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Ashley and Amanda (Part 2)

Ashley and Amanda's bodies overheat and spill over with lust until they can't wait any longer
Part 2: Excuse me but I have to use the bathroom.

Ashley and Amanda, had been playing it safe since the night alone together in Ashley’s house. The two girls didn’t want to alert their parents to their relationship. They had only managed to squeeze in a kiss here and a playful ass slap there because of it. This had been all they had did since that one night and the two of them were growing restless as more time passed.

The two girls couldn’t stop thinking about each other and the next time they might get a try with one another again? They kept thinking of it until they made themselves wet and were all worked up over it. Finally, it was a week later and Ashley had come over to Amanda’s house.

It was around 6 PM and Ashley came up on Amanda in the hallway outside her bedroom. She had been walking towards Amanda and turned on her; shoving her against the wall. while her hands found Amanda’s body.

Ashley was feeling Amanda up and she was whispering into Amanda’s ear, “I can’t take it anymore. I can hardly wait to get you alone again. Meet me in my bedroom tonight. We can have a little party which I think shall be a lot of fun.”

Amanda was now blushing, but she had to admit that she liked the touch of Ashley’s hands upon her body. It filled her with excitement and she couldn’t argue with her offer. Amanda knew that she would be there. She wanted Ashley to the point that she would even risk getting grounded. Amanda knew she could live with that. Just as long as it meant that she could get her hands on Ashley’s lovely, and fuckable body.

Amanda personally liked what Ashley was wearing. She was wearing a halter-style top with those thin straps which barely stayed on the shoulder. The material of the shirt barely was covering her breasts so that it left a great portion of the top viewable to the eyes. She was also wearing lightly colored blue jeans with a plain black colored belt and boots to cover her feet.

Amanda was a bit under dressed compared to Ashley. Her outfit consisted off a purely white outfit which was bound to get dirty before the day was out. It looked so white, that it certainly was made to be on the floor, but that was why she was wearing such clothing in the first place. Amanda loved to appear like an angel but come across in the end like the devil.

The white outfit she was wearing consisted off a frilly mini skirt and a matching top. Ashley must have been re-thinking her statement, because they were right next to the bathroom door when she opened it and dragged Amanda into the bathroom with her. Ashley shut the door behind them as Amanda protested a little, “Hey, what if someone hears us?”

Amanda’s had parents that were big Christians. She knew they wouldn’t approve of the idea of having a lesbian daughter or one that was Bi-Sexual. They would probably murder Amanda, or send her off to catholic school. So you can imagine why she was a bit uneasy about this?

Ashley’s lips rested against Amanda’s right ear lobe as she answered in a whisper that only she would hear, “We will be fine but only if you don’t make any loud sounds.”

Amanda wasn’t sure what she meant by that? Yet it didn’t take long before she found out. Ashley’s hand moved in between Amanda’s legs and under that very short mini skirt. She pushes Amanda’s legs apart and had her hand sliding across the warm, smooth skin on Amanda’s inner thighs. Amanda closed her eyes in response to this and she became wetter at the touch of Ashley’s hand.

She was trying hard not to moan too loudly but it was very difficult. She bites down on her bottom lip as Ashley’s hand moved further up her skirt and trembled when Ashley’s hand brushed against the side of her underwear. Amanda wrapped her hands around Ashley’s waist and settled them on the girl’s ass. Amanda then gasped when Ashley ripped off her top. Amanda was now topless and exposed since she didn’t have a bra on. Ashley didn’t even pause for even a second as she reaches under Amanda’s skirt again and pulled Amanda’s panties down. Ashley completely removed them from her body and held them up to her nose with a smile.

“You already are so wet and you smell very nice.” She told Amanda and then she reaches up and ripped Amanda’s skirt off as well.

Amanda was now totally naked in front of her. Ashley pushes Amanda up onto the counter more. Her hands moved up along the girl’s sides and over her breasts. She squeezes them which made Amanda inhaled quickly, biting so hard on her lip that she broke the skin causing it to bleed. Ashley moved onward and started to kiss Amanda’s chin and neck while moving lower across her shoulder blades.

Ashley’s next move was to envelope Amanda’s right nipple with her lips before continuing to the other in order to give it the same treatment. She sucked hard on them and pulled as her hands held Amanda around the small of her back. Amanda tried to hold her moans in from getting louder as Ashley’s lips move back up along her neck to her lips. She returned the kiss eagerly and her own hands managed to slip under the back of Ashley’s shirt and up her smooth back.

Amanda wasn’t going to be beat by her new lover; therefore, she succeeded in pushing Ashley off her. She drove her backwards and she was the one who pinned her against the wall this time. Amanda used this opportunity to feel up Ashley’s body as her hands moved all over her. Amanda was grinding up against Ashley’s body as she worked herself into her pants.

She pulled Ashley’s belt free and unsnapped the button on the girl’s jeans. Her hand then invaded Ashley’s pants and slid down across her warm pussy since she wasn’t wearing any panties. Amanda continued by dropping Ashley’s pants and rubbing up on her as her body pressed more into Ashley’s body. Amanda was then pushed back when Ashley pulled her shirt off and buried her naked form into Amanda’s body.

Amanda was again on the sink countertop and she wrapped her legs around Ashley’s back to hold her there while they kissed. The two girls were naked now and grinding with their hands all over each other. Amanda had her mouth open as they grinded and was moaning almost freely now. She didn’t care anymore that someone might hear them.

Ashley’s fingers delved into the depths of Amanda’s body while her hand rubbed on the girl’s wet womanhood. She thrust two of her fingers in and began to drive them back and forth inside of her. She stopped once her fingers were soaked with Amanda’s lovejuice and lifted her fingers to lick it all off with a satisfied smirk upon her lips. She inserted her fingers again and this time Amanda reacted by pushing herself forward onto Ashley’s fingers.

Amanda rocked her body with the thrusts as she cried out from the pleasures overtaking her body. She was panting and her eyes were full of sexual lust for her sexy female lover. There came a knock on the bathroom door. This put an end to the two girl’s party before they could go any further. They were disappointed but quickly dressed and opened the door to find that it was Amanda’s dad.

Amanda was fixing her hair as she smiled at her daddy. He just stared at the two of them in the bathroom together but then he shrugged and explained that he had to get into the bathroom. They nodded and left the bathroom. Ashley turned to Amanda and reminded her to not forget about the meeting later that night. Amanda told her that she would not miss it for the world. The two then separated and went their own way with Amanda downstairs, and Ashley returned back to her house next door.

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