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The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part III

The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part III

A night with more extras than Simon or Mattie had bargained for...

The story picks up where Part II left off...

Mattie has been hired once more as an escort by Simon. This was after they had spent an amazing night together a few weeks previously. Tonight was the launch of a new business venture for him. She was very impressed by him and looking forward to seeing him again, as was he her.

We join them as they are about to enter his hotel suite and they both suddenly realise that they are a little nervous…

(Whilst you don't have to read parts I and II, it will certainly enhance your reading experience!)


The elevator reached the fifth floor, pinged and the doors slid silently open. Mattie and Simon looked at each other. She smiled, absent-mindedly clenching and unclenching her hand and although Simon didn’t let on, he did notice the movement and reckoned that she was probably as excited as he was at this moment.

"After you," gestured Simon, taking the lead and gently nudging Mattie out of the elevator, one hand lingering on her waist. She was close enough for him to catch the slightest hint of her cologne and he inhaled it, also smiling, like the cat who had got the cream. “Mmm...” he grinned to himself, at the thought of tasting her again.

Mattie smiled, stepped in front of him and began to ascend the stairs whilst Simon followed a step or two behind. His cock was already stirring in his trousers, his mouth was beginning to water and his eyes were fixed on her luscious arse, which was wiggling fluidly under her slinky, black, Karen Millen dress. It looked as though the garment could have been painted onto her body. So much so in fact that he was certain she would have given Marilyn Monroe a run for her money. He smiled, remembering the famous line from the movie, ‘Some Like It Hot’... "Will you look at that! Look how she moves! It's like Jell-O on springs. Must have some sort of built-in motor or something."

He could not help himself, he reached out and placed a hand on one of her jiggling buttocks, feeling the muscles clench and relax as she reached the last step. He could have sworn that he heard her inhale, but she did not hesitate for even a second in her ascent towards his suite.

By the time she had reached the last step, her cashmere wrap had slipped from her shoulders and he could see the designs tattooed onto her skin, the ones he had remembered so vividly, the many times he'd replayed in his mind that first night he’d spent with her, when he had so enjoyed taking her from behind.

Her breathing was quick now, although she was not out of breath. She stood to the side of the door to the suite, watching with smouldering eyes, as Simon put down her bag to get the card for the door. Her red painted lips curved into an almost coy smile. He leaned forward and put his index finger under her chin, lifting it so that he could place a soft kiss on her ever-so-slightly open mouth. She closed her deep green eyes, the long sooty lashes fluttering against her cheek and kissed him back. His hands slipped around her waist as hers wound around his neck. "God, she's so fucking beautiful," he thought to himself as his mouth opened against hers.

He felt the tip of her tongue against his own and he pulled her closer, until their bodies were pressed tightly together in a passionate embrace. His heart raced as her breathing quickened and he had her pressed against the wall, his hands were on her buttocks, pulling her against him. He could feel his cock springing to attention and beginning to strain through his suit trousers, she could feel it through her dress too and she sighed, pushing back against him. He tilted his head and whispered softly in her ear, "We need to get inside, Mattie. I need to get inside."

He nibbled at her little diamond-stud earring, before moving down and gently kissing her neck and he felt her pelvis push back against him in response, sending shockwaves through his body and making his cock pulse expectantly. His mouth was on hers again, little sucking noises as their lips parted and their tongues danced. Fuck, he didn't remember ever feeling quite this excited as he fumbled in his pocket to find the card to open the door.

Without breaking their kiss, he pulled her towards him, swiped the card and pushed open the door to the suite. The two of them stumbled through the open door, struggling to keep their balance. Her hands immediately slipped from around his neck, moving down down his chest and unbuttoning his shirt, their mouths busy, tongues darting, breathing noisily. "Oh god, I've wanted you so much. So fucking much," he mumbled into her mouth.

"Me too, Simon. It’s so good to feel you, smell you, touch you again," she whispered back into his mouth, sweeping his teeth with her tongue.

Simon pushed the door closed with his foot, causing Mattie to lose her balance a little and she found herself sitting on the edge of the dresser beside the door. Her cashmere shrug was by now pooled at her ankles, as he stroked his hand around her back, trying to find the zipper on her dress. She smiled and pulled his hand to her side so that his fingers were on the fastener, desperate for him to release her body from the satin that was confining her silky flesh. His shirt now undone, she slid her hands along his bare chest, pulling it from his shoulders, before moving to unfasten his belt, while he pulled the shoulder straps of her dress down.

Mattie wriggled out of the black satin and he gasped as she revealed her breasts, leaving her naked but for the sleek black panties, hold-ups and spiky black heels. She was fucking stunning, even more than he had so lustily remembered her. He reached around and pulled the diamanté clasp from her hair and watched, awestruck, as it cascaded over her shoulders like a glorious red waterfall.

He paused for a moment, simply taking her in… dazzled, almost breathless, by her beauty. She stood, eyes lowered slightly, looking coyly at him, then she bit her bottom lip and reached forward, unfastening his trousers. They fell to his feet and, as he was not wearing underwear, his cock immediately sprang up, bouncing as he stepped out of them, slipping his shoes off, naked apart from his black socks. He pulled her close again, his eager prick pressing against her belly.

There was a quiet ‘thud’ and he looked down to see a silver hip flask on the floor. She giggled, blushing, “Oops!”

"Oh," he smiled. "I see you've been partaking of a little nectar? Mmm, well perhaps it's time I had a little of that myself... God knows I’ve been wanting to since we...”

Before she could respond, he dropped to his knees and her hands on his shoulders as he began to press his nose into her silken panties, kissing and nuzzling at her damp cleft. She smelled divine as he breathed her in...

Simon placed both hands on Mattie's buttocks and pulled her even closer. She could feel the heat of his breath as inhaled her, his nose nuzzling against her. She sighed and stroked his hair. This felt good, so fucking good. She had been looking forward to this for what seemed like an age and she tilted her pelvis up, shivering as the tip of his nose pressed against her eager clit and then gasped as she felt the tip of his tongue lick and probe against the taut, silky fabric. He began to lap and suck at her pussy through the fabric when suddenly her body tensed and she pushed him back.

"Simon? My case! It's still outside the door!" She exclaimed.

"Mmmm?" he mumbled, leaning into her again, licking and sucking the tight material which was barely covering her pussy. Her scent was so tantalizing, so arousing. “Just leave it, it doesn’t matter, no one will touch it, Mattie” he mumbled against her swollen, satin-clad lips, as his fingers wiggled and probed their way under the material, eager to find their prize.

"Simon, seriously... My case… I don’t want to leave it outside…"

"You want me to stop, now?? Honestly, I don’t think I could, even if I wanted to..." He mumbled against black satin as he pulled the leg-hole of her panties, his fingers creeping under, massaging her juicy lips, pushing ever closer to her wet slit. “And by the way, I don’t fucking want to...”

The vibration made her pussy tingle and her whole body shivered. "I need my case," she repeated, gripping his hair and pulling his face against her crotch, gently thrusting against him.

"Aaw, fuck it! Hold on," said Simon sounding slightly exasperated, as he got back to his feet. Mattie looked into his eyes and he leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. She could faintly taste her own scent as she kissed him back and he pressed his body against hers. Her nipples were stiff now, like buttons against his chest, as his rigid tool pressed into her belly. She could feel the moisture seeping from the tip of his cock as it cooled on her skin. God, she wanted him in her mouth again and her pussy pulsed as she remembered the first time she'd tasted him, felt his thick, hard cock in her mouth.

She kissed him passionately, arms around him, writhing as his fingers moved up and down her back. As their mouths opened and closed against one another, tiny vacuums were created and just as quickly disappeared as one tongue met the other. She had never wanted anyone as much as she wanted him right there in that moment.

With a huge effort, Simon broke the kiss, but not their eye-contact. He took her hands as he moved back and looked her up and down.

“I’ll get your case, Mattie,” he sighed, although the fact that the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile and his eyes were still twinkling, let her know that he wasn’t too upset by the interruption. After all, they had the whole night ahead of them, didn’t they?

She watched him, in his naked glory, his stunning cock, with its glistening tip and the way it seemed to twitch and pulse. Oh god, it was even more impressive than she remembered! Her mouth was watering and she felt like Christmas had come early for her, knowing that it would be hers to use for the rest of the night, or longer... She could get used to this.

He turned and moved towards the door, erect penis bobbing in a most satisfying way as he walked. She noticed the way that his buttocks clenched and relaxed as he walked to open the door, completely nude, apart from his socks, and she stifled a giggle. He turned to look at her and raised one eyebrow as he opened the door, keeping it open with one foot as he leaned around to retrieve her bag and almost threw it into the room.

“Thank you, Simon,” she grinned, relieved and she brought her hands up and cupped her breasts, almost as though she were shy.

Standing those few feet away from her, he paused for a moment, just looking at her, taking her in. She was beautiful, so fucking beautiful, he was enchanted. His hand absent-mindedly went to his cock just stroking it ever-so gently as Mattie watched, almost drooling. A sigh escaped her red lips as she rolled her nipples between fingers and thumbs.

“I want you,” he said. “I need to taste you, to explore you, to be inside you, Mattie.” He moved towards her, “Let’s go to bed, now.”

She nodded and turned towards the bed. He was behind her immediately, pressing his cock against her arse, kissing and biting her neck while his hands found her breasts. She stopped and tilted her head back, mouth open and weak at the knees.

She reached down and picked up her bag as they made their way. She felt warm, fuzzy and most of all excited by the desire and warmth she observed in his eyes as he looked at her.

"So, what's so important about the bag?” He asked as he squeezed her tightly and pulled her towards the giant bed. “Why were you so worried about it?"

"Well, it's mine,” she said sheepishly. “It has my clothes and... erm... things, you know, I just..."

He noticed her hesitancy, the slight flush in her cheeks and knew that, despite his craving to taste her, to kiss her, to fuck her, dammit, just to love this wonderful, special woman, he had to find out more, despite what his cock was telling him to do! "What '...erm... things', Mattie? What’s so important that you were getting into such a paddy about it?"

She smiled broadly, winking, "Well, actually I was more concerned about getting a paddy into me really."

Simon laughed out loud and Mattie hoped that this would be an end to it, but he was still staring firmly at her eyes. “ Damn him, why can't he just stare at my tits like every other man? They’re normally the perfect distraction,” she thought to herself.

The silence hung between them. He looked, almost sternly, at her, not blinking once. She could feel herself shrink beneath his gaze. She had been so close, almost at the summit of feelings that she hadn’t felt in ages and now she felt as though the ground was crumbling beneath her.

"I... I... Oh fuck it, Simon, you hired me, remember. You told Olivia, you know, my ‘boss’, my madam, just that I was to pack a few things that, well, that might have been what you wanted, or expected, for after the business event, for when, well for when you wanted us to do business... The case has the ‘tools of my trade’ in it, okay?"

“Shit, shit, shit! That’s it, the spell’s broken, I’ve fucked up. Why did I let myself forget who I was, what I do and indeed who he is? He’s just...” God, her stomach turned as she thought that word, “He’s just a client. I’m just what I am, a woman he’s paid for. Sure, I’m a damned good escort, fucking good at my job... of fucking... Ultimately that's it, I’m fuck all to him... I’m just a fuck...”

“Oh shit,” she could feel herself welling up at the realisation; at the stoney look on his face, his business face, as if he were closing a deal, not his happy, smiley negotiating face, but the tough cookie one that lurked beneath, the one that made sure that it was he who did the screwing and was not the one getting screwed.

“Mattie, Mattie!” she screamed at herself. “Smile! Give him a good time, what he’s paying for! Give him whatever it is that he wants. Get back in the real world, girl! Remember why you’re here. You're a working girl, a tart, a slut, a whore...” Despite her best efforts, her eyes dampened, and as she broke his stare at last and looked desperately somewhere, anywhere else, a tear rolled from the corner of her eye.

Simon had been transfixed by her hesitation, seeing in her, for the first time, weakness, a chink in her, until now, confident armour. He glanced down at her rather impressive front and suppressed a smile. Those breasts, those rosy nipples... He licked his lips. Fuck!

Then helplessly he looked on, as her weakness dissolved into uncertainty and then what appeared to be pain. He felt her pain, understood it, shared it. Her use of the word 'hired' had cut him to the quick and a cold chill flashed through him. His ardent cock began to soften slightly, apologetically, almost shamefacedly. She was right, he had rented her presence and her services. He had made the call to her madam and negotiated the fee to secure her company for the night. He was always in control. Why, just this very evening, he had secured a deal which would make him so much money that he wouldn’t actually have to work again for the next five years, if he so chose. He had been the master of this liaison and she had been another puppet, a commodity. But now... Now, it just felt wrong somehow, he felt dirty, cheap, even heartless. He saw the tear roll down her cheek and his head pounded, and not the one between his legs.

"Mattie?” He pleaded, “Please, Mattie, look at me."

Her head snapped up, surprised by the tone of his voice.

"I wanted you here tonight because... Well, because I wanted to see you again, I wanted to be with you again. I wanted the chance to spend time with you and I’m sorry, but hiring you was the only way I could think of to do that, the only way I could find you, get you here... With me,” he explained.

Silently he added, “Plus, I wasn’t certain that you felt the same way...” Simon did not ‘do’ rejection.

He reached out his hand and lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him as he gently wiped away the tear from her cheek with the other.

He continued, “That night, the one we spent together, well, it was something really special. God, you are something special, Mattie.” Mattie sniffed and smiled weakly.

He smiled back, “Yeah, I like that... Your smile, that look of happiness in your eyes, I can't get them out of my head.” He leaned in and kissed her forehead, “You know, you also give one hell of a blow job."

They both laughed and the tension was broken, as he pulled her close. She rested her head on his chest while he stroked her hair. "Look, if you want to, go. Please, feel free, but I would really love to spend the night with you again. This time though, when I wake up, I want you to still be here so that I can spend the morning with you, feed you, shower with you, make love to you." He felt her head nodding against his chest.

"As a matter of interest, what were the things you brought in that case of yours? Anything that could be fun?"

She snorted, giggled against his chest and he lifted her face up to look at him again. He placed a hand on both of her cheeks and kissed her forehead, each eyelid, her nose and then her mouth. “It’ll be okay,” he mumbled into her mouth as he kissed her. “We’re going to have lots of fun, you and I.”

“Mmm hmm,” she mumbled back, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him again.

“Now, where were we?” Asked Simon, pulling Mattie towards the bed. The two stumbled into the dimly-lit part of the suite. God, she’d forgotten how fucking huge this place was, it seriously was bigger than her whole apartment. Simon moved around behind her and began to kiss her neck, damn that made her tingle. His hands snaked around, finding her breasts, his fingers homing in on her sensitive nipples and she gasped and tilted her head back. His mouth felt so fucking good as he placed little kisses and nibbles on her neck. And his fingers! Pulling, rolling and tweaking her stiff nipples, Jesus!

She gingerly walked towards the bed, Simon still attached to her neck and, when she reached it, she turned into his arms and began to kiss his mouth once more. He pushed against her, kissing her deeply and her knees caught the edge of the bed. She lost her balance and fell, almost in slow motion, back onto the soft covers. Simon seized his chance and took her wrists in his hands, pulling them up above her head, moving his face down and suckling on her fine tits. Mattie gasped, back arching and wrapped her legs around him, as his mouth sucked alternate nipples into his mouth, teeth closing gently on them, not enough to cause pain, but by fuck, she knew he was there!

He let go of her wrists and began to kiss down her belly, fingers taking over from where his mouth had left off, rolling and pulling her nipples as his face reached her panties once more and began to sniff and exhale his hot breath against her mound. His fingers edged under the waistband of her knickers and began to pull them down. Mattie lifted her bottom from the bed, to help him remove them more quickly. He pulled her knickers sharply, down to her knees and then he stopped. Mattie noticed and opened her eyes. Simon was staring at her pussy with the most puzzled expression on his face.

She opened her mouth to ask him what was wrong but he cut in, “Mattie, what the hell have you done to your pussy?”

“My... my pussy? What do you mean?” She said, worry creeping into her voice.

Simon’s fingers swept over her smooth, puffy lips and she immediately felt what he meant... Her Brazilian!!! Fuck, she knew that had been a mistake!! “I... I wanted to look my best for you, Simon!” She explained.

“I loved it just the way it was, you eejit!” He grinned. “No matter, I’m flattered that you wanted to please me, but honestly, I liked it just the way it was.”

He placed little kisses on the bare parts of her mound, his fingers lightly stroking the neat little strip of hair. “You know, there is nothing better than a woman with a proper bush. It makes her seem much more real somehow, not like one of those plastic, porn puppets.” He looked up at her. “I think of you as being real, very very real and that’s much more important to me than fantasy.”

In an instant, his shoulders were pushing her legs apart and his head was between her legs. His tongue flicked lightly against her erect little clit as his fingers stroked up and down the length of her slit, teasingly pushing firmly enough to open her a little but not quite enough to enter.

She gasped at the speed with which he had her at full arousal again. How she had envisioned this, hoped for it, wanted it. She could literally feel her juices begin to flow and as he pushed his finger inside her, his teeth gently closed on her clit, tongue flicking. Mattie let out a cry and her whole body spasmed. Her hands were in Simon’s hair, pulling his head against her. It felt so good, so fucking good...

He pushed a second finger inside her, while stroking the base of her clit with the fingers of his other hand. His tongue and mouth still lapped and sucked at her pert little button. Mattie arched her back, she had no choice! She pulled his hair, hard, pushing her pelvis up against his face, gently thrusting as she felt that deep itch in her core, the one that only an orgasm could satisfy. He rubbed harder, pushed his fingers in deeper and raised his face. “Come for me, Mattie, that’s a good girl. Come for me and then I will fuck you. I will fill your fucking belly with my creamy come.”

She opened her eyes, seeing how his chin glistened with her juices as he stared directly at her face. As she watched, she saw a look of concentration briefly darken his features and she felt him push his fingers deeper still, finding her sweet spot while his other fingers pressed and rubbed harder against the base of her clit.

She closed her eyes as her climax began to wash over her and the electricity flowed through her whole body. “Holy fuck, holy fuck!” She gasped as she writhed against him.

He slowed down now, letting her get the most from her orgasm. It had been ages since she’d felt like this, if ever! It was almost magical. She felt him lapping at her pussy now, licking and sucking her juices into his mouth. He pulled his fingers from her and made a show of sucking them into his mouth. His lips smacked as he sucked them, savouring her sweet tangy flavour, loving the taste of her.

He rested a hand on her mound and smiled, “Mattie, that was fucking beautiful to watch.” He blushed as he said it, looking almost proud and as he sat up properly, she could see that he was huge for her now. His cock rigid,pulsing and she knew she wanted him inside her once again, where she was beginning to feel that he belonged.

She looked at him and he looked at her and began to move up the bed towards her, pushing her knees open with his own. “You are the most beautiful fucking thing I have ever laid eyes on,” he mumbled as he kissed his way up her belly again, stopping briefly to lick and suck her nipples before reaching her mouth.

“Mattie, Mattie, Mattie... I swear, you have bewitched me. I can’t get you out of my head,” he moaned. “Since that night, I have have come gallons for you, every chance I’ve had.”

He was kissing her mouth now and he paused and raised his head, looking at her. Her eyes were huge as she gazed into his and he reached down with one hand and she felt him guide his cock head to her soaking pussy. He paused, the blunt tip of his cock just barely pressing against her and his eyes never left hers as he said, ”Do you want me inside you, Mattie? I want to make love to you, can I? Do you want my big fat cock inside you?”

She nodded, “Yes, oh fuck yes,” and as she did, she felt him push deeply and slowly inside her.

She gasped and closed her eyes, his mouth on hers again as he began to thrust, deep inside her.

“I never want to stop fucking you. You are the best fuck I have ever had and I have had my fair share... I don’t want it to stop.” Each word punctuated by a thrust or a pull of his cock as he pushed deeply into her and held his position, kissing her mouth.

She brought her legs around him, loving the feel of his weight on top of her, resting her heels on his buttocks as he began to drill into her now, faster, deeper. She wasn’t used to the intensity of fucking like this, the staring into his eyes, but she couldn’t draw her gaze away, mesmerised by him as he began to move faster now. The feeling of his shaft sliding between her lips was actually making her buzz, making her dizzy and she closed her eyes and slipped her hand between their bellies until she reached her pussy.

“Oh good girl,” he sighed, “Can you come for me again? God, I want you to come for me.”

She pressed and rubbed, clenching her pussy muscles around him and arching her back to lift herself against him. It was simply divine and she felt it, she began to come, a slow burn, building up and she almost shouted, “I’m coming, I’m coming! Fill me! Come for me, Simon!”

He sped up, grunting now and she felt him, as he thrust, pressing himself into her, letting his seed spurt inside her, jet after jet of creamy come. “Oh god!” He gasped pushing one final time before letting his body relax onto hers.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, smiling as she kissed his neck, giggly after her climax. She did try not to laugh, but you know, sometimes it just felt so fucking good to come that she couldn’t help it!

“What are you laughing at?” He moaned into her neck. “Did my performance amuse you, lady?”

She could hear the smile in his voice and she sighed, “Oh Simon! That was amazing!”

He grinned, he had loved making her come, watching her come, feeling the way her pussy had tightened around his fingers and then his cock as he’d fucked her. It just felt so fucking perfect. He knew that he wanted her to be in his life for a while... Shit, he was surprised. He’d not felt this way for a long time...

Suddenly he remembered something and sat up, leaning his chin on his elbow so that he could look at her.

“Mattie?” His voice sounded bit stern, business-like and she was immediately worried.

“Oh stop that!” He shushed her as he saw her expression, “It’s nothing bad. It’s just that a little bird told me that today is a special day for you?”

“How did he know that?” Thought Mattie, “Fucking Olivia! Sticking her nose in again... that bitch! I bet she is charging him extra for this...”

He continued, “I thought that the least I could do was to make sure that you had something special to open, on your birthday. If you go into the drawer beside the bed, you’ll find a box. There’s a gift in there for you. It is your birthday today, I’m not mistaken am I?”

“No, it is my birthday,” she mumbled, reaching across to the drawer and almost grumpily pulling it open to reveal a red leather box. She turned and looked quizzically at Simon.

He nodded, “Go on.”

She lifted it and opened it to reveal... A pearl necklace! A pearl necklace, really?

“Hahahhaah” She giggled and turned to Simon, “Oh god, that's just beautiful, Simon! Seriously!” She removed it from the box and unclapsed it. “Would you mind fastening it for me?” She said, sweeping her hair up.

Simon took each end and brought it around her slender neck... “What’s so funny, Mattie?”

“Well, you know what a ‘pearl necklace’ is, don’t you?” She giggled.

Simon looked at her, puzzled. “Yes, you’re holding one,” he said as he fastened the delicate clasps together

Mattie began to laugh harder, her body was shaking with it, breasts jiggling as she carried on, “It’s when a man.. you know... Comes on a woman’s neck or chest,” she blushed.

Simon’s jaw dropped. He had just bought his escort a pearl necklace! The fucking irony! Still, he kept his cool and smiling, pulled her hair back into place over her shoulders... “That is rather venal, Mattie” he said, stroking her cheek and gently turning her head around so that he could kiss her mouth again.

She placed her hand over her mouth, to stifle another giggle.

“I like it though,” he continued, pulling her back towards him and kissing her. “When you’re happy I mean and I have to say that I think my gift is rather better than my spunk on your body. Although, I do like that idea too.”

She beamed at him, “Actually, I much prefer it inside me.”

“The necklace accentuates your beauty,” he said, between kisses. “And you are beautiful, Mattie, really fucking beautiful. I love being with you, pleasuring you.”

Mattie sighed, kissing him back and actually rather pleased to notice that his cock was swelling once more. They lay on their sides, facing each other as she gently pulled and massaged his member. Her pussy began to pulse as she felt him stiffen in her hand. He closed his eyes and gasped as she absent-mindedly continued to pull his foreskin gently up and down.

“I am so glad that you are so happy Mattie,” he exhaled. “You look so fucking radiant when you are happy. I have one other surprise for you.”

Mattie paused, hand firmly around his shaft and looked into his eyes, “What is it?” Why did he make her feel so nervous when he said things like this?

Simon continued, averting his eyes shyly, “Look, I know this might sound impulsive, or worse still, stupid, and you can feel free to say ‘no’, I shan’t be offended, disappointed yes, but not offended.”

“What is it, Simon?” She could barely stand the excitement.

He smiled and carried on, hoping this would pay off, “Well, you see, I have two tickets for us to go to New York, first thing in the morning. Would you? could you? I know you’ll have to go home, to get your passport and such but… I would so love to take you there, spend some real time with you, spoil you rotten.”

She felt her eyes moisten again, her face almost cracking with the broad smile on her face. “Oh Simon, that would be wonderful and don’t worry, I always come prepared, my passport’s in my bag, just in case... You never know what a client might want to do...”

Simon frowned slightly when she mentioned her ‘work’ but of course, had it not been for her ‘job’, he would never have met her. He grinned, remembering just what a good job she had given him. “So, what do you think? Do you fancy spending a couple of days in the Big Apple with me?” His tone was hopeful. “I’ve a suite booked in a posh hotel, only the best.”

Mattie looked pensive, “I do know that I have some work booked in. I reckon I’d be able to re-arrange and I’m supposed to be going on a spa break with my friend, for my birthday, but I know she won’t mind if I rearrange.”

Simon blushed, “Actually, I already took the liberty of asking your boss, Olivia, if you might be able to spare the time. She said ‘yes’. I hope you don’t mind me doing that, Mattie?”

She didn’t mind. She didn’t mind at all, as it happened. “I wonder if she’s charging him for the privilege?” She thought to herself, “Is this a work thing or a personal thing?”

She leant forward and kissed him deeply. “I love you, Simon.” Immediately realised what she had said and added, “I mean yes! I’d love to!”

“Mmmm, good,” he said into her mouth as he kissed her. “I hoped you’d say that...”


With thanks to Stephanie for the inspiration and collaboration in the writing of parts I and II. Without it this part would not have been possible.

Thank you so much for reading.

I do hope that you enjoyed it.

Please feel free to score and leave a comment too!

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