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I get the chance to prepare a sexy girl for a gang bang
This is my second story, please let me have lots of feed back; I need to know what you think. Please excuse British spelling, it's the only spelling I know! If the story is accepted I will put a pic to give you an idea of Victoria looked like.

I was visiting a porn site recently when I came across some pictures of a gorgeous young black girl getting fucked by her lucky white boyfriend. As I looked at the pictures, my mind went immediately to Victoria.

Victoria was from Jamaica, a short, perfectly shaped 17 year old girl. She had straight hair almost up to her shoulders, small tits, a meaty ass and gorgeous thighs that she flashed to everyone whenever she could. She also had a gorgeous face and would come up a cheeky smile that both exasperated and delighted her teachers.

Her parents, who were wealthy professionals in Jamaica, brought to the rather exclusive boarding school in England where I was teaching. It was their hope that she would get the grades to get her into a good university. Right from the beginning it was clear to all the teachers that getting good grades was far from Victoria’s mind. She was a playful girl who frequently got into trouble and sometimes drove the teachers mad with her pranks. The interesting thing was that she and I got on well together. Although she hardly did any work in my class, she did not misbehave. Usually she would sit there bored while I tried to drill Chemistry into the girls’ heads.

One day, after class, Victoria stayed behind, quite evidently wanting to talk to me. After the class had cleared she came up to my desk and sat on it, deliberately flashing her thighs. I had never had sex with a black girl and this lovely Jamaican girl was beginning to cause a tingling in my pussy. It had been a long hard day and I usually felt in need of relief at the end of such a day.

“Miss Borden,” said Victoria giving me her gorgeous smile, “Can I ask you a favour?”

“Why, certainly, Victoria,” I said, “What is it?”

Her next statement almost caused me to faint! “My boyfriend wants to fuck me and I don’t know what to do about it,” she said with a serious look on her face.

“Er, I take it you haven’t er…”I stammered, not quite sure how to put my thoughts into words.

Victoria read my mind and shook her head, “No, I haven’t; I am still a virgin.”

The tingling in my pussy was beginning to increase. This lovely, sexy black girl was still a virgin! I could hardly believe it.

“Well, Victoria,” I said in my motherly tone, “If you don’t feel ready for it, don’t let him push you into it. You stand firm until you are ready, okay?”

“Oh, I am good and ready for it,” she said, “In fact I am dying for it. Every day all I think about is Jake fucking my cunt, my asshole, my mouth, everything! Why, that’s what I day dream about in your class!”

“I see,” I said in my teacher’s voice, “Well, nice to know my teaching is appreciated!”

“Oh, Miss Borden,” she said, genuinely shocked, “I didn’t mean….I mean, I don’t….”

“Don’t worry,” I said with a reassuring smile, “we’ll forget about that. So if you are ready and you want it, what’s the problem?”

“Oh, it’s the size of his cock,” she said, again with that earnest, serious look on her face. “I mean we went to the movies the other day and during the film, he took it out and let me feel it. Oh, Miss Borden, he is HUGE!! I couldn’t get my fingers around it and when I went down to take it in my mouth, I could only take a few inches and I was gagging! And there was at least a foot left that I hadn’t taken in! And then when he started spurting, why, there was just so much I nearly choked!! You know what guys from my country are like!”

The tingling sensation in my pussy was now developing into a warm, wet patch on my knickers. Just listening to her describing her experience with her boyfriend Jake was getting me turned on. I could imagine the lucky guy with his huge rod getting a head from this lovely girl

“I see,” I said, as calmly as I could.

“And then there’s Mike,” she continued.

“Er, Mike?” I asked, confused.

“Why, you remember by brother Mike?” she said, “He’s the one who came to see me last week-end.”

“Oh you mean you will be in trouble with him if you fuck your boyfriend?” I asked.

“No, no, its not that!” said Victoria with passion, “Mike and my guy Jake, why they are the best of friends. Mike doesn’t mind if Jake wants to take my pussy!”

“Well, then...” I said.

“It’s just that we have this deal, see?” continued Victoria, “My brother Mike, he made me promise that when I fucked Jake he was to be there to get a share of the booty!”

I stared at her. “What?” I said, genuinely shocked.

“Why, that’s right!” said Victoria. “Mike said when Jake is giving it to me in my cunt, he wants to be right there, giving it to me in my ass; and when Jake is working my ass, he wants to put it in my mouth. That’s the deal.”

“And how does your boyfriend feel about this?” I asked.

“Oh, he wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said, “They have been buddies since they were little boys and they always share everything!”

“And now they want to share you,” I said with a sigh. The thought of two black hunks fucking this little girl was making my head spin and my cunt wet.

“That’s about it,” she said.

“So,” I said, coming back to the point, “What do you want me to do?”

Victoria became all coy as she always did when she wanted a big favour. “Miss Borden,” she said, “Would you....well you know....would you prepare me for it?”

“Prepare you for it?” I asked. “How?”

“Well, you remember that time you took me to the medical room when I wasn’t feeling well?” she said.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, I saw that you had a plastic cock in your handbag, and I wondered if you could use it on me?”

I reached into my handbag and got out the dildo I carry with me everywhere. Although I am a lesbian I am not averse now and again to the invasion of a dildo (or, for that matter, the real thing). This one was my favourite. A ten inch, thick, light coloured plastic cock. It had a head the shape of a real penis head and it had studs on it. A pair of balls hung loosely at the other end. Whenever I put it inside me the balls touch my asshole, adding to the pleasure.

“You mean this?” I said.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she said. “It’s not as big as Jake or Mike but it’s a start, yeah?”

“It’s a start,” I said with a sigh and a smile, “It’s a start.”

And so we fixed it that the following Saturday morning she would come to my apartment and I would get the lucky girl ready for her orgy.

When Saturday finally arrived I found myself waiting eagerly for her. I had had sex with girls before but I had never used a dildo with them and had certainly never got anyone ready for a three-some! This was going to be an interesting experience!

Victoria came on time, wearing a skimpy pink top which showed off her small tits and nipples perfectly. She had on a light green skirt which barely covered her ass. We went to my bedroom and lay down next to each other. I removed her pink top and then began to kiss her gently on her face and lips and neck. She moaned softly. “You are so gentle,” she said, “Jake is so rough, we never have this foreplay.”

“Enjoy it,” I said, reaching down to her tits. I explored her small, perfect tits with my lips and tongue while she lay on her back playing with her pussy through her panties. After I had done a thorough exploration of her upper part, I looked up at her and smiled. “Time to move down,” I said.

A little to my surprise she shook her head. “I want to kiss your tits first,” she said in a whisper. “My Mum had large tits and I always wanted to kiss large tits.

Still smiling, I removed my blouse and bra. She sat up and began to fondle and knead my tits with her hands, shaking her head slowly in admiration. “Miss Borden,” she said, “You are just gorgeous. And those tits....” She began to apply her tongue and lips in licking and sucking me. This was just so sexy I instantly became wet. Taking off my skirt and knickers, I lay down on my back. It was her turn to explore my tits and my turn to play with my pussy.

Victoria was nothing if not enthusiastic. After kissing and licking my tits, she moved down to my belly where she stayed for a while still kissing and licking. Then she looked up at me.

“Can I lick your pussy?” she said. A smile from me was enough by way of answer. She dived in between my legs and began to kiss and lick my waiting, eager cunt. I stroked her head gently while she did this. I was enjoying every minute of it.

After a while Victoria looked up at me. Polite as ever, she said, “Miss Borden, will you fuck me now?”

“I’ll do more than that,” I replied. “I have a surprise for you.”

From a drawer in my bedside table I took out a brown paper bag and gave it to her. She peeped inside and gasped, “What in the world...”

“Anal balls,” I said. “If your brother is going to be fucking your ass while Jake is taking your cunt, you’ll need your ass preparing as well.”

She put her hand over her mouth and giggled. “Boy, is this going to be fun!”

And so the preparation of Victoria began. She lay on her back on the bed, her wide open legs bent at the knees. I could not resist licking her perfectly shaved pussy. She was smooth as a baby and wet. The more I licked the wetter she got. After a few minutes I could see she was about to cum, so I began to apply a little gently pressure on her clit and to rub it with my fingers. Suddenly an orgasm exploded in her body and she screamed. Her cunt squirted pussy juices everywhere. She tasted sweet as honey.

Taking the dildo in my hands, I began to rub its head gently up and down her wet slit. Victoria sat up to watch, she wanted to see the plastic cock invade her virginity. Gradually, I nudged the thick head of the dildo inside her and she gasped. “Pain?” I asked, looking up at her. He eyes were sparkling and she shook her head. I took out the dildo and licked her cunt some more and then put it in again, pushing it in a bit more. She was beginning to breathe heavily and every now and then a moan would escape her.

Centimetre by centimetre the dildo entered her waiting, eager cunt. Every now and then I would take it out and lick and kiss her pussy to make sure it was good and wet and then insert the dildo again. She was incredibly tight but I made sure she was not in pain. Finally, after about 20 minutes of this ritual, her walls began to expand and to allow the dildo in. She pushed my hands away roughly and took hold of the end of the dildo. Her face showed pure lust as she began to shove it into her pussy.

“Careful,” I said. But there was no need for caution. Her cunt was now good and ready and she wanted it inside her. She put it in all the way and began to fuck herself with it, her hand working the dildo with furious speed. After just a few strokes she screamed as she came. Cunt juices, as sweet as Greek wine began to pour out of her. Still her hands worked the dildo, she was building up to another orgasm. I sat and watched as she moved the plastic cock in and out like a machine until she came again.

She then lay back and gave a long sigh of satisfaction. I moved up to be beside her and stroked her face. “Honey,” I said, “That was just wonderful.”

“Yes, it was,” she said, shedding a tear. The emotion of that moment had clearly moved her.

We lay side by side for a while until she recovered. Then she said, “Okay, I’m ready.”

I positioned her so that she lay on her face, her ass up in the air. I first explored her asshole with my fingers then with my tongue giving her a good lick while my fingers played with her recently invaded twat. She moaned with pleasure. Using some of her pussy juices I lubricated her asshole good and proper and then gently began to insert the anal balls. There were five balls increasing in size. The first two, small in circumference, entered easily. I took them out again and licked her and lubricated her once more. This time the third ball entered fairly easily. The next two were much bigger and she would need time. I removed the balls and licked and fingered her asshole. When she came again I used her juices to lubricate her really well. The fourth ball went in with a little bit of a struggle, but no pain.

“Honey,” I said, “It’s time for the big one.”

“I know,” she said, “I’m ready, give it me.”

The shiny silver ball met with resistance but I pushed firmly. At first it seemed her ass wasn’t going to take it. I gave her a good lick and tried again. Little by little it entered until it was in. Victoria was moaning with pleasure all this time. Leaving the anal balls inside her and agitating them with the string they were attached to, I took the dildo and inserted it into her pussy. She exploded into a climax that seemed to last some minutes. When it was all over, I removed the balls and the dildo. She lay on her back and I lay next to her, smiling at her smiling face and stroking her cheeks.

“Miss Borden,” she said, “Can I ask one more favour?”

I already knew what it was. “You want me to be there with Jake and Mike fuck you, right?”

She nodded her head, a broad smile on her face. “They love white chicks and you are just going to love them,” she said.

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