, I’ve fantasized about making love to you for quite awhile now. Uhhh, in fact, I like watching porn and fantasizing that it’s you and me in the scene going at it, and really having fun fucking one another.”

“Really?? So Steph, have you ever said anything to my sister about that?”

“No, it’s just my own private fantasy.”

“So what do you watch and what do you think about doing with me?”

“Well there’s this European brunette pornstar who looks a lot like you – similar facial features, B cup tits, and a bubble butt like you – and she’s smokin’ hot in her scenes. She really likes multiple partners and getting a couple cocks at the same time.”

“So you think about screwing me with some other people?? I enjoy sex with my husband, but not sure about also with someone else at the same time, that’s kind of outside my familiarity zone.”

“Ok, I can understand that. So, yeah, I’ve fantasized about you a lot.”

“And when you do, so do you masturbate while you watch the porn and pretend like it’s me? Um, and I guess, do you cum thinking it’s me??”

“Ok, so the answer to that is yes, and yes. So, question for you: how’s that make you feel?”

“Hmmm, since we’re openly talking about that and sex now. Kind of makes me feel good I guess, knowing that another guy is attracted to me, and maybe a little horny that he’s thinking about fucking me,” she said with a smile and nervous giggle.

By this point, Di was rubbing my thigh with her left hand and kind of toying with my hair and earlobe with the other hand. I looked at her and said, “Ok, so where are we right now?”

She said, “We’re here alone together right now and no one else will be back for several hours.”

“Yeah, you shared you were feeling kind of lonely lately. I’ve been feeling a little distant in my situation as well the last several months. Would you like to…?"

I didn’t finish my sentence; rather it kind of tapered off to a silent moment with each of us contemplating things.

Di asked, “So what’s this mean? Is this a one-time fling, would it potentially happen more?”

“I don’t have an answer for all that, but for here today, do you...” our words trailed off.

We looked at one another, then slowly drew together, and kissed deeply again for several minutes. This time I held her head behind her neck with one hand to hold her close, and carefully squeezed a breast with the other hand. At the same time, she held a hand over my hand on her breast and began softly stroking the growing bulge in my pants.

We broke our kiss, she looked into my eyes, and whispered, “I want your desire, and I need some hard cock loving.”

I looked back at her with a gentle smile and said, “And I want to hear that cute little chuckle of yours while you’re having fun and enjoying me fucking you in the pussy. Yes?”

“Ok, Yes! And today you don’t have to pretend that porn chick is me, ’cause you get to screw me for real.”

With that, we locked in an aggressive session of tongue wrestling while I began lifting her blouse and she began undoing my belt buckle and zipper. She lifted her arms and with a quick sweeping motion, her top was off, revealing a pink satin wire support bra and those nice B cup tits I’d been tantalized by for soooo long.

I stood and kicked my shoes off. Dianne pulled my pants down, I stepped out, standing now in a polo shirt and red patterned briefs. The big bulge in my shorts was obvious. I then kneeled down and undid the front of her shorts, she hunched up on her heels and I quickly pulled those form fitting shorts down to find a matching pink satin thong concealing her pussy and the strap running up between her ass cheeks. Now the fun was about to begin in earnest.

While kneeling positioned between her spread legs, I looked at her and said in an envious tone, “Ok Di, I’ve been wanting for years to see your nipples. Pull your bra down and show ’em to me, baby!”

“My wish is your command,” and she tugged the cups down to reveal nice quarter size areolas with light brown smallish nipples.

“Sweet Di, now I’m going to do something I’ve also been longing for.”

I leaned over and took one breast in my mouth while working both with my hands. She gave a quiet moan and I alternated sucking and nibbling on each tit. She wrapped her legs around my hips and held and caressed my head while I worked her soft tits.

This was obviously giving her pleasure while she said, “You like those, don’t you, babe? Yeah, love and tease my tits with your hot mouth, lover boy.”

After a bit, I looked up and embraced her in another kiss while I pinched and rubbed her nipples between thumb and forefinger on each hand.

She was getting into the breast stimulation when she said, “Lean up. My turn to start getting you warmed up.”

She sat up, looked at my bulge, and then said, “Let me see if what I suspected is true. I’ve seen you in Speedos, and if what my sister shared is accurate,” then slipped my briefs down and my stiff cock popped out.

“Yep, just as I thought. Not too big, not too small, but just the right size.” She told me to stand up, then, while she sat on the leather sofa, began working my cock with her hand while looking me in the eye.

“Ok Steph, yeah, I think we’re definitely going to have some fun this afternoon.” She took me into her mouth and began sucking and popping me with her lips, running her tongue under the frenulum of my head, then licking down my shaft, and taking my scrotum into her mouth and carefully sucking each of my balls, while stroking my glistening shaft with her hand. Soon she was bobbing up and down on my cock and working hard to take in my length into her throat.

I was moaning and holding her head while she worked me good, and said, “Fuck Di, you’re really good at head. I don’t get much of this from your sister.”

“No?? Sorry to hear that, well, my hubby likes it, so I get lots of practice.”

“Yeah, well, then let me take full advantage of that then.”

I grabbed her by the back of the head and carefully jammed my cock full in to the hilt. I could feel my cock head in her throat, held it there for a moment while she held her breath, then I pulled out and she gave a big gasp.

“Damn, baby, didn’t even gag one bit.”

“Told ya, I love it when I can please my man by taking in his whole manhood.”

“Ok, Di, my turn to return the fellatio favor, hun.”

I leaned her back on the sofa. Again she hunched up on her heels and I pulled her thong off and shot it at her face and she caught it in her teeth with a laugh.

“You naughty boy, you!”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet, girl.”

I bent down, flashed the snake tongue, held her legs open, and began lapping at her labia while gently massaging her clit. Within a few moments, I parted the camel toe, slipped inside and began probing her love hole with my tongue. By now she was holding my head with both hands, forcing my face deep into her wet pussy, and giving a combination of a guttural moan and with her cute laugh.

“Hmmm, seems you really like that?”

“Ohhh yeah, don’t quit on me now, Steph.”

“Ok then, flip over and get on your knees, bend over with your face down and ass up.”

She quickly assumed the position. I spread her lips again and began to finger fuck her; first with one, then two, then three fingers. I started tonguing her pussy again and slowly worked my licks up across her ass, then started probing her ass with my tongue which elicited some squeals of, “Ohhh, you dirty boy you!”

“Like that too, huh?” Then I started probing her ass with my thumb on one hand while fucking her pussy with three fingers on the other hand.

“Go easy she said, I haven’t done a lot of anal.”

“Hmmm, sounds like something we can address today.”

I spit on her asshole and slowly worked my full thumb into her ass and was giving her the four finger, two hole treatment.

She was moaning pretty good and said, “Damn Steph, you’re gonna make me cum in a new way.”

She shrieked, her legs began to quiver, then, I felt a rush of love fluid flow over my fingers in her pussy.

She held still and came down and said she wanted some sixty-nine. I laid down on the leather sofa, she reversed herself onto me, and we began the duo stimulation action. She was working my shaft good and I was doing my best to keep her pussy good and wet. Soon she climaxed again and covered my face with her love juice. By now we were both good and mutually worked up.

She stood up and I had her walk to the soft rolled arm of the sofa, bent her over and buried her face in the sofa.

“Ok Steph, let me be your little pornstar lover, only tell me I’m better than her.”

“Deal, on one condition.”

She turned her head to look back at me, “What’s that?”

“Well to be that for me, you gotta really get into the role for me Dianne.”

“Deal, you’re gonna see that I really do like sex baby.”

“Ok, reach back here and spread yourself for me.”

She spread, I held her hips down, then rubbed the tip of my cock along her canal and slowly worked my way fully inside. Soon I was pumping in and out, slapping my balls against her ass, and she was moaning and grunting in unison to my thrusts. She was cresting again with a loud moan. I felt her cunt clamp down on my cock followed by muscle contractions.

She said it was her turn again to take control of the situation. Fair enough. I sat on the sofa, she turned around, backed up, then carefully mounted me in a reverse cowgirl position with her hands on my shoulders, feet on the edge of the sofa, and slid her nicely wet pussy over my cock. God it felt good!

“Damn Di, where’d you learn this hot position?”

“Told you I like having fun. I got a Kama Sutra book, so I know some exciting positions.”

With that we set off, some with me pounding her pussy from below, some with her bouncing up and down straddled reverse over me. I was alternating with holding her by the hips to help lift and control the action, and some holding her soft tits from behind and squeezing her nipples. Again I was starting to hear that sexy little chuckled laugh while she worked it.

Hearing her, I said, “Ohhh yeah Di, I love it! I just knew you were good in bed and have fun getting fucked by a cock.”

Yeah, I do. C’mon, give it to me good and hard, Steph! I wanna feel that cock go deep in my pussy, that’s it, yeah, just like that, you stud boy!”

Now we were really rocking up and down in an awesome tandem, telling each other how fucking hot our sex was. We were both good and sweaty and really feelin’ it.

“Damn, Di, if I only knew earlier how fun you really are to fuck, we coulda been doing this years ago.”

I was getting close, but she let out another guttural laugh grunt and I felt more of her love juices dripping down my cock and running over my balls.

I slapped her ass and she carefully climbed off. I stood up, gave her a hot kiss, and said, “Now for our final act.”

She looked at me like she already knew what was coming, then got down on her knees on the sofa with her ass out and bent forward over the back of the sofa.

“Nice!” I said.

I nuzzled up behind her and eased my cock into her pussy. I started stroking in and out of her, and after a few moments, my thumb found its way back into her ass. Now she was quasi-double penetrated. We rode this position doggy style over the back of the sofa, both of us fucking right in front of the big living room window, staring into the backyard for anyone, yet no one to see. We could see our reflection in the glass window and large room mirror off to our left side.

I slowly and carefully backed out of her pussy, then she gave me a look like, “You aren’t going to really...”, already sensing where this was headed. Yet, she was so hot and worked up that she gave me another look that said, “Yeah, that’s right, you ARE going to fuck me in the ass ’cause I AM your personal little brunette pornstar lover today.”

“Now we’re talking, baby!” I spit on her asshole and nuzzled up close again with my cock head against her anus, “I’ll be gentle hun, this is going to be awesome for both of us.”

We watched one another in the reflection of the glass window and side mirror. I carefully pushed forward, nudge by gentle nudge, my cock head slowly stretching her anal canal until my shaft was fully buried in her ass. I slowly began to pump my cock in and out of Dianne’s tight ass. Then there it was, that cute soft chuckle laugh of hers indicating she truly was having fun getting fucked good and hard in her ass exhibition-style in her living room window for any neighbor that was home to see.

We rocked and fucked for a good while, at times me holding her ass cheeks and hips firm, at other times our hands interlocked in passion and braced against the glass, and other times her head turned reaching back for me to lean forward and french kiss while we rode in tandem.

Finally, she wanted it good and hard, so I pulled her firmly by the hair while my hard shaft repeatedly plunged and retracted in and out of her rear love canal. We rode the final wave together, me groaning and telling her how hot and naughty she was, her mixing that chuckle laugh with moans of ecstasy, both of us having exquisite sexual fun. I grabbed her shoulders and with five final violent thrusts, while her ass was contracting on my cock, I blasted load after load of hot jizz up her sweet bottom.

I laid on top of her, again the fingers of our hands intertwined, kissing softly as our bodies descended from our mountain top experience. I stepped off and stretched out on the sofa, she beside me, gently holding one another for some time, speaking quiet lover expressions to one another.

As we lay there, neither of us knew what would transpire between us in the time ahead, but also in agreement that what just took place was an experience neither of us would have wanted to miss. This was a memory to mutually cherish and would be forever remembered by a secret wink between us.

–  A story by NiteHawk

Note to Readers - Story Background:

I’ve been contemplating this story for quite awhile, yet finally took the time to capture my creative thoughts in written form. It involves lustful desires I’ve harbored in my mind for about ten years, but for the sake of my long-term relationship, are best left in the realm of fantasy. This because, the would-be partner happens to be my wife’s younger brunette sister Dianne, or as she more casually goes by, Di.

Di is about four years younger than my wife, a couple inches shorter, dark brunette, and has a slightly smaller figure. Both are relatively conservative, yet Dianne has an affinity for wearing low-cut blouses that nicely hint at her B cup breasts. As well, she often, in the warmer months, wears form-fitting shorts that outline shapely hips with a cute bubble butt ass. I obviously was more attracted to the older of the two, but on numerous occasions over the years, I’ve welcomed “observing” Di’s features and allowed myself to entertain pleasurable thoughts about her nude figure.

Given her light-hearted personality, I’ve also surmised that she’s probably fun to be with in bed. There have been times we’ve all gone to the beach or swimming together, so I’ve been able to enjoy her figure in a bikini with nearly exposed breasts. Other times, we’ve been out for dinner events and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her in evening dresses with cleavage exposed. However, nothing quite to the extent of a birthday suit view.

Something that works nicely in my favor is that Di shares similar facial and body features with Slovak adult star Claudia Rossi. Claudia is one hot little Euro brunette that has starred in a long list of adult films resulting in a plentiful supply of couple, threesome, and gangbang scenes. Two things Claudia indulges in, both very erotic to me, are anal sex and double penetration in MFM threesomes. I enjoy watching scenes of Claudia and fantasizing it’s actually Di in the middle of the action. So I’ve had my joys jacking off while imagining fucking Di in all types of positions and with various combinations of partners.


This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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