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Made For Sin

Made For Sin

Tags: beach, rimming, 69, ff, anal
A spontaneous attraction leads to vacation fun...
There she was again. Why did she keep looking at me that way? I saw her earlier at the airport; she was gorgeous. She had blonde hair which was pulled back in a stylish chignon, blue eyes that shined, long toned legs that made my head spin and mouth water, and a mouth made for sin. She was everything that I wanted and nothing that I needed on this trip. "You're tired Renee, leave it alone," I thought as I pranced my way toward the concierge of the posh resort. 

"You have a reservation for Renee Tillman." I wasn't in the mood for polite inquiry, after a long flight all I wanted was a plush room, a hot shower, and a nice Chianti. 

"Yes Mrs. Tillman, everything is in order. Right this way, please."

I noticed the beautiful blonde as she watched me, and a strange feeling crept up my spine. My mind went blank as I stepped into the elevator. After months of fifty to sixty hour work weeks, I'd finally scored the use of my four weeks of vacation, and hoped that the trip would be the refreshing break that my exhausted and drained body required. I wanted to get away and the lovely islands of the Bahamas seemed the ideal place for relaxation. 

We entered the room and I was very pleased. The ocean view spacious room was exactly as the travel agent promised, I knew that my husband would be pleased. I tipped the young man and sent him on his way. I dropped my bag and drug my luggage into the bedroom, "Simple elegance," my voice was barely a whisper. 

I stripped, entered the hot shower, and ran my hands across my dark flesh. I always wanted to be what my husband said I was, but in my own eyes I was merely average. My body was well maintained, but my face was average...okay, I did have one outstanding feature. My ass. It was fantastic really, two fleshy cheeks that looked magnificent in whatever I wore. How absolutely pitiful for my ass to be my best feature. 

My body was warm after my shower and I lounged around the room nude for awhile. I approached the wardrobe and put my clothing away. I removed a white crochet cover up and dressed in a hot pink bikini. It didn't take me long to realize that I wanted the warm salt water of the Caribbean dripping luxuriously down my flesh. I left the comfort of my room and sought sunshine. 

The outdoor pool was busy and although I couldn't understand why, I was drawn there. I walked to the bar and recognized that my ass got its share of attention as I did. My Chianti would have to wait, "Margarita please, with salt." 

"Make that two," her voice was melodic, "do you mind if I join you?" 

Oh hell, how could I refuse something so lovely? "Absolutely not, please do." I smiled at her and felt her eyes roam the length of my body. We took our drinks to a couple of open deck chairs. I sat down and finally, I recognized how remarkably beautiful the pretty eyed siren was. Her deep blue eyes danced as I met her stare.

"Who are you? I saw you watching me at the airport." 

"I'm Natalie, but you can call me Nat."

"Nat...hmm no, I'll call you Natalie. I'm Renee, I'm from New York. Why do you look at me so intensely?"

"Mmm, well, because I'm gonna fuck you." 

A mouthful of my Margarita found its way onto her perky breasts. I made no mention of an apology, "Excuse me?" my voice held a note of irritation. 

"You heard me, Renee. I stare at you so intensely because I am going to fuck you." Her tone was clear, there was absolutely no way that I misunderstood. 

"And what makes you think that I'm gonna let you uhh, fuck me?" My eyes lingered on her mouth, I wondered what it would be like to kiss the bold vixen. 

"Look at you," she placed a perfectly manicured hand on my thigh, "your breathing is deepening, your nipples are hard, and you're licking your lips while you stare at my mouth." Her throaty laugh echoed in my ears. "I bet you're wondering what it would be like to kiss me."

Natalie said all that as if it were a matter of was. 

"I am not."

"Yes you are, but it's okay for you to deny it. Perhaps you need a little time to get used to the idea of a woman fucking you?" Again her matter of fact tone, and again I was bothered by it. 

"You follow me to this resort?"

"Don’t flatter yourself. This resort books fast and I've had my reservation for months. You're pretty, Renee, but I have no intention of spending time in a Bahamian jail." 

I didn't hear anything after pretty. I thought she must be mistaken, but I'd be damned if I'd admit that. "Why me? Look around, there's beauty everywhere." 

"Not natural beauty, Renee. They're all plastic; fake boobs, fake hair, and injected faces. I want a natural beauty, a delicate prettiness. I want you."

As she spoke my chest heaved and I struggled to breathe normally. I leapt to my feet and without a word I removed my cover up and dove smoothly into the pool. I heard laughter as I came up for air. Surfacing, I heard myself say, "Natalie, are you joining me?" She didn't say a word, and her own navy cover up was dropped on the chair. I felt a splash of water as her tantalizing form joined me in the pool. 

We swam for awhile without speaking, everything that needed to be said our body language communicated fabulously. I didn't know how I felt about the blooming attraction, but nonetheless, it was there. I grew tired of the pool and longed for the sand under my feet. I left the pool with only a slight wave to the beautiful blonde. I knew that we would meet again.


The Chianti tickled my palate as the tasty salmon settled in my stomach. Moving to the balcony to gaze at the moon, I felt a stirring deep in my sex. I wondered if it was out of want for my husband or another. I had to be honest with myself, the dynamic Natalie had me intrigued. It had been too long since a woman's touch aroused me--too long since I allowed my tongue to experience the delightful taste of pussy. She wanted to have me and I wanted to be had. I never cheated on my husband, ours was a relationship that didn't lack romance, intimacy or even fucking; why risk it? I knew nothing about Natalie, but I saw her beauty and everything about her screamed temptation. The woman was created for sin, and that mouth--oh how I wanted to experience it. I went to bed and battled with my soul. 

The ocean breeze filtered in through the open window. Moonlight flickered off the ocean waves, and the whispers of wind beckoned me outside. Fully awake and energized, I donned black running shorts, a tank top, and headed for the beach. 

I jogged up the beach close to the shoreline and stopped short when I noticed someone on the edge of the water ahead. I wanted to turn around and run but felt compelled to continue. I began a slow jog and gasped when Natalie stood and eyed me up and down with a smug smile on her lips. I turned around wanting to return to the comfort of my room. 

"Don’t go!" It was a plea and I felt her desire in those two simple words. 

"I'm married."

"So am I," she chuckled, "we have an understanding when it comes to women." 

"Good for you, but I don't. My husband knows how I feel about women, but there have been none in years."

" I want you," she licked her lips while she expressed her need. 

"Do you always get what you want?" 

"As a matter of fact, I do." 

"Not this time," I turned as Natalie grabbed my arm. I tried to wrench myself free of her grasp, but before I could, her mouth took mine in a kiss that was fiery yet extremely sensuous. 

I melted. Natalie had me, I didn't pull away. My tongue sought hers in a dance that rivaled the finest tango of the world's best ballroom dancers. Her tongue worked its way to my bottom lip. While suckling it, her hand palmed my breast. 

"Mmm," I moaned into her mouth as I realized how quickly I became wet. Wetness pooled at the base of my pussy, and I reached for her mound. "Oh fuck, you're naked!" 

"You'd better stop me now, I've reached the point of no return..." Natalie lightly circled my hardened nipple and all resistance was gone, I needed her to fuck me. 

"Don't," she pinched my nipple, "stop." She pushed me onto the water's edge and within a nanosecond, her body fell on top of mine. She kissed me again while her hands roamed my body, my temperature rose and my pussy twitched. I pulled her wet shirt over her head exposing her perky breasts, "You don't believe in underwear?" 

"Do you want an answer or do you want my tongue licking your cunt?" Natalie pulled down my shorts and the crisp coolness of the night air hit my burning pussy, "Look who's talking, fuck, look at your sweet cunt!" 

Natalie spread my legs wide and her fingertips slipped in between my swollen folds, "Fuck, Nat! Just fucking do it!" 

"You want my mouth don't you, baby?" The moonlight shone on her luscious mouth and I grabbed her head, pushed my pussy upward and moaned as her lips met my lips. 

She feasted on my mound as if she was on death row and I was her final meal. Every inch of my sex was pleasured by her lips, her teeth, and her tongue. She knew what it took to please, and soon her fingers joined her sinful mouth. My pussy twitched and squeezed her fingers as they stroked it. Her rhythm was slow and purposeful. She took her time and fucked me like she said she would. And just when I thought that I could take no more, her thumb pressed lightly on my tight nether star. My body grew taut as my orgasm approached and that spurred her on. She pressed into my ass, her thumb became bolder and bolder while she used her mouth to keep my juices flowing. I opened for her and let her have what she so obviously wanted. 

"Fuck, I need to cum!" I screamed as she plundered my pussy and ass. 

"Oh no you don't, we're not done," Natalie kissed me; never before had I tasted myself on a woman's lips and my mouth wanted to taste her. 

I pushed her onto her back and glanced the length of her beautiful body. There was nothing on her that didn't appeal to me. While suckling on her hard nipple, my hand reached for her moist folds, "So fucking wet..." I opened her pussy lips and took her clit in between two of my fingers. I pinched it, and she moaned.

I continued to lick and suckle her breasts as my fingers entered her. I felt her clench around them and needed to feel her do the same to my tongue. My mouth traveled her torso and Natalie's hands grabbed my hair. Patience not being her strength, she forced my head down her body and sooner than I intended, my tongue slid between her slick swollen lips. 

Her body yielded itself to me. Natalie moaned as my tongue licked the length of her mound and soon my teeth began to bite her moist plump lips. The grip on my hair grew tighter. I pushed her upward, almost onto her shoulders. I placed my tongue at the top of her pussy and let my tongue drag the length of her. I licked her from the top of her sex all the way down the crease of her ass. She was totally open to me and my tongue took advantage. I shoved my tongue into her core and a finger into her ass. There was nothing gentle about my entrance into her depths, and her scream echoed throughout the air. My mouth left her pussy, "Shhh we'll get caught!" I continued to fuck her with my fingers. 

"Oh shit, Oh fuck...ahhh!" 

I felt her body clench as her moans grew louder, I had to do something before someone found us fucking on the beach. Reluctantly, I pulled out of her and turned my body around and placed my pussy on her mouth. I returned to her needy pussy and her stretched nether hole. Our heated bodies squirmed, teased, and pleased each other until both our orgasms became imminent. 

"Natalie, I'm gonna cum!"

"Oh fuck, me too!" and her body erupted. 

I felt her squeeze around my tongue and fingers while her juices flooded my mouth, and suddenly my body convulsed and clenched. I fought for breath as our bodies shook almost in unison and tremors took control of our feverish flesh. 

"Oh God!"

Natalie laughed, "That was fucking hot! I want some more." 

"Greedy slut!" I joined in the laughter. 

"I told you, I always get what I want."

My laughter grew louder and I began looking for my clothes while Natalie reached for my hand. I looked at her, "No, not here." 

"Alright, let's go."

We walked back to the resort hand in hand silently until guilt smacked me in the gut, "Damn." 

"What's wrong?"

"My husband..."

She flashed me the same smug smile she had earlier, "Don’t worry." 

I looked at her inquisitively, "What...why?" 

"Well, because I'm gonna fuck him too!"

This was a flirty little departure from the dark BDSM that I've been writing. It was requested by a friend, I hope you enjoyed it.

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