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Camille's Massage

Camille's former students give her a surprisingly relaxing massage.

Camille came into the teachers’ lounge distraught.

“Margaret, I just had my teacher evaluation and I am so frustrated.  I teach my heart out, but Bill says that I did not cover all the Danielson domains in the observation. He says I need improvement!”

“Oh my God, Camille. I know what you mean.  I think that Bill is a young principal trying to show the superintendent that he can be tough,” Margaret said trying to console Camille.

“Well it’s making me crazy.  I’ve been teaching a little longer than he’s been alive!  I know what I’m doing in the classroom!  I just want to scream!”

“Take it easy, Camille.  You’ve had a stressful year with a tough class.  You need to relax.”

“Do I ever!  But I don’t think drinking at lunch is a good idea,” Camille said, finally breaking a smile.

Humor was difficult for Camille.  A stern English teacher, she kept her hair neatly tied in a bun that never seemed to have a single hair out of place.  At forty-eight, she managed to keep a trim figure and she ran marathons. But Camille was a senior teacher who rarely lets loose, at least not publicly.

“What about a massage?  Do you ever get them?”

“Oh, I’ve been to one of the chains, and it was okay.  My husband gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago. It was relaxing, but the good feelings left as soon as it was over,” Camille lamented.

“Well, maybe you should give it another try.  I know someone who will leave you with the amazing feeling for days!  Actually, you know him too,” Margaret said with a devilish smile.

“Who?  Someone who used to work here?” Camille asked.

“Uh, no, Camille… he was one of our students.  You had him for English a few years ago. Matthew, the swimmer.  He always hung out with my stepson.  They were inseparable.”

“Of course!  Matthew and Stephen always sat together, worked on group projects together… and both were swimmers, weren’t they?  And now he’s doing massage?”

Margaret grinned.  “Well he’s finishing his practicum and then he’ll be fully certified.  His hands are amazing.”

“Oh my gosh, there is no way I have the confidence to be NAKED in front of any of my current or former students, especially that handsome boy.  I can just imagine the rumors that get out at their class reunion!” Camille laughed.

“Well, you do have to be nude for a massage Camille!  How else can it work?  Besides, he believes in what I would call, uh, ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.’”

“Margaret, I am just not in the mood for riddles.  Speak English!  What do you mean?” Camille insisted.

“Well after you get naked and lay on the table, he will most likely come in wearing these silk pants from Thailand.”


“And the fly doesn’t have any buttons or snaps.  Let’s just say that ALL of Matthew makes an occasional appearance through the stage curtains!” Margaret laughed.

“You are so lying!  These are our former students!  Of course, there was that one time I was talking to you outside the boys’ locker room when you had hall supervision.  I think I did get a glance of both Matthew and Stephen nude as they came out of the shower.” 

Camille was lost in thought for a moment as she recalled that day she stopped to speak to Margaret briefly, and she glanced towards the open boys’ locker room.  All of a sudden Matthew and Margaret’s stepson, Stephen, came out of the showers just as naked as the day they were born.  They were leaving the showers and stopped to dry off in full view of anyone walking down the hall and glancing towards the open door.  “Hi Mrs. Turner!” they both chirped in a friendly and polite manner.

Matthew, the taller of the two, was a good six feet one inch tall, with broad shoulders from swimming the butterfly stroke.  Blue eyes, blond hair, with a gorgeous soft uncut penis that was thick and at least five inches long surrounded by short curly pubic hair that was just a shade darker than his blond hair.

Stephen was smaller in most respects.  Five feet ten inches, with a smaller frame more suited for diving.  However, his penis was even longer than Matthew’s and was six inches soft and cut.  He was indeed a shower!  Unlike Matthew, Stephen shaved all of his body hair so his penis was free of any hair.  It was an image that Camille will never forget.

“Why DO they keep those doors propped open, Margaret?”

“I think it is to keep the horseplay to a minimum… and to keep the middle-aged female teachers willing to do hall supervision!”

“Well, yes, it surely was quite a visual!” Camille said dryly.

“Look, the relationship has changed.  He’s not your student anymore.  I’ll call Matthew and make the appointment for you, Camille.  I’ll be sure to let him know that you want the same massage technique that I get,” Margaret assured her.

“Fine, I’m free all weekend and I really do need it badly,” Camille said.

“Consider it done.  And Camille, you may not want to mention this to your husband,” Margaret said as she pretended to zip her lips shut.

Camille just gave a funny look and went back to class.


Saturday morning came and Camille’s husband was heading out for golf.  “Today is eighteen holes and lunch, honey.  I won’t be home until at least 3:00 p.m.,” John yelled as he ran out the door.

“Okay, have a good… ” Camille yelled but John was already out the door.

Camille jumped in the shower and spent extra time with the handheld showerhead, making sure that she was very relaxed before going to Matthew.  She loved the warm water flowing over her and the tingling stimulation of the jets on her pussy.  If she was going to be face-to-face with a twenty-four-year-old penis, she wanted to be all warmed up and ready to go!  Even though it was years ago and a brief glimpse, she mentally relived the moment she saw Matthew and Stephen naked through the open locker room door. 

“Those were indeed quite beautiful male specimens,” she recalled.  However, she allowed for the fact that time and her memory may well have increased the size of those penises in her mind.  It didn’t matter.  She was fully expecting to be reintroduced to Matthew’s finest attribute.  And maybe get a decent massage in the process.

Camille arrived at Matthew’s apartment five minutes early.  She rang the doorbell and waited.  Matthew opened the door and greeted her warmly.

“Good morning, Camille!  Oh, is it okay to call you by your first name?  I mean I’m not in your class now so I just thought…”

“Stop it. Camille is fine. After all, since you are going to see me nude you might as well call me by my name.  This just better not get back to the class reunion!” Camille warned.

Matthew was confused by her comment, but thought, “Okay, whatever.”  He smiled, and said, “Don’t worry.  Everything in the massage room is confidential. It’s the same as an attorney-client relationship.”

Camille felt some relief, but also disappointment as Matthew was wearing a tracksuit.  With no fly!

Matthew showed Camille to the massage room and told her to undress completely and put her clothes on the chair.  He would be back shortly.

Camille was having second thoughts and hesitated.  Should she really do this?  Would it get back to school?  Will it affect her employment?  Will she and her imperfect forty-eight-year-old body be the hot topic at Matthew’s class reunion?

Finally, she took a deep breath and stripped nude, carefully folding her clothes on the chair.  Matthew had assumed that she would have been done and laying face down on the table by now and so he walked in just as Camille was turning towards the table. 

Camille was standing face to face with her former student. And she was completely naked.

And Matthew was completely naked. And he wasn’t alone. Right behind him was Stephen.

And he was completely naked.

“Boys!  I’m sorry. I…”

Matthew placed his hands on Camille’s shoulders and said, “Look, Stephen’s mom said that you were really stressed and needed the full relaxation treatment.  So Stephen will join me for the four-handed massage.

Stephen was staring at her full tits and neatly trimmed bush.

Camille was being held by a naked twenty-four-year-old former student.  Her mouth went dry.

“Camille, take a sip of water and lay face down on the table so we can get started.”

Camille turned towards the table and collapsed onto it face down.  She finally breathed again, and Stephen and Matthew began the massage.

The boys started by giving soft feather touches sending electrical feelings up and down her body.  Starting at her neck, they lightly stimulated their respective sides of her body from head to toe.  As they reached her ass, she fully appreciated what was happening.  Two former students —handsome, naked boys— were touching her ass.  Even though they were young men, the teacher in her still referred to them as boys.  And then they moved down the bottom of her ass quickly grazing her exposed pussy as they continued down her legs.

She didn’t know if she should be relaxed or excited or both.  It was both.

The boys both started the serious massage by working on her back.  As they leaned in to work, she could feel the brushing of their pubic hairs rubbing against her arms.  She could tell that Matthew had more pubes than Stephen.  She could feel virtually bare skin on Stephen’s side.

The boys’ hands on her back were exceptional.  Camille could feel the stress melt away with each stroke.  As she looked through the face cradle, she could see two sets of muscular legs and feet dancing in a coordinated rhythm as they rubbed her neck and back.

Matthew and Stephen stood at opposite sides of Camille’s head and did long flowing stretches that started at her neck all the way down to the top of her ass.  They stood on opposite sides of her head.  She felt their penises as they snuggled alongside her head when they leaned over. 

The boys alternated reaching far across her back, and she could feel their muscular chests practically laying on top of her back as they stretched.

Next, they took her arms into their strong hands. Starting from her shoulders they turned her arms into Jello. Camille breathed deeply. She loved it when they each took her hand into theirs and worked each finger and the palms of her hands.

Camille was neither prepared nor expecting what came next.

As they finished massaging her hands, she felt the boys place their penises in her hands and wrap her fingers around their manhood.  Camille was startled at first, but then realized the pleasure of gently stroking these two boys simultaneously.  Nervousness was replaced by excitement and a smile that stretched across her face.

As Camille was massaging the boys, Stephen and Matthew started massaging her ass.  With circular movements the boys pleasured Camille’s ass cheeks, slowly pulling towards themselves and opening her ass.

Camille felt the cool air sweep across her exposed asshole.  She melted as the boys alternated running their well-oiled fingers across her hole.  Camille never experienced this before as neither her husband or old boyfriends ever touched her there.

With each stroke, Camille squeezed her hands tightly and enjoyed having the boys in her grip.  She finally had to release them as they moved down to her legs. 

Stephen spread her legs apart giving access to Camille’s pussy.  Starting at the ankles, the boys made long flowing strokes all the way up to her ass and allowing their fingers to glide over her exposed pussy.  Camille hadn’t been this relaxed in years. 

All of a sudden the leg massage stopped and Camille could tell that one of the boys had climbed onto the table between her legs.  The other boy moved to her head.  Simultaneously, she felt a pair of hands on her ass as a tongue licked her pussy and the other boy rammed his cock alongside her face as he massaged her neck.

Camille lifted her head and looked up.  It was Stephen’s cock that was rubbing her face.  They exchanged smiles and Stephen nodded.  Camille took all seven inches of young Stephen into her mouth as Matthew pleasured her pussy with his very talented tongue.

Matthew got up on his knees and started rubbing Camille’s wet pussy.  He inserted one finger and rubbed vigorously.  Camille lifted her ass and moved from side to side.  Matthew slipped in a second finger.  Camille moaned as best she could with Stephen’s cock stuffed in her mouth.  Finally, Matthew slipped a third long finger into her.  Camille let her body fall flat on the table as Matthew finger fucked her.

Stephen couldn’t hold out anymore and shot three rapid-fire streams of hot cum down Camille’s throat.  Camille swallowed every drop and licked his cock clean.

Matthew removed his fingers from Camille and Stephen withdrew his cock from Camille’s mouth.  Matthew moved to her left side and Stephen stood on her right side.  Together they gave her slow, long, gentle touch.  Camille was exhausted and took a deep breath.

“Okay, Camille, time to turn over,” Matthew instructed.

Camille turned over and suddenly felt exposed laying nude in front of her two former students.  She held her hands over her breasts to hide herself.  Matthew rubbed his open hand on her pussy and smiled at her.

Stephen gently kissed her and pulled her hands down to her sides.  Each boy placed his cock in her hand.  Camille relaxed a bit, took a deep breath, and again squeezed tightly.  She was unable to close either hand with their thick cocks inside.

Matthew continued rubbing her pussy and then placed two fingers inside of her wet vagina.  Stephen leaned over and stuck his tongue inside her mouth, to which she responded with passionate kissing.

Stephen’s hands were massaging Camille’s ample breasts.  Feeling how hard her nipples were he released her lips and sucked on her nipples, alternating back and forth as Matthew was now licking her pussy.

“Oh God, boys, you are amazing,” Camille gasped.  “You’ve grown up into such handsome strong men... with beautiful penises.”

Matthew stood up and pulled Camille towards the foot of the massage table where he was standing.  He forcefully lifted Camille’s legs up over his broad shoulders and threw them high in the air.  He teased her vagina by rubbing his hard eight-inch cock up and down her slit.  She was so wet that he easily slid in.   He started slowly at first.  In and out.  In and out.

As Matthew was fucking Camille, Stephen shoved his cock back into Camille’s mouth for round two.  The boys were in sync with each other’s movements, entering and exiting their respective holes at the same beat.

Matthew exited Camille and moved to the head of the table as Stephen moved to the foot.  Each boy placed their cocks into the new hole simultaneously.  Camille slurped the moisture from Matthew’s cock.

After ten more minutes, the boys looked at each other and gave a slight nod.  Five – four – three – two – and one and they both pulled out of Camille and sprayed her face, tits, and pubes with streams and streams of their mixed semen.  Camille lapped it up like a thirsty puppy.

Stephen and Matthew continued to massage Camille’s breasts and pubes with their mixed semen.  Just as Camille thought the pleasure was coming to an end, Matthew said, “OK, Camille, we can’t have you leaving like this.  Let’s all jump in the shower.”

Matthew and Stephen helped Camille up to her feet and led her to the bathroom.  Matthew had a large walk-in shower that easily held the three of them.  Stephen started the warm water and used the handheld sprayer to rinse off the semen from Camille’s body and with special attention to her swollen pussy.

With Stephen at her front and Matthew behind her, the boys kissed her body from head to toe.  Camille sat down on the built-in bench and the boys knelt down in front of her and sucked her toes as they stroked her legs and tickled her pussy.

The boys finished washing Camille and themselves, and they dried her off.

As Camille got dressed the boys remained naked.  Camille admired their bodies and their sexual prowess.  “So where did you boys learn those incredible techniques, massage and otherwise?  Did we teach you that at school?”

Matthew laughed, “No, we kind of developed our own techniques.”

“Stephen,” Camille started, “does your mother know about your massage techniques?”

“Well, yes, she has idea.  Not ALL of them, but some,” he said smiling. 

“My how I loved catching a sneak peek at you boys through that open locker room door when you were students.  I never imagined that our relationship would change like this.  I’ll be back for more massages,” Camille said.

“We’ll be here waiting for you anytime.  And don’t worry, this will be our secret.  No one at the reunion will know,” Matthew grinned.





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