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For Julia

Tags: love, sex, couple, wife
For my wife, my love, our love.
You give me that look that says want, lust and love all in one. I've been drinking a little, just as you like. It keeps me from holding back and the animal hunger breaks the barrier of self-control. We close out our small talk with the friends present and head back to the house.

You know what I want and you want it too, holding you around your waist as you walk down the steps and we holler goodbyes over our shoulders. I slide my hand down your pants as we do, brushing your wet warmth before you chidingly slap me away. The walk is a little cold, but my hands keep you warm as they explore playfully, touches upon touches as I keep you wanting. I steal kisses every chance I get and as you try to unlock the door I start in earnest.

You fumble with the keys I stand behind you, one hand playing up your dress as the other one turns you and presses you gently against the door, my mouth on yours with a hunger you match as your hips unconsciously push forward. You feebly try to push me away and keep it decent but I don't budge. Your weakness tells me that you want it a whole lot more than you are worried about decency.

I hold your neck firmly, tracing your jaw as my other hand presses against your dress and panties. The wet warmth is so intense there that I can tell now from an inch away, my own throbbing answer being rubbed outside my jeans as you reciprocate the lustful motions. I take my hand away from your face and unlock the door, us staggering in still finding lips and fingers as clothing is shed.

Once the outer garments are off I slow down, the pace change leaving you frustrated and trying to push to make me more aggressive. I keep my movements stay gentle and coaxing. I urge you up the stair with a light slap on your ass and you yelp playfully, scurrying a bit faster. The sway of your inviting butt is mesmerizing and I have a hard time even letting you up the stairwell, but determination wins us to the bedroom.

Clothes are tugged, your dress top halfway off your shoulder as our kiss deepens. I back you slowly to the bed as I pull off my shirt and feel you run your fingertips up my abs with just enough pressure to scrape. It makes me draw a deep breath and even in my loosened state I still notice as you smile into our continuing kiss, I growing more aggressive as involuntarily moan a little into you.

Your answering moan is more than I can take as my hand starts pressing in rhythm at the warm center of your panties with the hand that has wandered under your skirt. My palm covering your sultry little slit which has soaked your lacy boy shorts is working you to a feverish pitch. Your bra comes off next with a little fumbling and giggles, ending in a kiss that has us both smiling into it.

Our kiss grows fierce and your hips push, but I set you back against the bed. You pout a little but I bring your dress to cover your beautiful breasts again, trailing down from your neck to your chest to your lovely mounds as I nip and suckle. I tug the dress back with my teeth, your hands on my head and roaming in my hair. You seem questioning and a little disappointed. At my answering grin you can't help but smile, your lust growing at my mischievousness.

"This dress just looks too fucking sexy to get rid of just yet," I say softly, your eyes sparkling at the compliment.

"Thank you," you say, your voice dripping in need as you reach for my zipper.

I pull away just out of reach again and you play at pouting again, but I just wink.

"Not yet baby, this is going to be what I want, you understand? Be my beautiful little slut, listen close and I'll give you everything you want, ok?"

Your eyes practically burn as I say slut, pushing your buttons and making you want it. Before you can respond you're on your back on the bed, legs resting on my arms having kissed and licked my way to your inner thighs. I draw circles around your pussy, so hot and soaked I can feel it without touching. Your head bucks with the feelings.

Your impatience is showing, but it just eggs me on even more, so I go back down to the other ankle to start over. I bite the sensitive area just behind your knee and you moan as I continue back again, my journey to your sweet little cunt as slow as can be when I want you so bad. My fuckstick is so hard I can barely stand it, but this portion is just the beginning so I wait, knowing it will be worth it.

Finally my tongue teases your outer lips and dips in, bringing an intake of satisfaction that makes me smile even as I continue probing about. I avoid your clit, keeping to the hole and teasing your perineum with my prodding tongue as you build up. I grow as you climb that cliff, taking slow sweeps upward and bringing that little hard button to the play as well.

You’re moaning and writhing growing enough I know you are getting close. I spread you with my fingers and keep licking, keeping you close but never pushing too far, till my jaw aches and my tongue stiffens. Your body is begging for it but I refuse, knowing that tonight we are going to do something a little different.

I stop after bring you just to the edge, long laps at your clit right up to the point your thighs and hips quiver just to pull away. You give me a dirty look that is all lust as I stop, stepping back to reach towards the button of my jeans. You start to move forward but I stop you.

"No no no. Not tonight. You watch, and wait your turn like a good little cunt. You're going to do exactly what I say, you understand?"

"Ok," you say, your eyes lighting up and the burning lust showing its head yet again.

I take my time with the button and zipper, sliding slowly out of my jeans. You look on hungrily but you don't move, just give me that pleading look that screams 'fuck me!' and stay put. I'm proud of your discipline, my own fraying as my hard cock springs up in my black briefs. I stay like that, only my boxers with my hand on my throbbing cock as your eyes greedily stare, before I tell you what's next.

"I'm going to take these off, slowly, in a moment, but first I'm going to stroke myself and you are going to make that little fuckhole cum for me, you understand?" I say firmly but softly, my voice showing the growl that means my own lust is spiraling out of control. You nod slowly and bring your hand down slowly. You start to rub at your clit as my own hand starts to play with the thickness pressing against my boxers. The beginning is slow, my never having asked this and you not having done it making you slightly self-conscious.

After some time, lust takes over as you get into it. You throw your head back and assault that dripping little cunny with your fingers, focusing on the clit in an effort to make yourself cum quickly. I growl a little my disapproval and you look questioningly, your hand slowing greatly as you look up.

"Fuck that little cunt with your fingers first, don't you just make it easy and rub your slutty little clit. Slowly build up and let me see fingers wet before you finish."

The look you give me is one part startled one hundred parts lust. The newness of this has your pussy dripping. You do as instructed as I slide my thumbs into my boxers and ease them down, my cock springing free. You're still slowly fucking yourself as I begin to stroke, letting you see my hand slowly slide up and down the shaft, the engorged veins standing out as you watch me watching you. In your lust your head starts to tilt back and you move to your clit, but that's not how this is going to go. I reach down and take you by the throat, gently holding but firm enough to get your attention.

"You will look at me while you play with that pussy. Keep your eyes open. Don't you dare look away."

Your gaze is burning more than ever and I feel your hand accelerate its tempo on your clit as close as I am now, my body leaning over you as I stroke my cock, the head brushing your thigh. You hold eye contact as I draw back, lightly slapping your pussy lips with the head, eliciting another moan. Your speed increases yet again as I straighten and pump my hard on for you. I show you my lust plainly as you bring yourself to the edge. I can tell you are getting close as your thighs quiver, still stroking myself as your assault on your dripping snatch grows frantic.

I stop with my own ministrations and my fingers brush between your pussy lips, so wet that two fingers push in tightly but without struggle. Your head throws back and your blond hair spills behind you, legs quivering as you push over the edge. I keep going, pushing your climax to last as long as I can, long gentle movements as you hammer your clit until your moaning reaches its end.

I take my time slowing my pace, rubbing the outer lips and spreading your juices as you come down, one hand now playing with my still hard cock. Your high ends after a time and your hunger shows again. I turn you around on the bed so your head hangs over the side as you lay on your back, your breathing labored.

You know what is coming, my naked cock slowly easing apart your eager lips, working myself in your mouth as my hips make small motions back and forth. Your mouth is ever as wonderful, your tongue dancing as you work me to a fervor. I reach down and play with your breasts, tugging on your nipples with little movements as your mouth brings me wonderful sensations. I can see your cunt dripping and I want it so bad but I know that this will make it even better.

Your greedy mouth sucks and sucks to the thrusts of my hips eliciting involuntary groans. Your tongue and hands bring me close but still unable to reach that edge. I lean over you as I continue to thrust and massage your juicy cunt, causing you to redouble your oral efforts. The effect brings me too far and I can take it no longer. I replace my mouth where my cock was and kiss you hard.

I spin you around and pull you up, placing you on all fours on the edge of the bed. My taking is rough, no gentleness in my urgency now. You are driven to a gush as I fuck you, one hand in your gorgeous blonde tresses as the other grips your hips or slap your ass. My cock drives until I feel you tightening up. Increasing the pace, I fuck you through your second till your hips and thighs shake so hard you can't hold yourself up.

Slowly withdrawing I turn your head to kiss me with a gentle touch. Your matching kiss is deep and full. I can feel your passion and love, just knowing that makes my cock throb even more. You turn over and I slide slowly into your warmth. I nibble, kiss and suck slowly as I enter you again.

The buildup is gradual, you pulling my hips with your hands as you encourage me. Your eyes plead for my cum, begging me to give you my release. My heart and soul burn as I continue, building up seeing the love in your eyes. You know this is special, that this is ours, that I am yours.

My lust and love blur as you cum again. The tightening drives me over the edge, my movements becoming erratic as I slow and empty myself into you. The warmth takes us both, your satisfied sigh telling me all that I will ever need. I sink into you, feeling drawn as though I have put my whole being into what has happened. Your hands hold me, no words but just love, till I rise up for a kiss and your bright blue eyes meet mine.

"That was amazing," you say, as you do only genuinely. Your cheeks are flush and your smile perfect. I smile back, a few gentle kisses and caressing your hair. Our bodies slowly untangle as I hold your gorgeous body to mine.

I pull the covers up, a few more kisses and much more of my admiring touch later we fall towards sleep. Two people as close as one, perfect. Before sleep takes you I say three words, answered by your owlish four word response and my favorite kiss of all. The one just before you sleep, knowing you are safe. Knowing I hold you and the world is right. My own mind settles into bliss and as sleep takes me I know no regrets.

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