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History has never been so sexy

My Prof showed me his PHD...Pretty huge dick that is.
It was senior year of college career and the last class that was required for me to graduate was open with only one spot left…at 8 a.m. I don’t know about you but any class that starts before noon is just rude. But seeing how “History of US Politics” was the only thing between now and graduating on time I sucked it up and enrolled.

The first day of class the professor was 10 minutes late, grumpy and seemed like he wanted to be there less than I did. He quickly introduced himself as Dr. McLellan, passed out the syllabi for the semester and asked the class what they knew about the history of politics in America.

Of course the class suck-up raised her hand and proceeded to bore the entire class with some regurgitated history channel speech. As she continued to ramble on I took a look at Dr. McLellan. He was a middle aged man, I’d guess about late 30’s but not more than a day over 40. He was dressed in black slacks, a deep plum colored shirt that complimented his pale skin nicely (not making him look pasty but not necessarily a bronzed god either), and a tie. Dr. M wasn’t like other Profs. While ms-know-it-all was only to the civil war era Dr. M rolled his eyes and cut her off “Thank you for boring us and ruining our day. Next time I ask a question like that don’t answer it okay. Now, let’s take roll so I can find out your name and be sure to never call on you again.” With that he flipped through a notebook and began to take attendance. It was so hard not to laugh at his outrageous behavior but he had a point. “Josie Mead?” I raise my hand and say “that’s me.” “What type of name is that for a black girl? Josie Mead??” He said incredulously. “Sounds like your mom was trying to say juicyme and the nurse wrote down this crap.”

Now I’ve heard all the jokes in the world about my name but coming from a prof was just out of line. That was the moment I decided that this prof was going to get hell from me. I simply responded back “Dr. McLellan, I’m assuming that you didn’t get your PhD in comedy so stick to teaching history instead of making horrible corny and slightly offensive jokes.” As I glared at him the rest of the class was silent. He stared at me for a minute and then continued to take roll.

Midterms came and by that time we were already dealing with the new deal and FDR’s policies. The class before Thanksgiving break is where the story really starts. Throughout the semester Dr. M. has always said things to provoke me and vice versus. After a heated class discussion about the new deal he reminded everyone of the paper that was due the day we got back from break and dismissed the class. As I was on my way out he stopped me and asked me to wait after class.

“Josie, you’re failing this course?”

“How is that possible? I do all my work, I’ve gotten A’s on the papers and tests and I participate in class! This is bogus!”

“Well Josie it seems that my grade book is missing those A’s that you mentioned. Do you have the graded work with my handwriting on it?”

“Yes! I can bring it to you tomorrow afternoon!”

“I’m leaving in the morning for break…can you get it to me this afternoon?”

“I have night class until 9 and I’m booked straight through night class.”

“Well, tell you what. I’ll come back to my office tonight to meet with you to get the work. If it’s forged I’m going to write you up to the creed for plagiarism.”

“Dude, that’s totally not fair! You didn’t record my grade because you don’t like me! I’ll have it all for you tonight at 9!”

With that I stomped off to my next class

Walking over to Dr. M’s office I realized that I should have brought a sweater with me as I had on my work clothes. I work at a bar a few nights a week bartending so before my night class I normally stop at my place and change into my bar clothes. Tonight I had on black leggings that left nothing to the imagination, which meant no underwear at all, as my round ass jiggled when I walked. I had on black halter top that plunges almost to the middle of my stomach showing off my 40 GG breast, which weren’t caged in a bra tonight and purple 5inch heels that complimented my purple eye makeup. I was sure that my tip jar would be full tonight.

I arrived at Dr. McLellan’s office at 9:15 and knocked on the door before pushing it open. I was immediately hit with the smell of rum and looked on his desk to see the open bottle. He saw me look at the bottle and said “Blew my tire this afternoon, had a fight with the wife during dinner and now I have to put up with your bullshit. So I think a grown man like me can have damn drink. Now sit down and close my door!”

I shrugged my shoulders and took a seat facing his desk. Being in his office sent chills up my spine, not sure if it was out of fear or because the air conditioner was on full blast. I sat in the chair and began to reach into my bag to retrieve all of my work. I felt his eyes on my breast as I knew my nipples were poking through my top. When I pulled out my folder a pen flew out of my bag and onto the floor. I reached down to pick it up and my left nipple fell out of my shirt. I quickly pushed it back into my halter and grabbed my pen hoping he didn’t notice. I got up and put all of my graded work on his desk. “There’s everything you’ve handed back all there.”

He studied the papers trying hard not to concentrate on my breast. I felt embarrassed that I had worn my work clothes to meet m professor and to top it off my tit fell out. After a moment he looked up at me and said “I see why I didn’t record your work…it’s all bullshit! The things you say in class, you only say just to get under my skin don’t you!”

“Honestly, sometimes I do. But that doesn’t take away from the work I put into this class or the homework and papers.”

“I think it does.” With that he took his glass of rum and dumped it over my papers and grinned at me. “Now you have no grades at all.”

My first reaction was to cry but then I got pissed. “Fuck you! You’re a petty ass person who got his degree from the internet!” I grabbed the bottle of rum and splashed it on him soaking the front of his shirt. He screamed “You little bitch!” as he grabbed the bottle from me and yanked my arm across his desk. I caught my fall with my other arm. He then threw the rest of the liquid on me. As I tried to wipe the rum off of me it had already dripped down my body making my already hard nipples get harder and goose bumps arise on the rest of my skin. He walked around the desk and stood in front of me with a smug smirk on his face. “You think you’re so smart don’t you?” He grabbed my wrist and twisted it. I cried out in slight pain and tried to free myself from his grasp but he quickly grabbed my other wrist. He forced me back against the door and snarled “I’ll show you where I got my PhD from, you mouthy bitch.” He pressed his body against mine as he bent my arms down to my side.

I felt his hard cock pressing against my leg as he leaned into my ear to whisper “I’ll show you why my Pi Kappa Alpha brothers called me “Big Dick Jeff” you ungrateful bitch.” I don’t know why I didn’t fight back or scream or even try to head butt him. I’m still confused as to why this turned me on. He grabbed my left tit and squeezed it. “I know that you wore this to tease me. I know you let it fall out to get better grade,” he said before sucking my nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it letting his warm and wet mouth get my nipple even harder. He squeezed my breast harder and gently bit down on it. I let a moan slip out. He took his mouth of my breast and looked me in the face. “You like that don’t you, you little mouthy bitch?” I just bit down on my bottom lip ashamed that I was enjoying this. He smacked my other tit causing it to jiggle. He pulled my breast out of my top and began to lick both of my nipples. I moaned again this time louder. He grinned as he began to take his belt off. “You ready to meet Big Dick Jeff? I can’t wait to fuck that black pussy of yours and cum all over those gorgeous ebony tits of yours.”

He guided me back over to the chair I was sitting in and dropped his pants right in front of me. He cock was straining against his silk boxers but a giant puddle of precum was already stained on them. He pulled them down and his cock jumped free. His cock was very thick and a little more than 7inches long. He grabbed my tits roughly in his hand, squished them together around his dick and began thrusting up in between my breast. Seeing his pale cock being crushed by my two dark brown breasts was erotic to say the least. I began to lip the tip of his dick as it appeared. Precum started to ooze from the head and I greedily lapped it up. He yanked me out of the chair and backed me against his desk. He pushed all the papers on his desk to the floor and began to yank down my leggings. He was surprised to see my hairy pussy without any underwear. He inserted his slick wet tongue into my slit. I moaned and jumped with the sensations his tongue was causing. I opened my legs wider giving him more access to my pussy. He lapped at my pussy for a while before lifting my leg in the air and pushing his hard throbbing cock into my wet tunnel. I let out a moan of sheer pleasure as he pushed me farther back onto the desk.

I wrapped my legs around his back as he pumped his hard cock into me. He was so deep and filling I felt the tip of his dick pushing against my cervix. I threw my head back and moaned as I ground my hips against his trying to match his frenzied rhythm. I looked down to see his white skin moving in time with my dark skin; it was so sexy and erotic that I felt my orgasm begin to build. He reached down and began fondling my breast and pinching my nipples hard. “You like this huh?” He said pumping harder than before. “I knew your black ass wanted me since day one! You love this white dick don’t you Josie?” Hearing him talk dirty to me sent me over the edge; my pussy clamped down on his dick and began to spasm as warm sticky fluid began to drench us both. When my orgasm was over he pulled out of my pussy and lay down on his desk. “I want you to ride this white cock so I can grab those gorgeous tits of yours.”

I squatted on the tip of his dick and slam down hard on his dick. He gasped and then started moaning. I began to move my hips up and down making sure that I worked my pussy muscles. He grabbed my tits and brought them down to his face so he could suck them. I began to bounce harder and faster feeling my orgasm coming again. I leaned backwards and he played with my clit with one hand while pinching my nipples. He began to thrust up as my orgasm was steadily getting closer. My hands flew up to pinch my nipples as he held my hips thrusting like a crazy man and I began to orgasm like never before. I screamed out as my juices began to flow out of me and coat him like a second creamy skin. I collapsed onto him for a few seconds to regain myself. I got off of him and he turned me sideways on his desk. My feet were touching the ground but I was bent at the hips. He lifted my leg over his shoulder and inserted his dick into my sensitive pussy.

He thrust into me while holding my ass with one hand and one of my tits with the other. “I’m going to come all over those tits of yours, you just wait and see.” I screamed out how much I wanted it and began to furiously finger my clit. My pussy muscles tightened and he groaned as his body tightened and he thrust even faster. He pulled out of my dripping snatch and began to stroke his cock shooting his jizz all over my tits and stomach. Seven or eight streams of cum were on me. He slumped back into the chair and looked at me. “I’ve always dreamed of fucking a black woman and a college student. Now I’ve fucked a hot black college student.”

I quickly began to get dressed and rushed off to the bathroom to try to clean the semen off me before work.

After that night I only went to class once a week and when ever there was a test or assignment to avoid Dr. McLellan. He never said anything about it until it was time for final grades to be submitted. I got an email from him saying:

Thanks for fulfilling my fantasies. You’re a smart beautiful young lady. You’re going to go far in life. If you need a letter of recommendation for graduate school let me know.

Final grade in this class: A


Dr. J. McLellan

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