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Pool table Stories

pool table

The Break

Upstairs at my pool table, Alicia’s impressive break inspires me to be at the top of my game.

*CRACK* The cue ball strikes the one ball a few millimeters left of center, scattering the tightly-packed triangle of colored spheres in all directions. Alicia’s clipped-up strawberry-blonde bobbed hair, as well as the C-cup breasts cradled in her low-cut...

Making It Back

She was finally having a good day

Mid-morning on a Saturday. Normally I don't work weekends but this was rushed. If we could close this deal by Monday it would mean millions. I had taken to working from home, letting my attorneys and managers take care of the business that normally I woul...

Halloween '99 With Kelly

Lisa and Kelly have a night to remember fucking their way through Halloween.

It was October of 1999. Kelly had met Lisa through her job. Since our trip together, with Lisa and her husband Bob, to Cancun the previous February, we’d become very close friends. We‘d spent a few weekends and parties together since then and each of them...

Eleven-Digit Pursuit

The lengths and depths Ryan will plunge for a phone number

A bunch of old people nursing pints of Mild and a serious lack of viable pussy are the main reasons social clubs aren't my scene. That and the wall-to-wall excitement: bingo nights, bridge evenings, and discos compered by washed-up music teachers. But at...

Dual Masturbation

Couple excite each other at a pool hall

Just another Friday night at our favorite pool place. Laid back, open bar, music blaring. Tonight, I’m working. I have on my see-through white t-shirt and my black skirt and red heels. Always have to throw some color on my feet when I work, can’t stand be...

The Bar (Part 4)

Final part of The Bar series with group sex in a bar and on a pool table

After a few minutes, they stopped kissing and we heard them whispering to each other. We couldn’t hear what was being said but both women smiled as they stood up and walked past us to the pool table. Upon reaching the pool table, Carol and Sarah looked ba...

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The Bar (Part 2)

Follow on from part one where we get involved with a couple in a bar playing pool.

After I'd showered I re-joined my girlfriend, Carol in the bar. She was talking to the couple that we spoke to earlier and it was obvious something was going on as they were all grinning as I walked up to them. I soon found out what they were smiling abou...

The Pool Room

A quiet drive in the country leads to group sex in a pub pool room.

The Pool Room My wife, Jay, and I were out for a drive and stopped off at a pub about an hour away. It was set in a small village that looked as if it was asleep in the afternoon sun. The pub was a quiet little place with only a few drinkers in when we ar...

The Motel

I love my girlfriend Amber, this is one our stories.

The weather sucked. It had rained for most of the day, and now it seemed it was going to continue into the evening. I had been on my bike for almost 10 hours and had only stopped for a late breakfast. It had been a good breakfast though, the hash browns w...

A Day Out In Birmingham

A shopping trip turns into exhibitionism, group and lesbian sex in a public pool room.

It was the weekend and we woke up to a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. Jay and I had planned a day out in Birmingham shopping and as it was so nice we decided to have some fun on the way. We have a convertible and Jay just loves to show off in it when w...