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The Derek Thompson Plan part 1

Kayley and I plan how to fuck Derek
“Good practice ladies! I’ll see you tomorrow” Coach Barbra Jones yelled as she walked into her office.

“I love conditioning practices” Kayley said, slapping my ass as I bent over to get my towel from the bottom of my locker. Her slap stung my ass even through my shorts and spandex. I looked up over my shoulder at her, admiring her body.

Kayley was standing behind me, naked, with a towel over her shoulder, ready for her shower. I smiled at her as I slipped out of my clothes and followed her into the steamy shower room.

“Oh my god, Jess did you see Derek Thompson today? I just love that coach makes us run on Mondays because if she didn’t we wouldn’t get to run by the football practice fields!” Kayley said as she stepped into the steam “He is so cute!”

“Oh my god Kayley, you so are obsessed with him!” I replied

“Yeah, so are you and every other girl in the school” Kayley said, glancing my way. Kayley was right, Derek Thompson was by far the hottest guy in school and everyone knew it. He was the star athlete, he was quarterback with a perfect six pack. He was the prom king with the smile and charm that would light up the room, but he was also the god of the bed room.

“Sarah Griffin dated him last year, she said he is great in bed!” Kayley giggled, “she said his ‘you-know-what’ is 10 inches long and thick as a coke can and that his fingers and tongue are things of magic!”

“So why don’t you date him Kayley?” I asked.

“I don’t want to date him, I just want to fuck him!” Kayley said. She seemed to be scrubbing her breasts a little more vigorously now. “Beside you and him would make a perfect couple and you actually like him” she added with a quick slap of my ass

I blushed because she was right. I had a huge crush on Derek. For years I dreamed about being his girlfriend. My longing for him was made even more intense when we made out at a party last year but that was it. Even though we have classes together, he doesn’t talk to me much at all. “God, I wish he would notice me!” I vented to Kayley. “I have three classes with him and he hasn’t said a word to me since that party last year!”

“Well do you talk to him?” Kayley asked.

“Well, no” I blushed again “I can’t, he is to perfect he is... he is... I just get nervous”

We finished our shower dried off and walked back into the locker room. I went to my locker and put on a pair of sky blue panties and a black bra.

“Wait, I think we can do this!” Kayley said as she walked over to me with her hair in a towel and only a black thong on. “We can totally do it!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked

“Derek!” Kayley stated “I know you want to date him, and lets face it, I wanna fuck him so let’s do it!” I laughed at how bold she was.

“Kayley how are we going to do that?” I questioned.

“Just leave it to me!” She said and walked back to her locker. I just smiled and watched her tight ass as she strutted away

Later that night Kayley came over to my house. She is one of those friends that can just walk in and say hi to whoever is there and walk straight up to my room. She opened my room without knocking and jumped next to me on my bed. I looked up from the book I was reading and said “Hi”

“I got the plan.” Kayley said.

“Hi” I repeated.

“And I think we are both going to get what we want in the end” Kayley kept talking.

“Hi Kayley!” I tried one more time.

“You are going to have to be a bit braver... and hi!” Kayley said, finely taking a breath.

“Braver? What does that mean?” I asked?

Kayley walked to the door and closed it. She turned to me again and walked up to me. “Well Jessica, you are going to have to talk to him, flirt with him you know, giggle and smile type stuff!”

I nodded “OK so I just talk to him?”

“Yeah flirt with him all week then saturday it happens.”

“What happens?” I asked

“We get him alone at the party” Kayley said. Her hand had moved to my hair and she was playing with my brown locks. “Then we do this” Kayley pulled my head to hers and kissed me on the lips. we started to kiss hard, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. It was new to me, Kayley’s body felt right.

Finely I broke the kiss and asked “What was that?”

“That is what we are going to do to Derek?” Kayley smiled.

“We are going to kiss him?” I asked.

“No... Yes... I mean remember that night last summer with the bottle of wine?” Kayley asked. My memory of that summer night was vivid. Kayley and I were at my beach house with a bottle of wine she stole from her parents and we were on our way to tipsy. We were talking about sex, boys and fantasies. I remember suggesting a three way with Kayley but never thought of it anymore after that.

“You mean?” I asked “You me and Derek”

“Yes” Kayley said pushing me back onto my bed. “But first just you and me.”

Kayley started to kiss me again. My pussy flooded. Kayley pulled her shirt above her head, taking it off. Her perky 34c breasts were framed by a push up lavender bra. I started working the buttons on my shirt, taking it offland leaving me in just my jean shorts and a sexy lace black lace bra that was a little sheer.

Kayley started kissing me again, our tongues and lips danced together. She licked down my neck, kissing it deeply. As her tongue and teeth made contact with my neck, my nerves went haywire. I arched my back and rolled my eyes. I thrust my hips out so the crotches of our jean shorts rubbed together. Kayley removed my bra and kissed my neck as she played with my nipples.

I unclasped Kayley’s bra and let if fall from her body to find perfect puffy nipples. My fingers went to work kneading at her breasts and pulling at her nipples.

“So here is the plan” Kayley said in between kisses. “We are going to need you to flirt with him all week... You need to be on his mind all the time.... show him how innocent you are... but show him how.... how you are a freak too” Kayley was kissing down my neck and onto my breast while she spoke.

Kayley looked up into my eyes and asked “Can you do that? Can you be an angel with a naughty side for us?” She took my left nipple into her teeth and pulled it. It hurt, but I liked the way she was being rough with me. She let go and did the same thing to my right nipple. I pulled my jean shorts and panties off and then hers to. She wasn’t wearing any panties. My hand made its way to my pussy but just as I touched it Kayley swatted it away. She wanted it for herself and she slipped a finger in.
“Oh my god!” I gasped

“And the best part is that Derek’s cock is going to be so so much better!” Kayley said working at my g-spot. “So you are going to flirt with him, and send him texts and friday night you are going to wear his other jersey to the game. Then he is going to see how hot you look with his number on!” Kayley slipped a second finger into my pussy and I was sent into a small orgasm. My body shook and my eyes rolled back into my head.

“And after the game we are going to go to the Halloween party that Derek hosts every year and you can bring him into the back room and we can fuck him together!” My body was shaking out of control now. And with Kayley’s plan explained she started to eat me out.

“Fuck Kayley I’m going to cum again.” I exclaimed." Kayley worked her fingers hard into my pussy while sucking on my clit. I couldn’t take it and I orgasmed again, bucking my hips and thrusting my pussy hard onto her waiting tongue which in returned dived deep into my slit!

Kayley slid up my body so her knees were on either side of my head. She ground her wet pussy onto my face and face fucked me, she was grinding on my chin and nose. It was her turn to cum and she was an animal.

I hooked my arms over her legs and grabbed her perfect ass. I sucked and licked all of her pussy. I took her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. Instinct told me she was close so I snuck a finger into her pussy. Kayley moaned and pulled and twisted on her own nipples. Then I had an idea.

I don’t know what made me do it but I took the finger out of her pussy and without warning stuck it into her ass. She came instantly, squirting all over my face. “Oh my god Fuck!” she screamed. Kayley collapsed and started giggling.

“Kayley that is my first time with a girl, I kinda just did what I would want you to do!” I said.

“I know," she panted, “it was good, but I’m going to get you back... don’t worry friday night I’m going to get your ass too!”

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