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Pornodrome VIP

The VIP suite of the Pornodrome holds a big surprise for Ruth.
Baz swiveled in his dual axis ergonotic chair flipping switches and pressing buttons in choreographed display of manual dexterity and physical agility. The control consoles stretched out in all directions forming a spherical cage like structure and the chair could tilt and turn in all directions to allow access to any one of them.

Far below him, the revellers applauded and cheered as each carefully timed touch brought a different part of the vast amphitheatre stretched out below him to life. Even though Baz himself was to all intents obscured from view, the revellers could follow his every movement through the live images projected onto the interior of the dome arcing three hundred feet above their heads.

Other projectors showed images of the revellers themselves, their costumes ranging from the outlandish to nothing at all. On one screen a thirty foot high latex mother superior was being lightly oiled by a muscular devil in red body paint. On another a naked woman knelt in a circle of men, all naked, their erect cocks ready for action. In yet another vignette a closeup of a naked, shaven pussy with the word Virgin 16 scrawled playfully across the mons.

As climax of the performance approached, bolts of lightning shot out from a ring of six Tesla coils mounted on the interior of the dome, the frequency of the coils tuned to play out a pulsing, throbbing bass note that sent shivers through the spine. The lightning bolts grew larger, almost reaching the cage in which Baz spun in his chair and the countdown began, the audience chanting out the numbers as they appeared on the dome. Ten! Nine! Eight!

When the countdown reached zero, Baz flipped himself completely upside down and pulled two large red handles on either side of the cage. The cage was instantly illuminated by a bolt of lightning from the largest coil of all, mounted directly below the VIP suite at the very apex of the dome.

"The Pornodrome is live!" A voice boomed out over the PA.

The audience was bathed in black light causing the UV bodypaint almost everyone was wearing to glow fluorescent shades of pink, yellow, blue, green. Everyone in Wife Swap World was looking at the wall directly behind Ruth where an improbably large cunt was being impaled from behind by a twenty foot high cock. The black light revealed a correction: the message now read Ex-Virgin 16 .

Everyone that was but Ruth. Ruth wore the all-black leather uniform of a Moderator and she was busy scanning the crowd in front of her, looking for potential trouble or worse.

Getting an entry to the opening of the 'drome had been next to impossible. Out of ten thousand tickets, over half had been reserved to the season ticket holders whose subscriptions had funded construction. But even subscribers had stood a less than one in ten chance of scoring a ticket for the opening night. And half the remaining tickets had been comped to various people that The Maker had decided would 'help make the party swing'. More pragmatically, another significant chunk had been reserved to reward the various 'political' interests whose support had been necessary to make the 'drome possible. All of which had left barely a thousand tickets on sale to the general public. With over a million applications, the chance of getting a ticket was rather less than a thousand to one.

Ruth had worked on the construction of the 'drome. She had dug the foundations with a backhoe and watched the giant balloon like envelope inflate. For the next two weeks she had worked on one of the three shift crews that worked round the clock to fix sections of rebar to the inside of the envelope, spray them with cement mixed to just the right consistency to stick to the inside and smooth the result flat with a specially curved float.

One day she had even caught a glimpse of The Maker, or at least the top of his hard hat. She had been working on tying rebar high in the dome close to the VIP suite. Ruth was meant to be on break but they were behind and the rebar had to be in place before the cement trucks arrived. Suddenly a convoy of black cars had appeared on the floor below. People emerged from the cars. Ruth thought little of it until she came down at the end of her shift and the foreman complained about the schedule being set back because The Maker had chosen to pay a visit.

Construction had ended two months ago and Ruth's monthly paycheck had ended with it. With the 'drome practically the only local employer hiring, Ruth had a choice of living off the money she had been saving for college or working in the 'drome.

It wasn't such a bad gig. Alcohol, drugs and weapons of any kind were forbidden in the 'drome which was the one place on earth where requiring a strip search for entry was close to being a practical proposition.

The only real hardship being watching other people having sex while being unable to do so yourself. Which hadn't seemed like a big deal when she signed up: After a night with Max she might have been sated for a week had he made her wait that long. But that was before Max had decided to 'pursue other options' romantically as well as professionally. And so watching the orgy of sex became a constant reminder to Ruth that she had been without for over a month.

A few feet in front of Ruth two men watched as two women she presumed to be their wives were kissing. The women seemed slightly nervous as their hands touched each other's breasts. Ruth had never been touched that way by a woman but knew that in her current state she would have surrendered herself to the other woman's touch without a second thought.

Forcing herself to look away and scan the room for signs of trouble, Ruth found it in the far corner where a man having difficulty with a condospray was holding it to his eye. But for the foresight of The Maker and his safety interlock, the reveller would have just coated his eyeball with a jet of hot latex.

Ruth took charge of the situation. Holding the man's cock stiff cock in one hand, she slipped the stainless steel tube over it and gave it a gentle squeeze. Jets of hot polymer covered the erect prick in a seamless skin tight sheath. After a short pause, the tube glowed white to signal that the protection was ready for action. Ruth removed the tube and ran her hand up and down the length of the shaft, newly covered bright green as if checking it then relinquishing the prick to watch it slide smoothly into a waiting pussy. The bright green color changed to transparent as it did.

Trying to distract herself from the sight of sex, Ruth considered this example of the obsessive attention to detail lavished on every aspect of the design of the 'drome by The Maker. The condospray provided the protection of a condom without reducing sensation for either partner. The coating turned from green to transparent the instant it touched a bodily fluid so that revellers could easily distinguish safe from used.

Back at Ruth's station, one of the wives knelt on all fours with her husbands cock in her mouth while the other woman guided a second prick into her pussy. Ruth sighed and looked at the time on her wristcom: The red background on the display confirmed her on-duty status. It would stay like that for another six hours when the departure crew would take over.

"A hundred million dollars. Ten years. One man's vision." The announcer's voice boomed out over the PA as four golden cages with dancers (two women and two men) inside began rising from the floor.

"Bullshit!" a man's voice replied angrily.

Ruth turned to identify the source of the comment. He must have been very close for her to hear him above the noise from the revelers.

Killjoy! Ruth thought as she barked a code into her wristcom. Some demonstrators had already tried to disrupt the opening of the 'drome with a sit down but they had been peaceful enough and had slunk off when they realized that fifty people wasn't nearly enough to surround a building close to half a mile around.

As she was making her way over to investigate, Ruth saw something else amiss. A reveller in a purple toga held a small black object in his left hand. Closer inspection confirmed Ruth's hunch: a camera.

Training took over. Ruth pulled her modbat from her belt and pointed it at the offender. A bright red dot appeared on his forehead. Ruth pressed the trigger. Slurrp! A snake like object fell from the roof of the dome, coiled itself around the man's waist and sprang back, taking the offender with it.

Ruth looked up at the man suspended twenty feet above the floor of the drome. Suspension was another of The Maker's technical touches. Ruth didn't have time to admire its efficiency however: now the suspect was glaring up at the VIP suite.

As Ruth moved closer, the suspect suddenly turned and launched himself towards her, knocking her over.

The arm of the statue missed Ruth's head by a hair and buried itself up to the wrist in the marble floor. Ruth looked up and saw the woman who had toppled it running away. A single click on the modbat and she was suspended together with the camera guy.

"I am so sorry, are you alright?" the former suspect asked, "I had to, the statue."

Before Ruth could respond, there was a call on her wristcom. The shift leader had seen the whole thing. The camera-creep had let himself be caught to create a diversion and the woman had tried to unseat the statue during the distraction.

The statue itself was a cast bronze interpretation of Venus rising from the waves. It must be very heavy, a half ton at least, as it seemed to have survived the fall intact.

Ruth looked the stranger in the eye, "Thank you, you may just have saved my life."

"I'm Jon" the man replied, "Lets take a look at how she did it while we wait for the incident crew. It's OK, I'm part of the crew."

Jon didn't look like he was part of the 'drome crew. He was completely naked for a start. But he quickly proved his claim by pulling a wristcom from his satchel and fixing it to his wrist.

Before Ruth had time to respond, Jon was kneeling to inspect the base of the toppled statue. Cute butt , Ruth said to herself then blushed wondering if she had said it aloud or in her head.

"Sabotage", he said, pointing to the bolts that were still attached to the statue, "The anchors were wax dummies."

More moderators arrived and Ruth explained the situation while Jon discussed the situation with the control room on his wristcom. After a short while he returned to Ruth holding a device that looked a little like a chrome dogbone.

"I am going to check the other statues," Jon announced, "come with me?"

"I'm still on duty here", Ruth replied, holding up her wirstcom.

"Not any more," Jon replied, pointing to the display which was now green. Someone in the control center must have thought Ruth needed a break. "Unless you want to have some play time instead."

Ten minutes ago, Ruth would have been hard pressed not to throw off her modsuit and get down with the rest. She would have regretted it afterward: public sex, anonymous sex with strangers she didn't know was not her thing. But it would have sated her need for a while at least.

But now Ruth looked at the statue and felt sick to the stomach. The statue had been mounted on a pedestal at the top of a flight of stairs. The killjoy had not been aiming for Ruth, she had been trying to push it over onto a small crowd that had been gathering round a bed where three women were playing. Something on the statue had caught, causing it to pivot around and swing towards Ruth. What might have happened if it had fallen the way the Killjoy intended didn't bear thinking about.

Checking the statues took the best part of an hour. Jon tested the bolts on each with the bone like device that turned out to be a wrench that would ingeniously adapt to almost any size of bolt. Fortunately, none of the other bolts were suspect.

The task took Ruth on a tour of the 'drome in full swing. People were partying in every way imaginable and more. Next to Ruth's station, Wife Swap World, was Hot Tub World which had several green hot tubs where people could meet and chat organized in a ring around a central a black tub where you could fuck if you liked. A slender girl in her late teens was being fucked from behind by an older man while two women either side of her stroked her breasts and clit. When the girl came with a loud cry, a middle aged woman took her place.

After that was Pole Dance where a slender woman with long flowing blonde hair did the bump and grind against a polished chrome pole. Ruth had seen her act before when their group rehearsed but they had been wearing clothes. The dancer looked Ruth squarely in the eye, grabbed the poll, inverted herself and spread her legs to display her perfectly shaven sex.

"She is beautiful!" Ruth exclaimed, "I wish I looked like that."

"But you do," Jon replied.

"Get away," Ruth laughed at the shameless flattery.

"No, really," Jon insisted.

As they turned to leave, the dancer leaned forward and whispered something in Jon's ear.

"What did she say?" Ruth asked.

"She said that if you are free at the end of your shift she would love to party." Jon replied.

"Will you take her up on the offer?" Ruth asked.

"The invitation was for you, not me." Jon said smiling.

They continued their task checking the statues in Numbers, The White Swallow (for gay men), Women only (for lesbians) and The Dungeon. Ruth checked the statue in Women Only as Jon didn't want to interrupt anything. As she worked, Ruth realized that she had been rather enjoying the sight of Jon kneeling to check each one. He was tall, not exactly thin but rather muscular with broad shoulders. Each time he knelt down, Ruth imagined running her hand over his butt and down to touch his cock.

The last statue was in Anal where there was a live demonstration. A woman in her mid thirties was being coached through her first anal. Ruth bit her lip as the woman slowly slid herself onto the cock of her partner lying beneath her. The analist had her eyes tight shut, her mouth open as if to let out a scream.

"It must hurt!" Ruth protested.

"If it does, you are doing it wrong," Jon responded.

Once the cock was fully inside ass, the woman opened her eyes, her face relaxed and the grimace spread into a broad smile. Her partner began playing with her pussy as she accustomed herself to the new feeling of fullness.

The demonstrator smiled and asked if anyone else would like to try. Jon looked at Ruth with a raised eyebrow but she shook her head.

"What I really want right now is a decent cup of tea," she said.

"I can understand that," Jon laughed sympathetically, "I think I know where there is a kettle."

Jon led Ruth through a door marked, "No admittance" and into what first appeared to be a lift but turned out to be a cable car. Soon they were heading into the air towards what Jon insisted was the only room in the 'drome that had a kettle: the VIP suite.

"I am not sure the VIP suite is my sort of place." Ruth said nervously. She found the 'drome intimidating enough, she was sure that the VIP suite was not for her. As they had toured the 'drome she had wondered if she might dare to persuade Jon to return to one of the slower paced parts of the 'drome like hot tub world.

"Don't worry, you will be very surprised," Jon said trying to reassure her.

"Its being surprised that worries me." Ruth replied.

Ruth understood Jon's statement the minute the door to the VIP area opened. It was just as she had imagined, the room was opulently furnished with plush couches in red velvet, crystal chandeliers. There were statues and even a fountain in the swimming pool. Only one thing was missing: people. There wasn't even a bartender behind the bar.

"The most exclusive VIP club in the world: Nobody is a member!" Jon announced, "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's heaven for?"

Jon pulled Ruth close to him, "Speaking of which" he said.

There was a faint snapping sound and suddenly the Modsuit was falling to the floor as Jon pushed Ruth hard up against the wall, her naked body powerless to resist his lips, his hands, his prick.

Ruth closed her eyes for the kiss, a long sensuous kiss that made her spine tingle with anticipation. His hands glided across her body, touching her hair, her arms, her breasts, her nipples.

She was ready for him, hungry for him. His hand found the wet place between her legs and Ruth gave a moan of lust and longing.

"Take me, take me hard," Ruth heard herself say.

Jon wasted no time and Ruth felt herself being pinned to the wall by his prick. He was inside her but the position prevented deep penetration. After a few thrusts, Jon rectified this problem by putting his hands under her thighs and lifting her feet off the ground so that she was bent double, her weight supported by his hands, the wall and his cock. This opened up Ruth completely to Jon's cock which was thick and firm and gave her a wonderful feeling of fullness each time it entered her.

Jon was remorseless, his thrusts smooth, powerful and regular. He had contrived to angle her body so that her clit rode almost directly along his cock as it entered her. The feeling was almost too intense to bear.

Ruth came hard and fast with a deep cry. Jon buried his prick inside her. It suddenly occurred to Ruth that she had been nailed.

They moved to a couch. This time Ruth took the lead, pushing Jon onto his back, rubbing her breasts and then her pussy against his face. His cock was still stiff and covered with her juices.

She took his cock in her mouth as his tongue slid along her slit towards her clit. Ruth swirled her tongue around the glans, drawing gasps from its owner then tried to take him as deep as possible.

Jon's tongue found her clit and deftly freed it from its hood. Fingers were slipped inside her and began touching, stroking, pressing, in wonderful and thrilling ways. Ruth tried to concentrate on Jon's cock, fucking him with her mouth. But the distraction from his tongue and his fingers working at her sex was too great.

Ruth surrendered herself to his attentions. The waves of sensation flowing up out of her sex to flood her whole body. Jon worked the whole length of her slit to draw every possible drop of pleasure from it. And then she was shouting something as the white heat of orgasm covered her whole body a second time.

"Jon! Jon!" Ruth's shouts turned to murmurs that he silenced by pressing his mouth over hers. He was on top of her, his body stretched full length along hers, his cock pressing hard against her leg.

She felt his hand on her sex, touching her, his fingers pressed against her crack.

"Any way you want", Ruth said to her lover. Then felt a sudden moment of panic as his finger grazed across her anus. Ruth swallowed hard, she hadn't meant to offer him her ass but she wasn't about to back out either. "Any", Ruth repeated under her breath as if to convince herself. But his hand had already moved on to stroke her cunt.

The Maker's fingers gently parted her labia and guided his prick into her pussy. He began pumping in urgent, quick, staccato thrusts. After a few minutes he was grunting with each thrust. Ruth found herself bent double, her legs raised up touching her shoulders to allow the prick moving inside her the deepest possible entry. The grunts turned to gasps and the gasps to cries as Jon came inside her.

They lay together afterward for a time, still connected by their sexes. Then Jon gave Ruth a tour of the VIP suite. The most impressive part of which was the viewing gallery at the center of the suite, the whole floor of which was made from a single piece of glass.

"Is it safe?" Ruth asked nervously. Jon merely grinned in reply and led her to the center of the floor.

Ruth was used to working at heights but this was something different. The vast expanse of the 'drome floor stretched out far beneath Ruth, the thousands of ant-like people all doing what gave them the most pleasure. There were twosomes, threesomes, moresomes coupling in every way imaginable: fingers, tongues, cocks, clits, asses, tits, mouths. Others stood or sat watching the action. Ruth was standing far above it all, completely naked, her weight invisibly supported only by an immense sheet of glass.

"Why me", Ruth asked.

"Why not?" Jon replied, folding his arms around her waist from behind.

"But you are The Maker, aren't you." Ruth continued. It all made sense now. Jon had been angry earlier because the Pornodrome wasn't the vision of one person, it was the work of many.

Jon looked up, then nodded, "I prefer to think of The Maker as someone I invented."

"You could have had your pick of a thousand women down there, women willing to do anything you asked." Ruth continued.

Jon turned Ruth to face him and looked her straight in the eyes.

"As were you." The Maker replied, proving his point by sliding his hand into her ass crack.

Ruth nodded: She had made the offer and it still stood.

"Willing and wanting are different things," he continued, "There you were standing in the middle of the largest non-stop orgy in human history and all you wanted was a nice quiet two person, dick-in-pussy fuck in private. With a cornucopia on offer, you wanted vanilla"

Ruth laughed, "You make me sound like a prude."

"Nothing wrong with vanilla," Jon laughed, "It's the most popular flavor for a reason."

"Should I be more adventurous?" Ruth enquired.

"Ask me another day and I may be in a mood to be your guide." The Maker replied, "But tonight, its vanilla only."

The Maker completed his sentence with his hand, running his fingers along Ruth's still-wet slit. He leaned into her body fastening his free arm round her chest and driving the thumb of his other hand firmly into her pussy, gripping her mons with the other fingers. Then in a single flowing movement, twisted her body a quarter turn in the air and set her down on all fours on the glass floor in the very center of the VIP suite.

In this position Ruth could see and be seen, albeit at such a distance as to remain completely anonymous.

Ruth closed her eyes and sighed with contentment as The Maker's cock slid into her from behind: Another serving of vanilla, this time with the slightest hint of a novel, exhibitionist sauce.

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