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The Last Bus

A mother has her life erotically changed after a chance meeting on the last bus of the evening.
Shae rushed to the corner hoping to catch the last bus of the night. It was almost 1am and she knew if she missed the bus it would be several hours before the next one would be by. Just as she got there it was pulling up and she sighed with exhausted relief.

Working at a bar to pay her way through school and raising 4 kids was over-whelming at times but Shae knew it would pay off soon and with just 3 semesters left she could feel good about herself for the things she had been through to get there. Her boss had started letting her leave early so she could catch the bus instead of paying for a taxi which only dug into her tips every time. The bus was unusually full due to a concert that had just let out and she was only able to find a seat in the back next to a young woman who looked scared to be out so late. Smiling down at her Shae sat down and settled in as her heart slowed down from the run to the bus stop.

She would be home in about an hour due to all the stops and fact she was next to last stop but it was worth it not to spend her hard earned tips on a taxi. After a few stops about half the people were gone and it was only Shae and the young woman next to her in the last few rows.

Shae started to get up and take an empty seat nearby when the woman grabbed her arm and begged "please don't leave. I've never rode on the bus before and you’re the only one on the bus who doesn't scare me".

Shae nodded and settled back in her seat.After settling back down Shae started talking to the girl and soon discovered she was in town visiting her mother and after her car broke down at the hospital the nurses told her to take the bus because it would run right in front of her mother's house and it's cheaper to get her car taken care of during the day. She let her know her name was Gina and had grew up out in the country so other than a school bus this was new and scary to her.

Shae assured Gina it was ok and soon discovered that Gina was getting off the stop right before her's. As they continued talking Shae noticed just how cute Gina was and that the tank and skirt she was wearing made for a very nice view. Compared to Shae's thick brown thighs and large overflowing tits Gina was almost pale white with slim thighs and tits that were just a little larger than a handful which she was wanting in her hands right then. It had been years since she had been with a woman and the vulnerability of this young woman and the contrast of their body types and skin color was making Shae hot and ready to try and seduce her.

Suddenly everything changed when Gina stopped talking and grabbed Shae's face and started kissing her. It took her by surprise being the seduced instead of seducer. Before she could grasp how things changed so fast she felt Gina's hands squeezing her tits through her top as she probed her mouth with her tongue. Finally Gina pulled back and started crying that she was sorry and didn’t know what just happened. Shae calmed her down and said it was ok which only gave Gina the go ahead to surge forward and start kissing her again this time wiggling her hand up Shae's shirt and shoving her bra over her tits releasing them from their constraints. Shae moaned into Gina's mouth as her nipples were roughly twisted and pulled sending pleasure straight to her now soaking cunt. The mixture of innocent fear and aggressive lust from Gina only turned Shae on more.

Shae didn't even care that there were still people on the bus as she felt Gina's eager hand squeezing and groping her full tits and now rock hard nipples while swirling her tongue in Shae's mouth. Reaching her own hand up Gina's tank she found that no bra was there to obstruct her feel of 2 very firm tits and hard long nipples. She pulled hard on the sensitive nipples one at a time causing Gina to now moan into her mouth. As she played with the longest nipples she had ever felt Gina's hand make its way into Shae's slacks and found her hard clit through her now soaking panties. The feel of the wet cotton being pushed in circles around her clit soon had Shae on the edge of a needed orgasm. Spreading her legs wide in the seat she gave Gina the room she needed to push the leg of her panties over to grab her clit and twist it till Shae was biting her own arm to keep from screaming as she came in the back of the bus.

As she was calming down, Gina pushed her head up under Shae's shirt and started biting and sucking her nipples as she shoved 2 fingers into her still twitching cunt. Shae couldn't hardly move as wave after wave of pleasure consumed her body while Gina eased a 3rd finger in her cunt and started painfully biting her nipples till she was dizzy with ecstasy.

Gina eased out from under Shae's shirt and with a wicked little smile told Shae "I want you to meet my husband Mark" just as a strange man sat down beside her and immediately started kissing a very lustful and shocked Shae.

Shae was in confused ecstasy as she felt Gina continue finger-fucking her wet cunt and now Mark pull her shirt up exposing her tits for anyone to see as he started slapping her nipples and whispering in her ear "you are going to love the pleasure Gina and I are about to make you experience but first you have to beg us to do as we please".

With no control at all Shae pleaded with them both to do anything they wanted. As she was still begging she felt Gina pull her slacks off and leave them on the bus floor while Mark pulled her shirt and bra up and over her head leaving her nude except for her wet and very stretched panties. The thrill of being watched by anyone and everyone on the bus while these 2 beautiful young couple did as they pleased to her body was like a dream that she knew couldn't be real.

The pressure of something thick and cool at her cunt lips snapped her to reality as Gina started pushing a thick dildo into her cunt. She was about to moan out loud when Mark stood up onto the seat and shoved a very warm and thick dick into her mouth and down her throat. Shae had never been fucked like this in her life of in her dreams. The dick in her mouth along with the dildo in her cunt was more than she could ever imagine as she suddenly started moaning around Mark's cock and cumming around Gina's fat dildo. As she was cumming Gina started slapping her tits and twisting the dildo in her cunt till Shae blacked completely out.

Slowly Shae opened her eyes a few minutes later to the feeling of being completely filled. As she looked down she saw Gina on the bus floor with her hand completely buried in her very wet cunt and the strange feeling of that hand rubbing up and down against her vaginal walls on something she now notice lodged deep in her ass. Shae suddenly realized that not only was she being fisted for the first time in her life but that her virgin asshole was now stretched with something long and thick. The feeling was new but extremely pleasurable and looking into Gina's eyes of passion only brought her to the edge of another intense orgasm.

Looking to her side she saw Mark sitting there stroking his long fat cock and when he leaned over and whispered in her ear "all of this dick is about to be deep in that tight ass" she lost it and started cumming.

After she stopped shaking Shae felt Gina remove her hand leaving a stretched and open feeling she hadn't had since her last child was born only this time she wanted that open cunt filled back up. Feeling Mark grab her shoulders she stood up and Gina reached up and slowly removed a long think anal plug from her ass then helped guide her back till she was sinking down onto Mark's hard cock filling her ass completely with unknown pleasure. As she settled down and enjoyed the feeling Gina leaned forward and started sucking on her clit making her moan with uncontrolled joy. Mark now had his hands around her waist as he helped her up and down on the length of his cock till she grabbed the seat in front of her and started forcing him deep into her ass while bouncing up and down. Gina stopped licking her cunt as she started biting and twisting Shae's bouncing nipples till you could only hear her screams of passion on the bus. As she was about to cum again Gina pushed her back onto Mark's chest and shoved her hand deep into her cunt and started stroking Mark's dick through her cunt. Mark started moaning loudly as Shae screamed with release from the completely full feeling of being fuck in both her cunt and ass and the feeling of Mark's hot cum shooting into her quivering ass.

Gina pulled her soaking hand from Shae's cunt and proceeded to lick the juices from her hand while telling her to get of her husband's dick and suck it clean. Mark's dick was covered with his own sperm but all she could see is the tastiest thing she could ever enjoy. Licking first his balls clean then working her tongue up his shaft she took the entire length of his semi-hard cock in her mouth and sucked every salty drop of cream of his cock.

Gina leaned in and said "you are the best fuck we have ever had on the bus and now put your clothes on slut and go pay the driver his $100 for not doing anything".

Slowly she put her wrinkled and dirty slacks and shirt back on but not her bra because they told her she could get it back the next night when she got off the bus with them to have even more fun. With mixed shame and satisfied excitement she walked past the few remaining people on the bus and handed the money to the driver. All she could say was thank you as she turned around and got off the bus.

It had been a month since the fated bus ride that changed Shae’s life. Gina and Mark had been fucking her daily and in the craziest places. Just the thought of some of the parking lots and other public places that she happily let them pleasure her made her body tremble and cunt drip. Every day brought something new to her sexual education but it was costing her time at work. Shae decided on doing hair in her home again to make up for lost income during the winter break from school and the kids were away with their grandparents. Things went fairly normal for first week. Hair during day and fucking every night, where ever Mark and Gina asked. That changed though when a referral scheduled an appointment with her for Monday to get her braids freshened up.

The knock at the door let Shae know her appointment had arrived and when she opened the door she caught her breathe at the sight in front of her. Jasmine was standing there in a leather jacket zipped up to just below her large DD-cup caramel tits and a leather mini skirt showing long thick legs. She must have been at least 5’10” with a face that had Shae’s short stature looking up into the face of an angel.

“Hello you must be Jasmine” Shae stammered out as she was mesmerized by the amazing beauty of the young woman at her door.

“Yes that’s me. You would be Shae I hope” Jasmine answered with a smile as she looked into Shae’s eyes.

“Come on in and let’s see what I can do to make sure your hair is as beautiful as the rest of you” Shae said with a slight giggle in her voice.

Her legs were almost weak as she followed Jasmine into the living room while watching the most perfect round ass she could imagine ever seeing. The feeling of her panties clinging to her wet cunt felt great as Shae enjoyed the sexual beauty of Jasmine as they decided on what to do and a price. Shae took Jasmine’s jacket and was not able to hide the look of lust when Jasmine exposed a low-cut halter top that came down to just above a firm belly with a pierced navel. The top looked as if it was ready to give up and quit trying to hold in the straining breasts spilling out the top. After having Jasmine sit in a chair in the middle of the living room she left to change into something more comfortable and sexier to enjoy the time she was going to have doing Jasmine’s hair. Soon Shae came back with nothing on but a low-cut summer dress with nothing underneath so she could be completely relaxed. The smile on Jasmine’s face as she looked Shae up and down let her know things could get very interesting if she played everything just right.

Shae had spent the past hour re-braiding any loose braids she found all the while making sure to rub her tits on Jasmine as much as she could till she noticed that not only were here nipples thick and hard but that Jasmine’s were poking through the cups of her bra and top. She decided to take a daring chance and noticing Jasmine’s hand sitting on her bare thigh she straddled her thigh to braid a section in the front and was happy when Jasmine’s hand didn’t pull back. Because of her height Shae’s nude cunt was only a fraction of an inch from Jasmine’s hand. Soon she felt the back of one of her fingers start grazing the wet cunt lips that ached to be enjoyed by this amazing creature. Shae moaned when Jasmine turned her hand over and boldly cupped Shae’s cunt and lean forward to bite a nipple through her dress. She tried to continue working on her hair as Jasmine started stroking 2 fingers in and out of her cunt and use her other hand to pull each of Shae’s tits out of the top of her dress and slowly suck each of them till Shae came on her wet fingers. Jasmine never stopped working her fingers in and out of her dripping cunt as she now started pinching each nipple then slapping her tits making her beg for more. With a hand on each of Jasmine’s shoulders for support Shae quivered as she came multiple times from the skill of this wonderful woman.

Jasmine finally stood and helped Shae remove her dress exposing her sweaty milk chocolate body with large swinging tits and a thick round ass that rivaled her own. After a couple of fun smacked on her ass Jasmine led her by the hand to the dining room and had her lay face up on the table. After enjoying her lips for a while Shae watched her go to the fridge and remove some assorted ice cream toppings she had for the kids. Jasmine came back with the most wicked grin that only made Shae’s cunt drip onto the table pooling up under her ass. Jasmine first opened the caramel and put her finger in it then made circles around Shae’s tits until both were covered except for her hard nipples. Next she too whipped cream and did the same making sure none was on her nipples. Then she squirted chocolate on the cream before finally finishing by biting a cherry in two and setting each half atop of her nipples.

Stepping back she enjoyed the dessert she created out of Shae and toppings before taking a few pictures with her phone then said “you are the best looking hot fudge sundae I have ever made.”

Slowly she drug her tongue up Shae’s body till she was enjoying the sweet taste of caramel, whipped cream and chocolate. Shae was moaning as she enjoyed the feel of Jasmine’s tongue and lips cleaning every inch of her soft heaving flesh for several minutes. Finally all was left was the two half cherries sitting on top of the hardest chocolate nipples and Jasmine smiled just before leaning down and drug her teeth over the sensitive flesh before sucking the fruit into her mouth. By the time she was done with the second piece of fruit Shae had already came twice just from attention to her tits.

Jasmine grabbed Shae by her legs and eased her soaking flesh down to the edge of the table then sat down and after spreading her legs wide and telling Shae to hold then back she started licking her wet cunt and asshole till Shae screamed in pleasurable release.

“Gina told me there was something you could handle better than anyone she knew” is all Jasmine said as she looked into Shae’s eyes then forced her hand up into her cunt and started fucking her with a balled fist while slapping her clit.

The realization that this had all been a setup didn’t even matter as her body gave into the best fisting she had even been given. Gina was good but Jasmine was on a whole new level.

Her entire body started to quiver when Jasmine pulled her fist out and yelled “push bitch. I want to see if you can do it for me.”

Shae pushed hard as she came and watched as the steam of cum shot out of her cunt and sprayed Jasmine in the face and all over her beautiful tits. Till then Gina had been the only person to ever make her squirt but she knew that Jasmine could make her do that and so much more given time.

“That was better than I could have ever imagined. I want this to continue but I need you to finish my hair so I can get cleaned up and to my date. Tomorrow though you need to cancel any appointments because I will need to continue this till we are both satisfied” Jasmine stated with complete control.

Once she had cleaned her face and tits of she sat back down and watched Shae finish her hair completely nude.

Shae couldn't sleep after the day she had with Jasmine. Although she never got to return the attention that Jasmine had given her she was lost in the memory of the pleasure that she enjoyed. As Shae squeezed her large breasts she could still feel a wet and hungry tongue licking caramel and whipped cream from her flesh. Chills ran through her body when she twisted her nipples thinking of soft lips and teasing teeth removing sweet cherries from her excited nips. Using one hand to continue massaging her tits and nipples she trailed the other down her body till it gripped her entire wet cunt. The heat coming from her soaking pussy felt good on her hand and she slowly rubbed up and down the swollen lips coating her juices over her hot flesh. A soft moan escaped her lips as Shae eased 2 fingers into her cunt and curled then to her G-spot to make small circles while pulling hard on each nipple over and over till she whimpered as a needed orgasm flooded through her body.

As good as she felt Shae needed more so she pulled an anal plug out of her night stand along with a 10” long and ribbed dildo to take her pleasure to the next level. Lubing the plug with her own cunt juices by plunging it in and out a few times she then eased it into her well trained and hungry asshole. Immediately she enjoyed another cum and felt the juices flow out of her cunt onto her hand and the base of the plug. Turning around so her feet were toward the headboard she raised then high and wide onto the wall and lifted herself up to put 2 pillows under her ass. In this position she was completely open and exposed to her need to pummel her cunt with the dildo. With the image of Jasmine looking up into her eyes from between her quivering legs she plunged the dildo deep and hard into her waiting cunt and screamed as she felt her body open to the attack. With each stroke in she twisted her right nipple and stroke out she angled the dildo to rub her clit and the anal plug lodged in her asshole while twisting her left nipple.

After about 5 minutes Shae could feel a huge orgasm building and screaming “fuck me Jasmine” she pounded the dildo in and out with both hand till she suddenly pulled it out and watched as she shot hot cum from her body onto her own tits and belly from the curled position she was in.

The feeling of the juices hitting her hot sweaty body only made her hunger for more and she kept plunging the monster toy in and out a few strokes bringing squirt after squirt from her shaking and screaming body till she collapsed completely drained and lay panting. After changing the sheets and a quick shower Shae was finally able to fall blissfully asleep.

The following morning Shae woke well rested and smiling. In the past month she had gone from a single mother of 4 with little to know sex life in the past year save for a few regrettable times with one of her ex’s and one old vibe that a friend had gotten her for a gag gift. Now she was enjoying more sex then she dreamed possible and with people who knew how to pleasure her in ways she had only read or heard about.

Gina and Mark had opened her mind and body to the most amazing ecstasy and she never wanted to look back. Now with Jasmine hopefully in her life she could only imagine even more possibilities to experience great wonderment of lust and hunger. She still had a couple days before the kids returned from their grandparents and she knew that each day would be spent cumming in new and exciting ways. Just minutes after finishing a small breakfast and washing the dishes she got a text to put on a short skirt and revealing top and get to the Mall. Shae knew from past experience that she was in for some daring fun and could feel the juices flowing down her inner thigh as she looked at herself in the mirror.

She had on a top that Gina had bought her the previous week that was semi-transparent which just showed enough of her hard chocolate nipples and large F-cup tits to make anyone stumble if they looked. The skirt was a silk mini that showed off her thick thighs and if the wind blew would expose all of her round ass and shaven cunt. Shae fought the urge to enjoy her body in front of the mirror and turn around to head for the Mall.

Thankfully it was an unusually warm day for late December and she could wear the outfit without a jacket to cover her near exposed body. The stares Shae got on the bus as she walked to the back only made her hornier and the urges to get off were getting stronger each second. The vibration from her phone made her jump from the sudden pleasure it gave her as it hung attached to a chain around her neck and between her breasts. She had always kept it in her purse before or bra strap but Mark had gotten her a nice chain for days like this when she was to keep the phone touching her body but not allowed to wear a bra.

The text read “put the phone between your legs under your skirt and against your clit. Do not remove it till you get to the Mall.”

A young woman with a knowing smirk watched as Shae reached up under her skirt and lodged the phone between her damp thighs and pressed it to her hard clit. No sooner then she had then it started vibrating over and over. In no time she was biting her lower lip as she stared into the young woman’s eyes and came right in front of her. Over the next 15 minutes of the bus ride Shae had orgasmed 3 times and the young woman had stared rubbing her own pussy while hiding her hand under a large purse till they both came while staring at each other.

As the bus pulled up to the Mall stop Shae pulled out her phone and saw a new message.

“Don’t clean the phone off. Put it back between your tits and meet us in the food court. You have 10 minutes or you will be punished.” 

Shae stood and suddenly felt the wet spot on her skirt rub against her ass and knew that everyone would be able to see it as she walked off the bus and through the Mall. In the past she would have been mortified but now it was just one more thing that turned her on.

The warmth of the sun on her back helped dry her skirt just a little before Shae entered the Mall. It was busy with out of school teens and shoppers looking for after Christmas sales. Shae felt the hungry eyes looking at her as she entered and walked towards the stairs to get to the elevated food court. A group of teen boys followed her up the stairs and couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful view she was giving them and how they wondered what she was doing to get such a wet skirt.

When she got to the top of the stairs Jasmine was standing there and without a word stepped up and gave Shae a deep kiss as she boldly reached under her skirt and squeezed both of her nude ass cheeks. Shae only got more turned on as she heard all the voices comment on the lesbian embrace and kiss or the fact her nude ass was exposed to all. When Jasmine broke the kiss she stepped back and Gina and Mark stepped up beside her. All 3 just stood and admired the sexy half dressed lust-filled young mother standing in front of them.

“I see you made it in time to keep from being punished so instead I think you will be given a reward I know you will enjoy. You three women can head over to Frederick’s and have some fun” Mark said with a big smile on his face.

Both Jasmine and Gina took one of Shae’s hands and they walked down the stairs and headed to the store that Shae had grown to love. All three women now turned heads as they walked hand in hand through the Mall. Jasmine was wearing a full length leather skirt that was slit up both sides to her mid hip exposing her muscular legs a she walked and button down top that was open to just below her bra exposing her beautiful firm DD tits. Gina was in a pair of cut-off denim shorts that barely covered her tanned ass and showed off her athletic young legs and a spaghetti-strapped halter top with no bra which helped her young C-cup tits and hard nipples bounce and rub against the thin material giving all a wonderful show. By the time they finally got to the store Shae was ready to eat the clothes off of both of the women at her sides and enjoy every inch of their tender flesh until she was completely satisfied.

As they entered the store Gina whispered in Shae’s ear “now the fun is going to begin.”

Jasmine gave a knowing grin and led Shae to a large display in the center of the store while Gina went to talk to one of the girls behind the counter.

Jasmine said “ok Shae it’s time you get your reward. I know you want it badly so get down on the floor and hide in the lingerie like a hungry lil slut and get ready.”

Shae got down on her knees and backed up in between the soft material of the assorted lingerie and just as she looked up Jasmine stepped up close to the display and lifted the front of her skirt over Shae’s head exposing her nude cunt for Shae’s hungry eyes and mouth. Wasting little time she spread open the soft lips of Jasmines pussy and started licking her cunt with eager delight. The dreams she had did not even compare to the taste and feel on her tongue as she probed her tongue in the dripping hole and raked up and down her quivering lips. The feel of Jasmine’s hand on the back of her head through the leather increased her attention to the sweet honey flowing from her beautiful pussy till finally she concentrated all of her attention on the thick pink clit exposed to her desire.

First just flicking her tongue over the tip she felt the twitching of Jasmine’s legs letting her know how close she was then sucking the hard flesh between her lips she swirled her tongue around the base while applying sucking pressure to the rest of the nerve filled clit till Jasmine let out a soft strained moan. Slowly Jasmine backed up and Shae could see the teeth marks on her lower lip from trying to suppress the moans of her release. Once she was standing Shae turned around to see Gina and the salesgirl were both looking at her with knowing smiles. While still looking at the 2 women she felt Jasmine press her body up against her then reach down and lift her skirt exposing her soaking cunt to an eager hand.

“Don’t stop looking at them as I continue” is all Jasmine said before easing 2 fingers into Shae’s cunt.

The length of her fingers matched her height and allowed her to easily finger Shae’s cunt while she squeezed her nipples through her top. This was going to be the second time she stared at someone while she came that morning and it helped her get to the edge that much faster. Just as she started coming Jasmine spun her head around after releasing a tender breast and muffled the moans of release with her own mouth till the throws of passion subsided. Jasmine then removed her hand from Shae’s wet cunt and had Shae suck the fingers clean of her own juices.

Gina walked over with a smile and said “now that you got your reward for being on time let’s see if we can’t find some fun outfits for later.”

The sales girl came over and after quick introductions led Shae, whose face was still glistening with Jasmine’s fresh juices, over to a rack of plus sized demi bras and bustiers. Shae let Naomi know she was a 40F and she wanted her nipples exposed no matter what she chose. Naomi, who was a petite 20 something white girl with maybe a B-cup and almost no ass, just looked at Shae with longing lust.

“I can’t wait to help you try each of these on” Naomi whispered as she grabbed several items and walked Shae to an oversized dressing room.

Shae noticed Tina and Jasmine on the other side of the store looking at some outfits as she and Naomi entered the room and shut the door. After removing her top and letting Naomi help her unclasp her bra Shae was amazed at the lustful moan the young salesgirl made. She figured that the girl must have seen many other women nude while in the store but the words that she next heard answered that.

“I have only worked here 2 weeks and you’re the first woman I have helped try on anything in the store. You’re also the first black woman I have ever seen exposed like this or any woman with such large breasts. I hope I don’t offend you but I have dreamed of this since I first started working here and your better than anything I ever imagined” Naomi said with an almost schoolgirl innocence.

Shae looked the girl straight in the eyes and said “if you can find me something I like that screams fuck me now and hard then you can enjoy these tits all you want.”

For the next 15 minutes Shae tried on several bras, corsets and bustiers before settling on a corset that held her tits high and completely exposed her nipples for all to enjoy. As promised she removed the top and gave Naomi the permission she so desired then leaned against the wall for the eager young salesgirl to enjoy. With 2 small hands she started squeezing a large tit like a small pillow. Small moans escaped both women as the small hands became less playful and more passionate with each breast as she kneaded the soft flesh and took turns twisting and pulling on each nipple. Shae gasped when Naomi sucked one of her large swollen nipples into her mouth and softly chewed on it with lip covered teeth.

For the next 5 minutes Naomi was lost is the love of such large tits that she was completely allowed to enjoy at her will. The moans escaping Shae’s mouth started getting louder as her tits felt as if they were on fire from the kissing, sucking, biting and squeezing of her flesh. In just 2 days her tits had enjoyed more pleasure then they had enjoyed in years and she knew that soon she would be cumming without ever touching her soaking wet cunt. Naomi then pushed both of her nipples together and sucked on them while flicking her tongue over and between them both until Shae finally shuddered as a small and joyful orgasm overtook her body.

No sooner than she was done quivering Tina opened the door and teased “you going to finish having fun so we can meet up with Mark or do you need more time with this little minx?”

“I think we’re good for now. I found what I like and Naomi here proved just how good a choice it was didn’t you” Shae answered before kissing Naomi with passion while pulling the salesgirl into her half nude body and roughly squeezing her tight little ass.

The 3 women then walked to the counter where Jasmine was waiting with several outfits and paid for their choices with great pleasure of knowing the day was only half over.

Shae didn’t even care that she had walked to the sales counter still topless as others stared in complete shock until she finally put on her top with no bra. She loved looking everyone in the eyes as she walked out of the store with a sexy corset in her bag, two very happy tits and a number to a young salesgirl who she knew would be eager to enjoy a thick caramel body with an insatiable appetite for sex. As the three women walked down the mall to find where Mark was waiting to meet-up, they all enjoyed the stares from both men and women exposing wanton lust for such juicy and sexually alluring creatures.

Soon they found Mark in a golf shop where he was purchasing a box of golf balls. He turned to see the women and gave them all a wicked smile letting them all know that he had an idea that would bring them all pleasure.

After walking out of the store, Mark had the women follow him down a corridor nearby said “I want each of you to go in the restroom and wash these balls carefully then each of you are to put 2 balls into your cunts and meet me at Sears. You have 30 minutes to get there and if any of you don’t make it on time all of you will be publically punished.”

Shae was more shocked about Gina and Jasmine being asked to use the balls and being punished than actually being asked herself. Just the thought of all of them willingly submitting to Mark was a turn-on and had her cunt dripping even more. The feeling of the balls entering her cunt was new and felt wonderful. All of the dimples rubbing on the walls of her cunt and the balls moving as she moved or her cunt tensed and relaxed were amazing.

Jasmine stood and gasped “fuck that feels good. Now I know why I have been doing my kegels all these years. I can actually move the balls around and they are working my G-spot.”

“I’ve used Ben-wa balls before but this is new and I’m loving it. Know it makes since when Mark didn’t think we could get across the mall in 30 minutes. I’m going to be cumming all the way there” Gina sighed as she made her way to the door and leaned on the wall as her body trembled.

Shae followed Jasmine and Gina down the corridor only a few feet before her already excited cunt gave into the feeling of the balls constantly rubbing her G-spot before stopping and moaning as an orgasm shot through her entire body. The further they walked the harder it became to walk as their bodies were always on the edge or actually overcome with orgasms. Within 20 minute each of the women had came at least 8 times and none of them were beyond half way to where Mark would be happily waiting for them. Several people had even asked if they were ok and needed and assistance for any medical support.

Jasmine sat down on a Mall bench "I'm so sorry but I can't make it any more. My whole body is a wet quivering mess."

"It's ok baby. Whatever Mark has planned as a punishment will be better than this torture. I've never cum this much in my life without help from toys or mutiple people" Gina gasped out as she leaned against a photobooth.

Shae couldn't even talk as she sat in the photobooth and twisted on her hard nipples and moan through a long blissful come.

"Mark honey, we can't make it. How did you know this would happen? You want us to do what? You so bad and I love it" Gina said as she hung up her cell phone.

Both Gina and Shae joined Jasmine on the bench and waited for Gina to inform them of their punishment.

"Mark wants us each to remove one ball and put it in our asses. We have to do it in the closest store we're at then each of us has to give a strange man a blow-job in that same store. When we're done we must walk to Sears while both balls are still in our cunts and asses. I don't know bout you two but I'm going in JCPenneys. I know I can find a good place to switch holes and find a willing dick" Gina informed the women before getting up and walking into the store.

None of the women got far before their over stimulated cunt gave into yet another cum. They finally stopped near a large clothing rack and proceeded to make the exchange of bodily holes. Neither Jasmine nor Shae had much trouble removing the balls because of the high slits in Jasmine’s leather skirt and g-string she wore under it and the short silk skirt Shae wore with a total lack of panties. Jasmine slid her had in through the side and leaned forward with spread legs as she used skilled cunt muscles to push a cum soaked ball out and into her waiting hand. She then moaned through a bit lower lip as she forced the wet ball finger deep into her asshole. The new feeling along with the knowledge that anyone could see her if they wanted had her on the very edge again.

Shae squatted down and eased a finger into her dripping cum soaked cunt and hooked one of the balls to pull it out with gasps and a shudder. Cum dripped onto the tile floor of the store while she eased the ball into her joyful asshole and came immediately causing a steady flow of cunt juice to puddle onto the floor. Gina had a harder time as she worked her skintight pussy soaked denim shorts down her thighs so she could then push a ball out of her cunt. She pushed so hard both balls popped out and one bounced out of her hand and rolled under a nearby display.

As Gina moaned with pleasure and surprise Shae giggled as she watched the wet ball roll away leaving a trail. Gina grunted as she forced the ball in her ass then without even pulling up her shorts she crawled under the display and gave Jasmine and Shae a fun and sexy show as she grabbed the ball and cleaned it off on one of the shirts hanging above her before happily pushing it into her hungry cunt.

After standing up and pulling up her shorts Gina said “ok ladies I don’t know about you but while I can still move I’m finding some cock to suck because this feels to good right now.”

Slowly each woman walked away from behind the display with very noticeable pleasure across their faces as the added pleasure of a filled asshole and the rubbing of the balls together in a new and delightful way made them dizzy with sensory overload.

It only took about 20 minutes and a few more intense orgasms before each of the women had a willing man to let them suck them as instructed. Gina found a college student checking out hoodies and he almost jumped at the chance to have his dick sucked by a sexy young woman who smelt of wet cunt.

She lead him to a rack full of trench coats and after easing onto her knees and in between the coats she unzipped his pants to find an already raging hard-on to suck on. She knew he wouldn’t last long and happily took his 6” dick into her mouth and worked her mouth back and forth with hard suction while rubbing her own cunt through her shorts till in only about 5 minutes she felt the hot cum shooting out of his dick and down her throat. After only a couple of squirts she cleaned him off with her mouth and tongue and put his softening dick back in his pants before happily sending him away. She wasn’t ready to leave the coats just yet as she slipped a hand into the front of her shorts and rubbed her clit till she could enjoy another blissful cum.

Jasmine found an older man around 60 and he was excited to have such a beautiful young black woman offer such an amazing treat to someone so much older. He refused to stay out on the main floor so she led him back to the dressing rooms and convinced the store employee that she was his health aide and had to go back with him.

“I haven’t had any physical contact with a woman since my wife died 4 years ago and you are a fantasy I never dreamed of. Thank you so much young lady” the older gentlemen said as Jasmine got down onto the floor and lowered the man’s stretch waist slacks.

What she found put a huge smile on her face as she was presented with a soft but very thick cock surrounded by gray hair. She sucked his dick into her mouth and in no time she was rewarded with a thick 9” dick that she gladly took down her throat over and over. The feel of his thick balls in her palm and the strength of his huge hard cock in her mouth made her cunt quiver as the golf balls moved against each other with the excited contractions of her cunt. Jasmine started moaning around the dick in her mouth as her body shook while and orgasm overtook her body. While still moaning she felt the head of the old man’s cock swell in her throat just before he grabbed the back of her head and shoved his dick deep into her throat and shot stream after hot stream of cum down into her belly. After the last pulse of cum Jasmine fell back onto her ass trying to catch her breath as the older gentlemen thanked her and sat down on a chair in the dressing room. Soon both Jasmine and the old man were cleaned up and presentable enough to exit the dressing rooms and part ways.

Shae unknowingly propositioned the visiting regional manager and he took full advantage of his position. He led Shae to the break room where 2 young men were sitting having lunch.

“Ok gentlemen this is your one chance to see how upper management let off steam and enjoy some time with a beautiful customer” he said to the men.

“Now young lady let’s see what that juicy body looks like before we get started” he smiled as he looked Shae up and down.

Slowly Shae removed her top revealing her large braless tits which brought hoots of joy from the young men and a simple “very nice” from the manager.

Next she removed her skirt and all three men inhaled as they saw her nude round ass and clean shaven cunt that was still dripping juice down her thick thighs.

The manager then unzipped his slacks and pulled out a disappointing 5 inch hard cock and said “get down her baby and suck daddy’s cock.”

Just wanting this over she did as told and dropped to her knees while wearing only the chain around her neck and a pair of heals and slowly started sucking his small dick. She had to fight back laughter as she sucked him hard and fast wanting him to finish quickly and get out. As she was swirling her tongue around the head of his cock Shae heard the rustling of clothes and glanced over to see 2 very nice cocks being stroked by the young men.

One must have been over 12 inches and the other just a little shorter but much thicker. Wanting to get a hold of both of the much better cocks, Shae started humming as she sucked and massaged the manager’s ball through his slack till he grunted and shot a load into her mouth. She choked down the bitter taste then before he could say anything to her she crawled over to the objects of her desire. Grabbing both of their cocks, she slowly stroked the full length of them both imagining how good they would feel deep in her body. Opening her mouth wide, she put both of their cock heads between her lips and flicked her tongue up and down between them. She could feel her cunt squeezing on the golf ball in her cunt and loved how in was going to make her cum as she sucked both of the men. Alternating between sucking each dick and stroking them she was soon rewarded one at a time with the feel of hot cum being shot deep in her throat until there were 3 men sitting on the table in front of her panting as she convulsed through another orgasm.

“Now get dressed and get out of my store” the manager demanded with sad contempt from the realization that he may be the boss but he would never head cock of the roost.

Shae was actually giggling as she walked out of the break room and passed a group of women headed in to enjoy their lunch. Her giggles got louder when she heard the gasps from the women since none of the men had the sense to put away their limp dicks when she left.

As the 3 women did their best to continue their journey through the mall to meet Mark the balls continued bringing near unbearable pleasure to each of the exhausted and dehydrated bodies.

Soon they were given a break when Mark walked up to them and said “I was worried that you were in trouble but now I see you three are just drained. Gina I want you to take Jasmine and Shae into Deb’s and remove the balls in the dressing rooms so I can get some food into your bodies and what looks like some much needed liquid.”

The women slowly made their way to the dressing rooms after each grabbed a random item of clothing and had the attendant let them in 3 different rooms. Moans could be heard across the store as each of the balls was removed from very satisfied holes. After licking each ball clean, they put them in their purses and joyfully walked in relief as they left the store and followed Mark to a local restaurant that was part of the mall.

After a few refreshing fruit drinks and light lunches the 4 just sat and replayed each of their experiences to Mark as he smiled in proud satisfaction. Shae noticed that the waiter was making more than the usual amount of trips to their table to check on them when she spotted the growing bulge in the front of his tight slacks.

She giggled as she told the others “I think our waiter is enjoying the stories of our morning. He seems to be offering a special on Italian sausage.”

All of the girls were giggling when the waiter came back to offer to fill 4 very full glasses.

“Tell you what kid. If you think you can handle a real woman I will let you come to a party tonight and you will have a chance to prove it” Mark stated as almost a dare.

Looking at the card Mark handed him he said “none of you will be disappointed I promise. I’m Jake by the way and can’t wait to see all of you again tonight” Jake said with a huge smile.

Jake stood about 5’10 with broad shoulders and an average build but the bulge in his pants is what the women couldn’t stop staring at.

“I can’t wait to enjoy that sausage tonight deep in my wet cunt while Shae rides Jasmine’s face baby” Gina stated as she never took her eyes off of Jake’s crotch.

“Gina you are such a freak and I’m too proud to call you my wife. Don’t forget that I will be balls deep in Shae’s ass as she devours Jasmine’s cunt” Mark said while looking at both Shae and Jasmine.

Shae made it to Mark and Gina’s well rested after a long hot bath and a nap to rest her body from the intense morning she had. Soon the kids would be back home from their grandparents and the life she had enjoyed for the past 2 weeks would drastically change but tonight was going to be a night to never forget.

She was standing at the door wearing only what Mark had told her she could earlier that day and when the door opened she knew she had pleased Mark well. Wearing nothing but 5 inch heels, thigh high stockings and sheer nightgown, Shae was quivering from the cool night but her body was also flushed with warmth from the knowledge that the cab driver could hardly drive trying to catch glimpses of her large tits and hard nipples clearly visible through the material. A new jolt of heat ran from her cunt to her head as Mark and Jasmine stood in the doorway with smiles of lustful approval. As soon as she stepped in the door she could hear the moans of pleasure from Gina in the other room.

The 3 walked into the large living room to watch as Gina was bouncing up and down on Jake’s thick and hard young cock. He was lying on the floor as Gina was turned away from him and facing 3 very happy people while squeezing her hard nipples and slamming her body down onto him with complete abandon. The soft touch of Jasmine’s hand rubbing her bare ass while Mark squeezed a hard nipple made Shae moan with pleasure. Slowly Mark pulled the gown over Shae tits and sucked her exposed nipples as Jasmine lowered herself to her knees and spread Shae’s thick ass cheeks then darted her skilled tongue in and out of her asshole. Both Gina and Shae were moaning in pleasure as they locked eyes on each other and came in unison. Gina couldn’t hold out from cumming as Jasmine pushed a finger deep in her asshole while Mark twisted on her clit and bit down on a nipple. Shae knew the night had just begun and it would be all she wanted.

As she recovered from her first cum of the night Jasmine and Mark removed the bathrobes they had been wearing exposing a new and fun surprise. Both of them were wearing strap-ons which meant Mark now had 2 very large dicks to fuck with and Jasmine was smiling as she stroked the craziest dildo Shae could imagine. It was about 10 inches long with a ball at the tip and spirals down the shaft with small knobs running the length of one of the spirals. Shae could feel her cunt twitch with the thought of how her cunt would be roughly fucked into complete submission after Mark was done pummeling her ass and cunt.

Before she could even imagine more Shae was bent over the padded leather armrest of a couch she learned to love over the past few weeks.

Gina got up off of Jake with a cunt full of fresh hot cum and laid down on the couch then grabbed Shae by the back of the head and ordered “suck my cunt clean my nasty little slut. I want to feel u suck every drop of Jake’s cock seed while Mark takes good care of your fuck holes.”

Shae had grown to love the taste of cum in Gina’s cunt and the feeling of her asshole and cunt being stretched was always a pleasure. The plastic cock went deep into her colon as Mark’s hot dick opened her cunt with desired pleasure. It only took about 5 minute before Gina was cumming and filling Shae’s eager mouth with even more sweet juices as Mark continued pounding her well stretched holes. Suddenly there was an empty feeling as Mark pulled out and walked around to grab Gina and pull her around to the other armrest. She heard Gina moan in lustful desire as she had her husband’s hard dick and thick dildo pushed deep into her body. Shae didn’t have to endure the feeling of an empty cunt long as she soon felt Jasmine grab her waist and push the dildo into her. Every part of the dildo brought new and wanted pleasure to her body.

Her own moans were actually drowning out those of Gina’s as jasmine took slow and deep strokes in and out of her cunt which allowed her the enjoy every curve, twist and bump on the toy.

Jasmine yelled “fill this slut’s mouth with that dick so I can concentrate!”

The words were still in her ears when Shae had Jake’s dick stuffed into her moaning mouth and Jasmine increased the power and speed. Jakes dick went deep into her throat with each powerful thrust Jasmine made with the dildo. Shae almost choked as her body convulsed with the most amazing orgasm she had experienced since all of this had started. Before she could completely recover Jake and jasmine traded places and she was presented with Jasmine’s beautiful bald cunt while Jake sank his dick deep into her asshole. She loved the feel of a real dick in her ass and Jake was giving her the ass fuck she needed.

He fucked her hard and deep with each stroke while she fucked Jasmine’s wet pussy with her tongue and moving face. Like a rehearsed play, both Jake and Mark started grunting as Jake filled Shae’s colon with hot cum and Mark came deep in his wife’s pussy. Only a few seconds later the 3 women were moaning as well with mutual explosions.

Finally all 5 of them sat on the couch or floor to recover and have some water.

It didn’t take Shae long before she had a new burst of energy and she got up off the floor with the strap-on that had pleasured her so well. She stared at both Gina and jasmine with a wicked grin while tightening the straps across her thick thighs.

“Now it’s time for this slut to fuck you 2 bitches the way I want to until you beg me for mercy. Both of you on your hands and knees and show me those juicy asses” is all Shae had to say.

Gina had such a cute ass that did little to hide her pink pussy and tight asshole but Jasmine’s ass was breath-taking. It was large and round with flawless brown skin and hid the tastiest cunt and asshole till you grabbed the soft firm globes and spread them wide for your reward. Gina was her first victim as Shae rubbed the head of the dildo up and down her wet lips before pushing the toy about half way in and stopping.

“Beg me for it bitch. I’m in control now” Shae demanded.

“Please Shae fuck my cunt. It’s yours to do as please but don’t make me suffer” Gina whimpered.

A gasp or pleasure escaped her mouth as Shae grabbed her hips and shoved the dildo to the hilt. Every stroke came with force and lust as Shae pounded her cunt with no mercy. Gina was screaming as orgasm after orgasm overtook her sweaty body when Shae pulled out suddenly and grabbed Jasmine’s waist and just shoved the cum soaked dildo into her cunt. Jasmine grunted with each thrust like an animal in heat as Shae took pleasure in having complete control of both of the women who had so joyfully controlled her.

No matter what happened after this night Shae knew it would never be forgotten as she brought Jasmine to the very edge of release before pulling out and shoving the toy back in Gina’s dripping cunt.

She again brought Gina to multiple orgasms before pulling out and fucked Jasmine with even harder thrusts.

The torture of being brought to the edge over and over was too much and Jasmine finally begged “please let me cum mami.”

With that Shae whispered in her ear so no one would hear “you want to cum then beg me to let you move in and be mine to enjoy with no complaints.”

“Yes yes I’m yours just let me cum” Jasmine pleaded.

With that Shae smiled to herself as she proceeded to fuck Jasmine into a stupor of uncontrolled orgasms before she finally collapsed onto the floor.

Shae looked up to see both Mark and Jake standing there with hard dicks in their hands and Shae happily said “you 2 assholes can enjoy Gina’s slutty ass all night if you want but as for me and Jasmine, we are out.”

Shae then got up and walked past each of the shocked people in the room and grabbed a bathrobe for herself and Jasmine and said “let’s go my tasty little bitch. We still have time to catch the last bus home.”

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