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Student Nurse, Part 1: Kate's Heartbreak

Kate's cruel BF drives her into the arms of her roomie.
Student Nurse Part 1: Kate’s Heartbreak

At home over Christmas break of her last year in nursing school, Kate found it tough to stay true to her boyfriend, Brad. Seeing her parents and friends and relations was fun, but one handsome old boyfriend tried to date her and a very broad shouldered guy came on to her at a party and again New Year’s Eve. She was sorely tempted. Nearly two weeks passed since she and Brad enjoyed a wild night and morning together, but she held out.

She arrived back on campus early. Her roommate, Aline, returned in the afternoon and quickly unpacked. “Got any plans tonight?” asked Aline. “You look sexy.”

“I’m picking up Brad at 9:00 and taking him to his place. I want him to know exactly what’s on my mind.”

“I think he’ll get the idea,” said Aline, eyeing her roommate. High heels emphasized her long legs in seamed black hose. The view ended just below her hips, cut off by a black miniskirt. A low-cut, clinging top revealed rounded breasts and even a bit of her bra. Kate’s blonde hair framed her face and long tendrils hovered in the deep valley below her shoulders. “You look good enough to eat.” Aline licked her lips.

Aline nipped around the corner for Chinese take-out and the two discussed their vacations. Unattached Aline had slept with two men, one an old boyfriend, the other a married businessman in town for an evening. Aline and a friend had dared each other to go to a strip club and Aline met the man there. “Wow, that was daring,” said Kate. “Did you know he was married? How could you be sure it was safe?”

“I knew he was married, so it could only be a one night stand. And Jeanine knew where I was.”

“Well, I’m glad you had fun, but I probably wouldn’t have done it. Was he handsome and good in bed?”

“Yes on both counts.”

“Well, maybe I would have.” The girls laughed. Kate soon left to get Brad.

Brad kissed her hungrily and leered at her in the airport. “Let’s get to my place, fast,” he said. As she drove, he rubbed her leg and felt her breasts. Kate fondled his penis. They caught up on each others’ news, but neither really attended — they had other things on their minds.

They no sooner got Brad’s luggage in his dorm room than they fell on the bed, hugging and kissing. Horny Brad ran one hand up Kate’s thigh and onto her cheek under the short skirt. His other hand explored the exposed portions of her breasts. Eager and insistent, he pulled her top off, revealing a beautiful black push-up bra. Her dark nipples showed through the lace. Brad cupped the full beauties, nuzzling between them as he reached for the hooks in the rear. He squeezed, licked, nibbled, and lightly bit her aureoles and nipples, arousing both lovers.

Kate fumbled with a button on Brad’s shirt and he broke their clinch to quickly pull it over his head. Then, with a grin, he dove back to the breasts. Kate lay back and enjoyed his frenzied assault. Her nipples expanded and she felt dampness between her legs. After nearly three weeks of abstinence, she relished hot sex with her handsome boyfriend. She unbuckled his belt and tugged at his pants.

Brad hastily pulled his pants and undies off, his stiff erection waving in the air as he knelt on the bed. Kate claimed it, first with her hand, then her mouth. She took in as much of the length as she could, nearly gagging as she got a good gulping action going for Brad. Still squeezing her breasts, he swung his hips, fucking her mouth.

Kate loved the insistent thrust of the bulbous head against the back of her mouth. She stirred Brad’s balls with one hand and pumped her other hand on his shaft with his outstrokes. She tasted his precum and a few moments later, more.

“Gotta slow down! Not ready to cum! I want to fuck you.” He withdrew his wet cock from her mouth and pushed her down on the bed.

Grinning, knowing what came next, Kate propped her head on a pillow and spread her legs. Brad licked her slit once, then sent his tongue as deep as it could go, sliding up to rasp around her clit. Two wriggling fingers probed her depths. “Oh, Brad! Oh!” She pulled him into her insistently as he reached for a breast with a free hand. He squeezed the firm breastflesh, then pinched her nipple.

That sent Kate over the top. “Oh, yes, yes!” she screamed, drumming her heels on his back. Brad kept at it and she came again. “Fuck me, fuck me now!” she gasped.

She watched Brad take a few last licks, then he rose, grinning, his mouth and chin wet from her juices and surged up to kiss her, his hands massaging her breasts once again as he thrust deep into her. She tasted herself as he kissed her. The rapidly pumping cock and Brad’s body slamming into her clit brought her over the top once again. Brad kept fucking her fast and she saw his face screw up with the effort to hold back his cum. He withdrew and turned her over.

Kate got on her hands and knees, spreading herself and grinning back as Brad knelt behind her and once again thrust into her. After the first few humps, he slapped her rump several times, giving a sharp smacking sound. Then he leaned forward, propping himself on one arm as he again held one of her engorged breasts.

“Oh, Brad, I’m so close!” she gasped, thrusting back to meet him. Brad pinched her nipple and she cried out. “Ooohhh!.”

Brad slammed into her again and again, growling, finally bellowing. “AAAHHHH!”

Kate felt him gush into her as they came together, gasping, clutching, and thrusting wildly. After a final spasm, she collapsed, feeling his cock soften in her and finally slide out as he rolled over. Kate lay on his chest and kissed him.

“You are a good lover, Kate. That was a great fuck.”

“It sure was.”

Brad stared at the ceiling. “Too bad, though, it’s the last one. Over the break, I met a girl at a party who goes to our school and she almost makes you look flat-chested. You know it’s all about the tits with me, and she’s good in bed, too.”

Shocked, for a fleeting moment Kate thought he was making a cruel joke. True or not, it was too nasty to bear and she took a deep breath, marshalling her inner strength.

Brad rolled over and looked at the clock. “Wow, that took longer than I planned. I gotta leave to get her in a half an hour.” He rolled back and looked at Kate. “It’s been fun, babe. No hard feelings?”

Kate avoided looking at him, got up, fastened her skirt, shrugged on her blouse, stuffed her bra, hose, and panties in her purse, and carried her shoes to the door. Managing not to look back or to slam the door, she left.

Down the hall, people waited for the elevator, so Kate slipped into her shoes and took the stairs. She ran to her car, managing to hold back her tears until the door shut. She sobbed and beat the steering wheel, then wiped her eyes and started driving to her dorm. Twice she had to pull over and dry her eyes, but she arrived safely. She made her way through the deserted halls, so the tearful girl got to her room without embarrassment.

Aline showered after Kate left and threw on a robe. After she finished putting her things away, she sat in the front room watching TV when a tearful Kate burst in. “Kate! What happened?”

Sobbing, Kate threw herself on the couch and cried for several minutes before she could speak. Aline turned off the TV and comforted her friend, holding Kate’s head on her shoulder, rubbing and patting her back.

Eventually, between bouts of crying, Aline learned of Brad’s cruelty. To Kate’s feelings of shock and betrayal, Aline responded with empathy and righteous anger. She decided to deal with her own pissed off feelings later and concentrated on consoling her friend. She handed Kate tissues when the flood of tears slowed. When Kate went to the bathroom to clean the smeared make-up from her face, Aline brewed tea in the kitchen nook. With one arm around Kate’s shoulders, she sipped her tea and encouraged Kate to do the same.

“I’m sure you feel wretched, Kate. Anyone would.”

“Yeah, well now that I cried so much, I sorta feel numb.” She gave Aline a brave smile. “You were just great, holding me, letting me cry. You’re such a good friend.”

“I hope so. I like you a lot. I’m real glad we’re roomies. “

“Me, too.” Kate quietly sipped her tea, thinging. “He was just so needlessly, deliberately cruel! Why couldn’t he just break up with me if that’s what he wanted to do?”

“Some guys are just bastards, but he takes the cake in my experience.” Aline patted her friend’s shoulder.

“Thanks.” Kate lapsed back into silence.

A while later, Kate looked at her chest. “Sometimes, I wish I didn’t have these big boobs. I mean, guys go nuts over them, then something like this happens. Look at you. You’re a very pretty girl with average boobs, and you don’t lack for dates. These are more trouble than they’re worth.”

“Kate, you’re a beautiful girl with a full, voluptuous figure. It’s not your fault Brad turned out to be a world class asshole. Be proud of yourself and your looks. I’ve always thought you were gorgeous. Real pretty face, nice long legs, good figure, all that long hair…and a deep bosom. I gotta admit, sometimes I envy your bust.”

“Really? But you’re beautiful. My legs are OK, but yours are fantastic. And your jet black hair to the waist. Wow. Your boobs aren’t real big, but from what I’ve seen in the shower, they’re nicely shaped. I’m sure guys go for them.”

Aline thrust her chest forward. “Well, none of my lovers has ever complained, but I have lost out on some guys to bustier girls. I think some of the guys just can’t help it.”

“Does it bother you that I wear low-cuts so often?”

“No, why do you think I wear minis when most girls wear slacks? If you got it, flaunt it, I say.”

They both laughed. Aline licked her lips. “Speaking of what we’ve seen in the shower, I think you’re spectacular. Not just big but firm. You’re not wearing a bra now and there’s no sag.” She giggled. “Big nipples, too.” She stared openly at her friend’s partly exposed bust.

“You don’t sag either. You bounce.”

Aline laughed and bobbed up and down on the couch. “You can’t see much through the robe.” She shrugged the terrycloth garment from her shoulders. Her pert breasts bounced up and down as Aline kept jiggling.

Laughing, Kate tugged her top off. “Two can play this game.” She bounced up and down on the couch, laughing with her friend.

After a few moments, they stopped, still giggling and grinning. Aline cupped one of her breasts. “I do love my breasts. They’re such fun. My bras are pretty and sexy, and when a lover feels me up it really gets me going.”

Kate hefted one of her breasts. “I guess these aren’t so bad after all.”

“No, they’re really beautiful.” Aline reached out toward Kate’s big orbs. “Kate, I’ve always wanted to know what those beauties felt like, so big and firm. Do you mind?”

Taken aback, Kate’s took a deep breath and her eyes widened. She thought, probably it’s just curiosity. “Well, if you really want to, I guess it’s OK.”

Licking her lips, Aline gently held Kate’s breasts, ran her hands over their expanse, and gently squeezed. “They are firm. They feel wonderful. I can see why guys go for them.”

Kate took a deep breath, surprised at how good it felt to have her girlfriend fondle her.

Aline rolled a nipple between a thumb and forefinger, then pinched slightly. She grinned at Kate. “This is fun. Go ahead and feel mine if you like.”

“It is kinda fun, but I never…with a girl.”

“But I bet you’re curious…”

Another deep breath and Kate held Aline’s breasts. Firm and jutting, they were warm and filled her hand. She squeezed them and found she enjoyed the sensation. “Have you? With a girl?”

“Kate, I’m bi. I love it with girls and you already know I love it with guys. I’ve always wanted to do this with you, but we can stop anytime if you’re not OK.”

This was way beyond curiosity. Kate whispered, “You’re right, Aline. I have been curious.”

Aline kissed her and Kate found it easy to respond. They hugged each other while each kept one hand on a breast. Their lips parted and their tongues rasped together. Kate sighed deeply and Aline moved down to lick and suck one of Kate’s nipples.

Kate was thrilled. She watched as Aline nibbled. She thought, she’s wanted to do this for a long time and I’m making her very happy. I always wondered if I’d like it with a girl, and I do…at least so far. She twined her fingers in Aline’s thick hair and pressed her head tighter to her chest.

Aline kissed and sucked both nipples, then kissed Kate again. With a grin, Kate claimed one of Aline’s breasts with her mouth. The big aureole filled her mouth and she stroked Aline’s head as her roommate pressed her mouth to Kate’s breasts.

Aline lay back, watching her friend taste her first breasts. I’m so glad I finally made my move, she thought. I’ve wanted her since I met her. She put a hand on Kate’s thigh, rubbing, massaging, and slowly moving up to her hemline. Would Kate object?

Instead, Kate reached for the belt of Aline’s robe and tugged, untying the loose knot. Still mouthing a breast, Kate felt Aline’s knee and moved slowly up her leg.

Aline slipped her hand higher, under the slight cover offered by the short skirt. Kate parted her thighs, encouraging more intimacy. Aline’s probing fingers discovered just how fast Kate’s departure from Brad’s had been. Bare skin and trimmed pubic hair flowed under her hand as she explored just above the slit. Aline tugged the sensitive skin up and down, stimulating Kate’s clit before she even touched it.

“Oh, I never realized….This is nice!” Kate gasped. Her hand wandered up under the robe to the inside top of Aline’s thighs. Fingers brushed damp lips and Kate felt a warm glow of affection toward her friend. Aline had been so there for her when she ran in sobbing and now Kate was getting her very aroused. Surprised by her eagerness, she boldly palmed and rubbed Aline’s sex.

Aline gasped at the touch and ran her forefinger up and down between Kate’s lips, finding her wet and responsive. She slipped a finger into the slit and wriggled it, hoping to find her sensitive spot.

“Oh, oh, oh!” gasped Kate, thrilled by the probing finger. She forgot her own explorations and simply enjoyed the sensations imparted by Aline.

Aline moved out from under Kate, gently guiding her to lie on the couch with her legs spread. She knelt on the floor and grinned at her aroused roommate. “Virgins get to cum first,” she said. She brushed her fingertips gently over the sensitive inner thighs and over the top of Kate’s slit as she blew her hot breath on the wet lips. A gentle lick up the slit, a finger over the cleft, a finger back inside, made Kate gasp and writhe. Aline’s tongue tickled the pouting lips above her finger.

Kate rolled her head from side to side, moaning. She pushed Aline’s head into her insistently.

Taking the hint, Aline licked again, from her finger to the top of the slit, then probed with her tongue tip, finding the clitoris and swirling her tongue over the nub as her finger slid in and out.

“Ahhh!” cried Kate, going over the top instantly. Aline added another finger and pumped in and out, licking and sucking her clit, driving Kate wild. She screamed aloud, arching her back. Soon, the screams subsided to panting that varied with the waves of pleasure that coursed through her.

In the end, she pushed Aline’s head from her clit, gasping. “Enough…for now.”

Aline, grinning widely, moved up to kiss her. The girls clung to each other, lips and tongues pressing together. Kate whispered, “Wow, girl, that was amazing. Now, I want to know what you taste like and make you feel as good as you made me feel.”

“You better, I need it bad!” Aline lay on the couch with one leg trailing to the floor and the other thrown over the back.

With a smile and a flip of her eyebrows, Kate moved between Aline’s long, shapely legs to get her first close look at another girl’s lips and slit. She liked what she saw. Aline had thick lips, well shaven, with wrinkled inner lips showing prominently. The lips were positively dripping, Aline was so aroused. Kate gently rubbed the outer lips, making Aline squirm. Taking her time, she stroked the inner lips even more lightly.

“Girl, learn anatomy later. Eat me!”

With a giggle, Kate sent her tongue forward to taste her first girljuice. The tip of her tongue wasn’t enough, and she parted the lips and explored Aline’s depths as far as she could. The pungent taste was different from her own flavor on her lovers’ lips or her fingers — very pleasant. She moved her tongue slowly up to Aline’s pleasure nub. She flicked her tongue up and down, remembering to slip a finger inside her horny friend. She sucked the clit into her mouth and rasped her tongue tip over the tiny bump.

Aline’s gasps and moans reached a crescendo as the leggy beauty came, bending her back and kicking her legs. Like Kate, she pressed her lover’s head into her, cumming again. Still highly aroused, she took advantage of a slight lessening of her peak to slide to the floor, pushing the coffee table aside and rolling Kate under her.

Kate caught on instantly and drew her legs up and apart as Aline straddled her. The glistening red lips beckoned her and she grasped Aline’s cheeks, pulling the sex to her mouth, licking and probing. To her delight, she found 69 with a girl more satisfying than with a guy. The similarity of pleasure organs meant she needed to concentrate less on the pleasure she gave than that which she received. Soon, the girls came together, moans and screams muffled by each other’s warm cuntlips.

Finally spent, they lay on the floor and Aline reversed to hug and kiss her new convert. “Wow! Aline, that was amazing! I loved it. I think I love you!”

Aline laughed. “That sure was hot. I knew you’d be great if I ever got into your panties. I’m glad I finally did.”

“So am I!”

Since Aline was naked, Kate discarded her miniskirt and the pair poured themselves celebratory drinks and nibbled some food.

“So how long have you been into girls?” Kate asked.

“Since I was 16. Asking to feel your big boobs was like revisiting the first time I got seduced. I was with a friend, Suzy, who’d been held back, so she was a year older than me and much better developed. She suggested we compare breasts, so we did. Mine were tiny, just nubbins really; I was still in a training bra. I was jealous of her, but also real curious. Very shyly, I asked if I could feel hers and she said OK. I liked it and she squeezed my tiny ones, then she showed me her bush and asked to see mine. I was embarrassed ‘cause I had almost no hair, but she said I was beautiful and kissed me there. I was shocked, but I loved what she did with her tongue, and the rest is history. I found out later her older cousin had taught her a lot.

“I made love to Suzy lots of times, and some other girls, but I definitely didn’t want a rep as a dyke, so I made sure to hang with guys even though my parents wouldn’t let me date until I was nearly 17. I know I wanted to prove I wasn’t a real lesbian, which made me more willing to give handjobs, then blowjobs . I was almost 18 when I first fucked a guy. “

Kate grinned. “I did it on my 16th birthday. My present to my boyfriend — and to myself. So do you prefer girls or guys?”

“I’m so bi I can’t decide and gave up trying some time ago. I just love sex, whoever I’m with. I’ll tell you one thing, though. Being with two guys, or another girl and a guy is fantastic! My boyfriends usually get a big bonus!”

“Wow! Well, I can tell I just expanded my erotic horizons. I’m not tired, but I want to go to bed right now!”

Arms around each other’s waists, they went to Aline’s room, for she had a double bed. They made love together until they were exhausted, then resumed in the morning.

Kate learned that Aline belonged to an informal group of lesbian and bisexual women. The group enthusiastically welcomed Kate. She explored her new-found sexual interest avidly, becoming very popular because of her curvy body and eagerness to learn about girl/girl love.

Not long after classes started, boys noticed that she and Brad weren’t together and Kate received many offers for dates. Still pissed at Brad in particular and wary of men in general, she politely turned them all down, saying she was concentrating on her studies.

Aline saw Brad with his new girl and called her a cow. “She’s busty alright, because she’s fat! Her hair is scraggly and her face is greasy. If Brad goes for something like that, you’re well rid of the bastard. Besides, she’s stupid. I made a point of sitting next to her for a guest lecture and asked her some basic questions, and she was clueless. What a jerk that guy is.”

As the quarter wound down, Kate wondered how long she’d stay away from men. She liked their hard bodies and insistent cocks pushing into her mouth or cunt. She missed the gooey texture and the varying taste of cum.

Financially, she needed to remain on campus for spring break, but she figured to find a man to have fun with.

On her last day at a practicum in a hospital near campus, her supervisor reviewed her performance, which she rated Superior. The nursing supervisor said Kate impressed her. “Kate, I know you’ll be around for the break and I think there’s a job you’ll have a good chance of landing. The wife of one of the top administrators was in an accident and is at home in a body cast. She needs lots of care, including toileting, I’m afraid. The nursing service charges a lot, so the husband asked me to recommend a top student for spring break to help him save money. Your duties will be partly nurse’s aide, part nursing, part housekeeper but the pay is quite high for the nine days. You’ll have to live there, take care of the patient, cook and clean, and chauffeur the boss’s teenage son to and from his activities. However, in addition to the pay, you’ll have valuable experience and a recommendation from a powerful administrator.” The pay rate was so high, enough to cover the next semester, that Kate couldn’t refuse.

The next day, she interviewed with John Hargreaves, the administrator, a handsome man in his mid-forties. She accepted all the duties and agreed to report on Wednesday afternoon after her last final. That meant even more money because she worked an extra two and a half days.

She explained the arrangement to Aline, who thought it was a great opportunity for her. Kate agreed but saw one downside. “Only thing is, I’ll be bored as hell. Hanging out with an invalid woman, a married man twice my age and their son. I did get two nights off, but only four hours each time, Tuesday and Thursday. No one I know is around anyway.”

Aline thought about it and came up with a suggestion. “I know a way to make it more interesting for you. You love costumes. Instead of wearing scrubs or street clothes, why not wear a white nurse’s uniform, complete with a cute hat, white stockings and tennies?”

Kate laughed and said that might help. The two spent a couple of hours on the net and found a genuine nurse’s white uniform, Magnolia stockings that Kate already knew about and a couple of white garter belts and open bottom girdles. White heels and sneakers plus a hat completed her outfit.

{Note to my readers: This fantasy, and the two that accompany it, have been a favorite of mine since I was about 16. I hope others enjoy them as well as I. - Paddler}
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