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She Was Looking At Me - 2

Finding something, just not sure exactly what

We found her sitting in bed. Her eyes were open and a white sheet covered her to just below her breasts, which were naked. They didn’t hang but stood proudly from her, their nipples dark against the white of her skin.

I felt Lorna’s hand on my shoulder, caressing briefly.

‘Get into bed with her.’

I pulled back the sheet and slipped into bed and pulled the sheet back over me. I looked at Lorna, then at Georgie who had not moved.

To Georgie, Lorna said, ‘You can start but wait for me.’

I didn’t understand this enigmatic statement but Georgie clearly did. She half turned towards me and moved her face close to mine. I could smell that mix of lemon and peppermint again. Her hand rested on my shoulder. I felt something hard against my thigh and knew instinctively what it was.

‘Did she fuck you?’

I didn’t answer her, I simply kissed her. She didn’t pull away, nor did she really respond. I thought she might be waiting for Lorna but then her hand slid from my shoulder to my breast and she cupped it gently. Her tongue slithered into me and as it did, so she became more active. She licked inside me and pressed more firmly as I opened wider to let her in.

One arm slid behind me, under my hair, the other moved across my chest to cup and feel the other breast. Her mouth was hard against me now, pressing me down against the pillow. The dildo at my thigh pressed insistently.

Abruptly she stopped and looked away from me. I followed her gaze.

Sure, it was Lorna but not the Lorna in the red dress. This was the dyke who’d been with Georgie in the bar on the Friday. Black leather chaps covered her legs but allowed her purple, strapless dildo to show perfectly clearly, proudly standing. A tight, sheer black t-shirt covered her breasts but did not conceal them. She’d done something to her hair so it looked more manly.

Lorna had left me wanting more and here it was. As we looked at her, Georgie’s hand moved from my breast to between my legs and a finger curled through the wet lips, parting them and stroking. Lorna watched. She couldn’t see that hand but I sensed she knew precisely where it was. She wrapped her hand around her cock and crooked a finger at Georgie who let me go, slowly pushed the sheet away from her body, rolled onto her knees facing Lorna and crawled to her.

I could see Georgie’s arse now, neat and tight as she crawled across the large bed, her own dildo dangling from a harness between her thighs. I watched the back of her head as it pressed into Lorna’s crotch and I could hear her take that cock into her mouth. Lorna thrust gently into her mouth.

‘She loves this. Do you?’ I shook my head. ‘Then we’ll leave it to her, wont we? Nobody here does anything they don’t want to. Look how much she likes it.’

Lorna moved so that Georgie had to turn sideways on to me and I could see that it was deep, her lips almost touching Lorna’s pale hair. Fascinated, slightly shocked, I saw the purple slide out then back in and listened to the slight gagging noises. A hand moved over Lorna’s leather-clad leg. My eyes went back up to Lorna’s and found them staring at me. She patted Georgie’s head and withdrew from her. The bed dipped as Lorna sat next to me and she slipped her hand across my shoulders, under my hair just as Georgie had. Georgie crawled to her and took it in her mouth again, her head bobbing slowly as Lorna kissed my mouth, pulling me to her.

‘You wanted more?’

If I had been able to speak I would have agreed but her mouth closed over mine again and her tongue eased into me.

This was a scene I could never have envisaged.

‘Not everyone knows what she is looking for.’ My words came back to me. Despite the circumstances my mind was clear. I had been looking for something when I went to that bar but it was undefined. It was, well, something. It was something that I had not experienced before, something that would take me, oh God, will I ever find the words, somewhere. The truth, I thought, was that it wasn’t something but anything that could do that.

Lorna pushed me away from her.

‘Stop thinking about it.’ Mind reader! ‘It is not always something we can identify. The trick is to do, not to search; to experience, to feel. Get on all fours.’ As she said this, her voice changed from soft to hard, feminine to masculine.

I rolled away from her onto my hands and knees and Georgie came at me from behind, bending over me, her cock at my entrance. She curled her body over my back, her nipples hard against my skin, her hands reaching under me and I felt her press to me, then enter me. I think I groaned but whether I did or not, I heard her hiss a little with pleasure. She entered me deep and stayed there. She was not moving but suddenly we both were, as if we were being propelled by another force. I felt hands take my hair, like reins. I looked over my shoulder as best I could and saw Lorna behind Georgie, thrusting into her while holding my hair. She was, effectively, fucking us both.

‘Look at my girls,’ I heard her voice, husky. ‘Two little dykes for Lorna to fuck.’ The thrusting increased in pace and strength. The fingers tightened on my nipples and the whimpering by my ear grew louder, more impassioned.

Georgie seemed to start to withdraw from me, only to push back again and I realised they were both now moving, together, rhythmically, as one. They stopped moving and to my huge disappointment I felt Georgie ease her cock out of me. She rolled onto her back beside me and once again I felt Lorna’s hands on my shoulders.

‘Sit on Georgie’s cock, darling. Let it fill you.’

I lifted my knee across the supine woman and felt her guide her dildo into me. Hands on my hips lifted me and lowered me then moved to push my head down onto Georgie’s mouth. I kissed her and felt her rise a little beneath me, then fall away again so that only the very tip was inside me. I wanted to press down, needing it deep, but as I pressed so she seemed to retreat until she was ready, then drove back into me, lifting her hips quickly.

Lorna’s face was beside mine now. She whispered, ‘Let Georgie do the work, understood?’

There was a certain authority in her voice that made me shiver. I felt her hand slap my arse lightly. Then harder.

A finger touched my dark star. ‘Has anyone fucked you here?’ The same authority in the voice.

I nodded, ‘Yes, Lorna.’

‘Filthy little whore, aren’t you?’

Georgie’s tongue blocked any reply. As it forced its way past my teeth I felt the tip of a dildo at my arsehole. Pressure followed, opening me, stretching me, entering me. My hair was held like reins again as both women first attempted to and then succeeded in finding a rhythm together. The dildo in my rear was not huge but the two together filled me so completely, working in concert, firing me. I began to groan with pleasure, great waves of it washing over me. Not an orgasm, not yet. This was pleasure building from deep within me. Lorna pulled my hair, Georgie gripped my waist as they drove in and out in unison. My head arched back as Lorna pulled my reins. I was almost screaming.

‘Wait, bitch. Cum before me and I’ll tan your arse.’ Lorna’s voice hissed in my ear.

Georgie’s eyes were open, smiling at me, her mouth open, her pupils dilated. She was keening now, ready to cum, I could tell.

‘Oh Jesus,’ Lorna’s voice, her mouth hard against my ear. ‘Cum with me, now!’

She drove hard into me and stopped moving, just as Georgie did the same thing. Thus impaled I felt the dam break and the climax that had been waiting flood over me, making me taut, fighting Lorna’s weight and Georgie’s restraining hands. I bucked as the orgasm spewed out of me in a torrent of screaming half words.

We lay side by side. My two assailants panting, just as I was.

Lorna turned her face to me, pulling mine to face her.

‘Go and wash my cock, Katherine.’

I carefully eased the dildo from her and walked, slightly bandy legged to the en suite bathroom. I washed it carefully. I also washed my face which was tear stained but from tears of pleasure not pain.

They were fucking when I got back. Lorna had removed her chaps and lay naked on her side, Georgie pushing into her from behind. I placed the feeldoe on the side table and watched.

Theirs was a gentle, slow fuck. They stopped and looked up at me standing beside them.

‘Go,’ said Lorna. ‘Leave your number and go. We’ll call you.’ I turned, dismissed and went to the door where I turned, looking back to see them, Lorna now on her knees facing me, Georgie behind her, hips pumping.

Georgie smiled. ‘We will call you. So much further to go.’

I smiled and said that I hoped so.

My dress was where it had been left, as were my knickers. My suspender clips had come undone, my stockings rolled down a little. I straightened them, pulled my knickers up and dressed. I listened at the foot of the stairs and heard the same guttural groan that Lorna had emitted when she had cum earlier.

Had I found what I was looking for? I wondered as I walked home along the dark streets.

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