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Straight Male
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Oxford Educated, world traveler: I have lived in four different countries and worked in more. For the past ten years I have been living in Boston. I work as an expert witness in a very narrow field. Jobs are very few and far between. But the hourly rate is very high. So I make about the same working one week a month as I used to work full time. Chat room etiquette: I have been on the Web almost two decades and on the Internet longer. In the old days it was considered impolite to proposition someone in the first ten minutes. So if I don't immediately proposition you, ask to go private or suggest we get matching tattoos, please do not take that as a lack of interest ladies. I don't get offended and I know some women do not, but most seem to find it tiresome. I spend a lot of time online, but I also spend a lot of time in my workshop on arts projects. I have more tools than Norm Abrams. No seriously. I have tools that he does not, trust me. I started working in wood, but these days I am more into metal and plastic. I also do work with electronics and robotics. So if I am logged in but not responsive, I may have gone down to one of my workshops to tinker with something. Don't be offended if I don't respond.

Favorite Books
Snow Crash, Neuromancer,

Favorite Authors
Neil Stephenson, Issac Azimov, Tolkein, Ian Flemming
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Christmas in Paris for four.

A chance purchase of a book, a chance meeting on a plane leads a young woman to reject her slutshaming church and family in a week of carnal delights.

Strange how pure chance can change a life. If I hadn't chosen to join John in Paris for Christmas, if I hadn't flown through Denver, if I hadn't gone to the bookstore to kill time, if I hadn't seen the book on display, if I hadn't bought a copy, if I hadn...

The Emperor's Tentacles.

From humble beginnings operating an early form of the fax machine, Lilly King unexpectedly finds herself at the center of a plot directed at the Emperor himself.

My father was the Earl's engine keeper before he was raised in the peerage, and we lived in the steam house which was separated from the main hall on account of the noise and smell and most importantly, the risk of an explosion. This danger never worried...

First time in the sauna

The cougar who invited me to join her in the sauna wanted to do more than just talk.

German sauna culture has a particular etiquette. Nudity is expected and usually required. Some people say this is because chemicals from the swimming pool might evaporate but it was the rule long before people worried about such things. Being nude in the...


Age: 18 - 100
Distance: 500 miles