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Lust of Flames

Lovers have their ways. Especially us. The romantic part of us preferred breathless phone conversations and instant messages that were just shy of a sexual invitation. The sentimental part of us tended to lounge into each other’s wavelength, fantasizing about our wonderful life ahead of us, just barley born. The perverted us, however, has a language in itself with a dialect of fetish and yearn. We were no exception to any rule of lovers. Although I drool over the dazzy love scenes and romantic conversations; I much preferred to ogle in his strong, warm naked body fucking him deeply so that I stained every desire in his mind. It didn’t’ happen aall at once though; I discovered our language of love in bits and pieces. A nipple pinch here, a blowjob there, a few orgasms, and the worshipfulness that comes with prolonged cunnilingus.

I spotted him looking at me from afar.

“Do you like this” I waved to him, showing off my red and black-laced corset.

I ran my fingers around my breast that were tightly held by the string. Rather than doing the usual guy thing and grabbing me around, or slipping his hand between my bare legs, he knelled down behind me to pick up a pair of black 7inch, thin heels. As he arched himself upwards, he ran his fingertip up my low-waist leather stockings, teasing the sensitivity of my inner thigh. I caught his innocent eye.

“Oh, so you like”?

I raised my body like an amazon and slipped into the heels. I guess he’d never seen anything like it---he gulped, visibly.

He glanced at my legs, furtively, envisioning my brown skin underneath. Before rising to see my haunting stare, a stare that he only met in his wildest fantasies, he inched closer to me keeping his eyes on my legs. “

Your legs….are beautiful, but damn….that leather” I discovered he had a thing for leather. My mind raced at his growl, speculating to ride his face until he became breathless and ready to admit to any type of penetration possible. I snapped out of it.

“Thank you, I guess it’s alright…but my ass…” “Is beautiful..” he snapped. A smile flushed over my face.

I scanned his body from the corner of my eye, finding the lump of his cock show through his pants as he looked away to reach for his cigarettes. I continued to watch him. He was so imposing, brilliant and quite intense. His body was the example of beautifully demanding erotica, holding behind the eyes of desire, and the mind of a pan-mathematician. I watched his hands move and pluck at his lighter for satisfaction. At times he made me feel innocent, and feeble on experience. My mind was erased from reality until the room filled with smoke. It all became so real. I squirmed at my horniness.

In the back of my mind I thought, “He knows my deepest darkest secrets, he can do anything with them…he knows what I like.”

He moved towards me and mumbled a soft kiss in the seam my neck, “I love you”. I got nervous at the lost of reality. I pulled away from him and watched his eyes flicker under the dim light of the room behind the flamed nicotine.

“I love you too…” I said slowly, brushing my lips against his warm silky skin. He let out a small moan that drew my body closer into him. The lump in my throat was so large that it hurt, all I wanted was to sit back and let him take my body to run away these immature nerves. I folded my arms around his neck waiting for his response.

“mmm…” he growled.

“You smell nice…really nice”. I laughed, knowing I’d desperately do anything for him.

“Is that the only thing you smell..?” I teased.

I felt his smile arise. “Now that you mention it, I do smell something else, something delicious..”

I felt my pussy whimper as his hand roughly smoothed itself against my ass. My toes began to curl at the vibrations of his moan. He cock responded and nudged me through the leather. I surrendered immediately and attacked his plump lips against mine; breathing uncontrollably for tongue. He grabbed the back of my neck and slung me over against the table and slid off my leather pants. The smell and warmth of my pussy filled the area. I could sense his cock throb at the sight of my ass.

“No underwear….mm” He spoke. He spanked me, giving much attention to the thickness of my skin. I yelped.

His lips met my clit without hesitation. He held his tongue still between my legs while brushing his finger against my asshole.

I cried in pleasure. “Lick me…” I demanded.

He lowered his face deeper inside me, half slipping his finger in my asshole. William moaned, amazed and aroused at the taste and anticipation of my pussy. He turned me over and threw me vigorously against his bed. He licked the length of my slit several times then focused on my clit. His tongue was like that of hummingbird wings, flapping and swatting beautifully against me. I sank my body deeper into him; my cunt engulfed him. I shot my head back at the pleasure. His mouth began to drool as he withdrew from me. I pulled him by his shirt onto my body.

“Take this off”. I whispered.

I waited as he stripped down; I fought off his belt like an animal, exposing his cock. My pussy throbbed. I turned over, spreading my legs so he could see the seam of my pussy. He licked his lips, eagerly wafting to savor my juices. “Damn…” he whispered. Without another moment going by, He spanked me in frustration, and lowered his cock between my ass. I moaned, touching my clit.

“No…” He said to me, and raced my fingers away from my pussy. I would never doubt the wisdom of my own fetish, of him dominating me, showing me his power and grace over my helpless body—ready to be fucked. He lowered his chest to me and dug his tongue between my lips. My eyes rolled behind my head, feeling him force my body closer to him…waving his cock to my pulsing cunt. I wanted him so incredibly bad, I could feel the fire express itself under the diamonds of my fingers. I waited for his next move, without control. He stood up immediately and dragged me to the edge of his bed.

“Open your mouth, and suck me dry..” He demanded.

I immediately leveled my lips against his shaft and skimmed his cock gracefully against my tongue. He began to pump his cock in my mouth, faster, and harder at each stroke. I held back my urge to gag and pushed his cock further in my throat. He responded nicely.

My spit flowed over him and down between his legs. I withdrew and began to run my hand up and down his cock. A shiver shot through him. “Mm…” I said aloud. He answered me through a breathy and urgent

“Yes..” I began to pump his cock harder with my hands, and licking the tip of him with my tongue—sending sensations through he fabric of his dick. His cock was weeping in semen.

He began to tug at my hair, driving my lips deeper against him. He stopped me and then begged

“Now let me fuck you, hard…”

His cock was engorged, and my pussy was throbbing helplessly, raw, and ready. He looked down to me, forcing my legs apart shaking his body against me. He waited no longer and grabbed my hips vigorously and fucked me. He thrusted me like someone was playing with a rag doll—hard and without mercy. He stretched his hands out to grab on my breast. The effect became breathtaking; streaks of his beauty were ripping through every zone in my body. His tongue darted at and around my ears, holding me down with his hands and not stopping his stroke. I began to bite down on my lip hard enough to draw blood, hoping no one in the house would hear us. He turned me over immediately and shoved my face downwards. My ass was mounted up, waiting for his cock to pleasure me; make me gasp for any air I could. Without any notice, I felt him smoothly entered my swollen pussy and push against my gspot.

My body crunched at the unbearable ecstasy. In inhaled deeply at the treasure of him inside me, he hung me by my hair as he pounded his body deeper and faster inside me. My body began to bob frantically, waiting for permission to cum. He moaned loudly, holding back his orgasm. I closed my eyes slowly as he scratched the surface of my back while pumping his cock in and out.

“Oh, god…” I cried. I could feel my pussy spill uncontrollably with cum.

“Fuck…” he yelled back…transfixing his body to move faster. My world began to shatter and fall away as it was drowned in pleasure.

“Fuckk…” I cried louder as cum spilled through soft opening of our love. The fire in my eyes banked through my body. He grabbed on to me harder and slammed his strength into my hips.

I had no voice, I had no will, I could barley move my muscles. Instinctively, I rocked my pelvis forward as cum raced through his body. He quickly withdrew and chocked me with his semen. I could barley breathe. His body quickly frolicked upwards in pleasure, as I tasted the juicy cum shoot from his cock. I looked up into his eyes, with my mouth licking up his juice. Our eyes locked. My body floated back to consciousness as I reached for his neck. He kissed me. I buried my face in his chest as we fell to the bed.

Sensation and emotion, velvet wetness, and the sword of love and lust…I forgot to think. His eyes shinned at me like blue sapphire, as I giggled mid-orgasm for a word to say. I was bold and shy, all at once…all over again. I closed my eyes, once more, letting the wonderful sensation wash over me. As insecure as I am, I let my weight support itself. All my doubts dissolved into satisfied moans, as he slid his arms around me and drank my flames.

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