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Heartbreak Stories


Home Wrecker Part Two, The Date

Here is a little about my wife. Then I topped it off with her date. Hope you ENJOY.

Chapter 2: Janice’s Story My problems started about a year ago, when Kathy, my best friend in the whole world, left her husband. She stayed at our house for a long time while waiting for her divorce settlement. Roy didn’t mind because he and Kathy got alo...

Oli, Rebecca And Sophie - Book 3 Part 3

Dungeons and Demons to Slay - The story reaches its climactic conclusion.

Part Nine & Finalé: The Parting Of The Ways The two masked men dragging Sophie to her new temporary accommodations were growing tired of being kicked by the rebellious young spitfire, so they paused their march to her room. Instead of enduring further pum...

Friendly Heartbreak

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings until it isn’t

I didn’t know she was coming to the beach, I thought I was far enough from her. My heartbeat jumps through the roof at her sight and my head gets all tangled in my emotions for her. Even though I would like to kiss her my love, she is far from me and she...


I didn't think you would ever be gone

  We believe we have forever sometimes Until suddenly... someone is gone I feel like it was just yesterday that we were laughing together locked in some needy embrace I still feel your lips on mine making that tingle that I loved The one I'd never felt be...

The Moment

My confessional tale of sex, romance, sword fighting, and self-destruction

The road to Hell may be paved with good intentions but the road to my destination is littered with my clothes. Before you smile and think about something hot and wild like me stripping nude while driving and throwing my clothes out the window, it was more...

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Your Love

Everything seems so dull since you took your love away

When did the wind get so cold? Since you took your love away Why aren't the stars as bright anymore? It was when I realized you were gone My aching lips miss your addictive kiss My body misses your touch My heart is broken into a million tiny pieces Is it...

This Song Is Over

He sings his song out to the infinite sea.

I like to crank some tunes when I fuck. It sets the mood, you know? And Frankie is a great song to fuck to.Relax, don’t do it. When you want to cum. *1“Oh FUCK me Daddy! Yes, yes, yes fuckkkkkk me Daddy…”I pumped her harder and harder, both of us close. H...

Lonesome Cafe

Without you...

The morning is cold. My heart left empty,  yet still full of love,  so full of love for you.   I sit here now alone, with my heart in pain, yet so full of love for you.   My fingers tremble and wrap the only thing I feel, this cold cup of coffee, and a he...


It happened in the kitchen

Bohemian fools and dreamers  However did we wind up here  Close to wreckless dried up tears On cold, hard, painted faces?   I asked if you had a penny for My ailing, floundering thoughts You told me that you didn't love me and then cast me off, Alone amon...

My eyes shut tightly Not wanting to see But my ears refuse deafness To his changing tune   The song I thought was ours He sings to another His words play sharp Piercing my heart   My feet stumble Tripping over each other Unable to keep time With the irreg...

I Miss You

To the woman who has my heart and soul.

It seems like just yesterday you were here. Waiting for my morning phone beep to remind me you were near. Those conversations seem so distant yet so crystal clear. Now I am here waiting and you are nowhere near.   Life happens when you least expect it the...