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Female virginity Stories

female virginity

Submitting To Professor Kent Ch. 02

Professor Kent catches me doing something naughty in his classroom and invites me back to his house for some special attention...

I sat in class and felt Professor Kent’s eyes weighing on me like a pair of boulders pressing on my shoulders. If I could get away with it without drawing more attention to myself, I’d have ducked under my desk for the remainder of the class until he had...

Loving The Moment

A mother opens her daughter's eyes to worldly ways.

Matis called out to his wife and asked her to let their son and daughter know that the motorhome, which he had spent so much time renovating and cleaning, was finally ready for inspection. The silver-grey bodywork gleamed, the windows were all polished, a...

A Very Effective Treatment - Part 2

Dr Kirkham offers a practical solution to a nervous young bride.

Dr James Kirkham sat in his study to enjoy his cigar. He enjoyed all the fruits of his success. His mind wandered as he remembered his early doctoring days in Yorkshire. Alongside his mentor, Dr Helliwell, he achieved great success in helping ladies of a...

Rachel Sins Part 1

Rachel lives a quiet life as a good girl until she meets her neighbor Tom.

Rachel made the sign of the cross and got up from her kneeling position in front of the altar with the large cross where Jesus looked down at her. She looked away from his accusing eyes and shame filled her body. She walked over to the confession booth an...

Losing My Virginity

The true story of how I lost my virginity

Emily was eighteen years old and had held on to her virginity. She had committed other sexual acts with various partners, but never gone all the way. She had been eighteen since last December, broke off a long-distance relationship in January, and still h...

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Mammy's Boyfriend, My Fuck Buddy

An innocent virgin teenage girl finds herself desperate to experience love and belonging when an unexpected introduction reshapes her world.

Seventeen-year-old Emma sat on the edge of her bed, like most teenagers, her gaze fixed on her phone screen as she scrolled through yet another round of social media updates. Her friend's posts were filled with smiles, laughter, and captions that spoke of...

Surrendering To Sin

When a good girl's nightmares turn into her darkest desires...

At seventeen, I fit the textbook definition of a geek to a tee. I was introverted, often finding solace in my internal world rather than in large groups. Shyness was an ever-present companion, and my perfectionist tendencies were evident in everything I d...

Virgin Mary

Nobody would have thought Mary was a virgin.

Nobody thought Mary was a virgin. I certainly didn't. She certainly didn't dress the part, and the way she carried herself with a little sway and a good bit of confidence seemed to indicate a well-experienced woman. I had long found her attractive, but ne...

Mamoru's Coat Of Many Colours

Two very different people find a common passion

The subway train disgorged her commuters at nine pm, and they all hurried away into the Tokyo night. Some half ran and others were more cautious, but all were anxious to ensure that there would be as many minutes as possible between their arrival home and...

The Au Pair And The Farm Boy

It started as an innocent recreational journey to Iceland, but it ended up a journey of sexual discovery for a girl who never been touched before. *Teasing, Petting, Foreplay*

I had to leave. I had to leave my old life, my home, my toxic environment. No one forced me to do it but my wanderlust. I needed a chance to be reborn, for my mental health; I could not handle this grey everyday life anymore. So I found a nice family in I...

A Little Thirsty

Drunk and thirsty in the backroom of a bar

Katie looked around the bar, tapping her fingers against the table as she waited patiently for her boyfriend. Today was a big announcement and she was eager to know what it was. Maybe, tonight is the night he'll finally propose. She had been dreaming of t...