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Lana 5

Two are one.
Saturday morning arrived bright and clear and it was decided over breakfast that we’d go to the coast. It seemed only natural for Sophie and me to sit in the back of Lana’s Jaguar while the identical twins sat in the front. They were not identically dressed this morning. Both wore jeans, it’s true but Lana’s were black and Lyn’s blue.

We’d gone up to our rooms after breakfast and dressed.

‘Wear a skirt, Em, I want to be able to touch your legs.’

‘I want to be able to touch yours too.’

‘Well, you’ll just have to wait.’ There was that direct stare again, the challenge – defy me if you will. I put on a skirt of course.

We got to the seaside around midday and walked along a clifftop path with meadow flowers growing in the grass beside it. There was a hum of insects and the smell of the sea. We’d stopped en route to pick up a small picnic and sat in a spot where the grass had been cropped by sheep. I spread the blanket and we opened the goodies: wine, sandwiches, scotch eggs, pork pies and more wine. I lay back with my head in Lana’s lap and felt the warmth of the sun and the aftermath of wine make me deliciously drowsy.

I heard Lyn say, ‘Shall we play the game tonight?’

'Oh, Lyn, yes lets.’ That was Sophie who was wearing a skirt too but who was sitting up, her knees lifted to her chest and if I looked, which I didn’t (often), I could see that she wasn’t wearing knickers.

I lay silently, enjoying Lana’s hand running through my hair.

‘What do you say, Lana?’

‘I say someone ought to explain the rules to little sleepyhead here.’

I stirred as Sophie rolled down onto her elbows and put her head close to mine. I opened my eyes and saw just how close she was.

‘You’ll love it. The twins leave us alone. When they return,’ here Lyn interrupted her.

‘If we return, darling, if. We might get carried away.’

Sophie laughed and her white eyes sparkled. ‘OK, if they return they will be wearing the same clothes. We have to ask them twenty questions each to see if we can identify which is which. I always lose.’

‘What happens if you lose?’ I asked.

‘Oh, that’s entirely up to them. And it’s not as easy as you think. They have no secrets.’

I looked up into Lana’s eyes and she smiled at me. ‘Well, Em, what do you think?’

I considered for a while and Lana said, ‘She does this. She’s pretending to think it over but the truth is she is actually thinking of the consequences of losing.’ To my horror she reached her long arm across me and pulled my skirt up to reveal that I, like Sophie, was naked beneath it. ‘See – damp at the prospect.’ I pushed my skirt down.

‘Let’s play!’ I said that with more bravado than I really felt.

Walking back to the car Lana slipped her arm through mine. My other arm carried the remains of the picnic. ‘If I pull your skirt up, leave it up.’

‘Lana, I am naked under it.’

She stopped, forcing me to stop to. She looked down at me and for the first time I thought I saw anger in her eyes. ‘You’re point is?’

‘My point is that I am naked under my skirt.’

‘Well, your point is well made. If I pull your skirt up, leave it up. I hope my point is well made too?’

I tried to walk on but she held me fast, her eyes boring into me. I held her gaze but knew in my heart that she would win any battle of wills.

‘Yes, Lana.’

Her arm slipped out from mine and around my shoulders and she squeezed me which felt like she was saying well done and that I was forgiven. What the hell was the matter with me?

There is a small pub in a village just outside the city and we went in there to have a glass of wine and dinner before returning home, well, to Lana’s home anyway. In the pub I sat beside Lana and as we all chatted I felt her hand slither up my leg and her finger brush over my pussy. She didn’t even look at me. We all ate salad, we didn’t need much more after our picnic.

Lyn and Sophie went to the toilet together. Lana leant close to me. ‘You’ll learn, darling. Don’t worry – everyone makes mistakes at first.’ She kissed my ear. ‘Are you OK? I promise you you’ll enjoy.’ I nodded.

Back at the house I made coffee for everyone and around 7 Lana stood up and took Lyn’s hand. ‘My sister and I are going upstairs.’ She kissed Lyn deep and slowly and I have to confess I was incredibly aroused by it. ‘Let the game commence!’ and with that they left Sophie and me to ourselves.

Sophie reached across the table and took my hand, squeezing it gently.

‘You liked watching them kiss, didn’t you?’ I nodded. ‘They are one person in two parts. I know it’s hard to come to terms with but I promise you it’s true. Watching them making love is really like watching one person masturbate. It’s incredible and, to be honest, I love it. I know its, what, kinky? But to them it’s the most normal thing in the world and we are both in their world now.’ She moved to sit beside me, her arm around my shoulder and she pulled my head onto her shoulder. She kissed my hair. ‘They are lovely. They would never mind if you just said “not for me thanks” and left but,’ and here she squeezed me against her, ‘I don’t think you will, will you?’

Sophie’s hand came to my cheek and she turned my face to hers and kissed my mouth softly, her tongue entering just a tiny bit. We broke the kiss and I shook my head. I knew I wasn’t going to say, ‘not for me, thanks.’

We went arm in arm to the sitting room and sat together on the long sofa. Sophie kissed me again and this time her tongue came deep into me and her hand caressed first my breasts and then slid under my skirt. I wan’t really thinking. The whole surreal experience was so overwhelming. I didn’t feel like I was being unfaithful to Lana – after all she was upstairs and probably in bed with her sister. Sophie’s finger entered me. I looked into her deep green eyes, breaking the kiss and she smiled as her finger curled. She opened her legs and guided my hand to her. My finger stroked between her moist lips then curled up into her and she groaned.

‘My oh my, these two seem to be getting acquainted properly now.’

I tried to break once more from Sophie but she held me tight for a few seconds and then looked over my shoulder and smiled.

‘Well, if you leave me alone with a beautiful woman and go off to debauch with your sister what do you expect?’

‘You’d better watch your lip, my girl.’

I turned and the twins were standing, arms around each other and both wearing identical black nightdresses, long, sheer and shimmering and identical smiles. They moved slowly from the doorway and each took a seat in an armchair; one to my left, the other to Sophie’s right. I had no idea at all which was which and so, for clarity I shall refer to them as left and right.

Left: ‘Ask me a question, Emma. Anything you think only Lana would know.’

‘What did we call the two women in the hotel last weekend?’

Left: ‘Grace and Favour.’

Right: ‘Your turn Sophie.’

We each asked a question in turn and neither of us could fault them. Every question, no matter to whom it was posed was answered correctly. I was totally unable to determine which was my Lana. By the time my twenty questions had been exhausted so too was I from the mental effort of trying to trip one or the other unsuccessfully.

Left: ‘Emma – take off your blouse.’

Right: ‘You too Sophie.’

Sophie reacted more quickly than I. She unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her beautiful, full breasts. A little hesitantly I copied her.

Left pulled her nightdress up over her long legs and spread them wide. ‘Sophie, come here darling.’

Sophie walked across in front of me and knelt before the twin. She waited patiently until she received a small tap on her head and she leant in to kiss and lick the exposed pussy. Right did the same and called for me. Even more hesitantly I looked questioningly into her eyes but received no reassuring wink or indication that it was Lana.

‘Your point is?’ she asked, lifting her eyebrow the same words and with that same glint in her eyes that I had seen on the coastal path. Surely this was Lana. I knelt between her spread legs and waited for the tap on my head. When it came I leant into her as Sophie had. Fingers raked through my hair and the taste was the same, this was Lana. Then another tap came and I looked up.

‘Now, girls, change places.’

I couldn’t help hesitating, I was so sure this was Lana I was licking and kissing so intimately. The eyes drilled into me. ‘Go.’

With enormous reluctance I changed places with Sophie and lowered myself to my knees and pressed my mouth to her pussy. It was Lana again, no question. The taste was the same, the noises were too. The fingers were Lana’s fingers stroking through my hair. And it was in that moment that I got it, that I understood what Sophie had said, one woman in two parts. The realization was all I needed to abandon myself to her pleasure, whichever of the two parts I was loving. With renewed liberation I sucked and licked, squeezed her clitoris and drank her sweet moisture.

‘Sophie,’ I have no idea who said this, ‘fetch the bag.’

I looked up and watched as Sophie stood and walked out of the room, returning a few moments later with a small black bag in her hand. She took a long, black silk scarf from the bag and handed it to Left who tied it quickly around my eyes. My muttered resistance was quieted with a touch of a finger to my lips. Someone, I don’t know who, lifted me to my feet and led me somewhere. There was a bit of adjustment, my legs were parted and the next thing I felt was the familiar pressure of a dildo at my pussy. I was straddled across someone’s thighs as it entered me, slowly, easing into me. I gasped – the situation was unreal, surreal. I lowered myself onto it and then the scarf was removed and lowered around my throat and I was looking straight into a pair of beautiful blue eyes. I looked over my shoulder and the other twin was standing with a feeldoe poking up from between her legs. She moved behind me, put her hands on my shoulders as the other stood with me impaled on her dildo. We rose together and the twin in front of me took my face in her hands and kissed me really passionately. As her tongue invaded me I felt the tip of the other dildo pressing gently against my arse. Gently, so very gently I was entered again. Arms were all around me. One twin in front, one behind, they began rhythmically to press deeper into me.

I should have fought, resisted but I did not. Instead I responded, loving the feeling of being one with two. I put my head back on the shoulder of the twin behind me and felt the fullness, loved the depth of my invasion. The twin facing me kissed my throat. I could not help but respond. Their movements were in harmony, one in one out. It was as if they did this without needing to communicate. Sophie came and stood on my left, her arms stretched out to touch both twins and she kissed my face. My arousal was rising; rising like a storm rises across a landscape, moving everything, bending trees. I was now only supported by the twins since my legs were not up to the task.

One of the twins said, ‘We wont be long now, darling,’ but I had no idea to whom that was addressed.

The other replied, ‘No, we’re close. Is she?’

I most assuredly was and they must have known. Their grip on me tightened and I suddenly began to shake uncontrollably, arching my back and opening my mouth for a silent scream that never seemed to arrive.

I might have passed out or it may be that my body and mind lost awareness for a few moments but the next thing I was aware of was the twins kissing each other above and to the side of my head and their muffled growls of pleasure which turned to the same keening whine I had heard the first time I ever brought Lana to a climax.

The three of us sank onto the sofa, breathless, sweat covered and spent.

I felt the removal, slow and deliberate, of the dildo in my bum. I was gently rolled sideways off the other and found myself reclining between the two my head on a shoulder, arms across my belly and breasts.

‘Do you understand now?’

I think I said I did or I may merely have nodded but understand I surely did.

The voice to my left said, ‘She understands, Lana, of course she does.’ I was, at that moment, looking at the twin to my right and watched as her face broke into a wide smile.

‘You two shuld have labels,’ I said and her smile became a laugh.

‘We have if you care to look. Sophie, show her.’

Sophie knelt in front of us and with her finger traced a small scar on Lyn’s knee. It was tiny and pale against the pink of her skin.

‘A bicycle accident.’

Her hand moved up Lyn’s thigh and then up to her left shoulder where she caressed another small mark with the tip of her nail.

‘Another bicycle accident – you are accident prone, Lyn, aren’t you?’

Sophie moved to Lana and pulled her nightdress gently away from her left breast. She pointed to a tiny, barely perceptible star shaped mark on the underside of her breast.

I looked at Lana. ‘How did you get that?’

‘Lyn bit me. It was so we would know who we are.’

Sophie pulled Lyn’s nightdress off her right breast and showed me an identical mark there.

‘So you’d know who you are?’

‘You’ll learn.’

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