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Into the Woods

This trip happened the summer of 98.
Though the events of this trip generally happened as written, the dialogue is from memory. There may be some things I left out.

We’d planned this hiking trip for about six months--ten days in the mountains. Everything had gone fine with one exception. The trip was supposed to be my wife, Lanae, and I plus two couples that were our best friends. Cathy, Lanae’s sister, and her fiancé Robert, along with Lanae’s best friend Shannon and her boyfriend Mike, were going to be joining us. However, a month before we were to leave Mike and Shannon broke up. Mike accepted a job back east and they simply didn’t want to do the long distance romance thing. At first, we thought Shannon was going to cancel, but Lanae and Cathy convinced her to go.

The drive to where we’d determined our based camp to be was a four-hour trip. We arrived around noon and the area was perfect. Remote, our base camp was located right next to a river. The entire area was thick pine forest. Thirty yards from where we set up our campsite was a primitive trailhead that leads up into the mountains. Next to the trailhead was a natural hot spring that formed a steamy pool before overflowing into the river. If our information was correct, about five miles up that trail was a 150-foot waterfall.

We unpacked the SUV and began putting up tents. While the ladies did that Robert and I went down to the riverbank and began bringing up some heavy stones for a fire circle. Once we had made a decent fire pit, we set off gathering enough wood to last a couple of days. By the time Robert and I had completed our tasks the three tents were up and the ladies were pulling out lunch. The plan was a quick snack then an afternoon hike just to scout out the area.

The last main road we’d taken to get to our site was a twenty-mile long washboard forest service road which finally turned off and went on for an addition five miles on a track of barely perceptible trail. The weather was perfect for an early summer trip. High 70’s with crystal blue skies above the canopy of pine. We were all dress in hiking shorts and t-shirts; grabbing our daypacks, we set off checking out the immediate area. After a few hours, we returned to our camp. It was clear that there were no other people in the area, although we’d spotted a few old camp sites the nearest one to ours about fifty yards down the river. During the hike, Robert and I talked football while the ladies hiked just in front of us talking about howShannon was doing. Apparently, she and Mike had just talked a few days ago and decided that breaking up, was in fact the best decision.

Once we got back to camp, it was late afternoon so we decided to get a fire going and break out the chairs and beer. I got a great fire going, the chairs were all set up surrounding the ring and everyone got comfortable cracking open cold beers. We talked about what a great place we were in and how lucky we’d gotten about the weather.

We cracked more beers. We talked about what was going on in everyone's lives. We cracked more beers. At one point, the conversation came around to Mike and Shannon. Having had several beers she let it slip that the thing she missed most now was the sex. Her face got really red when she let that slip and then she started laughing, and everyone laughed with her.

Shannon then said, “Well on that note, I think I need some weed.” She pulled out a bag that had several joints in it and fired one up passing it around. Everyone took hits and after a while we were all feeling very mellow on top of the beer buzz we’d all established.

Shannon then jumped up from her chair and declared she was going to go jump in the hot spring. We all walked over to the edge of the warm water steam rising up from the surface. Shannon bent over and took off her shoes then, looked over her shoulder, took off her shorts, pulled off her shirt and stepped into the water wearing only a shear bra and panties. She sank down in the water onto a rock ledge and said the water was perfect.

Lanae and Cathy looked at each other and began stripping down. Once they were in the water with only bra and panties, Robert and I shrugged and joined them, stripping down. I wore boxer briefs, Robert had on boxers.

The water was indeed hot but felt amazing. Sitting next to Lanae, I looked over as Shannon reached up to her shorts and pulled out another joint. As she swung back around and lit it up, I noticed her tits for the first time. Okay, so maybe not the first time, but for the first time I was seeing them in a different way.

Shannon has large breasts. Though I’d noticed them on occasion when she wore something that showed them off, now she was wearing a bra that, wet as it was, was completely see through. Lanae noticed my interest and smiled. She knew I was a chest guy and though her tits were very nice, 36d, Shannon’s were much bigger.

Looking over at Cathy and Robert, I noticed that Cathy’s breasts were just barely contained in the bra she was wearing. Lanae and Cathy are easily identifiable as sisters. Lanae is three years older slight better looking but Cathy’s tits are bigger, putting her closer to Shannon in size and for the first time.

I looked at Cathy with something other than the eyes of a brother-in-law. Lanae caught my eye again and the smile became a questioning look as I’d just been checking out her sister. I smiled a nervous smile in response and she started laughing. Then I realized that Robert was gazing over Shannon and Lanae with what appeared to be similar looks.

As Shannon passed around the joint, Cathy looked reached over to take it. “So you really haven’t gotten laid since Mike left?”

“Let’s just say my battery consumption has risen enough that I’m thinking about buying stock in Duracell,” Shannon joked. “But that’s it. Fuck, I’ve been so horny lately that if you and your sister weren’t here I’d jump both of these guys.”

Shannon started laughing, as did Lanae and Cathy, while Robert and I chuckled. Then, I felt Lanae’s hand squeeze my thigh under the water, I looked over and she was smiling. Lanae took a hit and after holding, it blew it out. “So which one would you take first?” Lanae asked, surprising me and from the look on her face, her as well but then I felt her hand move up my thigh toward my shorts and my cock that was beginning to get hard.

There was a singular moment in which everyone seemed to understand the shift in the conversation. Cathy broke the silence, “If she was smart, she’d pick Robert. He’s got a huge cock and can fuck like a banshee.” Robert chuckled a slightly embarrassed laugh.

“While my sister may think Robert is hung, Scott’s tongue would get you off and have you begging for him to fuck you.” Lanae’s hand slipped under my boxer briefs and her fingers enveloped my cock, which was nearly completely hard.

Shannon started giggling. “Sounds as though it would be a hard decision to make. I think I’d have to verify references.” Shannon works as an HR manager.

Cathy looked over at Lanae with a smile and then to Shannon. “How would you plan to do this verification?”

“Well since you both are bias, we’d need independent confirmation,” Shannon said with a laugh.

Robert and I exchanged glances and we could both tell that the other was both looking forward toward the possibility of what might be happening, yet at the same time a bit nervous.

Lanae stood up. “In that case, let me show you what Scott is capable of doing.” With that, she removed her bra and panties and looking down at me, put one leg on either side of me and lowered her pussy onto my face. My tongue met my wife’s warm pussy and as she lowered herself, my tongue slid over her until I found her clit.

Lanae grabbed onto the back of my head and began pushing herself into my face, my tongue going over and over her clit. I glanced over to see my sister in law stand up and she shed her clothes, then she pulled Robert up and took his boxers off. While Robert was standing there, his cock hard, Cathy went down and began licking his shaft.

I couldn’t believe I was sitting there sucking my wife’s pussy while watching her sister go down on her fiancé. My cock was raging hard. Then Shannon stood up and unhooked her bra, her tits released and huge nipples, hard as pebbles. She sat on the edge of the pool and slid her hand down her panties, into her pussy.

Lanae grabbed my head and moved so my tongue slipped over and into her now, dripping wet pussy. Just as I was about to begin fucking her with my tongue, I looked over to see that Cathy had completely taken Robert’s cock in her mouth. This was no small feat as he was huge. My cock, fully aroused is just shy of eight inches. Robert had me beat by at least two inches if not more and was much thicker than I was. Just as Cathy took all of him in her mouth, Shannon said, “This is fucking hot.”

Lanae looked over to her. “What would be hot is watching Scott do to you what he’s doing to me.”

You could have heard a pin drop. That was the moment we’d been heading to but now it had been said aloud and by my wife, no less. I looked up her and she smiled. “Go show Shannon how you make me feel, sweetie.”

Shannon and Lanae shared a look and Shannon stood up while Lanae came over and helped remove her panties. Shannon sat back down and Lanae pulled me over. Lanae and I spread Shannon’s legs wide. I looked at Shannon, then Lanae. “Make me proud,” she said.

Just then, I noticed Cathy and Robert had stopped and were watching. I began kissing the inside of Shannon’s thighs. My mouth moving slowly up and down her inner thigh. My hands reached up and rested on her hips and I began to caress the sides of her ass. Shannon reached down and grabbed the back of my head, guiding me toward her pussy.

Just then, I saw Cathy reach over and grab her sister’s hand. Cathy pulled Lanae over and looked at me while talking to her sister, “Since Scott seems to be occupied, maybe you should help me with Robert.”

Shannon and I were both watching and just as Shannon pulled me to her pussy, I watched as Cathy took Lanae’s hand and along with hers, grabbed onto Robert’s cock. Then, just as I found Shannon’s pussy and looked up to see her enormous tits and her smile beyond, I looked over and watched as Cathy and her sister, my wife, began licking and sucking Robert’s cock.

Depending on the response I receive, I’ll post some more stories about the way this evening continued as well as the rest of the trip.

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