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Breast friends

Sue reunites with old friend and fulfills her fantasies
Sue was nervous. She was about to meet the
woman who twenty years ago had left an indelible image in her mind.

It had all began during their final year in a private girl's school in rural England. Sue and 3 of her closest friends all aged 17 had gone to sit at the far end of the games field as they always did during their break before prep. Two of Sue' s friends, Charmaine and Lizzie had already developed 36C breasts. Sue and Peggy still had 34B breasts. All the girls were still virgins. As the girls sat on the grass engaging in their usual gossip about anything and everything Charmaine shyly brought up the topic of her breasts.

An innocent but open girl, Charmaine confided to her friends about how she
sometimes felt weird sensations when her nipples rubbed against her bra. She
was clearly embarrassed by her admission. Lizzie seeing her friends discomfort and was eager to comfort her by sharing her own findings about her equally large breasts. Feeling like the expert in the group, Lizzie excitedly told her friends how she had experienced the same feelings and that she had found a way to relieve herself by gently rubbing her own nipples. She offered to
show Charmaine who though slightly taken aback trusted her friend and obliged.

Moving closer to Charmaine, Lizzie extended her index finger, placed it on
Charmaine’s left breast and began to rub the nipple in slow circular movements.
Charmaine gasped but did not move. Lizzie asked her friend how it felt and
Charmaine could only manage a nod. Satisfied with the nod, Lizzie felt confident
that her advice was working and using her other index finger proceeded to rub Charmaine's
other nipple. She told her friend to just relax and enjoy it. Charmaine began
to relax and tilted her head back pushing her breasts even further out. Lizzie
rubbed harder and harder, sometimes squeezing the now rock hard nipples.
Charmaine began moan softly. After a few minutes Charmaine seemed to remember
where she was, suddenly got up, thanked Lizzie for her help and walked away.

The rest of the girls went back to prep without any comment on the matter. Later, Peggy told Sue that she had found the whole thing rather disgusting. Sue nodded her head in agreement although inwardly she couldn’t have disagreed more. Sue's panties had become soaking wet while watching and she had sat there wishing she could have been as bold as Lizzie. Sue knew that she would never have the guts do initiate such a thing and tried to forget what had happened. Lucky for Sue, the incident did not happen again during the term at the end of which Sue’ s parents
moved to Australia. Sue said a teary goodbye to her friends and they promised to keep in touch. Sue settling in Australia - attending university there, getting married and having two children.

20 years later, Sue and her 3 friends decided their reunion was long overdue. It
was agreed that they meet in London  where all except Sue now lived. Sue’ s
husband, a caring man agreed to watch their kids while Sue went on a 10 day
holiday to London . Sue had planned to book into a hotel but Lizzie who was recently divorced would not hear of it. Lizzie’s only child was in boarding school so she saw no need
for Sue to pay for a hotel when she had plenty of room in her house. Sue was
touched and saw no reason to refuse her friend’s offer.

Sue set off for London and Lizzie picked her up from the airport around 6pm. They hugged like little girls and set off for Lizzie’s house. Sue tried not to notice how luscious Lizzie’s breasts and huge nipples looked. They seemed to have grown even bigger. Happy but exhausted, Sue had a quiet dinner with Lizzie, took a quick shower and shortly fell asleep.

Sue and Lizzie spent the next day catching up, relaxing and preparing for their reunion dinner. The 4 childhood friends were extremely excited to see each other and they shared stories and pictures
about their husbands and children. Though divorced, Lizzie was not bitter and said she had no regrets as she had a wonderful son. After dinner, they went out to a nightclub and danced into the wee hours, having fun flirting with random men.

Sue and Lizzie got back to Lizzie’s house in high spirits. Too excited to sleep, they decided to share a bottle of wine and talk some more, reminiscing about their time at school. As they laughed
about the silly things they used to do, Sue who was quite tipsy felt bold enough to bring up the nipple rubbing incident and told Lizzie how she had never forgotten it. Lizzie who had never been shy laughingly told Sue that she still rubbed her own nipples but it simply wasn’t the same as having someone else rub them for her. Sue did not say anything at first. She then told her
friend to lean back against the couch and then close her eyes as she had a
surprise for her. Lizzie did not argue and did just that. Sue stared at Lizzie’s heaving chest for a few seconds and then tentatively raised both her hands to Lizzie’s nipples, rubbing them simultaneously just as she had seen Lizzie do years ago. Lizzie groaned.

After a few minutes, Lizzie opened her eyes and softly asked Sue if she wanted to kiss them. Sue nodded eagerly as Lizzie unbuttoned her blouse and pulled one of her heavy breasts out of her bra. Sue stared and then cupped the breast in her hand, massaging it and rubbing the now
exposed nipple. She then bent down and took the nipple in her mouth sucking on
it like a baby. Unhooking Lizzie’s bra Sue proceeded to suck on Lizzie’s other breast.

By this time Lizzie was whimpering and thrusting her chest out. Alternating between each breast, Sue suckled for about 20 minutes. Without thinking, Sue found herself pulling up Lizzie’s knee length skirt then pulling down her panties. Sue had never licked a pussy before but
she seemed driven by something she could not describe. As her mouth approached
Lizzie’s vagina, a smell so strong and heady hit Sue’ s nostrils. Even more turned on, Sue began to lap at Lizzie’s vagina. She flicked her tongue across Lizzie’s huge clit and began to suck on it. By this time Lizzie was shaking and buckling uncontrollably. After a few minutes, Lizzie shuddered and her juices flowed out. Sue could not stop licking Lizzie’s pussy. She was like a woman possessed.

Lizzie was also desperate to taste her friend and slowly lifted Sue’ s head to her own. They kissed deeply as Lizzie rubbed Sue’ s very hard nipples through her silk blouse. Lizzie tried to unhook Sue’ s bra and finding the clasp at the front, unhooked it but did not remove Sue's blouse. After having children, Sue's breasts had by now grown to 36Cs. Lizzie circled her fingers around Sue’ s breasts through the soft fabric, and flicked at Sue’ s nipple with her tongue. Unable to bear it any more, Sue quickly pulled her blouse over her head needing to feel Lizzie's mouth directly on her nipples. The warm sensation of Lizzie’s lips sucking on Sue’ s nipples brought Sue into a frenzy. Sue purred in ecstasy.

Lizzie was not yet done and kissed her way down to Sue’ s stomach stopping just to remove Sue’s skirt and panties before her mouth descended on Sue’ s throbbing pussy. Lizzie licked and sucked at Sue’ s clitoris and then pushed her tongue in and out of her vagina. So expertly was this done that Sue concluded that this was not Lizzie’s first time. Sue reached a violent climax and the two
friends retired to Lizzie’s bedroom where they fell into a relaxing sleep. Sue was woken up by a pleasurable feeling of moist lips sucking on her nipple. It was an excellent reunion!
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