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Girl loses virginity Stories

girl loses virginity

Restroom Bliss

He takes her virginity in one fast thrust.

It was a warm summer night, and the air was thick with the smell of cut grass and flowers. Rayna had just turned eighteen and was out with her friends, dressed in her favourite little black dress that hugged her curves just so. She felt alive, vibrant, an...

TALLULAH - Queen Of The Pole

Tallulah is fascinating to watch when on stage, hypnotic movements within her routine, will Angel be able to resist her?

Tallulah means "leaping water". The name is believed to have originated from the Choctaw language, meaning "leaping water" or "waterfall." It is a name that is both symbolic and spiritual, representing the power and beauty of nature. I am Tallulah, I'm ni...

The Vampire's Servant

Two dark vampires try to save their servant girl's poisoned body which turns into an erotic experience.

Leon and Tarrik lived as vampires for 500 years but had never seen someone affected by Harlin's poison like Alara. Her body was turning pale and her breathing was turning shallow. Alara was their servant and had been with them for so long, and they grew t...

A Tit For Tat! The Beginning

My wife and I play sexual games to get even.

My wife Lori is a very sophisticated woman, but when we get in the bedroom, she can be a wildcat. We are in love with each other, and we are in sync with each other's wants and needs. As it turns out, she has a kinky playful side as well. Lori started the...

Hank And McKenzie: Father And Daughter

An accidental discovery leads to a life of love

Hank Foster was approaching the end of a long day. His company’s construction project downtown kept spawning problems. After leaving the work site, he stopped by the nursing facility where his wife, Hazel, was a patient. She had been in a coma for over tw...

Diary Of A High School Stud: Chapter Three

Tommy gets invited to a party he'll never forget.

I hate nostalgia. I consider it a powerful drug. When you believe the good old days were the best time of your life, you’re not living in the moment, and you might truly be missing out on the best time of your life. My personal belief is that every day sh...

My Dirty Secrets Chapter 2.1

Jessi's version of the events leading up to she and Nick consummating their affair.

The house was quiet, and I was completely lost on what to do next. Nick was working, and Melissa was out with a friend from nursing school. I got myself a glass of ice water and sat on the couch. Turning on the TV, I flipped channels to find something to...

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Rachel Sins Part 1

Rachel lives a quiet life as a good girl until she meets her neighbor Tom.

Rachel made the sign of the cross and got up from her kneeling position in front of the altar with the large cross where Jesus looked down at her. She looked away from his accusing eyes and shame filled her body. She walked over to the confession booth an...

Lily's First Time

What should be a special day goes badly awry...

The house was practically shaking, so loud was the music at Lily’s eighteenth birthday party. Her parents had told her that the volume had to come down at eleven, and if the police were called, she would be in big trouble, so she was watching the time car...

Sister Noelia's Christmas Visitation

A Nun in Holy Orders Gets a Glimpse of An Alternate Reality

Sister Noelia was alive. To begin with, there can be no doubt about that. To confront a further suspicion the reader may have of her, based on events in this tale, she was not only alive but very much sane. In fact, she was beloved and respected throughou...

The Curious Case Of The Clickbaiting School Clerk

In which a virginity is lost, the anal seal is broken and a huge penis is encountered.

Lucille. P stared morosely at the screen. She had put hours and hours into her recent Lush story. It was about two young hotties who had met on the beach. She’d planned it meticulously. Her lead character had an arc, in which she’d overcome insecurity abo...

Losing My Virginity

The true story of how I lost my virginity

Emily was eighteen years old and had held on to her virginity. She had committed other sexual acts with various partners, but never gone all the way. She had been eighteen since last December, broke off a long-distance relationship in January, and still h...