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A Day Out In Birmingham

A Day Out In Birmingham

A shopping trip turns into exhibitionism, group and lesbian sex in a public pool room.
Day Out in Birmingham 
It was the weekend and we woke up to a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. Jay and I had planned a day out in Birmingham shopping and as it was so nice we decided to have some fun on the way.

We have a convertible and Jay just loves to show off in it when we are out driving. Today was no exception as she dressed in a very short, light green summer dress, complimented with a pair of matching high heels. The effect was stunning as the combination of heels and her short dress really emphasised her long legs. The button up dress already had a few buttons undone and her cleavage was very noticeable and you could just make out her white lace bra.

Noticing how much I approved of what I saw so far, she lifted the front of her dress to show me the matching panties which were almost transparent. As Jay loves to keep herself nice and smooth, the shape of her pussy was clearly visible through the thin material.

Turning around, she slowly leaned forward, causing the hem of her dress to ride up and expose her shapely backside. I couldn’t help myself as I stepped towards her and ran my hand up the back of her legs, my fingers slipping between her cheeks and slowly running along her pussy and out over her lovely round backside. Kissing her on the back of the neck and barely restraining myself from doing anything further I suggested that we get into the car and get going.

Jay was already turned on when we got into the car. For that matter, so was I. Putting the car roof down, we then set off for the motorway. With a naughty look on her face, Jay adjusted her dress to make herself, ‘more comfortable’ as she put it. She had pulled the hem of her dress high enough to just expose her white knickers. A couple of more buttons were undone and her white bra was now clearly visible, her gorgeous tits almost spilling over the top. Jay was obviously enjoying putting herself on display like this and it wasn’t long before she was attracting the attention of truckers as we were passing. They had an almost birds eye view into our car and had the full benefit of looking down Jay’s cleavage and naked legs all the way to her crotch.

On approaching another truck, Jay suggested that I slowed down and pulled level with the driver. Just before we reached the cab, Jay put the seat back a little and pulled her dress even higher so that her knickers were clearly on view. The driver looked down into the car as we drew level and was treated to the site of Jay laying back in the seat, her tits barely concealed by her bra as the top of her dress has fallen to the side and her legs apart, exposing her pussy through the almost transparent material of her white knickers. I stayed level with the cab letting the driver get the full benefit of seeing Jay expose herself like this. His expression at first was complete surprise but he soon began to appreciate the view as an enormous smile flashed across his face. Much to his disappointment though, I soon had to pull forward as traffic was coming up behind and we were leaving the motorway at the next exit.

Before we reached the car park in Birmingham centre though, we had a few other drivers in the higher type vehicles treated to a view down Jay’s cleavage and her barely concealed legs.

We were feeling very playful and mischievous by the time we parked up and were thinking about what else we could get up to rather than shopping when I spotted a pool hall. One of our fantasies is for Jay to be dressed as she was that day and to be playing pool whilst I enjoy the view of her stretching over the pool table. Jay loves the exhibitionist idea of this and it turns us both on when we talk about it and how it would make us feel with others around that may also be able to see her. I pointed the hall out to Jay and we decided to take a look and see just how busy it was.

Considering it was Saturday afternoon, it was surprisingly quiet with just a few of the dozen tables being used. We were fortunate enough to find a table near one of the corners of the hall and I went to pay the woman behind the desk and collect the balls. The light over the table was now turned on and I racked the balls for our first game. We started off playing normally but Jay soon started getting naughty when she had to stretch over the table to line up the cue ball. I was in one of the seats behind her and watched as her short dress rode up the backs of her thighs as she leaned over the table. The translucent material of her white panties did little to hide her pussy when her dress rose over her backside. After she played her shot she just stayed there and looked over her shoulder at me and smiled before slowly standing up.

Swaying her hips suggestively she now walked around the table to play a shot from the other side. This time as she leaned over the table I had a fantastic view down the front of her dress. Her lovely round tits pressing against the top edge of the table, emphasising her cleavage and almost popping out over the top of her white bra. I was so turned on right now that I had to re-adjust my stiff cock as I got up to take my turn at the table.

This time Jay had sat where I was and as I leaned over to play my shot she opened her legs wide so that I could see her run her hands up her thighs to her pussy, her fingers lightly brushing over the thin material to tease herself. If she was trying to put me off it definitely worked as I completely miscued and mucked up my shot. This left the white ball in the middle of the table and Jay now had to come round to this side of the table to reach over and line up her next shot.

I just stepped back and leaned against the table behind us to enjoy the view once more as Jay’s dress rode up over her backside to expose her pussy under the thin transparent gusset of her panties. This time though, she had caught the attention of the couple playing on the table just down from us and I noticed the woman behind the counter looking up at us. Everyone else had left so there was just the five of us left in the hall.

I pretended that I hadn’t noticed them looking at us and the next time that Jay played a shot I watched them all staring at her bending over the table. I told Jay to take her time as she had some admirers. This only made her show off a little more as she spread he legs wide and leaned over the table far more than she needed to. This caused her dress to ride all the way up to totally expose her lovely round rear and turned her on even more. When she stood up again she turned and smiled at her audience. The couple at the other table smiled back and the woman gave a little clap of her hands.

The woman at the counter came over and introduced herself as Amanda and with a knowing smile on her face, asked if we minded if she watched us play. Obviously we didn’t as being watched was a big part of the turn on for us. She then locked the doors and said that no one will mind if they can’t get in for a while as they were unusually quiet lately.

Jay, meanwhile, nipped into the ladies rest room and returned to continue playing. The couple nearby also moved closer as Jay picked up her cue to play again. This time, Amanda was sitting in the seat next to me when Jay bent over the table to line up her next shot. We were both rather surprised to notice that instead of seeing a little pair of white panties barely covering Jay’s pussy, she had removed them whilst in the rest room.

Whilst we watched, Jay raised one of her legs so that her knee was now up on the table. Her pussy was now completely exposed and waiting for some attention. I think the game of pool was about to be forgotten as Amanda slowly got up and walked towards Jay. Kissing both Jay’s buttocks, Amanda then ran her hands over them and continued kissing and licking down towards the back of Jay’s thighs. Now directly behind Jay, Amanda spread Jay’s pussy with her fingers and teased her with her tongue. This caused Jay to moan with pleasure as Amanda’s tongue slid between her pussy lips and she arched her back pushing herself towards Amanda’s eager tongue.

The couple watching came closer as Amanda pushed Jay onto the table so that she was now kneeling on it with her backside almost level with Amanda’s face. Amanda was now kissing and licking Jay’s buttocks as two of her finger eased into Jay’s hot, wet pussy. Jay pushed back onto Amanda’s hand as they both watched the couple coming towards the pool table. The man leaned against the table opposite but the woman walked forward and leaning over the pool table, run her hands through Jay’s hair and over her back and then leaned down to kiss her full on the mouth. Jay responded by kissing her back deeply and I watched as they both explored each other’s mouth with their tongues. Amanda pushed Jay’s dress up over her back and the other woman now pulled it over her head, taking it off completely. She then undid Jay’s bra and let it fall onto the table leaving Jay completely naked except for her high heels. The man with the other woman looked over and introduced himself as John and the woman as Louise.

John and I enjoyed watching things get hotter on the pool table with the three women as Amanda and Louise continued to run their hands and tongues all over Jay’s back, buttocks and pussy. Jay pushed her backside back towards both women as Louise came behind her and joined Amanda, both licking and kissing Jay’s backside and moving in towards her already wet pussy. I felt so horny as we watched Louise undress and climb up onto the table. Jay turned to meet her and lay on her back, her legs spread wide exposing her hot, wet pussy to John and I.

She loves being watched and she run her fingers up and down and between her lips watching us both for our reaction to this blatant display of her charms. It was very obvious how turned on she was as we watched Louise place her legs either side of Jay’s head and move into a sixty-nine position. Louise was watching John as she slowly lowered her head between Jay’s legs and teasingly parted her pussy lips with her tongue and gently licked back and forth along her pussy.

Amanda was the only woman still dressed, but had no intention of staying that way for long. She walked towards John and I and sat down in one of the seats near us. Holding out one of her long legs towards me she motioned for me to remove her shoe. Once done, she held the other leg out to John who did the same. Standing up, she moved towards John and taking his hands, placed them on the buttons of her top, which John quite willingly undid and removed. Moving to me next, she took my hands and placed them onto the button at the top of her jeans. Again, she had a very willing man remove another item of clothing.

Moving back to John, she turned around so that he could unclip her bra and with eager hands, that too was removed. Moving back towards me she just stood there and looked at me smiling. I got the pleasure of removing her last item of clothing and did so as I slipped her panties down her legs to the floor and helped her step out of them.

Now as naked as the other two, Amanda stepped back against me and teased by pushing her backside against my cock which was now straining to be let loose from my jeans. I rubbed one hand down her back to the lovely round cheeks of her arse. My fingers slipped between her parted legs to her very wet pussy. My arm was wrapped around her to cup her breast in my other hand. Moving gently from one to the other, teasing each nipple in turn.

Just as I was about to slip a finger into her hot pussy, she pulled away from me smiling and teasing. She then rejoined Jay and Louise on the pool table where John and I witnessed the delightful spectacle of the three naked women pleasure each other with tongues and fingers.

I’ve always found it a tremendous turn on thinking of Jay with another woman and this was no exception as I watched her part Amanda’s pussy lips with her tongue, lapping at her juices. Louise was kneeling between Jay’s spread legs, two fingers buried deep inside her whilst kissing and licking all over Jay’s pussy. Amanda had parted Louise’ pussy lips with her fingers and whilst John stood by, teased him by slowly licking and deeply penetrating her with her tongue whilst he looked on.

As I was standing next to the pool table watching Jay tongue fuck Amanda, Jay told me to get undressed. John must have got the same message as he also undressed and once we were as naked as the three women, Jay and Louise moved off the table leaving Amanda lying there on her back, legs open and her pussy dripping with her own juices and Jay’s licking. Jay then leaned over the table with her legs spread and her backside and pussy exposed for me to slip my cock inside her. Louise went to the other side of the table and positioned herself for John the same way.

As I placed the tip of my cock against Jay’s pussy lips I could feel how moist she was. I moved my hard cock up and down between Jay’s pussy lips before slowly entering her hot, wet pussy. Jay was now kissing Amanda and I watched their tongues dance before their lips met in a deep, passionate kiss. Amanda had Jay’s tits in her hands and I could see her teasing her nipples between her fingers. I continued to thrust my cock into Jay’s hot pussy as Amanda took one of Jay’s nipples into her mouth. I reached forward and played my hands over Amanda’s tits. Teasing each nipple in turn. I heard Amanda gasp in ecstasy and looked down to see Louise spread her pussy lips and lick the full length and then probe deeply with her tongue. Louise then flicked her tongue around Amanda’s clit and then took it into her mouth to suck on it. At the same time John was fucking Louise hard and with each thrust her face pushed harder into Amanda’s pussy.

I was so turned on by what I was watching and by what we were doing. Amanda’s hips were rising off the pool table to meet Louise licking at her pussy. We could tell she was nearing orgasm as Louise continued to work on her pussy with her mouth and tongue. Amanda had reached under and between Jay’s legs and I could now feel her fingers at the base of my cock as she rubbed at Jay clit. I thrust harder into Jay as I felt myself getting nearer climax. Louise was holding onto Amanda’s legs as John fucked her hard and fast. We all heard her whispering that she was coming, and she got louder and louder, stating that she was coming until finally she was gasping and panting and pushing back hard against John’s thrusts as they both came together.

I could feel Jay’s pussy throbbing as she reached orgasm also. I could feel myself about to explode inside her when she told me not to. Amanda was also on the brink of climax but Jay had other ideas. Louise and John stepped back as Jay motioned for me to get onto the table with Amanda. As I moved between Amanda’s open legs, Jay, Louise and John looked on as my stiff cock penetrated between Amanda’s soaking wet pussy lips and I thrust deep inside her. Amanda raised her hips to meet me with each thrust and we fucked hard and fast until I felt Amanda grip my arse, pulling deep into her, her pussy clenching and throbbing as she reached an intense orgasm. This sent me over the top and I exploded inside her. Thrusting again and again until our orgasm subsided.

I was just getting my breath back and helping Amanda sit up when Jay came over and kissed Amanda, then me. Louise and John sat and watched and then thanked us for a wonderful time. We all thanked Amanda for the best pool game ever. And the best ever, Day Out in Birmingham.

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